Beach not so fun....Part 2.


Britt began to awaken from her black out,still down on the tile shower floor. She awoke to find that the shower lights had been turned off,and that she was laying in the dark.

"The maintenance guy must have turned the lights off,"she thought to herself. She then tried to pick herself up,and managed to do so. She searched all around the shower until she found her bag. She sat on the bench it was on and then cried,she could not believe what had happened to her. The man completely made her his play thing,and she didn't even try to fight back. Somber,she pulled on her clothes and left the room. She ran out to her car and got her cell phone off the charger. The time read 9:06 PM.

"Shit,"she thought,She promised her parents she'd be home by 8,and now because of her attacker,her independent life would be over,not just from the rape. She called her parents immediately. However,she didn't tell them she was raped,and that she had battery problems with her car and a guy helped her out. Her parent's bought it,and just told her to come straight home. Before she got in the car though,she noticed a blue piece of paper in her windshield wipers. Thinking it was a beach ad,she just threw it in her purse and went home.

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Over the next two weeks of summer,however,she began thinking about the black guy and what he did to her. He wanted her,she thought. Yes,it was the wrong way to do it,but he was trying to give them both pleasure,not just himself. If it had been a differnet reason,or if she was really turned on,she thought,she'd have loved it to have that happen to her. He was kinda hot,she thought. And that cock. . . .

She became obsessed with him and what he did with her. She began masturbating and writing down all the dirty things she wanted him to do to her. She thought about going back to the beach and searching for him,getting some real,non-raping sex. But she was low and cash and wouldn't get her next cash allotment from her parents for another 2 weeks. She didn't know if he'd even be there.

While rummaging in her purse,however,she found the blue slip of paper.

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  She was just about to throw it away when she noticed writing on the paper. She looked at it and it read:

Wanna legit it baby? Call me at 555-0101. Bye,Marcus P.

"Marcus P,"she thought. . . . it was time to get her real first time. She called and broke up with her boyfriend,and then dialed Marcus's #.

Ring. . . . ring. .

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  . . ring. . . . "Hello?"

"Hi,is this Marcus?"

"Yeah,who this?"

"It's your baby. "she said.

"From the beach shower?"he said.

"Yeah,"she said.

"This ain't wire-tapped,is it?"he asked.

"No. "She said. "Listen,i got a favor to ask you?"

"What is that?'

"Fuck me. "she said.

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  "I want your cock in me again,I wanna suck your dick,Just give me some more love and I'll be your play-thing forever. "

"Damn,"he said. "You sure? Cause last time baby,i had to use some. . . . uh,collective bargaining. "

"I know I'm sure,"she said. "Make me your little sixteen year-old slut. I want it. "

"Now girl,you know I don't roll alone,"he said. "If you fo real about this,you gotta prove it to me. Meet me at the movie theater at the gulf tomorrow,okay?See ya baby. Bye. "

"Bye,"she giggled.

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  Yes,she thought,she's gonna get her's.

The next day,she put on her shortest skirt and her tightest shirt,the shirt that made her B cups look like C's. She wore a skimpy bra that was a size too small,and no underwear. She waited at the theater,looking for signs of her Marcus.

Just after she arrived,Marcus pulled up next to her. He motioned for her to get in his car,a Lancer. She got out slowly,making sure he caught a glimpse of her freshly shaved pussy,and got in his car.

"Hey baby,"he said.

"Hey,"she said back. "so when am i gonna get to taste that cock of yours?"

"Not yet,"he said,"you gotta prove that you want this. I got a little test for ya,and if you pass,you got my attention. "

"Yes sir,"she said,putting her hand in his lap as he drove out of the parking lot.

They drove into a ghetto area. All the walls were spray painted with gang signs and guys were on the streets throwing up signals at Marcus,he replied back with the same one. They finally pulled up in a driveway at a small house that looked beat down and ragged.

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  They got out of the car.

"This is where you'll be doing your test,"Marcus said. He and Britt went up to the door and he pulled out a key and unlocked the door. They then both stepped inside. The house looked just as ragged on the inside as it did the outside. It looked as if no one had lived here in years.

"Right this way,"marcus said. He led her down a hall and opened a door and pushed her inside. . . .

Part 3 coming soon. .