Bubba Seizes the Day


As Bubba took another dunk into his pail, a group of four university seniors walked past him, chattering egocentrically away about midterms and paper due dates. Bubba couldn't stand listening to all of those white arrogant punks, all of them having it so easy in life, with their parents no doubt footing the bill while they frolicked away from class to class, living the easy life. Bubba always wished he had the opportunity of going to school, however, coming from a broken home in a rough neighborhood, and having to support his ailing mother and three younger siblings, Bubba knew he could never have coughed up the money needed to feed tuition-hungry academic centers. Most of his friends who were also black never found their way to college either. It infuriated Bubba to no end, knowing how unjust American society treated people. Not that any of the young white punks that walked around him in the hallways cared. Out of the corner of his eye, Bubba caught one of the girls in the foursome giving him a disgusted repulsed stare, and that just enraged him even further. Bubba slammed his mop into the pail and decided that he had better get his mind off of all that negative stuff before his temper got the better of him. If there was one personality trait of Bubba's that domineered over everything else, it was his hot temper. Picking up the pail, Bubba sauntered over to the education building's gymnasium, deciding that he had better make sure everyone was out of there before he started sweeping the large wooden-floor area.

Walking into the gymnasium after grabbing his sweeping broom from the custodial closet, Bubba quickly noticed the watery stains on the floor from all of the punks. Shaking with anger, Bubba thought to himself that he would like to break the legs of any student that ever again walked into the gymnasium with their outdoor shoes on. "What the fuck do they think those signs are out there for anyway, motherfuckers" Bubba cursed out, knowing that he would have to wash some of the floor down first before even getting to the sweeping. As he pivoted towards the door, a voice echoed out into the non-acoustical gymnasium, causing Bubba to freeze in his tracks.

"Hey, watch your language!"Bubba turned around, surprised at not having noticed anyone in the gym before he walked in. On the far side of the gym nearly 90 feet away, amidst all of the gymnastics equipment that was set up along the side wall, stood a sight that would be forever frozen in Bubba's mind until the day he died.

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  . . a young girl, maybe 18 or 19, although she looked to be much much younger, only about 5 feet tall, stood on one foot on a large blue mat by the balance beam, her other foot perched upwards leaning on the beam, totally perpendicular to her upright body. She wore an absolutely gorgeous green velvet, glittered, tank leotard that was totally armless and legless. The outfit clung to every bend and curve on the girl's body, accentuating a beautiful set of hips and breasts, not full and woman-like, but rather, smaller and tighter, like those found on a high school cheerleader. Her dark brunette hair was pulled backwards into a tight pony-tail, held together by a coordinating green scrunchie. Bubba couldn't believe the impact his view was giving him, and he felt himself growing instantly hard as if all the blood in his body was draining towards his groin.

The girl kept standing still, in some sort of stretching exercise, and Bubba couldn't take his eyes off of her. Noticing Bubba's lack of movement, the girl blurted out "Do you mind??"

Bubba tried to regain his composure, enough to utter out some words in reply, but some severely sexual thoughts had already entered his mind, and they weren't about to leave. "Uh. . . sorry miss, but, uh, the ed building closes at 10. " said Bubba as about a million ideas ran through his mind about what he would like to do to that pert flexible body standing across the gym.

"Duhhhhh, I knoooowwww" replied the girl in the most smart-alecky, condescending voice imaginable.


  How dare she speak to him that way, Bubba thought as he clenched his fist on the broom handle he was holding, that little girl has absolutely no manners. "I'll be out of here in like ten minutes, so chill!"

For years, one of the disadvantages of Bubba's job was having to watch these tight-assed college girls flaunt their little bodies around, thinking they were all high and mighty, certainly better than some black janitor without a college education, thought Bubba. Like a kaleidoscope, every instance of every small mindless encounter Bubba had with these preppy school kids came flooding back to him; every insult, every dirty sneer, every "I'm smarter, richer and better than you" look. It hit Bubba like a ton of bricks. He couldn't stand thinking that people felt they were better than him, especially some tiny, insignificant, 18 year old snob. And who was she to snap at him as though he was some nobody, especially when he didn't even do or say anything to her in the first place.

Knowing that any retaliatory remark would probably end up costing him his job, Bubba decided to just bee-line for the door and leave, hoping that when he returned to clean up the floor, the girl would be gone. Only two steps outside of the gymnasium, Bubba stopped. His imagination and his arousal getting the best of him, he decided to take another peek through the glass door windows at the little gymnastics queen. She was now sitting on the floor, her legs spread wide apart in the straddle position, and her upper body leaning forwards in a new stretch. Lurid thoughts and ideas poured into Bubba's imagination, and he felt his heartbeat quickening and some adrenaline rushing through his veins, as if his body was preparing himself for some major activity. His brain started to catch up to his body, reminding him that here he was, practically alone in this building with some white stuck-up cunt dressed up in an unbelievably sexy outfit, who had just finished insulting him and treating him like pond scum.

"Ahh fuck man, snap out of it!" Bubba said out loud, trying to regain his composure. Heading back to retrieve his mop and a clean pail of water, Bubba returned to the gym a few minutes later, wanting to go back inside, just to have another round of interaction with that girl. He just couldn't let her get the last word in, especially being as arrogant and snooty as it was.

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  What the hell, Bubba thought, he would have a little fun mouthing back to this little bitch. What would be the worst that could happen?And it would certainly make himself feel better.

Stepping back into the gymnasium, Bubba glanced out of the corner of his eye as the girl was sitting cross-legged on the blue mat, digging around inside of her tote bag, looking for something. Bubba looked up at one of the clocks on the gym wall and spoke up, deciding to be louder and more confident than his pathetic stuttering statement from before. "Hey Miss, I told you that the building is closing, in ten minutes!"

Her response. . . ?Nothing!She didn't even flinch, driving Bubba nearly through the roof with anger!How dare she not even acknowledge him, Bubba thought. "Hey!Miss!", Bubba repeated much louder this time, his voice echoing through the empty gym, "I said we close in TEN MINUTES!"This time, the girl lifted her head and stared directly at Bubba, replying in a sharp, punctuating voice, "I heard you the first time!I'm just getting my stuff together!"

"Well hurry up then!" said Bubba as he walked towards the watery stains on the floor, waiting to be mopped up. Angrier than ever, Bubba still felt like she had the better of their exchange. Look at her, he thought, sitting there like some primadonna, digging around in her petty belongings, not caring about anyone or anything but herself. Finally, after slipping on a pair of open-toed sandals,she picked up her duffle bag, swung it over her shoulder and marched towards Bubba, who was directly in her path to get to the gym's exit doors. Bubba's heart began to race again as he slapped his mop back and forth across the floor, watching her carefully from the corner of his eye, hoping that she would snap back at him one more time, just to give him another opportunity to say what was really on his mind. Instead, she walked right past him, out the door, and towards the changing room area without having even said a single word. "Bitch!" Bubba said sharply under his breath, as he caught the wafting smell of her sweat mixed with some young girlie perfume, sending his arousal level almost through the roof.

