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A Vamp Eric Kight
“Come Lord Alricso, we have such pressing matters at hand to attend to. ”
“Do not call me by my forgotten name, must I remind you so. ”
“Forgive me Lord Eric, but as I stated, your grand ball awaits…”

Guests from far and wide stood patiently by, chattering to one another. Boasting to their conversationalist partners of their journeys and hunts in the far off lands of Africa and Asia, boasting immodestly loud, enough so that the guests around them would hear tale of their great expeditions. Twas a masked ball that the fools attended, to whom the credit of the boasting would belong to nobody would know.
The dancing had not yet started, for the host of this particular ball had not yet descended from the ivory carved stairs that led from the elegant ball room floor to the upper chambers of the famous master Eric. The ball room floor was amazing in it’s self, carved of marble laid in decorative patters, there was most likely none that could match it. The walls of the room were painted much like the Sistine chapel, beautifully hand painted murals of Godly images, of angels and of men. Mirrors were hung along the wall, many, many mirrors. The guests waited, but for no longer then a moment. Heads turned, voices hushed and stopped, all stared at the beautifully elegant man at the head of the stairs. A pause…then he stepped forward, and began his descent.
His skin was a white that was noticeable unnatural, his hair was a black that shone in the light like polished hematite, it was stretched back into a band at the back of his neck, then from that band a braid fell to a bit below his waist. His clothing was magnificent, un-American for sure. He wore black pants, not to lose, yet not to tight, holding them up was a belt of blood red color. And tucked into that belt was an almost skin tight vest, much like a large cloth wrapped around his chest.

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   Sleeveless his arms were like stone, hard and curved. They radiated power and strength. Thick gold bands wrapped around his wrists and biceps. It was most definitely not a modern tux like many if not most of the guests adorned. As he stepped down, one step at a time, in what seemed to be an everlasting descent he gazed around, his face hidden by a porcelain mast, all white, like his shin, it’s ayes were dark, indicating his were as well. It’s lips were black, like lips with a black lipstick. A beautifully crafted mask no doubt, but just as unnerving. Guests couldn’t help but shudder as he landed on the ball room floor. He stood for a moment, then with the grace of a cat he bowed and the ball began.
“how formal this ball is” Eric thought to himself. He had not yet taken a dance partner, nor did he have much taste for the formalness of such a gathering. This ball was an idea of an old friend. And so he searched for a partner. His gaze was much over the heads of many of the guests, his being close to 6’6’’ . his gaze dropped from face to face, till it landed on the masked face of a younger girl, of about 20 or so.

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   His gaze held for a moment, and then almost silently he whispered…
“come to me”
Her head turned to lock on his masked face, and for a moment she hesitated, then stepped away from her small group and towards him.
Like a moth drawn to a couldn’t help herself, she wanted…. . . no, she needed him, in every worst way. Yet, she feared him, deep down she knew he was different, from every other guy she had been with, she felt his difference, he was dangerous, she knew it. And it drove her desire to new levels. The feeling of being bad, doing wrong, that strong feeling pulsed through her every body part. She was trapped, and she liked it.
He kissed her lips, sweet, sweet lips. Eric had had enough women to know their primal needs, what each wanted, what each needed. He’d had a woman once who’s father had gotten to her long before he had. She was timid and needed calm caresses. He was slow with that one, making her feel safe. He had had a priests daughter, and as such she was raised to believe she was doing wrong, and that fed her desire, to disobey.

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   He had had many in his long life, and Tina was much like so many others, she wanted it rough.
Tasting her lips he forced his tongue into her thought. Hard kisses. He ran his hands up her sides, her shirt shredding beneath his fingers. One hand wrapped around her left breast, the other wrapped around her waist and ran up her spine, up into her hair, a beautiful blonde head of hair she had. Soft to the touch. His fingers mingled with her locks before he griped a fistful and pulled back, she moaned in a pain that only caused her greater pleasure. Her head thrust back, her neck thrust forward. , exposed…
His lips crushed into hers, then trailed over her chin and neck. Small tender bites were left in his wake. Her neck turned red under his mouth. Small drops of blood trickled forth, caught by his oh so skilled tongue. His eyes flashed in the dark, like a light going on then off just once. A bright blood red color they flashed. She almost didn’t catch it with her head back and eyes half closed in ecstasy.

