Daddy Takes What He Wants Prt. 2


Marissa woke up in the dark she was cold and still scared of her daddy fromwhat he had done to her she remembered it, she looked up and saw her hands still cuffed to the bed but her legs had been released and she was on her back, the curtains in daddys room were open and she could see the rain on the window and hear the loud clap of thunder and lightning the clock by the bed said 6 23am but it was still really dark from the rain clouds she heard the door open and her daddy came in its supposed to storm bad baby he wispered inhis deep voice, no schhol today baby its saturday he came over to her and ran his hand along the side of her soft face, she felt a tear in her eye and then it ran down her cheek oh baby dont cry he says to her, i just want to teach youa lesson , come on baby girl he says he runs his hand down her belly, theres a some fat on it but shes not fat she squirms under his touch and he leans down and sucks on her nipples, he sucks on her hard right nipple its pink and hard and she moans even though she tried not to but cause its so sensative she cant help it, he does the same to her left nipples, his teeth gently bite her and she winces it leaves his mouth with a small pop sound and she watches him as he turns to the bedside table in the dark and lights a candle so theres a little shine on them
she wimpers . . daddy please dont touch me anymore she says but he covers her mouth and tells her hush baby, your lesson is just beginning she lowers her eyes and stays silent as his hands caress her some more he removes his cock from his boxers, its limp and he moves his hand off her mouth and lifts her chin your gonna suck me baby and get me hard but NO biting he says to her sternly he pushes the head of his limp penis against her lips and she parts them slightly and he pushes it in she sucks gently and lightly and he gives her a smack on her thigh
she obeys him and starts to suck harder and a little bit faster he pushes his dick farther into her mouth and moans in pleasure suck it good baby and i wont be so hard on you later when i put it in you he says to Marissa as she glances up at him with her hazel eyes, her make up is smeared and shes messy he groans again as she starts sucking even harder her small mouth streached around his big fat juicy hard cock her pink lips sliding back and forth on it shes chokes a bit when he shoves it farther in but not too badly
he stops and takes it from her mouth its hard now and standing straight out, he leans up and releases her hands from the cuffs, shes still weak and tired , he lifts her with his arms and carries her to the bathroom and lays her down inthe shower,theres candles all over the sink, he gets in with her and turns the warm water on letting it soak into her sore body, theres bruises on her from where he had hit her
she gives a soft moan of pain as he takes a cloth and soap and washes her body and her face he lets the water rain down on her to wash off the soap and then he neels down to her and lifts her up a bit onto her nees , she keeps her head down but he lifts her chin, baby i want you to ride me he says and she shakes her head quickly and says no
his hand grips her leg and he sqreezes till she crys out in pain and trys to squirma way, i said i want you to ride me baby he repeats himself to her, she wimpers and then tells him no again louder and more forceful,he smacks her this time ont he leg leaving a big red mark and she pulls her legs up to her chest and trys to crawl otu of the shower but he grabs her, he lifts her up and stands with her in his arms, he leans her against the wall and slowly starts to insert his dick, she squirms and fights him hitting his shoudlers and head but not very forcefully, shes too weak, she lets her body lean on his as he holds her on the wall and his dick fulyl in her wrap your legs around me baby he wispers gruffly hes starting to thrust. . daddy she wispers then just gives in and lets him start to fuck her he legs round him and her arms on his shoudlers so she wont fall, he thrusts into her, shes wet and starting to feel horny, his dick is so big its touching her g spot and its so erotic to Marissa she gives a moan then another his hard dick head pushes into her tight little pussy and thrust in and she moans louder ohhh daddddyyyyy she cant help but groan to him he smiles andlaughs to himself, so my little daughter likes this huh baby you love my big cock, youve never had a real man only those stupid little boys he says into her ear as her grunts and pushes into her again she holds him tighter and then moans louder and starts to push her wet pussy onto his dick as he fucks her her clit is hurting to be touched and he reads her midn his fingers start to rub it hard she jerks and moans then feels her orgsm its comming its comming oh god im commign she moans to him, daddy im im. . oh im gonna orgasm her burys her head into her shoulders but hestill hears her scream of ohhh god daddy fuck me!!! and he bursts into her pussy he slides down and leans against the shower wall with her on him, his cock in her pussy shes leaning on him breathing hard im so tired daddy she wispers please, ill be godo and do what you want please just let me sleep for while she says as shepasses out on him, he caried her out of the shower to the bed wrapped in a big towel and lays her down, he handcuffs her again for precautions and rubs her tits and clit as shes sleeping he lays next to her and rubs his cock thinking of what hes gonna do next, shes free game now, she said shes do anything, well nows she gonna he thinks to himself, he goes and blows out all the candles and lays back down covering her with a blanket and himself too he picks up the bedside fone and starts making calls. . . . . . . . . .

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