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  His imagination was running wild; he hadn't felt this outraged and this aroused in a long time.

Suddenly, the doors behind him opened again, and before Bubba could even turn around, that young high pitched voice came flying back at him yet once more. "Hey!The change room doors are locked dorkhead!How the hell am I supposed to leave if I can't even get changed?Huh Einstein??"That did it.

That really did it.

Bubba gritted his teeth and decided that he was going to make a monumental decision in his life. It was the proverbial straw that broke the camel's back. All of the frustration, anger and jealousy that had been built up so powerfully in his life boiled over like an erupting volcano. He had always fantasized about an opportunity like this and now he had his chance to get back at everyone who has ever crossed his path and was able to get away with it. And this poor little white gymnast was about to bear the burden of all those people, and all on her own. Bubba knew what he was going to do, and it felt fantastic. Hell, after being treated like shit by so many, year in and year out throughout his entire life, he was going to take back a little of what he deserved and desired. Bubba smiled a wide-toothed, white-teethed grin as he looked over the girl standing before him, her arms crossed in front of her, her lips grimaced in an angry pout, her little body just begging to pay the price for her attitude. Yeah, he thought, life is short, and what a shame it would be to not fulfill his deepest darkest fantasy when it was so blatantly gift wrapped in this erotic little package in front of him. And topped with a scrunchie.

With all the confidence in the world now, Bubba spoke.

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  "Who the fuck do I look like, your fucking slave, Miss?"The look on the girl's face, to Bubba, was absolutely priceless. Her eyes widened like two saucers and her jaw dropped as though she had just seen the sinking of the Titanic. Yet surprisingly, there wasn't a sign of fear in her demeanor, just an incredulous disbelief that any one, let alone a man, let alone a black man, would ever, EVER, speak to her with those words. Yes, she was going to give him a piece of her mind, a big piece. And Bubba was ready for that and every other piece she would eventually have to offer.

"How dare you speak to me that way, you low life creep!" the girl blurted out slowly and assuredly. Bubba couldn't believe it. . . she wasn't in the least bit intimidated by being alone with someone almost a foot and a half taller than her and weighing more than 150 pounds more. He liked her spunk. Hated her attitude, but loved the fact that she was justifying everything he was planning to do to her. She continued, "I'm going to have you fired so fast, you'll be back in the ghetto where you belong!Now open that door so I can get my stuff!!"Bubba kept smiling, loving every twist and turn of her lips and tongue as she uttered such harsh words for someone so tiny and fragile. She was certainly writing some cheques that her ass wasn't able to cash. But he would make damn sure that her ass cashed each and every one of her cheques, Bubba thought lewdly as he planned his next move.

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"Fired huh?I'm already fired Miss. Fired right up that is. "

"What ever!!!" she snapped back, "I'll just find someone else to get my stuff for me"

As she turned around, Bubba decided it was time to make his move. One quick lunge was enough to put Bubba within striking distance of the girl. He reached around with his left arm and quickly covered her mouth. Before she even knew what was happening to her, Bubba easily lifted her entire body off the ground with his other arm, wrapping itself around her thighs and holding her in the air like a sack of potatoes. The girl started squirming fiercely, as her body instinctively tried to wiggle its way out of its predicament, but there was no possibility that she would be able to break the grasp of Bubba's muscular arms. A million and one thoughts raced through Bubba's mind, as he began mapping out the next few minutes, and about what he was going to do now that he had her. He placed her down onto her back on top of a red floor mat that laid by the gym doors and straddled her, keeping his hand firmly placed over her mouth. With little difficulty, he undid his belt and managed to loop it around her arms and waist. Having to create a new hole in the leather, he was able to cinch it tight and buckle it, effectively keeping her arms alongside the sides of her body. Her wrists and fingers were able to move, but the belt was so tight that she wasn't going to be able to free her trapped arms. Bubba leaned in closely over top of her and said "You listen to me you little white cunt. . .

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  if you even think about giving me a hard time with this, I'll kill you. Do you hear me?"

The girl didn't say a word, but continued to breathe heavily through her nose, her little nostrils opening and clothing rapidly as Bubba's large black hand covered most of the lower part of her face. Bubba couldn't believe how stunningly beautiful she was in every way. She was the perfect female package. . . he judged her to be just under 100 pounds, and with a body to die for!She certainly would pass for being 18 from the head up, but her body was that of a budding 16 year old. In short, she had the perfect gymnast's figure, and Bubba couldn't believe that he was actually sitting on top of this piece of paradise beneath him. Reaching over to her duffle bag sitting on the floor beside them, Bubba grabbed the purse which was inside and began digging around for some identification.

"Ah, let's see bitch. . . here we go. . .

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  Jennifer. Jennifer Madison. "What a sweet angelic name, Bubba thought. He'd always loved the name Jennifer. A plan began to form in his mind and he started to formulate some ideas. He needed a nice quiet place to ensure that he could be alone with this girl and some way of making his absence at work not seem suspicious. As much as he wanted to keep his little white slut to himself, Bubba knew that he would have to get some outside help to make this work, and he quickly dug his cell phone out of his pocket to call his friend Drake. He knew his buddy would be in the Physics building at this time and that he was the key to getting away with this.

Jennifer lay crushed underneath Bubba, feeling his heavy weight pressing down into her tight abdomen and his hand still covering her mouth, preventing her from screaming for help. She listened as he dialed up a number on his cell phone and talked to someone named Drake. Her heart slowly began to sink as she listened to Bubba making arrangements over the phone. . . apparently Drake was a man with a similar size and build as Bubba, who promised to complete Bubba's shift in the education building as well as his own. Bubba would be taking her to an outside location, and Drake was to let anyone suspicious know that he had called in sick.

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  As for seeing Jennifer, Bubba told Drake that if the police or anyone came questioning him about it, that he was to say that he hadn't noticed anyone around the education building at all. Jennifer began to squirm under Bubba again as she heard him agree to let Drake in on 'a piece of the action' when the time was right. Bubba clicked off his phone and refocused his attention back on Jennifer.

"Now you listen here bitch. . . you can make this hard on yourself or easy on yourself. In a few days, if you behave, I'll let you go. You'll never hear from me again, but you'll be alive. If you give me any problems, when we get to where we're going, I'll make sure that you suffer more than anyone has ever suffered before on this planet and then I'll kill you!You got that?I'll fucking kill you and bury you. The choice is yours. Now stand up. "

Making sure that he kept his hand over Jennifer's mouth, Bubba stood up and yanked her to her feet, making her stand on her own. He roughly dragged her over to the gym's equipment room and unlocked the door with his key. Knowing that he had to act quickly, Bubba pushed her inside and closed the door behind him.


  With tears in her eyes, Jennifer stood perfectly still, her arms still fastened to her sides with the belt, and started to beg, pathetically. Music to Bubba's ears.

