Curiosity and Cath


“Oh yeah, I ‘member, wants a drink?” she said and started to giggle as she held the bottle towards me. “Sure babe, later”, I said leaning forward to kiss her. I could taste the JD on her lips but her response was instantaneous her tongue darting into my mouth and her hand cupping and then rubbing the crotch of my jeans. I kissed her deep letting my hands slide down to her ass and pulling her in close to me. Alice broke the kiss, “I needed that but I need this more “ she said stroking my cock through the denim. The drink was making her extremely aggressive as it always did but I liked that and was content to let her take charge for the moment. Alice undid the button and pulled down the zip, she yanked my boxers and jeans down to my knees exposing my semi-erect cock. She grabbed my cock and led my by this useful handle into the kitchen. She slumped down in front of me and started to lick the head of my cock twirling her tongue around it. Her hands cupped my balls and she slowly massaged my scrotom knowing how much I liked it. It didn’t take long for these ministrations to get my cock up to its full seven inches. As soon as I was hard Alice stood up and kissed me long and hard biting on my lip. I lifted her tee shirt revealing her c-cup tits, she never wore a bra. I lowered my head and started to suck hard on one nipple while roughly kneading her other breast with my hand. I pushed her back until she was sitting on the edge on the kitchen tableAlice reached down and pulled up her short skirt hiking it up around her hips revealing her red panties. The panties where already wet with a stain in the front showing her arousal.

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   “Fuck me! Fuck me hard! “ Alice demanded pulling the crotch of her knickers aside, giving me a view of her shaved pussy which was soaking wet. She leant back and opened her legs. I needed no second invitation and placed the head of my cock between those lower lips and with one thrust buried my full length into her. “OH God Yes! I needed that!” she moaned as her legs wrapped around my back. Alice was soaked and I easily slid in and out of her eliciting moans of pleasure with each thrust. I varied my strokes slow and deep, and then quick and shallow. Alice met each of my thrusts with counter thrusts of her own. I kneaded her tits pinching the nipples as my cock slid in and out. “Oh fuck yes! Harder! Fuck me harder!’ Alice cried. I responded as she asked pounding into her pussy as fast and hard as I could, our thighs smacked together as Alice continued to urge me on. I looked up momentarily and was startled to see someone reflected in one of the pots on the dresser, someone was watching us from the doorway behind us! I slowed down and was about to turn and find out who it was when Alice grabbed my head and dragged it down to kiss me. “That’s it! Fuck me! I’m cumming! I’m CUMMING! Uraghhhhhh!” Alice cried as her body shudder in the throes of an orgasm. I temporarily put the figure I had seen watching us out of my mind and responded by shooting thick jets of spunk deep within her moaning as my balls emptied. Alice slumped back spent and to my astonishment her head lolled back and she began to snore! The bitch had passed out! I wondered how much JD she’d drank. I slid my dick out of her sopping cunt leaving a trail of spunk down her thigh.

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   Her panties slipped back covering her pussy. I looked around to see who had been watching but whomever it was had left. I stepped out of my jeans and boxers and picked Alice up and carried her to the couch so she could sleep it off. Alice lay there snoring with a big sloppy grin on her face, I shook her to wake her up but she mumbled something unintelligible and slept on. Curiosity then got the better of me and I decided to go find who’d been watching us. I slipped back on me jeans leaving my boxers and the floor and went searching. I snagged the JD and took a long pull from the bottle, Alice had had enough for one night and I fancied a drink. A quick tour of the ground floor showed that all the rooms on the lower floor were empty. I climbed the stairs, the hall light was off and I could see some doors either side. I slowly and quietly opened the first door I came to, inside was a cot with a baby sleeping, no one else was in the room so I closed the door and moved to the next. This was obviously the master bedroom that was also unoccupied. As I approached the third door I could hear some muffled sounds from within. I crept closer my feet making no sound on the carpet. A low moaning could be heard coming from the room. I slowly and silently opened the door slightly and peeked inside.

