Catholic Carrie Gets Blackmailed


Carried rushed about in the shower, terrified to be late to Mr. Grim's (his name says it all she thought) 1st period literature class. She had been late the last 2 days, and everyone knew if you were late 3 days in a row in Mr. Grim's class, he was sure to think up some kind of horrible punishment for you to do. With thoughts of banging erasers or emptying all the dirty trays in the lunchroom at breaktime, Carrie quickly finished her shower and ran into her room to get dressed. Dressing for school was never a time consuming process for Carrie. She went to a private Catholic school (part of her daddy's plan to always keep her safe and pure). Carrie quickly snapped on a lacy white bra, pulled up her matching panties, and threw on her white button up, collared blouse, and her blue and green plaid skirt. She looked at her reflection in the mirror with disgust. "I hate these clothes!" She shrieked outloud before carefully applying the makeup that she wore everyday. By the time Carrie was completely ready for school, it was 8:10. School started at 8:00. Carrie glanced at the clock before she left. "Oh wonderful" she muttered as she hopped into her black Hummer that her daddy had gotten her for her 16th birthday. She always thought she looked ridiculous being so tiny and driving a huge automobile. By the time Carrie arrived at the school, it was 8:25, class was almost halfway over.

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   She ran inside the building at full speed and quietly opened the door to her doom, to Mr. Grim's class. Edward Grim was not an unattractive man. He stood at exactly 6", with dark brown hair and deep dark brown eyes. He was well built, and very single. At 35 he was the lust object of many of the female teachers at Saint Catherine's. However, he never seemed to be interested in the female teachers, and was rather snotty and rude to them if they ever thought to flirt with him. Edward had a nasty streak that no one could understand. Many of the teachers didn't bother to try and find out what was so rotten with him, it was his students who had to endure his wrath. As Carrie quietly entered the classroom, Mr. Grim slammed the hardback book he was reading from onto his podium. The entire class jumped, but looked forward to seeing their pretty classmate be the victim of their teachers anger. "Ah, Ms. Coalworth, so thoughtful of you to join us he said in a searing tone. " "I, I'm sorry Mr.

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   Grim", Carrie whispered, "My dad had to. . . "Carrie was cut off by Mr. Grim telling her he was not in the mood and to have a seat. For the next 20 minutes, Carrie started to believe that for one, she might be in the clear. She had yet to get in trouble, and Mr. Grim wasn't particularly picking on her today. However, while Carrie was thinking she was off scott-free, Edward Grim had something very unique in mind for her punishment. The final bell rang for the period and all the students now had a 15 minute break time. "Goodbye class, see you tomorrow, oh Carrie, I need to speak with you now please. " The other student hurried out of the classroom, and Carrie slugged up to her teachers desk. "Yes Mr. Grim?" Carrie asked meekly. "Carrie, you have been late to my class 3 days in a row now, and I think you know what that means.

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   Punishment is to be had. However, it has been brought to my attention that you have cheated on a number of exams a number of times. Do you realize that you will be kicked out of Saint Catherine's if I present this to the Principal?" Mr Grim said calmly, reviewing Carrie's face, watching the flushed and panicked appearance it suddenly took on. "OH GOD SIR, I am so sorry, please don't tell my father. He'll KILL me if I get kicked out of here, I can't mess up! Please don't tell! I'll do anything!" She cried. Mr. Grim watched the tears stream down Carries young tanned face, the salt water lingering on her lips and nose before it dripped down onto her white blouse. Mr. Grim did not hide that face that he was staring at Carrie's bountiful cleavage. "You know Carrie, God had really blessed you with some titties. " He casually stated while getting up. "If you're willing to do anything I would let telling on you go, but you must understand, I am a cruel man and I enjoy abusing young girls. I love to fuck, and I will fuck you, and hurt you. However, in exchange for being my personal fuckdollslave, you will still be able to attend this school, and your father can still resume thinking you're a perfact little angel. Oh, and keep in mind Carrie, if you do choose not to accept my offer and try and tell on me, no one will believe you because many of the children in this class would gladly say they saw you try and seduce me in exchange for an 'A'.