"Please let me go, please, I promise I won't tell anyone, I'll give you money, my daddy has a lot of money, please. . . "

Bubba listened to and delighted in every pleading word that came out of this white cunt's mouth, but remained focused on the task at hand, getting things ready for their departure. He took a piece of silver duct tape and placed it over her lips causing her to shake her head back and forth, flipping her ponytail around in a series of erotic movements. He then pushed down on her shoulders so that she kneeled to the floor, sitting on her heels, and with little difficulty, he wrapped the tape around her thighs and her shins, keeping her legs bent and locked together. Grabbing one of the skipping ropes in an open cabinet, Bubba bent her body forward so that her knees were tucked into her chest, pointing at her collar bone, and then proceeded to wrap the rope around her back, effectively tying her into a tight little ball. Dumping out a sack of basketballs into an empty bin, Bubba easily dumped Jennifer's squirming little body inside and tied it up. Hoisting her over his shoulder like one of Santa's Christmas sacks, Bubba carefully carried her back out to the gym, and picked up the duffle bag in his other hand. The last bit of business was collecting all of Jennifer's belongings from the women's change room, and he did so carefully, ensuring that no one else was lurking around the practically deserted building.

Funny how things work out, Bubba thought as he placed the lumpy moving sack into the trunk of his Chevy Nova. All things seemed to be aligned perfectly for this to happen, as he thought of the close proximity of his car in the deserted, totally empty staff parking lot. He was able to drive away from the campus without drawing an ounce of suspicion towards himself, and with one of the sexiest white females he had ever laid his eyes upon stashed away in his trunk.


  And he couldn't wait to start playing some gymnastics games with little Jennifer Madison. And he had just the idea of the perfect place to do it!Man he felt alive!

His first stop was to a hardcore sex toy shop clear across the city. Bubba parked his vehicle in the parking lot and felt the butterflies twirling away in his stomach as he thought of all the fun he was going to have in the next few days. Stepping into the large store, Bubba surveiled the crowd. . . nothing out of the ordinary, just the usual crowd of individual men perusing the shelves. Like a kid in a candy store, Bubba went from shelf to shelf picking out an arsenal of items. What the hell he thought, it's worth spending some money for what he would be getting. Most men would sign away their limbs for the opportunity to play with Jennifer in the way that he was going to. So, three hundred and fifty dollars later, Bubba walked out of the store and back into his car.

The grocery store was next on Bubba's shopping agenda, and he picked up several bags of food and some "other" items, that would come in useful for the next few days. Chuckling to himself, Bubba drove on towards his final destination, the perfect place in which to play with Jennifer. It was too perfect. Bubba's friend Charlie had a gymnasium that was closed for three weeks while Charlie vacationed in Europe with his wife.

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  Before leaving, Charlie asked Bubba to check up on the establishment from time to time to make sure everything was okay. Because Charlie kept a stash of drugs in the place, he explained to Bubba that he would be the only one given the spare key to enter the gym during his vacation. Charlie had only been gone for a week, so Bubba knew he had plenty of time to safely enjoy himself inside the quiet secluded gym. He couldn't wait to see Jennifer performing many series of gymnastics contortions and routines, coached on by him, with the help of a few of her new "accessories" that he would have fun introducing her to. Yes, said Bubba to himself, "Life is for the taking, and I'm about to take what I've always wanted!"

Pulling into the parking lot of "Charlie's Gym", Bubba unlocked the garage at the back of the building and drove inside. Again, he couldn't believe his luck that no one was around to see him pull in. . . he was truly home free!Turning off the ignition and shutting the garage door behind him, Bubba opened up the trunk and was happy to see that the canvas sack was still squirming away excitedly. Bubba opened the top of the sack and pulled Jennifer's body out of it. A layer of sweat covered Jennifer's pale white skin, showing the results of her futile exertions. Bubba licked her arm and tasted her delicious sweaty pheromones, thrilled at the excitement of the night ahead of them. It was only 11 o'clock and he and Jennifer had all night to get to know each other better!Bubba then untied the skipping rope and sliced through the duct tape around her thighs and shins, ripping it off with a resultant "mmmmmm" sound coming from behind her gag. As he lifted her out of the trunk, Bubba decided to leave only the belt around her arms and the tape on her mouth for now, and he led her through the hallway to the main gym area, after shutting down the motion detection sensors from the security sensors. After being so tightly bound for the better part of an hour, Jennifer could barely walk, and Bubba had to keep her propped up while her legs got used to standing again.



Charlie's gym was small but had all of the amenities required in a good facility of it's kind: two fully stocked weightrooms, some exercise bikes, treadmills, a pool, a hot tub, a sauna, and most important to Bubba, a wide variety of gymnastics equipment. After all, he so rudely interrupted Jennifer's training earlier in the evening, and wanted to make up for it by giving her the chance to show him what she could really do. Hanging rings, a balance beam, a pummel horse, trampolines, climbing bars, pirouette bars, balls/ribbons/and hoops, not to mention the devious sex toys that he purchased would provide Jennifer with some new challenges in her gymnastics training. No time to start like the present, Bubba thought!

Throwing Jennifer down onto a big beanbag chair laying on the floor of the spa area, Bubba pulled up a chair and sat in front of her. Gazing up and down her body, Bubba shook his head in disbelief and said "Man Jenny girl, you've got one beautiful hot tight young little body there. You're absolutely beautiful. It's time you and I got to know each other better. "Leaning forward, Bubba gently pulled the duct tape from her lips and gave her a sip of bottled water to moisten her dry sticky lips. Bubba admired her bravery. . . instead of crying and wailing like he thought she might do, she was acting remarkably calm and collected. He predicted to himself that she would start the deal-offering stage, and he was absolutely right on the mark.

"Listen, mister," Jennifer began in a shaky, nervous, but direct voice, "I promise you that if you just let me go, I will make sure that you are given as much money as you want because my father has a lot of money and he will pay you anything if you just return me home safely, please?"

"Yeah?A lot of money?" Bubba played along. "As much as you want.

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  " Jennifer said a little quicker, trying desperately not to start screaming and insulting him. She hated every fiber of his being right now. She never liked blacks to begin with and now she was trying to reason with some huge black man who could end up killing her if he wanted. She was determined to try and talk him out of this. . . she had to try. Bubba had his own psychological games to play. "So, you're telling me that I can get rich out of this deal, huh little girl?"

Jennifer nodded slowly, looking at him for any sign of agreement, and Bubba tried his hardest not to burst out laughing. He wanted some compliancy in her, and decided that it might be more fun to play with her if she was able to believe that she would end up getting away. "I'll tell you what Jenny, I aint no murderer. I'm not going to kill you, I just wanted to have some fun with your tight little body there. "Instantly, Jennifer started to break down into tears, repeating over and over again in a high pitched ten-year-old's voice 'Please don't rape me, please don't rape me, you can't, you can't rape me. . .

