chapter3 meeting master


The scorching pain I felt in my back and arse had subsided little as I walked into the lounge to greet the Dr. the look of annoyance on both my father, and Jeff’s face was evident, even the Dr. seemed annoyed that I had kept them waiting for me. He rolled his eyes towards my father as I walked in, I stood in silence next to my mother. Katie and Sue was kneeling besides the Dr. without even acknowledging me, he proceeded to talk to my father and Jeff. Mr Lewis (that was my fathers surname) “after the conversation we had on the phone yesterday about the school predicament, I have written up a medical report explaining about recent examinations on your daughter that it’s has been found she is a carrier of a genetic abnormality that allows her to pick up viruses, which in itself as caused her immune system serious damage , she will no longer be able to attend school, and that she will now need to be taught at home. ”
Looking at both my father and Jeff as the Dr spoke I couldn’t help but think there was both a look of lust and realisation, that they no longer had to worry over what marks they now left on my body, I was now theirs. My father beckoning me towards the Dr. as it was only right that I thanked him personally for his help in this matter. Looking at Jeff for some sort of protection, he smiled softly at me as he walked towards me, cupping both my tits in his hands, gently at first arousing my nipples with his fingers hard to his touch, he leaned into me pushing his face close to mine now squeezing and twisting my nipple as he spoke to me, just for me to make sure that I didn’t misunderstand what he was explaining to me. Wincing as he spoke, I tried to pull away from him, before I had time to rectify the action, Jeff had moved behind me clasping both my wrists in his one hand , his other carried on pulling and stretching on my nipple and tit, ordering my mother to bring him some leather binds, my wrists were forcefully pulled together, with other thin strip of leather my arms were brought together with a third adding to attach them both , first time I had had my arms bound in this way, forced into the small of my back, the strips so thin any movement made it cut into me, so trying to place them in a more comfortable position was out of the question. Sobbing from both the pain and the humiliation of being on display with my tits being pushed right out, once again Jeff was stood in front of me, pulling roughly on my tits talking to me for the whole room could hear,
“now slut you have had one thrashing today am I about to bring other one down on you” even though this was asked like a question I knew better than to answer, I just lowered my head as he carried on talking “ the DR,” he went on “as come a long way today to help you with your problem, so you can at least thank him for his trouble, so we will have no more silliness from you today my girl, but remember you will have 10 more strokes of your fathers belt tonight for your behaviour, do you understand and agree to this girl. ” now I knew I had to answer, I swallowed hard as my mouth was so dry, without looking up I stuttered out a child like yes I understood and agreed. With that Jeff lead me to where the Dr was stood waiting, still bound ,Jeff kissed me passionately before turning away giving my arse a sound full slap.
On my knees in front of the doctor, face burning red with embarrassment, knowing I was expected to suck on this man, this stranger’s cock, the doctor spoke over my head like I was a nonentity , requiring if I was broken in, Jeff answered , only her mouth and that’s only had my cock in it, this seemed to please the Dr, he clicked his fingers and both sue and Katie rushed to undo his trousers, maybe now would be a good time to describe the Dr.

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   he was in his late fifties and about 48lb over weight, he was short about 5’8, huge belly am sure he wouldn’t have even been able to see his cock.
So here I was 15 kneeling in front of this hugely overweight man, I’d never seen before, with both my parents and the man I was to marry. Tears started to fall as my mouth got closer to his head, pre cum was already dribbling over the end , my whole body shook as I forced my mouth open to take his cock, slapping my face with anger, the Dr shouting at me that I wasn’t to gobble at it like some chocolate bar but to arouse him, to make him feel that I was really enjoying sucking his fat old cock. Scared I wasn’t going to able to comply I tried again, this time running my tongue down to his balls breathing deeply over his hairy sack , bending my head to take his balls into my mouth, I was struggling to keep the momentum going , as the feeling of revulsion was taking over my body.
I didn’t want this cock in my mouth, trying hard to silent my sobs, I could heard the moans of the Dr above my head, risking a glance upwards there was my father sitting watching me, Sue’s mouth firmly wrapped around his own cock her legs spread wide, my mother head pushing deep into arse watching my mother tongue going into Sue little brown hole then moving down to lick her cunt before attacking her hole again, Jeff he was sitting in a chair with Katie on his lap her legs spread wide, her pussy soaked with her own juices, as Jeff was playfully running his hands over her body almost caressing her. His tongue lapping at her tits as he pulled her down on to him, watching him side her body down onto his rock hard pole, watching this act of tenderness, as my onslaught off the Dr continued , pounding away at my mouth with no feeling for myself , plunging time and time again, my mouth aching , I wanted to cry , watching Jeff brought a whole new set of emotions to me, it was the first time for jealously, I hated watching him, fuck Katie while I being used like a toy, as much as I hated watching I couldn’t take my eyes off the pair, sucking on the Dr’s cock prying he would cum, that this ordeal would be over, suddenly the Dr grabbing my hair holding my head still as I felt his cum spill into my mouth, with tears running like a river down my face, I gulped and struggled to drink all of the Dr’s spunk, not wanting my father to have more reason to add more lashes to tonight’s punishment.
With the Dr’s droopy dick dangling in front of my face, and the salty taste of his seed still warm in my mouth, I remained kneeling watching Jeff fuck Katie her moans only matched by his groans as he slammed his cock into her cunt, memorised by the trickle of her juices running down his throbbing shaft, as he pulled out of her before ramming into her again, my father now tired of Sue walked over to Katie placing his cock on her lips of her mouth ready for her to willing take his cock full length, clicking his fingers my mother crawled to my father sucking on his balls getting him ready to shoot his load down Katie’s throat, with Jeff grabbing her hips forcing her to still, while pounding his spunk into her cunt deep, at the same time as my father filling her mouth, my mother desperately catching any drops that fell from her lips.
With all three men spent the other woman was ordered to leave the room and clean themselves up and then go and prepare some lunch, leaving me bound and kneeling in the middle of the room, the pain in my arms becoming unbearable as I had never been bound this way before let alone for so long. Never mind how I tried to rest on my knees the pain was evident on my face. Once the men could hear the chatter of the women upstairs Jeff ordered me to crawl towards him in an almost grovelling movement I made my way to where he was sitting, sobbing from all the turmoil of the days events and the burning pain in my arms I felt exhausted, emotionally and physically , I just wanted to be untied and left alone, but these three men had something else planned for me.
Jeff lent forward and undid the binds releasing my arms I thought the pain would never end ,crying begging to be left alone to go join my mother and help her arrange lunch, shaking his head he spoke not to me but to the other men “ what are we going to do with her, when we leave her alone she is begging for some sexual release when we come to help her with this quest she wants to be left alone?” I could hear the smug tone in his voice, as if I already knew I was there to do what ever and when ever these men wanted me too. With the other two joining in on the joke I felt defeated and humiliated gathering myself together to face what ever it was that to come to me.
“ok girl, I want you to clean up my cock its got dried spunk all over it some it is mine but most of it is from the slave Katie, now if you do a good job I will reward you with finger fuck, and yes I will be gently as I know this will be the first time you have any kind of object enter that tight twat of yours. ” before I could bend to start on this task filled with both excitement of my reward, but also of disgusted of tasting some woman’s cum. the Dr spoke
“after master Jeff as made you cum girl you will come to me you will suck on my cock until I am fully aroused and drunk all my spunk , then and only then will I play with your clit and bring you to your second orgasm using my tongue and fingers.