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   But she didn’t miss it. His kisses wound their way over to her ear, he sucked her lobe in and bit down, she half screamed. His tongue worked her ear lobe, he knew she loved it. When his mouth finally left her ear he turned his head to the side and spit out her ear ring.
“damn he’s good with that tongue…”
“you’ve no idea lass” he spoke into her ear. She jumped a bit, she could have swore she had only thought that, not remembering saying it aloud she felt that fear grow. His left hand, still on her left breast grabbed a fistful of her shirt and ripped it down the middle, exposing her large firm breasts. His head dropped down to her chest, his teeth biting the strap between her breasts that held her bra on, snapping it in two, . her bra fell away. Her nipples were large and hard as rocks as his lips wrapped around one of them. Sucking with such pressure it almost hurt. She moaned and cried out a little. His tongue danced around her nipple and his teeth sunk in.
“ohhhh…” she couldn’t hold it back, her lips parted and the moan escaped. His hand released her hair and came to her wrist, his other hand followed to her other.

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   With both of her wrists in his control, he forced them above her head, she resisted best she could, but deep down she really wanted it, and he knew it…
His mouth was ravenous over her skin, kissing and biting her all over, her skin turned red and bruised under the force of his mouth. She whimpered in pain, but was surprised by how much it felt good to herself. Her body tensed and shook in her first orgasm.
“Oh God, yes…yes…” her moans became shouts as her body rocked uncontrollably. After a few moments her head fell forward and she went somewhat limp, only held by his holding her wrists. Eric gave her no time to rest. He pulled her from the wall and with grace pronounced with force he spun her around and trapped her hands behind her, with quick movements he had her hands lashed behind her with his belt. tied in place she could no longer move her hands, a total feeling of helplessness washed over her making her cry out in intense pleasure. She had never known anything so good, and he knew it. .
“it’s like he reads my mind, my deepest desires and all my wants…is he even human?” Tina thought to herself.
Eric’s mouth paused midkiss and his lips formed a small smile…
Then with little more then that he pushed her forward into the glass window of his penthouse that overlooked much of New York. With her face pushed agenst the glass, she looked out over the building tops and the lights, how high up they really were, it was amazing. Then her eyes slammed shut and her lips parted to let out a deep moan as she felt him lean over her and bite at her neck. Through her skirt she could feel his cock press in between her ass.

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“oh my god,” she thought, “it’s like a rock, and it’s huge, there’s no way it will ever fit, it’ll tare me apart…”
Her eyes went wild as she began to struggle and fight his grip. Damn he was strong. Fear rose in her, greater even then her pleasure. He smiled once again. Then with one hand pinning hers to the window, his other dropped to her skirt and pushed it up, over her ass and around her waist.
He ran his hand over her panty clad pussy, feeling ever fold and line through the silk. She was nicely shaven, and he knew it. He loved it.
She fought him a bit harder, fear taking over. His fingers danced over her pussy through her silk panties, and she knew what was coming next, but still didn’t expect it to come so soon. Her fighting stopped and her eyes opened wide when she felt her panties sliding over her soft skin. She couldn’t move, he wouldn’t let her. She wanted to, she wanted to flee, to run and to escape, but she was trapped. The room was so silent, it was unnerving.