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  "Bubba wanted her to stop crying and decided on a new approach.

"Hey, girl, look at me, look at me for a second. I'm not gonna rape you!" he said with a soft voice that almost sounded believable. "You're. . . you're. . . not?" Jennifer said, sniffling through some tears, again wanting to believe that this deranged black man before her really meant it.

"Of course not. Listen, I'll let you in on the game plan, because you're a part of this too, alright?"Bubba said. Jennifer nodded slowly and Bubba continued. "I'm not gonna rape you for two reasons. First off, I don't know where you've been and the last thing I want is to pick up cooties or something worse.

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  Second, I fully plan on lettin' you go, and when the police get involved, I don't want them to find traces of my cum all over you, that wouldn't make sense, right?"Bubba waited for an answer, and Jennifer, who had completely stopped crying in her desire to actually believe Bubba's statements, nodded again. "There," Bubba continued, "that's better. Now we understand each other a little more. Now, listen Jenny, I promise to let you go tomorrow, and I promise that you won't be raped, as you seem to be so worried about that. But, you will have to perform some gymnastics moves for me, with and without clothes, and let me touch you in all your private little places with my fingers, okay?And then, I'll let you go, and we'll both get what we want. "

Bubba waited for a response. He was having so much fun!Sure, he was lying about almost everything he had said, but it was going to be more fun getting her to participate in her torments then to have to force her into everything. Looking at Bubba with the most amazing puppy-dog eyes, Jennifer mulled over his words in her mind, and finally stammered out a reply.

"You mean you won't rape me?"

Bubba smiled politely. "No Jenny dear, I aint gonna rape you. I'll just play with your body a bit and then I'll let you go tomorrow. "

"You promise?" Jennifer said with a strong red blush floating in her cheeks.

"I promise. "Bubba said genuinely. Yeah right, Bubba thought!He was going to do everything to her that his imagination could think of, and best of all, he would pay her back for those racist comments she made to him back on campus.

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  But she didn't have to know that. Yet.

"So Jenny. Do we have a deal?Will you do some gymnastics for me?"

Suddenly, a frightened Jennifer perked up, "But what about that man you called on the phone??"

Bubba nodded. "He's just my alibi, I'm not sharing you with nobody!You're mine Jenny. I want to enjoy playing with your body alone. So?Do we have a deal?No rape in exchange for some gymnastics?"

Jennifer knew she was defeated. She knew that he was in complete control of her fate and could do whatever he wanted to her. She decided that her best course of action was to let this disgusting pervert do his thing, and that by complying, maybe he really would let her go relatively unharmed. After all, she thought, his arguments did seem to make some sort of sick sense, maybe he would just touch her and let her go. It was repulsive, but anything was better than being raped by some big black man. Jennifer nodded to Bubba, who nodded back.

"Ok. First of all Jenny dear. I want you to stand up.

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  I'm gonna take off that belt around your arms. "Bubba watched as Jennifer struggled to stand up, and then he removed the belt as promised. Jennifer tried to rub some of the feeling back into her wrists where the belt had been digging into her flesh for more than an hour, but Bubba wasn't noticing in the least. He was too busy looking over that tank leotard she was wearing. It looked absolutely edible!When he moved off of his chair and knelt down in front of her, Jennifer's body began to shake uncontrollably with nerves. Bubba's hands reached up and gently felt around the tight body clinging outfit.

"Now now, Jenny girl. Remember, I'm just going to touch. In fact, it may even feel really good for you, if you let it. " said Bubba as he kept running his fingers up and down the material. When he moved down to the tiny band of fabric that ran under her pussy and around her butt, he tried to put a finger inside the leotard, but Jennifer backed up a step and placed her hands downwards in a defensive manner.

"Hey Jenny," said Bubba in a menacing tone. "Remember our deal. . .

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  am I gonna have to tie you down and get rough?"

"No, no!Please don't tie me up again!I'll behave, I promise!" Jenny said quickly. Wow, what a difference in attitude, Bubba thought to himself. An hour ago, she wouldn't have even talked to him but to yell at him, and now she was submissively agreeing to let him place his fingers near her pussy. Yep, life is good, thought Bubba.

Again, Bubba continued to move his middle finger in between the tight clingy fabric of her leotards and the moist skin of Jennifer's pussy. He could feel some hair, but not too much, although it was impossible to tell without taking a visual inspection. He curled his finger this way and that, feeling all around Jennifer's pussy lips, while she stood there, gritting her teeth and trying to stand as motionless as she could. Loving the submissiveness she was forced to react with, Bubba noticed that little goosebumps were all over her exposed legs and arms, and knew how nervous she must be with some strange black man's finger roaming around her most private of areas. Bubba then took his other hand and placed it through the other side of her crotch covering, meeting up with his first finger. Watching the expression on her closed-eyed face, Bubba pulled down the spandexy material and let it go, causing it to jump up and flick her pussy with an elastic "snap". Jennifer almost jumped a mile and fell backwards from the unexpected shock.

"Why did you do that?That hurt!" Jen said as she lay on the mat. Bubba apologized and told her to position herself on her hands and knees. With a disgusted look on her little college-girl face, Jennifer did as she was told without arguing, and got into position with her rear end facing Bubba. He thought he would keel over and die from the amazing ass that Jennifer possessed.

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  Each round firm cheek was nothing but a handful, and the green leotard barely covered the two treasures that lay hidden underneath. Bubba reached out and ran his finger up and down the material, beginning to push a finger into it where her pussy and asshole would be. The material was amazingly pliable and he was able to push about one inch of it into her pussy. Jen remained in position, and after a minute, Bubba pulled out and noticed that the material was a little damp. Probably just sweat, thought Bubba as he tried the same maneuver with her asshole. Again, he was able to push in a little, and submissive little Jennifer never uttered a word.

"Okay Jenny, I want you to stand up and walk towards the balance beam. Do what you were doing when I first saw you at the gym. "Jennifer did as she was told and lifted her left leg up to the beam while keeping her right foot firmly planted on the ground. Bubba sat down beneath her and watched as the leotard dug up into her pussy lips, giving him a good view of her curvaceous privates.

"Can you do the splits Jenny?" asked Bubba with an enticed expression of curiosity. Jennifer nodded and Bubba told her to sit up on the pommel horse and to spread her legs towards each side of the horse. Jennifer emitted an exasperated sigh but she hopped up onto the horse, straddling it at first, then carefully placed each foot onto a separate edge of the horse lengthwise. Using the top handles, she held herself in place in that humiliating position. Again, Bubba was there for his inspection, and he loved the way her ass looked so amazing in that damn leotard!Gymnastics rocked!

"Jenny, you're really arousing me, and I can't wait to see you do some routines, but first, I want to introduce you to some of the toys that you will be playing with tonight, ok?"Jennifer only nodded, and Bubba told her that he wanted her to now straddle the pommel horse and to rub her breasts under her leotard.


