Clair Is Forced To Help Dad Out Of Debt.


 Claire is a typical 13 year old English schoolgirl, cute, innocent and sexy. She is 5' 1” has blond hair in a ponytail and slender figure. She is now starting to develop into an attractive women, her hips are growing and taking shape and her breasts are just budding and are tiny little lumps at the moment. The problem is she is also my Daughter.

Claire attends the All Saints Junior school and has a uniform of white blouse, blue jumper, blue school skirt (which she wears mid thigh length), white ankle socks and black shoes.

We now live on our own as Emma my wife was killed in a tragic car accident 4 years ago and I have not had sex since. I don't know why but just lately I have started to look at Claire in a different light, like sexually and kept getting 'urges' thinking what would she be like in bed and that sort of stuff. I kept telling myself as long as I don't act on the urges it will be ok.

I have always had a liking for young girls in school uniforms I don't like them too young say about 13 years old. I drive buses for a living and when I do the school run in the morning if I am lucky I might get a schoolgirl sitting on the front seat and if I am really lucky I get a glimpse of her knickers as her legs drift apart and I can see up her skirt using the rear view mirror. Once I had a young girl on the bus going to school she was sitting next to her friend and her legs were slightly apart and I could just see her knickers when all of a sudden she looked up and saw me looking at her in the mirror. I thought she would close her legs but she didn't she opened them further and smiled at me before closing them again. When she got off at school she said “Thanks driver did you enjoy the view”. “yes thank you” I later found out her name was Becky.

Today and tomorrow is my day off and I was looking forward to a nice relaxing couple of days. I normally leave Claire to lock up in the mornings as I start work at 7.

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  00. I pick my bus up at the yard then start my run picking up the school kids. Claire gets on my bus as my route is for All Saints junior school. She normally says “Hi Dad” before going upstairs with her friends. Today at 8. 00 she said “Bye Dad see you later, enjoy your day off” gave me a kiss and hug and was out the door for school.

At 12. 00 while I was sitting in the garden, being a warm day just chilling out when the phone rang “Hello” I answered “Good afternoon Sir can I speak to Mr Ryan please” “speaking” “Hello Mr Ryan it's John Kennedy here from UKCapital Mortgages I need to speak to you urgently about the arrears on your account. Could we arrange to visit you” “Er ok how about tonight” “that would be fine say 7. 30” “OK” “Thank you Mr Ryan we will see you tonight at 7. 30 hopefully we can arrange something to clear this debt” “OK Goodbye”.

Later that evening Claire was upstairs talking to her friends on the phone leaving me with John from the mortgage company and another man called Steve who John said was from Regal solicitors and was here to check any legal documents.

“Right Mr Ryan” said John “Please call me Dave” “ok Dave as you know you owe us nearly £3000 in arrears how do you intend to re pay it” “I can't I don't have the money I could give you £50 a month” “thats not good enough we want it ALL now” “well I am sorry I just don't have it” “It's the £3000 or we will evict you and make you homeless”.

This debate was going on for nearly an hour with no results I kept noticing John was glancing a the family photos on the side unit. “Dave, Steve and I are going outside to discuss somethings we will be back in a few minutes.

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   Think long and hard on what you want to do ok”. I was left sitting there thinking what to do. After a few minutes John and Steve returned. “Look John I am sorry there is no way I can get the money” “OK”.

After a few moments silence John said “Perhaps there is an alternative means we could agree on”. Desperate to try anything to get me out of this mess I just said “O yeah whats that then?” “Sex” “Not with me your not” “NO not with you” “who then” “think about it” it was then it clicked with me “NO FUCKING WAY not Claire she's only 13 NO bloody way” “think about it Dave just let us have some fun with your Daughter and we will clear the debt” “No way get out go on fuck off the pair off you” “Just think about it here's my card with my private number on it” “Get out”.

Later that evening Claire came back downstairs and stood in front of me, she was dressed in her night cloths which was just an over sized T shirt, white and pink with a teddy bear print on the front and comes down to mid thighs. I could just see her small breast and knickers underneath. I enjoy seeing her like this and it causes a stirring in my groin. “who were those men Dad” she asked “oh just people who want money thats all “nothing bad I hope” “no just the arrears on the mortgage” “ok anyway I am off to bed now Dad see you in the morning” “night love”. I was left sitting there thinking what the hell do I do there's no way I could get the £3000. There's no way out of this mess or was there. In my hand I had Johns' card and I kept thinking of his offer of Claire and no more debt. But I couldn't allow it I wouldn't let anyone hurt Claire. I kept thinking of my own fantasies with Claire but no I wouldn't do it.