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   She was so still that he wasn’t the only one that heard her heart make it’s routine beats. His lips once again curved into a smile, then she felt something she had once longed for yet not dreaded, she felt something blunt press agenst the tender folds of her womanhood, it parted her wet lips and made contact with her entrance. He held himself there for a moment…then two…then three…she knew it was going to happen, she knew it was going to hurt, going to tear her apart, leave scars and ruin her for ever other guy, but she was powerless to stop it. She closed her eyes, and bit her bottom lip, and then she waited.
Moments passed that seemed like centuries then it happened, she felt him press forward. Slowly, she felt the head of his monster push between her swollen lips, opening them up, and then it hit her hole and continues. She bit her lip till it bled, she bit and she bit, till it was to much and then she screamed.
“Oh my God your killing me, I can’t handle it, Stop!!!”
“mmmm…trust me, you’d hate me if I did that lass”
With that he pushed harder, slowly his dick sunk into her, hard inch by hard inch. Red flashed through Tina’s mind and her vision blurred.
“he’s just to big, he can’t fit, it’ll destroy me. . ”
With that he laughed out loud and continued sliding into her. She screamed again and then finally felt him stop moving. He released one of her hands and she slowly and timidly reached back, under her stomach and between her legs, he pulled back and out of her just enough for her to wrap her hand around his thick shaft. And then she began to sob.

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   Her fingers almost didn’t reach all the way around his cock shaft, it was that thick.
He started pulling out, inch my inch, letting her feel and calculate his length, she chocked and sobbed harder, he must have been at least 14 inches long, she knew he ruined her, what guy would want her after that she thought. She let go of his dick and felt that her hand was slick and very warm, she brought it around to her face and stared, her hand dripped blood. She let her head fall, in shame and in defeat. Then she jerked her head up and screamed as he thrust in again, deeper this time. How could it possibly go deeper she thought.
Back and forth he slowly sank into then retreated from her acing pussy. She was very tight, and very wet, thought half of it being blood. Her screams turned into whimpering faster then she thought, and soon it was starting to feel good, then very good. Her breath started to come to her in sharp ragged gasps, her heart was pounding. The pain was gone, and pleasure washed over her whole body. She through her head back and screamed as he pounded into her soaking wet hole, her juices poured out around his shaft and ran down her leg. Her musky smell lingered in the air, Eric inhaled deeply and with that his eyes flashed that inhuman blood red. He grabbed her waist with an amazingly firm grip and pushed into her again and again, her screams were growing in volume.
“yes…yes…yes…oh my god, I’m Cumming, yessss…”
She screamed into the glass window.

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   Her orgasm rocked her body, she tensed up and then Eric felt a large amount of her cum squirt forth and soak his balls and legs, it dripped onto the floor and became a puddle. She went limp when her orgasm finally went down, then she felt him push in deep and hold it, then she felt him cum.
“oh my god!!!” she screamed. The intense pleasure that shot through her was more then her orgasm could conjure. Rope after rope was spurted deep into her pussy, at least 8 shots hit her, it poured from her cunt like thick water, there was so much, more then any ten men could give her. She opened her eyes and noticed her surroundings were different, they were awkward, they were no longer on the ground…
She started to struggle, but stopped when she realized every move she made would lance intense pleasure though her body, he was still inside her. They were about 20 feet up, and he began to laugh. A beautifully icy laugh. She froze in ununderstanding fear. How could they be in mid-air? It’s not possible? What’s going on?
He continued to laugh as their body’s began to float back to the floor. As their feet touched the floor he released her and she fell forward, off his dick. Cum poured to the ground, she hit the floor and laid there for a moment. Then all was dark.
Tina woke the next morning late, in her own apartment bed. Her stomach and thighs almost as sore as her swollen pussy.

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   That and her bruised and bitten skin were proof enough of last night. It’d take her a while to be able to move without the pain.
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Long slender but strong hands raked over the clothed breasts of Tina. A woman aric had picked up from the bar in down town new York. Caught up in an animal like lust she grabbed his chiseled face in her soft hands and crushed her lips to his, her tongue searching out his, tasting him. .

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