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   Don't underestimate what this rich little shits will do if you offer them a good grade. " He said sternly. Carrie began to panic, but hated the idea of disappointing her daddy. She watched as Mr. Grim moved closer to her trembling teenage body, never taking his eyes off of her tits. "Um, I, I guess I will do what you want Mr. Grim, please just don't tell anyone anything. " She whispered. With those words, Mr. Grim's fun was about to begin. He quickly retrieved a video camera and tripod and positioned it in the center of the room. He them almost superhumanly, dashed over to where Carrie was sitting and turned her chair to face the camera. He them retrieved a few yeards of rope and bound Carrie's hands behind her back and to the chair, pushing her firm tits out. He left her legs untied for the time being. Edward Grim then looked into Carrie's eyes, and gave her a passionate kiss.

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   Carrie begin to cry, and Mr. Grim then bit her pouty lower lip, and smacked her face hard. "Carrie, I enjoy seeing you cry, but I will always punish you, no matter what, whenever I want" he told her. He went to his desk and took out his scissors. He sliced off her modest white blouse and her knee length plaid skirt. Carrie tried to muffle her whimpers, knowing her teacher enjoyed hearing her discomfort. Now Carrie sat in this chair, bound and videotaped in front of her attractive and abusive literature teacher, wearing only a somewhat see-thru white lace bra, and white lacy panties. Edward stepped back to admire his prize, greatful he didn't have a class again for 2 hours. He moved up to Carrie and whispered what a slut she was into her ear. He then started pinching and pulling on her nubile young tit flesh. She whimpered in pain, so he pulled harder. Eventually, Edward told Carrie she would never be needing a bra again and chopped it off of her, releasing her 32 C tits - far too big for her little cheerleader's body he thought. Her big tits were beautiful, though he would never tell her that. Far to large and capped with pink areolas and tiny pert nipples. With one quick motion, Edward sliced off Carrie's panties, and shoved them in her tiny mouth.

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   Wow you really look like a whore now he said smacking her big boobs. Carrie begin to sob, regretting her decision and realizing there was no way out now. Edward then, without warning, shoved three large thick fingers into Carrie's dry virgin pussy. She tried to scream, but any sound was muffled by her panties. Edward stared into her eyes, watching the tears fall as he fingered her dry cunt. "You little bitch!" He cried. "Your pussy just wants to eat my fingers up!" And he punched her hard in her tight stomach. Suddenly, Edward looked at the clock. He needed to get her ready for her next class and his next torture session. He passionatly kissed her again and went to his desk and returned with a white blouse, a plaid skirt, and a tiny box.
    Carrie felt relief. 'I get to get dressed and go to class again' she thought happily. However, when Edward untied her from her restraints and started to dress her, it was a far different story. The white top was somewhat torn at the top, and it showed of Carrie's titties when she walked. Also, the buttons didn't begin until just under her breasts, so if she were to bend down or turn to fast, she risked a pretty little titty popping out.

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       Mr. Grim offered no bra. When he pulled Carrie's skirt on, she was fully mortified. It was the same type of skirt she wore every day, but this model hardly covered her ass. She would have to walk stick straight and very carfully all day. Mr. Grimm shoved his fingers up in her twat without warning again and told her a slut like her didn't deserve underwear. He still had a few minutes before Carrie's next class, so he yanked her tits out and hit them with his ruler for awhile, leaving some lovely red marks on her tits, and some beautiful tears on her face. You look even sluttier when you cry he hissed into her ear. With that, he gave her tight ass a hard smack, and sent her to History. Carrie watched her steps all the way to her class. She thought about running home, but she knew Mr. Grim would follow through on his promise and also that he had many male teacher friend's who would back him up if she attempted to go against him. So, Carrie bravely sucked it up and began to head to her next class. However, as soon as she stepped out of Mr.

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       Grims door she heard a large hoot. She turned and saw Rick McCarthy, the captain of the football team, and Jon and Steve, two of his friends. "Hey Carrie baby, you look fucking hot today!" Rick said while staring straight down her top, which he could easily do at his height of 6"1. "Rick I have to go to class. " Carrie said meekly trying to inch pass him and his buddies. Unfortuanetly for Carrie, the boys had attempted to block her in, and when she tried to get past them, it caused her blouse to shift, and a firm young tit to come completely out. "JESUS CHRIST" exclaimed Jon, by far the dumbest of the group. He immediatly reached down and started kneading her tit meat while his friends cheered him on. She begged them to stop, but dressed like she was, she looked like she was askign for it, and knew it would get over faster if they just played with her and then left. Steve eyed the ruler marks on her tits. "The little bitch likes it rough" he yelled "Looks like an angel and fucks like a street whore right baby?" he asked her tauntingly while he massaged her other tit. She just nodded and they finally let her go. Carrie was now late to History. .
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