Arresting a Cop


It had been a long day. She couldn't believe the captain had reamed her out! She had stopped the guy from beating his wife any more, and somehow she was the one that was wrong. As she walked to her car, she unbuttoned her collar. The parking garage was always so creepy when she came off her shift. It was 3am, but the odd yellow glow of the lights always made it seem like she was walking in a haze. As she neared her car, the light above her flickered and then went out. "Great," she thought. Just then she heard the distinct sound of a footstep behind her. Automatically reaching for her gun, she spun around when something hard hit her on the head, and the lights went out. Even the odd yellow ones.
When she woke up, her head was swimming and it she had no idea what had happened. Where was she? She tried moving her hands so she could hold her head. Her hands wouldn't move. More aware now, she tried moving her arms. They wouldn't cooperate either. "What the hell?" she said aloud.

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   Now fully awake, she realized that she was lying on some kind of table. Her arms were tied tightly above her at the elbows. Her hands were in handcuffs. Were those her own cuffs?! She yanked on her arms, to no avail. Suddenly, she became very aware that she was very naked. She lifted her pounding head off the table as much as she could, and gasped in horror. Her legs were tied to the table legs, once at the knee and again at the ankles. Being that the table was about 4 feet wide, her legs were spread wide open, exposing everything.
Struggling more than ever now and becoming more and more panicked, she started trying to break free of her bonds. That's when she heard the door open. She froze, and saw a man come in. He was 6'3" and trim. She recognized him instantly as the guy she had arrested earlier that day for beating his wife. He must have posted bond immediately! And she did not like the way he was smiling at her.  
"Well well, welcome back Officer," he said.

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   She was still struggling against her bonds. He laughed. "A lot of good that will do you. But go ahead and try. I like to watch. " That made her stop instantly.  
"When I don't report to work tomorrow, people will come looking for me!" she said, trying to sound intimidating. "You'd better let me go now if you want to stay out of prison you fucker. " He started walking towards to, ignoring her words. He brushed his hand against her leg, running his fingers over her thighs, over her stomach, between her breasts, and then up to her throat.
"I could kill you right now you know," he said. "But what fun would that be? We've got sooo much to do!" As he finished talking he took both hands and sqeezed her C-cup breasts as hard as he could. She cried out in pain and surprise. "BITCH!" he yelled. "Do you have any fucking idea how much trouble you've caused me?!" He started slapping her tits back and forth.

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   "CUNT! You are going to be sorry you ever came near me. " He backhanded her hard, causing her vision to blur for a moment. She registered the sound of the door closing, and then he was gone.
Frantic, she looked around the room trying to see what she could use for escape. That's when she saw another table, and on that were a number of different whips, clamps, and other things she didn't want to think about. She began to scream when he came back in.
"Oh shut the fuck up you whore. The room is soundproofed and underground, so don't even try. Like it will save you anyways," he said as he shoved a ball gag in her mouth. "Much better. You're a loud cunt, you know that? Now, where should I start?" He walked over to the table, and her blood froze. He picked up a riding crop and looked over at her. "This looks good. " He walked over to her and held the whip up in front of her face. Then he tapped in lightly on her cheek, then down her chest and over her stomach.

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   WHIZ! She heard it before she felt it. He brought the  whip down as hard as he could on her left tit. She screamed through the ball gag and arched her back. He only laughed and raised the whip again, this time getting her other tit. He paused and examined the red marks the whip had left on her skin. He whipped her tits on the sides and on the nipples, 5 more times each. He laughed as he watched the tears fall out of her eyes. Then he stopped laughing and smiled at her sadistically. He whipped her lightly on the stomach. Then lightly on the inner thighs. WHIZ! She bucked against the pain as he savagely whipped her fully exposed pussy. He whipped her pussy 3 more times before stopping. She was going crazy with the pain, and her heart stopped as she watched him walk back over to the table and pick up the clamps.
"These are nipple clamps you slut. See the teeth on the end? These are for you.

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  " She tried wiggling away from him, but he just looked her. "Are you serious? Like you're going to get away. " He leaned over her and began pinching her right nipple, still red from the whipping. He rolled the nub in between his fingers and sucked on it, getting it hard.
    Then, very roughly, he put the nipple clamp on. She screamed through the ball gag. "That's one!" he said. "Now here comes number 2" Giving her left nipple the same treatment, he then stood back and showed her that he had one more clamp in his hand. "Where's this one gonna go?" He asked her in mock confusion. Then he smiled. She tried desperately against her bonds to close her legs, because she knew where he was going.  
    His hands travelled down her stomach and in between her legs to her whipped pussy. He began rubbing the outer lips, and then fingering her clit. She sobbed and tried to move away from him, but of course her couldn't. He continued to finger her sore pussy, and then suddenly there was shooting pain between her legs as he applied the 3rd clamp to her clit.

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       She bucked on the table, straining herself. When she finally was still again, she saw what he was planning to do next. He had a huge erection, and was stroking himself. She was terrified, and saw that he was quite large, and quite thick.  
    "Enjoy this bitch. This is probably the biggest cock you'll ever get. " He centered himself in between her legs, and laughed as he moved in. He took his fingers and roughly opened her up. She shut her eyes as she felt the tip of his penis at the opening of her pussy. Then there was nothing but pain, as he thrust himself completely inside of her, with no lube. She felt like he was tearing her apart.  
    "YEAH BITCH. Gimme your slut pussy, I bet you like this!" He thrust into her as hard as he could, ramming himself into her. He slapped her face, slapped her tits as they shook up and down from his thrusts. He was pumping his cock into her pussy like he was trying to impale her.

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       Every movement dug the clamp on her clit even more into her, and she wished she would pass out. But there was no such luck for her.
    "You want me to cum in your pussy don't you slut? I'm gonna cum all inside you cunt. Unh!" The guy was sweating as he continued to rape her sore pussy. Finally he finished, and she felt him shoot his load deep inside her. She couldn't even cry anymore. She lay there on the table after he pulled out and had his clothes back on, thankful that it was over. He left and finally, she passed out.
    Until he came back, with 3 other men, all ready to do to her what he had already done.  
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