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  A small pink lamp cast a little light over a single bed and it’s single occupant. A young girl with dark hair was in bed her knees were raised under the blanket and it was obvious from both the movements and the sounds that she was masturbating. I stepped quietly into the room and the girl continued on for a few seconds before she realised she was no longer alone. She sat up quickly grabbed the blanket up around her neck and looked fearfully at me. “Enjoying yourself?” I asked with a big grin on my face. “GET OUT Of HERE” she screamed at me ‘”GET OUT!”. “Why should I do that? I was enjoying the show” I replied “Did you enjoy watching us earlier?”“I wasn’t watching you! I wasn’t! Get out now or I’ll scream!” She cried almost hysterical. “That’s enough of that young lady! “I said sternly “If you continue to talk to me it that tone you’ll get a spanking!”“You wouldn’t dare!” she said fearfully “I’ll tell!”“One more word and you’ll be over my knee young lady!” I said as menacingly as I could. “What do you want? Please don’t hurt me!” She said shaking slightly. “O. K. Answer a few questions and then I’ll leave, but if you’re a naughty girl, or you don’t answer my questions you will be spanked!” I growled. The girl just nodded. I reached for the wall finding a light switch and flicked it on. I found a small chair and made my-self comfortable in front of the door.

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  “O. K then, what’s you’re name?” I asked first. “Catharine” Catharine answered in a quite voice. “That’s a nice name but it’s a bit long, do you mind if I call you Cath? “I asked. Cath nodded and I continued. “Next how old are you?”“Fourteen, last June” Cath replied. “Now the big question is why a pretty fourteen old girl like yourself is peeping on other people isn’t it Cath! Well do you always sneak around like a peeping tom watching people is that it? Come on answer me!” I snarled. “I w. . wasn’t, I didn’t mean to, It was an accident!” she stammered. “What do mean it was an accident? You accidentally watched from the door while I fucked Alice was that it? Then after we’d finished you accidentally found your way back here and then your finger accidentally fell into your pussy? Tell me the truth! You liked to watch! It made you all hot and bothered, you wanted to know what it’d be like to be Alice’s place didn’t you!” I demanded. “No! I didn’t mean to look! And I didn’t do that naughty thing you said! I didn’t, I didn’t, I DIDN’T!” Cath wailed. “I warned you about been naughty Cath, telling lies is naughty and now you will be spanked!” I informed her. “Nooooo!” Cath wailed again as with one step I reached the bed and ripped the covers from her hands and threw them to the floor. I took a good look at Cath then, her shoulder length hair perfectly framed her face that was dominated by a pair of liquid brown eyes, a pert button nose and a full pair of lips.

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   She was wearing a cute cotton Minnie-Mouse nightie, which came to mid thigh. A pair of small tits pushed against the fabric clearly outlining her nipples. Her bare legs were folded up under her as she tried to move as far away from me as possible. I caught Caths hands and sat down on the bed, with one quick motion I dragged her across my lap. I pulled her nightie up her back to reveal her white cotton panties. I pushed her down so that her crotch was right above mine, in this position neither her hands nor her feet could get good purchase to move away. “Stop IIIIT!” Cath cried, “Please don’t! Please I’ll be good, I won’t be naughty any more! Please DON’T”“Oh you’ll be naughty Cath, by the time I’m finished you will be very naughty!” I said. With that, I brought my hand gently down on one covered cheek just to feel the firmness of her luscious cheeks. Cath gave an unintelligible shriek so I then lifted my hand and brought it down hard on her right cheek, and then on her left. I repeated the strokes a half dozen times Cath protesting as I spanked her. “Ahhhh! Aragh! Stop, Oh God please stop!” Cath yelled, tears falling from her eyes. I once again lowered my hand to her ass and began to stroke and massage her bottom. I let my hand slip lower and felt the dampness of her panties between her legs. Cath struggled and wriggled about on my lap, which brought an obvious reaction from my cock. “I can feel how wet you are Cath, so I now that you’ve already been very naughty tonight.