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  ” the eagerness to start was enormous, almost over whelming the tingling was already building , with Jeff’s cock firmly in my mouth sucking on it for all my worth, I almost chocked with what I heard next frozen still with shock as the word came tumbling into my head,
“once the Dr has been satisfied by you girl you will come and lie down in-front of me, legs wide open and your pussy all soaking wet, there you will stay while I kneel over the top of you for you to suck firstly my cock and secondly to make me hard, when I am fully aroused I will move myself in front of you, where upon I am going to take hold of your legs stretching them further and pulling your body closer to me I will then plunge my dick onto your hole, not roughly just strong and firm, I will be the one that will break you in my girl, I will carry on fucking you until I have sown my seed into you , you will remain lying there from both master Jeff and master Robert (that was what I was to call the Dr from now on) too fuck you fully, I will ask you once and once only girl do you agree to this?)
Tying hard not to sick from the words that was filling my mind, the realism that my own father wants to fuck me, frightened the life out of me, am sure all three men could see the colour drain from my face, I wanted to get up and run, but to my own disgust I remained still, removing Jeff’s cock from my mouth as I gulped the bile back down, struggling to find words to reason with all of this, all I knew that I wanted more than anything was to be fucked and that was the top and bottom of it of all my thoughts what ever else I was feeling didn’t out way that fact, I so desperately wanted to be fucked, all that I had seen happen today had made to believe more than anything that I wanted to be part of all this.
Even though I was sickened by the idea of my own father fucking me the reality of refusing and being abandoned , was more of a threat to me, so with all thoughts of going to hell pushed right to the back of my mind, I looked at my father and without hesitation I agreed to all that’s been offered to me.
With a huge smile spreading over my father’s face not to mention both Masters Jeff’s and Masters Robert’s, he walked over to where I was standing , pulling me to my feet he kissed me passionately for the first time, not like a father but like a lover stroking my arse while he held me tight, drawing away slightly to take in my whole body as if it’s something new to him turning me around taking in the whole of me. Turning to the other men “ the agreement as be made and the test has been pasted, we shall now make arrangements for the ceremony will be carried out for next week” confused as to what was going on I stood head dropped waiting to go back to the task of sucking master Jeff’s cock . My father still smiling at me, hugging me tightly as he spoke “it’s ok girl you wont be fucked tonight its all arrange for next week its going to be so special, now run along and find your mother you need to be feed and bathed, I will be along in a while to give you your nightly punishment , there is no getting away from that afraid my girl, and then its an early night for you I think, you have had a long and trying day,” then bending down and kissing my like a father before turning me to kiss both master Robert and master Jeff goodnight , with both of them, the kiss was passionately both taking their time in molesting my body before allowing me to retreat from the room.
My mother and the other two women must have heard all that had gone on for as soon as I walked into the kitchen , they was smiling saying that I should be proud to have been chosen by such fine masters, and that my life will be one full of sexual exhaustion, they was almost like giggling children as they talked about all that was waiting for me, the room was filled with excitement that comes on a wedding day, except I was numb just coming to terms with the fact that I really was going to become a sex toy not only for my father but also two other men . Finishing a meal I hadn’t even noticed I had eaten I got up to leave the table.
Of that night all I remember is receiving my nightly punishment which my father dealt with what seemed more vigour, and listening to him fuck my mother who lay by my side, her whimpers disturbing my deep thoughts. In fact its fair to say that all of the rest of the week happened in the same way with me half in a daze, until what seemed like a blink of an eye next week was here upon us.

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