A weekend with dad part 1


She was a young 16 year old high school girl that was top of her class. Honors society, 3. 95 GPA, a member of the cheer leader quad and dating the senior quarter back. To top it off, she came from a vary loving and understanding family. Things were good in her world most days but her mind was troubled by a few things.

Every since that previous summer, since she had started dating, it seemed her father's eyes were on her everywhere. She even felt like she was being watched in the shower and took to changing clothes in her walk-in closet to get away from the feeling. To top it off, her dad's hugs had started seeming just a little too friendly, especially if he had her sit in his lap, as he was apt to do. The last time she swore she'd felt him getting hard while she sat there. Could this all be a product of her over active imagination as it all started about he same time her and Brad had "gone all the way"?

"Yeah, that had to be it" she told herself as she turned onto her street. Then she remembered, her mom was gone off to Colorado to visit her sick uncle and Brad was out of town this weekend, at the beach with his family. "Damnit!" she said to herself and then turned into her drive way, stopped, looked up at the house and had a feeling of dread settle over her. Had she seen the curtains in the family room move? No one was supposed to be home!! She looked for a little more then cursed herself. . . imagination again.

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   She unlocked the door and stepped in.

As she went down stairs she swore she heard something. . . and when she turned the corner she saw him. Her 15 year old brother was sitting there jacking off in front of the TV!!!! She screamed at him and then had to laugh as he caught himself in his zipper trying to get it back in. He screamed at her and told her she needed to make more damned noise when she came in. She hated this little creep and it made her skin crawl thinking of what she just saw. To top it off, when he got up there was a pair of her panties laying on the floor. He'd been jacking off into them.

Noticing her gaze her brother looked, picked them up and threw them at her. "Well, you should pick them up when you finish in dad's room" he said, Turned off the TV and left. Thoughts flooded her mind; "Dad's room? Did he say dad's room?? What the hell? He's just trying to cover for being a little perv!" She went to her room then the shower. Even though she didn't want to believe what he said, or her feelings, she wanted her shower done before dad got home, and she still had 2 hours.

The hot water felt good against her skin and, as she washed, she thought of Brad.

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   She couldn't help herself, she was standing there in the shower masturbating while thinking of Brad's cock. Not too small but not too big either. She wondered if it felt the same without a rubber and decided to ask mom to get her on the pill, just in case.

She climbed out of the shower and toweled herself off. Flush from the hot water and the even hotter feeling she had while thinking of Brad, but the water had started cooling so she denied herself an orgasm, thinking she still had time to finish it in her room before her dad came home. She left the bath room, noticed the panties on the floor in front of the TV and went to pick them up. As she bent over she noticed the VCR was still playing and clicked the TV on. There she was, on the TV. Not just her but brad as well. She almost fainted. Someone had been video taping them. As she watched she saw the time/date stamp on the video. Oh my god, this was from the weekend no one was here. They were almost naked laying on her bed and she had Brads cock stuffed in her mouth. Who could've done this? Not her brother surely, he was too damned lazy to do the work.

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   it hit her, dad had remodeled her bedroom the week before they all left! Leaving the video playing she ran to her room.

Looking around she found not one but 2 separate cameras, one hidden in the heat register and one no the top shelf of the built in cabinet her dad insisted go, in. Damn!!!! She went to the bathroom and sure enough, there as another in the heat register and the damned ceiling fan. When she came back out she saw herself again, alone, laying on the couch with the phone to her ear and her hand in her panties. She looked around and saw them, again in the heat register. Her dad had installed 6 cameras down here, That's when she saw the red light blink on from the other recorder. He had them set on an auto timer and, unless she did something, would know she'd found his secret out.

Still in her towel she was trying to turn the recorder off, and not look at herself on the TV, now in the full throes of a finger generated orgasm. This is the way her dad found her when he stepped into the family room. Naked, except for a towel, her panties on the floor soiled with her brothers cum, and the tape playing. She didn't know what to do as he stood there leering at her.
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