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   Now tell me the truth or I’ll spank you hard, did you enjoy watching Alice and me?” I asked. “No! I didn’t” Cath denied, “I didn’t!”I brought my hand down on each cheek again with a resounding crack! This elicited and immediate response from Cath. “Araghh! All right! All right! I liked watching! I was curious, I’d never seen a mans thing before!” She screamed. “Good girl” I said resuming stroking her cheeks “now tell me do you often play with you pussy?”“No! I don’t do that I don’t…. Wait” she screamed as she felt my hand lift to spank her again “S. . s… sometimes I do!”“It’s nice isn’t it? Does anyone else play with you pussy? Do you have a boyfriend?” I asked sweetly. “No! I don’t! I mean no one has! Please let me up, please!” Cath cried. My cock by this stage was rock hard and straining against the front of my jeans. Cath could feel the bulge and was trying to get away from it. Her wriggling was exciting me further and I decided then and there that I was going to fuck this teen virgins brains out. I flipped her around on my lap and pulled her up so that she was now sitting on my knees. “Please let me go! I’ll be g. . g.

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  . good! I’ll go straight to sleep! Pleaseeeeee!” Cath cried, with the tears falling down her cheeks. “No honey, you won’t be good, you’re a naughty girl, and your going to get naughtier. Now you saw mine so it’s only fair that I see yours isn’t it?” I asked. Not giving her time to answer I slipped my hand up her nightie and cupped one firm breast. As she opened her mouth to protest and I planted my lips on hers and slipped my tongue into her mouth seeking her tongue. She eyes shot open in surprise and fear I continued to knead and massage her breast while I kissed her deeply. Cath struggled against me trying to fight me off, she blubbed unintelligibly into my mouth her strength no match for mine. I let her slip off my lap and back onto the bed. I held her down with the hand on her breast and never broke the kiss. I released Cath suddenly, she sucked in a breath to scream and I immediately covered her mouth with my hand. “Let me make this clear Cath, we can do this the easy way or the hard way and I guarantee you won’t like the hard way. Now I’m going to let go your mouth and if you scream I’ll take it you want this the hard way. ” I threatened. I lifted my hand, and Cath immediately began to beg me to let her go.

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  “Please let me go! Please! I’m sorry! I won’t do it again! Oh God please let me go!” she wailed. I ignored her pleas and pulled her nightie up revealing her breasts, Cath struggled gamely but I sat across her and yanked the nightie off above her head. I immediately lowered my head to kiss her again, she tried to turn away to avoid the kiss but I held her head with my hands and kissed her deeply. I released her head and sat up to admire her nice firm breasts, they had lost none of their shape even when she was on her back, they were small but perfectly formed, like two halves of a grapefruit. Two dark pert nipples that just begged to be sucked topped them. Cath quickly used her hands to try to cover herself. I pulled her hands away and lowered my head to suck in one of those hard little nubs. I sucked hard on her right nipple making it immediately erect. I held Caths hands down by her side with my own immediately making her struggles futile. She moaned as I used my tongue to twirl around her other nipple and again suck it into my mouth. “No! No! No! No! Stop! Please! Don’t! You can’t! Pleaseee!” Cath begged as I continued to suck on her nipples. I sat up and pulled my tee shirt off over my head, Cath immediately covered her breasts with her hands and turned her head away. I leaned back and slipped off my shoes dropping them on the floor. Cath used this opportunity to push me in the chest and try to knock me off of her. I held my balance as she wriggled up making one last desperate effort to escape.

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   I leaned forward and let my entire weight fall upon her pinning her back to the bed I could feel her hard nipples poking into my chest and her hands hammering ineffectually on my back. “Get off my you bastard! Let me go! LET ME GO!” Cath screamed. I placed my hand over her mouth again and whispered menacingly into her ear. “Try that again Cath, or raise your voice to me again and I will make you regret it”. To emphasise the point I reached between out bodies and viciously twisted one of her nipples. This brought a gasp of pain from Cath and renewed the tears. I undid the top button of my jeans and quickly unzipped the fly releasing my rock hard cock. I slipped the jeans down over my hips and moved my legs so that I could pull them off me. “Please don’t! Please not like this! Please” begged Cath as she felt my cock dig into her stomach. I moved back sitting across Caths legs and grabbed her panties, she quickly reached for them but I yanked then down to mid thigh before she could grab them exposing her pussy to my view. Cath covered her pussy with her hand and I used the opportunity to pull her panties down the rest of the way a slide them off her legs. She was now naked and at my mercy, I lifted her legs and pushed her thighs back against her breasts pinning her to the bed. This gave me a perfect view of her pussy, it was beautiful, a slight slit with a few sparse curls around it at a slight brown curly thatch above. I lowered my head to breathe in her aroma. Cath struggled trying to rise and finding herself stuck to the bed and unable to cover her most intimate parts.