  Jennifer did as she was told and Bubba brought out several bags of goodies, all hidden from Jennifer's view. He wanted to watch the expression on her face as he brought out them out, one by one.

"Ok Jenny," said Bubba as he placed the chair next to the pommel horse where Jennifer was rubbing her breasts with both hands, "Now I'm gonna show you the toys you'll be playing with tonight. The first group is from a sex toy store. Maybe you even have some of these at home, tucked away in your little panty drawer, huh?"No response, just another wince of disgust. "Anyway, here's the first item. . . nipple clamps!"Bubba pulled out a pair of nipple clamps that had big plastic ends that would grab and pinch a nipple shut. Jennifer gasped when she saw it and said "No, I don't want that!"Bubba tilted his head and replied "Remember Jenny, it's either this, or I rape the shit outta your pussy and asshole and give you a nice black baby in your tummy. Would you like that more than these nipple clamps?"

Bubba loved watching the look of realization on Jennifer's face. . . she was going to have to submit to the most degrading acts of debauchery, and there was nothing she could do to stop it. "Well Jenny?The toys or the rape?And don't forget that nipple rubbing.


  "Jennifer renewed her rubbing and said quietly, "The toys. "

"Ok Jenny. I'll continue on. The next item is this nice vibrating dildo. It's black Jenny, just like me!"Jennifer's eyes opened in horror as she watched Bubba pull out a huge black dildo that was only about 6 inches long, but almost 2 and a half inches wide.

"And, I brought along a friend, because I didn't want it getting lonely. This is called a butt plug because of how it's shaped. Look Jenny!"Excitedly, Bubba pulled out a large butt plug, about 5 inches long that tapered from one inch to two inches down its length. Jennifer didn't look too happy to Bubba. He decided to leave the inflatable dildo and the other goodies in the bag for later. After all, he didn't want her to be all out of surprises for later!

"Now Jenny, let's see what else we have in here. Oh yes, I bought some things for you from the grocery store. I'll see if you can use your imagination to decide what kind of toys these are. Let's see, we've got some nice long candles and some matches, some popsicle molds, two cucumbers, some tabasco sauce, a ruler. .

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  . "Before he could continue, Jennifer jumped off of the pommel horse and tried to make a run for it.

"Show time!" shouted Bubba happily as he easily chased her down and carried her kicking and screaming back to the gym area. "Well bitch, now you've done it, now you've really pissed me off!And to think, I trusted you with my end of the bargain and look what you did!"

"No please!Please!I'm sorry, I won't do that again, just don't rape me please!Please!" Jennifer cried pleadingly, getting down on her knees and begging him in front of her. His large cock was swelling even quicker in his pants now as he watched this poor pathetic display of begging. "Hmmm, I don't know if I should give you another chance. . . "

"Yes, please!I promise you I'll be good, please!"

"Ok, one more chance, but don't try that again bitch!" Bubba said as he walked back to his toy collection then back towards her with the black dildo. "Now Jenny, I want you to lay back on the mat and hold that outfit out over your pussy lips. . . NOW!"Quickly, Jennifer did as she was ordered, and held the material out to the side, exposing her pussy lips to Bubba for the first time. They were absolutely beautiful; so tiny and with sparse hair covering the outside. Bubba almost collapsed in front of her and decided that he had to taste her.



"Oh Jenny, your pussy looks so delicious. I think I'll have me a nice taste of that!" said Bubba as he pulled her legs back up and over her, so that her knees fell to either side of her head, pushing her torso completely upside down. Jennifer's ass was pointing up in the air, and Bubba reminded her to keep holding the leotard crotch away from her pussy. As she did, Bubba dove in, tongue first, to the best tasting pussy he had had in ages. The mix of sweat and pussy juice drove him wild although he had to start digging his fingers in deep to get to the juicy center. The sudden invasion of Bubba's tongue and fingers into her sensitive vagina made Jennifer start to become agitated, and Bubba had to remind her to stay still. Jennifer tried as hard as she could, but she felt herself starting to cry as Bubba kept licking, sucking and nibbling at her tasty pussy lips. After a full minute of chowing down on Jennifer's pussy, Bubba pulled his wet face away and planted his huge pink lips on top of Jennifer's, forcing a wet juicy kiss on her lips. Tasting her sweat and vaginal juices disgusted her, and she tried to keep her mouth tightly shut.

Bubba pulled back and told Jennifer to stand up again, which she did, her mind reeling with the assault she just suffered, knowing there was much more to come. Bubba began walking towards her with a pair of scissors and Jennifer's heart began beating quickly. "What are you doing?" asked Jennifer nervously, but Bubba simply reached out and pulled her left nipple forward through the leotard. "Hmmm, you have some nice pointy nipples there Jenny. Looks like you enjoyed playing with them like the slut I know you are. I want to see them, is all.

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  "Loosening his grip on her nipple, Bubba let it go, but kept the leotard material trapped in between his fingers. Taking the scissors, he cut a small hole in the material, which perfectly exposed Jennifer's nipple while keeping the leotard safely intact. Repeating the job on the second nipple, Bubba laughed at how cute she looked with her little pointy red nipples jutting out into the open air. "Now that's how the US gymnastic team should dress their girls for the Olympics!" Bubba laughed, noting that Jennifer didn't seem to share his sense of humor. "Oh well, time for the clamps now bitch. You're going to love these!"Bubba reached down for the nipple clamps and began to rub Jennifer's nipples with his fingers, pulling and squeezing them, enjoying the feeling of her two nubs getting hard and erect in between his fingers. "Hmmm Jenny, seems like they be enjoying this more than you!"

Jennifer looked up at Bubba with a look of pure hatred in her eyes. Bubba knew that look well, but was proud of himself for actually doing something about it. Returning the stare, he began to pinch both of her nipples harder and harder. Jennifer started to gasp out in pain and her hands flipped up to his, trying to stop him, but he kept pinching them even tighter, until he brought her down to her knees. Finally releasing them, Jennifer collapsed and tried to rub them with her fingers, to somehow ease the tremendous pain that was searing through her sensitive breasts. "If you thought that was bad bitch, wait till you feel these. Now, can you do some kind of like tumbling exercise Jenny?" asked Bubba. Jennifer nodded while still holding her flattened nipples. "Good.

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  Show me one. "

Jennifer slowly crawled up to her feet as though the earth's gravitational pull was just magnified by 5 times. She walked to the edge of the large floor mat and looked over at Bubba.

"Well, I'm waiting bitch!Do some cartwheels or whatever it is you gymnast sluts do!"

Jennifer started running, and to Bubba's delight, she began to leap, jump and flip in a series of saltas, springs and Shush novas. Bubba didn't know the labels, but he liked what he saw. Her contortionism was outstanding and her flexibility was amazing. Her back seemed to be able to arch like a garden hose and her legs could come apart and flex in any number of directions, pulling her crotch here and there. Bubba loved it. He demanded that she do another one, and she did. Bubba's cock was now as hard as a rock, but he decided to keep his pants on, not wanting to break Jennifer's concentration.

