Cheating girlfriend, swift retribution.


Topic: Part 1 I was 19. Medium build, 8 inches long, 2 inches wide. She was 17. Her mom's family is from South America and her father was from Korea, so she has beautiful, dark skin, plush lips, and Asian eyes. She always kept herself shaved clean. About 5'4”, small, perky breasts, and an amazingly tight pussy.
We had been going out for a little over a year when I walked in on her cheating on me with one of my best friends. I was pissed. She tried apologizing, I told her that I'd let her make up for it.
Once I had decided exactly how she would make up for it, I decided to put the first part of my plan into action. She would do what I said, when I said, and how I said for 2 weeks. I chose the two weeks that her house would be empty except for her. Her mother was away on business, and her brother was staying at her dad's house.
It started for the first night when I went and picked her up from school. She came out in a short skirt, her school uniform top, and high heels, as she was apt to wear. I told her we were going to do it at my house.

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   She said okay, not that it mattered to me. I knew she would do what I said.
We got to my house. I told her to go inside, down to my bedroom, strip to her bra and thong, and be on her knees when I got there. I gave her a 30 second head start before I went down. Amazingly, she did it, mostly. For her inability to get her shirt all the way off before I got down there, I told her to unzip my pants. She was about to learn how to deepthroat.
I let the image of her and my best friend take over my mind. I told her to suck me. She willingly obliged. I then told her she was going to take me all the way into her mouth. She tried, but started choking. Her sweet eyes looked up at me. I couldn't take this slow shit anymore.

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   “All the way. Faster,” I commanded. She went faster, but couldn't get much more in. I could feel my cock hitting the back of her throat. “Not good enough. You're going to take me all the way in. ” She tried a few times, unsuccessfully. I reached down, wrapped my hands behind her head and pulled her all the way on. My cock was now down her throat, her eyes tearing up, and her gag reflex going wild. I began to fuck her beautiful little mouth as hard as I could. She didn't complain. She knew she deserved this. I fucked her harder.
Finally, I was about to cum. I pulled her face all the way down on my cock and held her head there as I came down her throat.

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   She choked. “Swallow,” I commanded her. She obeyed, but not until after a little dribble of my pearly white cum escaped from the corner of her mouth. I pointed it out, saying “You missed some. That'll cost you. ”
She began to realize how big of a mistake she had made. Her eyes brimmed with tears.
“Get on the bed on your hands and knees. ”
She did. I pulled her thong down and off, smelling it and allowing her musky scent to fill me before I threw it to the floor. I started with one finger. I inserted it into her beautifully tight cunt and slowly started finger fucking her, rubbing her clit as I did so. I added another finger. Then another. She now had three of my fingers fucking her as fast as I could, and I could tell she was enjoying it a little too much.

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   I pulled them out, grabbed the jar of vasoline I had placed on my night stand earlier, knowing this would come. I scooped some onto my finger and started circling her anus. My cock was growing harder once again.
She quickly looked back at me, bit her lip, tears once again brimming. “No. . . ” she pleaded. She had never done anal. I wasn't about to tell her now, but full on anal would wait for later. I was gonna finger her ass now, just so she knew what was coming. “It depends on how well you do,” I told her. “Finger your pussy, slut. ” She did this without hesitation. “Now finger your ass with your other hand.

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   She did, resting her head on my pillow. An idea came to me. I put my cock up to her mouth again, and said, “Open. ”
She obeyed again, without hesitation. I began to fuck her face again, as she fingered her ass and pussy. Without my asking, she added two fingers in her pussy. I could feel her moan as I was face-fucking her. I was growing closer to cumming yet again, so I pulled out.
“Take off my clothes,” I told my beautiful slut. “You'll use your mouth for my boxers. ” She obeyed, exciting me greatly. This young, beautiful slut was mine to command. Once I was nude, I told her to bend over the back of my desk chair. I fingered her pussy yet again, this time adding a fourth finger, and stretching her tight cunt even farther. I pulled my fingers out and put them to her mouth.

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   “Suck your juices off. ” She did, finger by finger.
I placed my tip at the entrance to her cunt, rubbing it up and down her clit. Then I raised it to her anus, and put pressure, then back to her cunt. I did this a few times. I could feel her stiffen slightly every time I moved it up to her ass. Good, I thought. Be scared. I finally pushed all the way into her tight cunt. I slowly began to pound her, coming almost all the way out before pushing back in. I loved the feeling of penetrating this young cunt. I unhooked her bra and began to play with her young breasts, pulling them, twisting them. She knew she was mine now. I would make sure of that.
I then began pounding her little cunt faster and faster.

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   She started lifting her pussy to meet my cock, which was now throbbing. Control, I thought. Keep control. Don't blow it yet. I then began to finger her ass. A small moan escaped her mouth. “Oh, you like that do you, you cheating little cunt?' I fingered her faster, moving in sync with my cock. She moaned louder with every thrust. I added another finger in her ass, feeling my orgasm coming closer. I slapped her ass with my free hand. Apparently this was enough to set off her own growing orgasm. Her already tight cunt clamped around my dick like a vice grip. Her legs wrapped around me as I blew my load, shooting my seed deep into this young slut. Once my orgasm had ended, I pulled out, turned the chair around and told her to clean me up. She did so, still bent over the back of my chair, taking my cock all the way into her sweet mouth.

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   Once she sucked me clean, I got dressed, and told her to get dressed, but no panties. I picked them up and put them in my pocket on my way out.
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