A Womans Fantasy


You are in your bathroom taking a nice hot soapy shower and you hear the door open slightly and you think its your husband so you don't pay alot of attention and continue soaping yourself down. As you wash off the soap you feel a hand touching your neck very gently and you believe its your husband coming to join you for some shower fun. You feel a cock pressed up against your ass and at that moment you realize that its way too large to be your husbands. You quickly try to turn around but the hand that was gently touching your neck is now firmly over your mouth and a strong arm has pinned your hands to the shower wall. You hear a whisper in your ear "Wet and ready just the way i like them" a deep voice say's with a small tinge of laughter. Your heart begins to race and the fear has made goosebumps pop up all over your body as the water continues to wash over your breast as you start to breath in small quick burst.  
     You feel the warmth of the large man behind you as he presses against you and his cock between your thighs and touches the shower wall in front of you. Your mind starts to race and the worry of the pain to come starts to take over. "I am going to take my hand off your mouth now and if you scream you will be very sorry you did, do you understand me?" the voice says as you nod your head in agreement. As he takes his hand off your mouth he runs his hand down your breast and  around to feel your wet hot pussy and insert a large finger in your wet snatch. After removing his finger he firmly grasp your ass and smacks it very hard as he runs his finger between your cheeks and over your small puckered asshole. He then reaches up and cups a hand of water and splashes it on your ass rubbing it between your ass cheeks getting it good and wet and slippery. Now you understand exactly what he has in mind, He is going to fuck you in the ASS!!!
     You feel the head of his enormous cock pushing up against your tightening asshole and as it slowly starts to enter it feels as if it will split you in half. A mixture of pleasure and pain, of want and force has taken over your body. As he goes deeper into your ass your insides are pushed to the side to make room for this giant cock, everything in your mind says pain but your body has started to warm to this new sensation. Your pussy has began to leak slippery fluid down your leg as he begins to pump harder and harder into your ass.

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   You can feel his huge cock in your stomach and the pain is starting to become too much as just at that moment you feel a familiar quiver in your pussy and the beginnings of a strong orgasm. Your body starts to shake and as your body in flooded with pleasure it is also flooded with cum as he continues to fuck your ass as he cums inside you. It feels warm and there isn't enough room in your small ass for his huge cock and all his cum so as his pumping motions get slower you feel his cum running out of your ass and down your leg. Your legs begin to shake and the room become very very small and then everything goes dark.
     When you awake the shower water is beginning to become cold and is running over your body in waves. "what happened? where did he go? did i dream that as i was passed out? " all are things you begin to ask yourself as you start to get to your feet. As you stand up you feel a warm sensation on the back of your legs and as you investigate to cause you realize what had just happened, and a smile returns to your face as you dry your tired and sore body. .

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