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Topic: I was on my way home from work, which always takes me past the local private school, when I first saw her. She was a curvy girl, with dark hair and a cute face which smiled at me as I passed.
"Excuse me" she said after I’d passed "Do you think you could buy me some alcohol? Only my friends and I are having a party but we're not old enough to buy it ourselves. "
"Sure" I replied "But what’s in it for me?" I countered as I flashed a grin
"You can have first drink at my house, my parents aren't in" came the reply I was hoping for.
With that we quickly went to my car, we then stopped at the first off-licence where I used all the cash she gave me on as much booze as possible. From there we headed back to hers.
At hers she got out two glasses and poured us both a glass of wine, she proceeded to talk about her school and life soon moving to her sex life. Here she revealed she was no amateur, telling me about losing her virginity at 14 and how shed had her nipple pierced at 15. Then she offered to show me her tattoo, hastily agreeing she lifted up the bottom of her blouse to reveal a small flower emblazoned upon her stomach.
"I find that soo hot" I told her, as I looked closer at her stomach, it was not flat and toned but had a curve and a shape to it, with a clear divide like a porn star " I wanna fuck you, Now!"
"What, no! eewww!" she replied “I’d never fuck you I was just leading you on for the booze, now get out my house before my boyfriend comes back!"
"Slag" I said as I backhanded her to the face, and instantly made up my mind what to do next, "I'm gunna fuck you anyway"
I grabbed her as she screamed and struggled, first pulling off her blazer and blouse. Next with her left standing in her bra and skirt with knee high socks, I unzipped my flies and pulled out my glistening 7" cock.
"Suck it Bitch" I ordered as she screamed and moaned. With her not listening to orders, I slapped her hard on her face to get her to listen, "Suck it or I will hurt you with more than my cock" I said. With that she opened her mouth as I rammed my cock deep inside till I could feel the back of her throat. Having found it, I continued to pump in and out while she gagged up line after line of spit onto my cock. I continued till her eyes watered and her make up ran giving her eyes a lifeless appearance as the fight drained from her body, as she submitted to my attack.

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   Finally just as I was about to come I pulled out, grabbing her by the hair I silently threw her over the table crushing her neck down as I ripped off her panties. Now as I began to enter her from behind I could hear the whimpers come back as she moaned and struggled against my will. I continued to pound her pussy deep from behind enjoying her screams. Feeling I was about to come again I withdrew, flipping her over and removing the skirt and bra, to reveal two beautiful breasts. I then began exploring them with my tongue, sucking and biting each nipple till I heard the exclamation that meant id given her enough pain. I then dived into her Clit with my tongue wanting to cause the same pain downstairs. I bit and sucked on her lady hood in the most ungentle manly way, causing her to curse and cream, but her every moan just drew another slap, till eventually she began to moisten. It was then I decided I didn't just want her pussy, which the silly cunt had given away to a 14yr old wanker, I wanted her tight ass. Flipping her over again so that her ass was in the air she was only wearing her knee high socks.
"This is gonna hurt" I said as my cock neared her oh-so-tight hole
"No please don’t" She screamed
"Shoulda thought about that when you led a horny guy on, sweetheart" I said, noticing a cats litter tray to my left, I put about half an inch of my dick into her tight ass raw, at which point the bitch gave a blood-curdling yell. Worrying that I mite not be able to shut her up I had an idea, grabbing the litter tray I took off the lid and rammed her face into the middle of the crap. With her now muffled screams coming more frequently I gave her my full length feeling her body quiver under me as I pounded in and out. Every time I withdrew I punched her hard on the back of the head feeling her ass tighten around my dick, finally when I could take it no longer, I pulled out. Pulling her head out the tray, I pushed my cock towards her mouth, now streaked with brown lines of her own shit, I thrusted it into her mouth as I began to shoot my load.
"Swallow it all Bitch" I commanded as she continued to sob "look in the mirror, this is what little sluts that use men look like" I finished with as I walked away, then I turned and warned her "Remember Kate, If you tell anyone, I'll kill you!"

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