Anna's School Rape


Topic: My first StoryAnna got up in the morning like usually. Barely awake, with her eyes close and in her pajamas she walked into her bathroom straight into the shower, dropping her clothes on the way. Cold shower refreshed her and helped her wake up. Anna smoothly spread the shower gel all over her body, and washed it off.
As she was wiping her body with a towel, she looked in the mirror. With a cute satisfactional smile she looked at herself. PERFECT body. Absolutely amazing white tits, which were full and nipples were erect from the coolness in the room. She had a cute hot face, blondish hair and blue eyes, sexyass bellybutton and a heavenly pussy. She turned around and admired her seductive asscrack. It's been a long time since she last looked at herself in the mirror naked. She smiled. She decided to wear something sexy to school.
It was 7:00, soon time to leave the house. She walked in the towel and critically overlooked her cupboard. She decided to wear sports pants, which were very nice, since they were very tight around her ass and kept falling down, showing off her poweful asscrack.

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   Luckily, in school she had no uniform, and even though there were some school rules about clothing, and however crazy the teacher went about 6 grade girls dressing like sluts on Tverskaya, girls are always same.
Anna wore a hot tank top, which barely shower her belly, but offered a nice sight for her big bad breasts. As the usual routine, she sat on the bus and fell asleep listening to her ipod. In school she went to her normal classes - she was in grade 9, freshman.
First class went as usual, but she kept feeling the eyes of boys behind her drilling into her asscrack, which was showing some good 5 centimeters of its might. Horniness filled her, as she kept rotating bending over and getting up to sharpen pencils, get paper or just stretch. But it was boring, they guys did nothing and got nothing but boners.
Next class, chemistry was quite similar. This time behind her were Andy and John. They were quite different - Andy was a shy white kid and John was big black motherfucker. She pretended to ignore them, while accurately listened to her whispers, amused by Andy's discussion of her breasts and John's accurate descriptions of how he would rip her asshole and rape the shit out of it. Anna felt wet and proud. She was dressed up and she felt that she needs a reward.
She was about to turn around and start flirting with them, but then decided against it. If they wanted something, they should work to achieve it So she walked out to lunch with those thoughts.

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   Bad thoughts.
She decided to take a hook to the bathroom so Anna went by the art room. Suddenly, somone pulled her in by the hand and closed her mouth with a hand. Before she could realize what was happening her pants were pulled off and her tank top was basically ripped off. Before her stood Andy and John both naked.
"What the fuck is going. . . " - Anna started but John ripped her underpants and bra off. Until the end of the incest, she could say a word. John placed his swollen dick, aimed it for her pussy and rammed it into her vagina like a knight breaking in into a medieval castle. Andy set her front up on the table, and before Anna could scream, a wet white dick was in her mouth, uncontrolably begging for attention.
John grabbed her by the hips and kept pounding onto her poor pussy like there in no tomorrow. Andy was shyly but firmly shoving his dick in her mouth, twisting and pinching her tits. After a few minutes of struggle, Anna decided that it would be just easier to participate in the fun willingly, so she started sucking Andy off and tried not to scream with the pain in her pussy.

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Things got more intense when Alex came in. He was a fat kid. FAT. like a whale. And he wanked off to Anna's myspace pictures EVERYDAY. so basically he jumped on top of her (the art table barely survived), twisted himself and john and started intesely fucking her anus home.
Anna was just moaning, but now with the double penetration for her virgin genitals, she could hold the scream. She screamed and sucked, she couldn't breathe, she was dying with pain everyhwere, pain and sensation. The guys comed and switch at the circle.
Now Alex was at the mouth, Andy was beating her pussy, and John put his big black dick into her asshole and tortured it like a nasty man. Boys kept switching in circles as time passed and tehy came, Anna couldn't scream or move anymore, she came in and out of consiousness, so the person at her mouth would jsut mastrubate himself and come on her stomach, and just play with her body.
After about 4 hours of intense rape (school was already over and they missed 2 classes), the boys left, leaving Anna on the table, naked, having been comed 7 times in her pussy, 5 in her anus, 3 in her mouth and 8 all over her. She was sleeping.
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