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   If I did it would mean that I allowed her to be raped to bail me out. After an hour of struggling with reason I had made my mind up.

I picked up the phone and dialed John's personal number “John here” “John it's Mr Ryan” “Ah Mr Ryan have you decided” “Yes promise me you won't hurt her” “No we wont all we want to do is have some fun that's all presides you will be watching” “what about the debt” “as I said I will make it go away” “ok when?” “how about tomorrow say 3. 30 that way she still be in her school uniform?” “ok ok tomorrow it is” and I put the phone down.

What the hell have I done how do I tell Claire. In the morning Claire came downstairs dressed for school “Hi Dad you ok” “yes honey I am fine are you coming straight home from school tonight” “Yes” “ok see you later love you” “love you too”.

At 3. 00 John and Steve turned up as planned “Look is there another arrangement we could make” I asked “no, it's Claire or the house” “ok ok her rooms upstairs on the left she will be home soon”

At 3. 30 Claire came home “Hi Dad you ok” “hi honey, yeah Me's fine” “good” “Claire I need you to help me out “sure Dad how” “let's go to your room” “ok” “you know those men that where here last night they want there money but I don't have it so they said they will kick us out of our home” “no way Dad they can't do that can they” “yes honey they can but there is an alternative” “what that” as I led Claire into her bedroom I said “Claire this is John and Steve as I don't have the money they want some fun with you instead to clear the debt then we will keep the house” “what do you mean fun Dad” “you know sexy fun, have sex with them” “No dad i don't know much about sex” “It's ok sweetheart they will teach you” “No Dad I don't want to please don't” “sorry, just let them have there fun and it will be ok” with that I just nodded to John who walked over to where Claire was standing.

Standing in front of Claire John said “Are you going to be a good little girl and do as your told” “yes”. With that John put his hand up under Claire's school skirt and started to rub her pussy “no mister don't touch me down there it's wrong” “Don't you worry little girl I will be doing more than just touch you down there” “No please don't”

John then said “Knell in front of me” “No don't” “do it” and pushed her down onto her knees and Claire was staring at John's crouch crying. Undo my trousers pull them and the boxers down” “no please” JUST DO IT”. Claire just looked straight at me as much to say 'please Dad don't allow this' but I just knodded at her and said “Don't worry honey just do as he asks I am right here”. What I didn't say was that I was enjoying it.

Claire then unzipped John's trousers and pulled them down to his ankles followed by his boxer shots and for the first time in her life Claire was staring at a fully erect cock “now stroke my cock” “I don't know how to” so john took hold of her hand and placed it on his cock and showed her how to wank a cock.

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   “there's a good girl now suck it” “no way that's dirty that's where you wee comes out of “just do it” “but I don't know how” “just put it in your mouth and suck it like a lollipop” so that's what she did “For an amature you sure are good at this you sure you haven't done this before” and then John shot a load of come into Claire's mouth causing her to cough and choke “just swallow it”.

Kneel on the bed John ordered so Claire climbed on the bed kneeling head down. John then climbed on the bed behind her and flipped her skirt up over her back and pulled her white knickers down so they were stretched between her knees and for the first time since she was a baby I had a lovely view of my Daughters arse
and I could also see her pussy and lips which had a sparse covering of blond fuzz. I immediately got a hard on and felt like exploding in my shorts. Claire was just crying, mumbling “no no no stop it”.

On the bedside cabinet there was a jar of hand cream which John picked up and opened. He then spread Claire's arse checks apart and scooped a big dollop of cream onto his fingers then pushed a finger into her arse hole then another finger went in “NO stop it”. After working his fingers in her arse for a few minutes he took them out then lined his cock up with her arse hole and started to push it in “Noooooooooooooooooooo, Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr your hurting me get it out” but John just carried on fucking her arse. In the mean time Steve not wanting to be left out climbed onto the bed and knelt in front of Claire and demanded she suck his cock which she did. After several minutes and John coming in her arse and Steve in her Mouth they swapped positions. I am glad we live in a detached house otherwise the neighbours might have called the police thinking there was murder go on as Claire was screaming so loudly.

After several more minutes John and Steve having both come again climbed off the bed and John asked me “Got any beers” which I had so we left Claire crying curled up on the bed while we drunk the beers.