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  “No! Let me up! Don’t” groaned Cath. I ignored her and lowered my mouth kissing her gently on those succulent pussy lips. Cath renewed her struggles but to no avail. I slowly licked her slit from bottom to top drawing a moan from Cath. I licked slowly using my tongue to expose her slit further, probing slightly deeper each time. Cath was wet from her own masturbation and she was getting wetter from my attentions. I could taste the sweet honey that began to ooze from her pussy; I looked down between Caths legs to watch her face she kept shaking her head from side to side and murmuring unintelligibly. I probed further, deeper and more insistent. I starting to push my tongue deeper into her groove, I lifted my tongue towards the top of her slit and found her clit which protruded slightly from it’s hood. As I began to lick and nuzzle this small spot Caths body suddenly became rigid. “No please! I can’t! I can’t” moaned Cath. I lifted my head slightly to murmur, “You can honey and you will!”I renewed my ministrations to her pussy now paying particular attention to her clit. I probed deep with my tongue and then began to suck her clit softly. Cath moaned unable to resist the sensations now coursing through her body. I sucked harder and used the tip of my tongue to twirl around the little bud.


  Cath trembled under me, shaking her head from side to side and moaning as I brought her closer and closer to climax. I probed my tongue as deep as I could and then lifted my head slightly to nibble lightly on her clit. Cath shuddered, moaned and suddenly my face was awash as she came. “Araghhhhhhhhhhhh, No! Oh Noooooo! “ Cath moaned as she came hard on my tongue. I lowered Caths legs and leaned forward between them to kiss her, she was still slightly dazed from her orgasm. I quickly lowered my hand and placed the head of my cock against the tight entrance to her pussy, lodging the head just within her folds. Caths eyes suddenly widened in realisation and before she could protest or move I plunged forward ripping through her hymen and slipping my cock halfway into her tight little hole. Cath arched backed trying to buck me off and opened her mouth to scream, I leaned forward and covered her mouth with my own muffling the sounds of pain and loss then came from her throat. She lay back with my cock buried halfway in her pussy and began to cry as she realised it was done her virginity was gone, stolen from her by a man she didn’t even know. She sobbed for a few moments while I remained unmoving enjoying the sensations that her tight pussy was giving to the first cock within its folds. I stroked her hair slowly and murmured softly to her “That’s my naughty girl, the hard bit is over now, in a while I’ll begin to move and then you will feel what it is to be a true woman. You will come to realise the true joys that can come from sex. ”I kissed away Caths tears and slowly and gently kissed her again. I sucked her tongue into my mouth and lifted my weight up from her resting it on my arms either side to her. I slowly began to move back and forth moving a little deeper with each forward stroke.

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   Cath groaned as she felt my cock move within her moving ever deeper. Her face flushed but the tears were gone. I kissed her gently giving her time to become used to the new sensations flowing through her body. I continued the slow easy strokes and soon Caths pussy had stretched and was able to accommodate me fully. “That’s my girl Cath, the pain is over now the pleasure will begin, relax and enjoy it!” I crooned. “No, it hurts! Please take it out! Please!” Cath begged. I smiled kissed her softly and all but remove my cock, just leaving the head within her folds. A look of hope appeared on Caths face as she felt me withdraw but her hopes were dashed as I drove forward sliding my cock fully within her again. Cath moaned and shook her head as she felt me enter her fully once more. I slowly began to increase my tempo my cock sliding in and out of her tightly clinging cunt. I lowered my head to suck and kiss her nipples as I continued my assault. Cath lay beneath me shaking her head from side to side moaning as I began to quicken the pace. “No! Stop! No! I can’t! I can’t! I don’t want toooooo!” Cath moaned as the sensations began to build within her. “Of course you can Cath, feel how wet you are, feel how your pussy clings to my cock with every stroke. You thought your finger was good but this is better, this is what you really wanted!” I growledI raised my body changing the angle of my entry ensuring that my cock rubbed against her clit with every stroke.