"Ok bitch, now you're going to try the same thing, but this time with these nipple clamps on!" said Bubba happily. Jennifer muttered something underneath her breath, which Bubba thought might be something like 'son of a bitch', but he wasn't sure, and frankly he didn't care. What he did care about right now was making sure he could get the blood back into her nipples for suitable clamping. Walking up to her like a helpful coach, Bubba pinched and twisted Jennifer's already sore nipples in his fingers, and ensured they were nice and hard once again. Handing the clamps to Jennifer, he told her to put one on each nipple.

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  He watched with fascination as she tested out the strength of the clamps, and with a lot of wincing and pain, she managed to get them on. Bubba loved seeing those harsh metallic clamps jutting out of her soft tender chest. It was absolutely beautiful to him, but not to her.

"Oh God, they hurt, I can't keep them on. . . " pleaded Jennifer as she raised her hands to take them off. Bubba stopped her with a strong glare and motioned her with his head to continue her tumbling performance. Slumping her head, Jennifer sauntered slowly over to the corner of the mat, and once again performed the leaps. This time, she did them much slower, but the clamps wobbled erotically back and forth, pulling her nipples in many different directions as her body leapt upside down from handsprings to cartwheels. As soon as she finished, Bubba shouted out the word "Again!" and Jennifer repeated her jumps. Six times later, Bubba was satisfied and told Jennifer she could take the clamps off. As soon as she released them, she cried out as the blood started rushing back to her nipple tips, and she writhed around on the floor in sheer agony. Bubba wanted so much to just jump down and fuck the shit out of her, but new he had all week and continued on with his plan.

"Very good Jenny.

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  You were amazing. I give your nipples a 10!Now, lets see how your pussy performs!"With the dildo still in his hand, he walked over to her and told her that he was going to shove the dildo in her pussy and have her perform the same routines. Jennifer looked at the dildo and shook her head. "That will never fit in me, it's too big!"

"Sure it'll fit Jenny!Where the fuck do you think babies come from?This isn't as big as a baby, but it is pretty thick, and I'm sure it'll stretch out that tight little cunt for you. I chose this size, because it's not too long and it should fit in your outfit quite well!Let's try. . . bend OVER!"

Jennifer couldn't take it any more. She leaped up and started to run again. Bubba laughed as he felt pride in his ability to teach this little slut a lesson. If only these little sluts didn't flash their hardbodies all over the place, men like him wouldn't have to teach them the dangers of it, Bubba thought to himself. Catching her once again, he pulled her back to the toy bag and straddled her stomach yet again. Jennifer started begging pathetically again, but Bubba refused to listen this time.

"Ok bitch. I've had it with you.

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  That's twice that you disobeyed my orders, and now, I'm sick and tired of hearing you say you're sorry. If you disobey me one more time, just one more time, cooties or no cooties, I'm going to plug your fucking holes full of so much sperm, you'll be shittin' bleedin' and pissin' my boys for a week!"

Reaching into the bag, Bubba pulled out a nice red ball gag and strapped it around the back of her head. Pulling the ball in tight, he strapped it in snuggly and watched as she tried to get accustomed to the intruding piece of plastic. "If you think that's annoying bitch, wait till you feel this up your snatch!"And with that, Bubba ordered her back on her hands and knees. Jennifer instantly complied, not wanting him to get any angrier than he already was. Bubba yanked the leotard material to the side and spit directly on her pussy, causing her to jerk forward. Reaching over her back, Bubba grabbed Jennifer's pony tail and yanked it backwards, forcing her to stay motionless on her knees. Spitting on his fingers, he lubricated both her pussy hole and the dildo in preparation for its invasion into her tight young cunt.

"Let's see bitch, the box said this thing was two and a half inches thick. That's probably more cock than you've ever had in your life, seeing as how you don't do black. Now, your pussy tube is probably about five inches, give or take an inch, so this dildo should fit pretty snuggly up your nice pink hole. "With the dildo totally lubricated with his spit, Bubba placed the head of the thick dildo directly on the outside of her pussy lips and began to rub it around in small circles. He couldn't believe how small her pussy looked next to this monster cock. It was going to be a tight fit, but a hell of a lot of fun watching her hole spread open to accommodate the big dildo. Bubba began to push forward with some heavy pressure, wiggling the dildo around in order to gain some leverage, but it was tough pushing.

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  Using her pony tail, he began to pull backwards. Little by little, about two inches wormed its way in to the impossibly tight hole.

"Man bitch, you are tight!Betcha wish you didn't have such a nice young tight body. Man, I've seen twelve year olds with bigger hips and a wider ass than yours bitch!Damn!"Bubba loved knowing the effect that his crude words had on Jennifer, but knew that right now, her entire world revolved around the tight pliable skin of the inside and outside of her pussy that was being mashed and stretched beyond anything it had ever experienced before. Finally, all six inches was fully inside of her, with the flared tip sticking outwards. Bubba tried to push in even a little further, but found that the dildo had certainly reached the end of her cavity, and would go no further. "Hey, I'm a pretty good guesser. Six inches was perfect!" he said proudly. Releasing the leotard, Bubba straightened the material out and made sure that it covered most of the dildo. What a beautiful sight, thought Bubba. One could hardly tell that there was a huge dildo embedded firmly in her tight young snatch because the material of the leotard hid it so well, not to mention that it kept the dildo pushed in fully inside of her. Jennifer just groaned into her gag, slumping her head forwards to the mat. She felt so completely full, like she was in the process of giving birth to a baby that decided it wasn't ready to come.

"Now stand up Jenny!I want to see some more tumbling!"Very slowly, Jennifer stood up, trying to get used to the feeling of the dildo deep inside her poor vagina. Bubba watched with delight as she tried to twist her hips in a way that would make it comfortable for her, but there really wasn't any way to lessen the effects of her tight hole being continuously stretched.

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"Ok girl, let's go!I want to see you go!" said Bubba as he watched her take step by heavy step towards the corner of the mat. Jennifer started to run, but instead of jumping into a cartwheel, she just stopped, turned to Bubba, and with the saddest puppy-dog eyed look, shook her head at him.

"Well bitch, if you really don't find this challenging enough, I could ram this butt plug up your ass to join it's buddy in there. That might give you more to look forward to. "said Bubba, watching closely for her reaction. Sure enough, Jennifer simply walked back to her starting position for another attempt. Man, Bubba was loving this, he thought. He thought of every man out there who had always wanted to do something like this with a pretty young girl, and how remarkably easy it was to accomplish. And the reward was priceless. Even if it meant spending the next twenty years in prison, he would always have the satisfaction of reliving these memories, and knowing that some snotty racist bitch would never have a day go by in her life in which she wouldn't be thinking of him. It was all worth it.

