Collecting the Co-Worker pt.1


Story #1 by the craziest of cajuns out there.  





Luscious hips swinging back and forth, tight jeans encasing the legs of a goddess, and a tight tank wrapping around her tight stomach and firm tits grasped his gaze every day. Watching her walk by his cubicle every day was excruciating, and John could not help but get hard every time she decided to grace him with her presence. He could not seem to get by the fact that she would repeatedly bend over in front of him, "accidentally" bumping his groin every time. She wore thongs every day, and today was not an exception, but this time he had a plan. Never again will she tease him until he teemed with frustration, and never again will she where the tight and slutty clothes she wore consistently.  





John had stocked his basement, and all necessary equipment was in place.

He had his whips lining the wall behind the entrance, and an intricately designed chest was overflowing with toys he had found on a distant black market. A large bed sat against the back wall with hooks at the corners, perfect for hooking ropes in. This room had taken many years of careful preparation and numerous trips for the toys. John did not intend to screw this up, and he would do anything to keep it from complete disaster.  

John slipped a small rag into his back pocket, just big enough to cover one's face, and stored a tiny bottle of chloroform in his briefcase. He opened the back of his mini-van and carefully re-arranged the cage in the back. After making sure the cage was completely secured, John gently shut the door and quickly leaped into the front of the car, and sped off to his work. Driving was made into quite a difficult task by the sweat lining his palms and the uncomfortable, 8 inch, hard-on in his pants. All John could think about, however, was the sex that would eventually come his way.

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The Capture


Sara watched John stroll up to her confidently, and she wondered what he could possibly want. Sara had always wanted John, with his 6'4", 190 pound body, lined with muscles and his cold, hard face with piercing blue eyes, unruly brown hair and sharp, angular nose, she thought him to be absolutely gorgeous.

She often fantasized about how he would be in bed, but she never had the guts to ask him on a date. She noticed how he stared at her, and she made sure to tease him as much as possible in hopes of him coming to her, but this would soon backfire against her will.

John chuckled to himself at how easy this would be, as he followed Sara after asking her to help him carry something out of his car. She had immediately fallen for the bait and seemed to readily accept his request. John wondered if he would even need the chloroform that burned a hole in his pocket, but he knew that any sound from her would arouse suspicion, which is the last thing he needed now. John then quickly doused the rag with the drug, and got ready as they neared his van. Then, as soon as Sara grasped the handle to the trunk, John leapt at her, quickly wrapping his arm around her waist and stuffing the cloth into her face, causing her to pass out immediately. He then quickly dragged her around to the back door, and slipped Sara into the cage.

Dragging Sara into the house would be quite the hassle, and not to mention it would cause neighbors to wonder what exactly was going on, so John draped a black blanket over the cage, and proceeded to drag the heavy cage into his house. As soon as they had entered in the wide door, John took Sara out of the cage, and dragged her down the stairs to his beloved basement. When they arrived, John quickly tied Sara down to the bed, and left her, turning the lights out in the process.

Sara awoke to blackness. She immediately tried to get her bearings, but to no avail.

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   She then tried to get off the bed she was laying on, but soon discovered that she was tightly tied to the bed, and this set off a panic attack in her head. She screamed at the top of her lungs and writhed around in her bindings, but all this achieved was burns on her arms, and sweat to drip down her chest. John laughed when he heard the screaming from down below, and started walking down the stairs, relishing in the events he had planned for the victim below.




To be continued. . .