Right back to work John declared “Claire, pull your knickers up and straighten your skirt and then lay on the bed” which she did “what are you going to do to me know I can't take any more” “never you mind what we are going to do just shut up and enjoy it”. I know I was I thought.

John climbed onto the bed knelt across her middle then promptly ripped open her school blouse reveling for the first time her small tits and bra “very nice” he then ripped apart her bra and started to suck on her small tits “no don't please no”.

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   John then worked his way down her body and when he got to her school skirt he just ripped it open pulling it off then ripping her knickers off so Claire just laid there with nothing on apart from her white ankle socks, shoes and torn blouse. A very erotic site it was as well and I felt like wanking there and then but I restrained myself.

John then pushed her legs up so that her knees where on her chest and started to tongue her pussy “tasty” “NO Please No”. John then pushed a finger into her pussy. I tell you that was a sight I will never forget the sight of my own Daughter nearly naked on the bed with someone liking out her small pussy with her slender thighs either side of his head. I kept wishing it was me down there.

“Blimey your tight I am going to have to loosen you up down there so you can accommodate a real man” and with that he took some more hand cream on his fingers and started to work them in and out of Claire's pussy “NOOOOO” “right I think she's ready now” and John lined his cock up and started to fuck Claire “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO”. I know I should have stopped this but I couldn't I just stood there watching him slide his cock in and out of my Daughters pussy.

After a few minutes John groaned and shoot a load of come into Claire's pussy. “come on Steve your turn” called John so Steve started to fuck Claire “God she tight” and it didn't take long for Steve to come either.

They both took several more turns to fuck Claire, John having fucked her up the arse once more followed by Steve. They both climbed of the bed and dragged Claire onto the bedside rug and made her knell in front of them and they both started to wank off and came over her face. “Don't worry princess we'll clean you up” said John and then they both started to piss in her face. I watched as the piss ran down her face into her mouth, down her tits and between her legs. “That's it all done”.

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John and Steve got dress and walked out the room. As John went by he said “see you downstairs”. Claire honey take a shower I'll see you soon I told her. I went downstairs “that was fun” said John “We will be same time tomorrow for some more make sure you got your camcorder ready” “No way, wait a minute you said if I agree to this you will wipe the debt off” “yes I did BUT I did not say how many time did I, it will take more than one night of fucking your Daughter to settle this debt”. And with that they both walked out leaving me standing there.

What the hell have I done, I can't tell Claire this. I went back upstairs and Claire was in the shower so I left her and went to make a cup of coffee. I just sat there thinking how the hell do I get out of this mess.

After about an hour Claire walked in wearing her T Shirt nighty which gave me an erection. “Why did you let those men hurt me Dad” “I am sorry I had no choice” “But you let them rape me why”. “I had no choice” I repeated. I was sitting there looking a Her getting aroused and I thought to myself why not and what I did next well I just had to “Claire take your knickers off” “What” “you heard me take your knickers off” “No Dad” so I grabbed her around the waist and put my hand up under her T Shirt and started to stroke her pussy through her knickers “No Dad don't please”. I then pulled the knickers aside and started to finger her pussy “NO Dad not you as well it wrong “Sorry Sweetheart but since mum died I've had no sex and seeing what those men did to you tonight I am very aroused and need this, sorry” and with that I pulled her down onto the sofa and ripped her knickers off.

“No Dad please don't I am your own daughter” “I know honey but that what makes it more exciting, knowing I am going to be fucking my own daughter” “how could you Dad”. I pushed her legs apart and up and I was looking at her young pussy.

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   I started to tongue her pussy at the same time as working my fingers in and out “NOO Dad please”. After a few minutes I sat back and pulled my shorts and boxers off “suck my cock” “No dad” so I grabbed her hair and pushed her down to my cock “SUCK IT NOW” so she did and seeing her head bob up and down I came in her mouth.

I demanded she strip off which she reluctantly did and was left standing in front of me naked and what a beautiful sight she was, very small tits, small pussy with just a light covering of blond fuzz, slender hips she was my Angel.

I pulled her down onto the sofa and pulled her legs open and up I lined my cock up and thought here go's and started to fuck my own Daughter and as Steve said she was tight. After a few minutes I shot my come inside her I then told her to suck me again and for a second time I came in her mouth. Get dressed and go to bed I told her which she did without saying a word.

I just sat there for hours thinking what have I done how could I have allowed it. But I justified by the fact there will be no more debt to pay and the extreme pleasure I got from it. I never told Claire they will be back tomorrow afternoon. It will be a surprise for her.


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  . . . . . . . . . .