Not as quickly as the first set of routines, Jennifer proceeded to cartwheel and leap seven times back and forth across the mat. Bubba watched her skinny body once again twist and turn, and his erection throbbed in his pants knowing that there was a huge dildo making her life miserable right now. He couldn't even picture the thing inside of such a tiny mass. He couldn't wait until tomorrow when he would force her to do a repeat performance, this time with the plug as he had already foreshadowed.


  After being told to stop, Jennifer fell to the ground in a fetal position, and Bubba decided that she had probably had enough for the first night. He still wanted to start fucking those tight holes that he had been playing with for so long, but decided that a compliant victim was still what he wanted for right now. The trust he could gain by keeping his word, at least for now, was important, as she would willingly do the neat tricks his mind had been so busy cooking up.

Bubba sat down next to her, and told her to look at him. Removing the ball gag, Bubba began to speak in a soft voice. "You know Jenny girl, I'm real real proud of you kiddo. You took your lumps like a pro. And tomorrow, you'll take a few more. But the day after that, I'm gonna let you go, and you'll never hear from me again. And you'll walk away without being raped. All I ask is that you let me have a bit more fun with your body. Do what I tell you, and you'll be okay. Do you understand?"

For Jennifer, an amazing relief washed over her, as she couldn't help but believe him, the alternative was too horrible to contemplate. She nodded submissively, and then bravely spoke out in a quiet, scratchy voice. "Can you please take this thing out of me now, please?"Bubba nodded, and said that for good behavior like she was showing now, she would be rewarded.


  He told her to lean back on her hands and to spread her legs. As she did, he lifted the leotard outwards and reached in for the dildo. It felt really embedded in her pussy and he loved the feel of pulling it slowly outwards. It was tighter pulling it out than it was pushing it in, Bubba thought. Must have something to do with lubrication. After it was almost completely out, Bubba leaned in closely to see what her hole would look like. Amazingly, the instant that the dildo popped free of its warm wet home, Jennifer's pussy snapped shut and looked as though it had never been broken into. Ah, the elasticity of youth, thought Bubba.

"Good girl. Now, before I send you off to bed, you have one more thing to do for me. Suck this toy off, it's kind of juicy and all dirty right now. " said Bubba. With a repulsed look in her eyes, Jennifer did as she was told and leaned over to lick the dildo. Bubba decided to help her out a little by smearing the dildo all over her lips and tongue, making sure that she cleaned off all of her slime from the plastic surface. Once the task was complete, Bubba put the dildo back on the floor and decided to let Jennifer get some rest.

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  She would need it for tomorrow's events. But first, Bubba wanted to remind her of what brought her here in the first place.

"Now Jenny girl. I just want to say to you that none of this would be happening to you if you hadn't treated me like a piece of shit back at the gym. Sure, I may be just some janitor, but I'm a man like anyone else, and I can't stand when some slutty white cunt bad talks me. Now say you're sorry. "

"I'm so sorry, I really didn't mean too. " answered Jennifer quickly, still wincing from the taste of her own juices coating her taste buds. Bubba knew she was totally lying; he could feel the hatred from her, but at least she was doing what he wanted. "Good girl. Now it's time to work out the sleeping arrangements!"

Bubba picked her up in his arms with a single motion and carried her over to the balance beam. He laid her down onto her back underneath the beam and pulled her arms outwards to the side, along the mat. Using some elastic stretchy rope, Bubba tied her wrists into gentle but inescapable knots and ran each end to either side of the beam, effectively keeping her flat on her back. Then, Bubba lifted her left leg upwards towards the bottom of the beam, and fastened it there with more rope. Repeating the process with her right leg, Bubba made sure that her legs were conveniently pulled apart.


  She would be able to wriggle around in this position, but not by much. Bubba then pulled the heavy vibrating massager out of his toy bag and turned it on to test the level of vibrations. Setting it on the highest speed, he almost had to drop the thing from his hand as it vibrated so heavily, that he felt his hand almost going numb. Perfect, he thought, as he proceeded to tie a rope to the end of the massager, then tying it to the balance beam, at just the right spot. By letting it hang downwards, pointing towards the floor and Jennifer's uplifted, spread open crotch, Bubba adjusted it's height so that the vibrator's tip would just perfectly rest against the top of her vagina, around her clit, which was protected by the thin leotard, but would still get the great vibrations through it. Bubba watched Jennifer's reaction and found that she could avoid the vibrator on her clit by pulling her butt downwards, but that would end up causing strain on her lower back and her ankles, causing her to just relax, and let the elastic rope pull her back up to the agonizing buzzing of the vibrator. Bubba wondered to himself if she would bring herself to orgasm during the night, but really didn't care either way.

For a few minutes, Bubba watched Jennifer's dilemma. The buzzing must have been driving her mad because every time the elastic ropes pulled her crotch upwards towards the hanging massager, Jennifer would start to twist her hips and pull down on her legs to lower her body from the massager's jarring movements. However, she wasn't able to hold that position for long, and again, her crotch would elevate back up to meet it's buzzing tormenter. That should keep her busy for a while!Bubba thought. Pulling the bean bag chair over to the balance beam, Bubba laid down and decided that he needed to get some sleep so that he could be wide awake for the next series of events. Man, the things he was going to be putting her through tomorrow, Bubba thought as he watched poor Jennifer moaning, bouncing, struggling and twisting around in her bondage. Yes, tomorrow would be another day of exercise, and some for his teased cock too, thought Bubba as he drifted off to sleep.

Part 2

Morning came as the sun started to peek in through the windows of Charlie's Gym, waking Bubba up from a terrific sleep.

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  The moment Bubba opened his eyes, he looked towards Jennifer to see what she was up to. Amazingly, Jennifer was asleep, adorably so. Her little butt was hanging in mid air by her legs via the elastic rope, and the vibrating massager was still humming away, sitting fully on her spread open crotch. Bubba chuckled to himself, wondering how she could have managed to fall asleep with that constant buzzing distraction, but then he decided it must have been a result of pure exhaustion. He had admittedly put her through a lot in her young life last night, but today was going to be even more challenging. Yes, there was nothing like helping a young gymnast with her stamina, thought Bubba, it was the least he could do for her.

Standing up, Bubba walked over to Jennifer and turned off the massager. Noticing the wet stain in her green leotards all around the crotch area, Bubba hoped that she had gone through some agonizing orgasms throughout the night. And if not, well, who cared.

Lifting the massager off of her, Bubba leaned in closer to examine his handiwork. The wafting smell of young pussy juice reached his nostrils as he sniffed at her crotch like some over aroused dog. She had leaked like a faucet all night long. A few minutes passed as Bubba was sure to breathe in Jennifer's heavenly odor. The next question was, how to wake the sleeping gymnast?

Bubba headed into the gymnasium's kitchen to prepare a few treats for later, then returned to the balance beam, deciding it was time to wake Jennifer up. 8 o'clock am, and time for another full day of hard training.