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   Almost against her will Caths body began to respond to me, her body moved up slightly to meet each one of my thrusts her fingers began to clench and unclench and her head shook from side to side. I increased my tempo still further almost flying in and out of her clinging wet folds. Pushing Cath ever closer to her unwanted orgasm. “No! I can’t! I mustn’t! No! NOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooooo!” Cath moaned shudders running through her body and her pussy muscles spasming as she came on my cock. “Yes! That’s my bold girl! Cum! Cum on my cock! Feel how good it is!” I groaned as I approached my own crisis. I thrust hard within her, seeking my own pleasure. Just as I was about to cum I realised that I didn’t want to take a chance on getting her pregnant so I withdrew my cock and with one or two strokes of my hand I came, shooting jets of my spunk onto Caths belly and tits. Spent I slumped back sitting on my heels looking down at Caths ravaged body. Cath lay there stunned from the effects of my assault, her own cum laced with a small amount of blood was oozing from her newly deflowered pussy. Spunk trickled down her tits and pooled in her belly button. I got up from the bed and bent down and easily lifted Cath from the bed, she threw her arms around my neck to avoid falling back and I took this opportunity to kiss her tenderly. “That’s my naughty girl Cath, I told you that you’d enjoy it! Now answer me truly which is better your finger or my cock?” I asked. Cath blushed and looked away unable look me in the face realising that I was telling the truth and that she had enjoyed it. A total stranger had raped her in her own bedroom and she had cum not once but twice! She knew she had to answer and she knew there was only one answer she could give. “Y.

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  . y. . y. . your c. . c. . cock!” Cath murmured. “Let’s get you showered and cleaned up and then maybe I’ll teach you be even naughtier!” I smiled as I carried her to the bathroom. As always comments and critisim are welcome. This is an original work of fiction. .
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Η πόλη Αχαρνές είναι μια υπέροχη τοποθεσία της Ελλάδας. Έχει ένα κοινώς γνωστό ανεπίσημο όνομα «Το Μέρος Της Χαράς» και στην πραγματικότητα, αυτή η τοποθεσία έχει αρκετούς ανέμους καθ’ όλη τη διάρκεια του έτους. Η πόλη Καλλιθέα είναι γνωστή στον κόσμο του τουρισμού παντού χάρη στην ποικίλη νυχτερινή ζωή, τις παραλίες και τα κρυστάλλινα νερά. Αυτή η τοποθεσία έχει μια συνεχώς αυξανόμενη κοινότητα επίσης. Ως εκ τούτου, μπορείτε να μείνετε σίγουροι ότι η πόλη Αθήνα ξεκάθαρα θα κάνει όλες τις βιτσιόζικες ιδέες σας πραγματικότητα επειδή η τοποθεσία είναι το κέντρο όλων των συναρπαστικών πάρτι σε όλη την Ελλάδα και είναι διάσημη ως η τοπική Ελληνική έκδοση της Ίμπιζα. Αλλά μια πιο προσεκτική ματιά θα είναι αρκετή για να καταλάβετε ότι η πόλη Καλλιθέα έχει περισσότερα να προσφέρει σε όλους όσους αναζητούν διασκέδαση.

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Μην ξεχνάτε ποτέ ότι η πόλη Κρήτη είναι μια πόλη που μπορεί να κάνει όλες τις βιτσιόζικες ιδέες σας πραγματικότητα. Έτσι, αν αναζητείτε για λίγη διεστραμμένη δράση, αυτό το μέρος έχει όλα όσα αναζητείτε. Για αυτό, μόλις φτάσετε σε αυτήν την συναρπαστική Ελληνική τοποθεσία, μην χάσετε την ευκαιρία να επισκεφτείτε τηνΠιστέψτε με, δεν έχετε δει ποτέ άλλη πόλη σαν αυτή που θα εξερευνήσετε ότι η δημιουργήθηκε αποκλειστικά για όλους τους ακόλαστους και αχόρταγους τύπους που αναζητούν πάντα το σεξ. Διαθέτουμε μια ευρεία συλλογή από διάφορες καλλονές οι οποίες είναι πολύ ανοιχτόμυαλες για βιτσιόζικη δράση. Οι σκύλες στην μπορούν να κάνουν σεξ όλη νύχτα και να προσφέρουν την υψηλότερη ικανοποίηση στον πλανήτη.

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