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  Her nipples were poking so nicely into the open air through the holes he had cut into the front of her leotard, meant Bubba just had to start there. Reaching down, Bubba gently placed each nipple in between his thumbs and forefingers and prepared a grip. And what a grip it was. Jennifer's eyes bolted open and she let out a blood curling scream as Bubba squished her nipples almost totally flat in a crushing hold.

"NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!" screamed Jennifer as her sleep was so rudely interrupted by the hands of a janitor, who less than 12 hours ago, she wouldn't have even looked at. Bubba kept his firm crushing grip on them, feeling her chest and body wiggling around, trying to find a way to escape the pain he was inflicting.

"Rise and shine Jenny girl!You gotta long day ahead of you, and I thought I would start off by exercising those great lungs of yours!"Bubba started to add some twisting motions to his grip on her nipples, causing more agonizing screams from Jennifer. Eventually, the screaming became too loud, so Bubba let go and grabbed her chin with his hand, forcing her to look directly into his eyes.

"Girl!!!Calm down!Remember the deal we discussed earlier??You behave for me, and you don't get raped. You misbehave, and, well, I won't be responsible for the black baby that ends up growing inside your belly. Well actually I will. But it will be a result of you not doing what I want. Remember???"

Breathing quickly, Jennifer stared at Bubba with total hatred in her eyes, wanting to scratch his eyes out, to kick him so hard where she knew it would hurt, to do anything to inflict her hate upon him. However, reality returned quickly to her as she so wanted to get out of this horrible situation without him raping her, and deep down inside, she truly believed that if she submissively went along with everything he wanted, that he wouldn't force himself sexually on her. After all, he had behaved so far without going as far as sex, just maybe he was serious in not wanting any DNA evidence from sperm to be on her, so Jennifer decided that she had to curb her anger and hatred long enough to get out of this horrible mess.

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"Ok ok, as long as you promise not to rape me, I'll do anything for you!!" replied Jennifer, feeling nauseous for having to even speak to this black bastard. Bubba smiled. "Atta girl Jenny. Now, I'm going to pinch your nipples again, not nearly as hard, and I want you to smile at me, and make it a damn good happy convincing smile, and tell me that you love me. If I'm not convinced the first time, I squeeze your nips harder until I am convinced. Got it?Go!"

Jennifer wanted to kill him, but somehow, as the pain returned her to her aching nipples, she managed to force out a smile and said to Bubba, in staccato words, "I. . . . love. . . . you. "

Inside, Bubba's stomach tingled with butterflies like a kid on Christmas morning opening presents.

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  He absolutely loved this. He loved watching as Jennifer obviously had to force those words out of her mouth. And that phony smile!Fantastic. It must have been killing her inside to say those words and to keep that expression, thought Bubba. He just had to see more.

"No way. I don't believe you. I want you to tell me again, not just that you love me, but how much, and about how much you love black men, and how sluts like you just love making men like me happy. I want you to improvise and make it good, or this is just a sample of what you get. . . "Bubba squeezed down on both nipples firmly in one quick punctuating move, causing Jennifer to emit a lovely little yelp, before loosening them again.

"Ok!!Please, don't pinch me anymore!!!I can't take it!!!" replied Jennifer, tears forming in the corners of her eyes from the sharpened pain in her poor sensitive nipples. Then she began. "I love you, I love black men.

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  . . . "

Bubba quickly interrupted. "Ah ah ah. . . . you're forgetting that sweet little smile girl!Come on!"Jennifer inhaled deeply, and Bubba watched as her smile returned. "I love black men like you who make sluts like me happy. I love you. "

Bubba released her nipples completely. "There, now that wasn't so bad was it?"When he received no response, Bubba repeated his question in a stronger, deeper tone, causing Jennifer to quickly answer "No".

"I think I deserve a nice wet juicy kiss for making you smile, dontcha think Jenny?"Bubba watched as Jennifer's face scrunched up with the thought of kissing him, and it totally pissed him off. Big time.

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  "I SAID. . . dontcha THINK????"

"Yes yes!!!" came her quick reply, fearing that he would hurt her nipples again, now that the sharp pain in them had just begun starting to turn into a dull heavy ache. She just knew that they were going to be severely bruised from his fingers, and the last thing she wanted was any more hurting, as her pussy was completely sore from having that dildo in her last night.

"Good," continued Bubba,"But it won't be my lips you'll be kissing Jenny dear. It'll be my big black asshole!"

Jennifer's eyes opened as wide as saucers. Bubba loved it.

"What?????" she bolted out as Bubba stood up, and began to undo his belt before letting his pants fall down to the floor. She gasped out in horror when Bubba removed his burgundy boxer shorts, revealing a huge, black, semi-flaccid penis hanging between his legs. It must have been at least 8 inches long, and as thick as her wrist. She couldn't imagine how big it must grow when he was fully aroused and erect. There was no way she could allow herself to be raped by such a monstrous man, thought Jennifer, she had to do everything in her power to stop that from happening!

"Now, I'm gonna squat over your sweet little tongue, and you're gonna give my ass the licking of the century. After all, I sucked your pussy last night, so this is the least you can do to repay me. "Jennifer tried to mentally prepare for her inevitable degradation as she licked her dry lips and tried not to burst into tears, while Bubba, naked from the waist down, stood on either side of her shoulders before squatting down in a deep knee bend.

Αθήνα Συνοδοί 

  With his huge black hairy ass just inches from her face, Bubba forced Jennifer to look upwards at a site she never imagined she would one day be forced to see. Bubba's rear end was enormous, with curly black hair patched sporadically around from the deep crack of his ass to his dangling balls. His anus was all scrunched up and puffy, centered deep in between his spread out legs. A sheen of sweat glistened all over Bubba's skin, making Jennifer's tummy totally sink, knowing what he expected of her. Thinking back, Jennifer had once quickly licked the butt of an ex boyfriend back in high school, just to be cute and playful, but he was thin, young, clean, and most importantly, white!She couldn't imagine how horrible this sickeningly repulsive act was going to be. But she was going to find out through first hand experience.

"Ok Jenny babe. Now stick out that little pink tongue of yours and give my asshole a nice kissy-bath. And don't forget to lick off all the sweat, I haven't had a shower for two days now. Oh yeah, and my balls need cleaning too. Get to it!!"Bubba was so honored, squatting over this young 90 pound white racist gymnast, about to get his asshole cleaned by a tongue that had probably bad mouthed his entire race her whole life. Retribution is good, Bubba thought happily.

As for Jennifer, her racial hatred was growing. But she knew she had no choice. Slowly, her tongue inched upwards as Bubba dropped down a few more inches, and finally made contact with one of his butt cheeks.


  The heavy pungent odor of male sweat quickly filled her nostrils, and the salty sensation on the tip of her tongue, caused her to retract it quickly as she turned her head away from the horror above her. A quick grasp of her nipples reminded her that avoidance was inevitable, and that she just had to get this over with. Moaning from pain from Bubba's finger grasp of her nipples again, Jennifer replaced her tongue onto his huge left ass cheek and proc.

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