Danny's Dream - Chapter Eight


            “Why don’t you go play with you new toy?” Nels asked.
            “I can’t just leave boy-toy hangin’ there,” Danny replied, nodding at Matt’s tense form as his finger trailed absently down between Amanda’s bare breasts. He leaned on his elbow as he stared malevolently at Matt.
            “I’ll clean up and put Matt back in the kennel. Go play,” Nels urged.
            “You just want to play yourself,” Danny accused him.
            “I’ll just clean up, put things away and go home. I’m tired, Danny. Don’t argue. ”
            “Fine. Just don’t let him talk you into anything. ”
            Danny climbed to his feet and pulled Amanda from the bed. He attached her lead chain and tugged on it, leading her from the room. She followed him silently with several glances over her shoulder. Once they were both gone Nels closed the door then moved to pull his pants back on. Finally, he went to stand in front of Matt.

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   He slowly released the younger man from his bonds, gently rubbing his wrists to help ease the pain of returning circulation. He removed the posture collar last.
            “Easy, don’t move too quickly,” he advised Matt when the other man tried to turn his head. “Move slowly until the muscles loosen up. ”
            He helped Matt to the bed and indicated that the younger man should sit. Nels then turned back to Sam who still huddled on the floor against the wall next to where Matt had been restrained.
            “Sam, find some pants for yourself and a pair for Matt,” Nels said softly, nodding toward the closet. He released his hold on Matt’s arm when the other man sank onto the bed. “Okay now?”
            “Yeah,” Matt whispered hoarsely.
            Sam cautiously approached with a pair of white linen pants that he hoped would fit the larger Matt, he had found a pair of brown sweats for himself. Nels took them from the boy with a smile.
            “Thank you, Sam. ” He studied the boy for moment before patting the bed next to where he sat beside Matt. “Why don’t you join us?”
            Sam silently sat down.
            “Are you okay, Sam?”
            “Yes, Master.

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            “You don’t have to call me Master, Sam. Sir is fine. ”
            “Yes, Mas – Yes, Sir. ”
            Nels smiled at the boy as he stroked his face. “Why don’t you pick up the room a little while I talk to Matt for a few minutes?”
            “Yes, Sir. ”
            Sam rose to his feet and started to clean up the clothes strewn about the room. Nels turned back to Matt and stared at the light-haired man for a moment. He took in the hung head, drooping eye lids, down-turned mouth.
            “Matt, I’m truly worried about you. What’s going on here? How’s Danny treat you?”
            Matt shrugged. “We seem to have an unspoken agreement to leave each other alone. ”
            Nels reached out and touched the welts that still streaked Matt’s chest.
            “So where’d these come from?”
            “Sometimes I’m not so good at not annoying him. ”
            “Would you mind spending a few days at my place?”
            Nels didn’t miss the slump of his shoulders or the tiny turn of his head as he tried to look away.
            “Matt, look at me.

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            Matt reluctantly looked up at Nels.
            “I know you’re not happy about your situation. You can speak honestly with me. ”
            Matt drew a breath then plunged on.
            “I just want to take Jenny and go home,” he replied, staring intently at Nels.
            Nels started to reply then stopped abruptly, drawing in his breath at sudden realization and recognition.
            “Matt, what’s your last name?” he asked softly.
            Matt’s breath caught and his eyes shifted nervously.
            “Matt?” Nels insisted.
            “Jamison,” he finally answered.
            “You’re father?” Nels asked urgently. “Who’s your father?”
            Matt swallowed hard and looked down at the floor between his feet.
            “Matt,” Nels put his hand on Matt’s arm and stared at him through narrowed eyes. “Who’s your father?”
            “Morgan Jamison,” he whispered.
            “Chief of Police,” Nels finished for him.

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   “Shit. I knew you looked familiar. ”
            Matt’s head whipped up and he stared in astonished, wide-eyed wonder at Nels. Nels handed the pants he still held to Matt. The younger man reached out a tentative hand and accepted the clothing. He stood and slowly slipped the pants on. He pulled them up over his hips then pulled the string in the waistband tight and tied a knot in it. He eased himself back down and stared in silence at the floor.
            “You’ve never met anyone who works with your father?”
            “No. ” Matt shook his head. “He always said he had to keep work and home separate so Mom and I never met anyone he worked with. Or at least, I didn’t. ”
            “Does Danny know?”
            Nels nodded. “We have to get you out of here before he finds out. ”
            Matt looked over at Nels, staring at the other man through his lashes.


            “You work with my dad?” he asked softly.
            “Not exactly,” Nels admitted.
            “But you know him?”
            Nels nodded. “Yes. I’ve met him. ”
            Matt stared at the dark-haired man through narrowed eyes.
            “Who are you?” he finally whispered.
            “A friend,” Nels replied as he shifted his weight and started to rise from the bed. Matt reached out and grabbed his wrist. Nels stared down at him for several long seconds. “Nelson Sherridan. That’s all you need to know for now. ”
            “But –”
            “I can’t do anything right now but I’ll call Danny later and ask if you can stay with me for a few days. If I can convince him, we’ll work out a way for me to be careless enough for you to escape. ” Nels smiled wickedly at Matt.

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   “I seem to lose a lot of people and Danny’s well aware of it. ”
            Nels pulled his hand free of Matt’s grip, grabbed his shirt from the bed and slipped it on as he turned to Sam.
            “Sam, I have to take Matt back to the kennels. Wait here. I’ll be back for you. ”
            “Yes, Sir. ”
            “Come on, Matt. I’m sorry but I have to leave you here for now. ”
            Mat got to his bare feet and started to follow Nels across the room.
            “How do you know my dad?”
            “I can’t talk about that right now,” Nels said as they left the room and started down the hall. “I’ll try to explain everything once you’re out of here. ”
            “Do the other cops know you’re gay?”
            “I’m not gay, I’m bi. And yes, my co-workers, and superiors, know. Actually, it’s the reason I’m here. ” He looked down at Matt and smiled.

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   “Please, no more questions. It could cause a lot of problems, for both of us. ”
            “What about Jenny?”
            “I can’t do anything about her right now. ” When Matt started to protest Nels placed his hands on the other man’s shoulders and stared into his eyes. They had stopped just short of the kennels. “I can only do so much at a time, Matt. Let me help you first then we can work on helping Jenny and Amanda and the others. Okay?”
            Matt stared at Nels in confusion.
            “One step at a time,” Nels whispered.
            “You’ll help her? Get her out?” Matt pleaded.
            “I’m working on it. ”
            Nels opened the kennel door and motioned Matt inside. Matt trudged along to his cage with several long glances toward Jenny. She watched Nels walk Matt to his cage without saying a word as Angie and Carrie stared, wide-eyed, at the tall, dark-haired man escorting Matt. They glanced at each other as they watched the men.

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   The door to Matt’s cage still stood open so he climbed in and sat down in the back corner. He drew his knees up against his chest, laid his arms across his knees and rested his head on his arms. Nels knelt down in front of the open door and looked in at him.
            “Be careful, Matt. Don’t provoke anything. ”
            “I’ll try. ”
            Nels nodded and pushed the door closed. He started out of the room without another word or looking back but stopped when someone called to him.
“Hello, Master Nels. ”
He turned his head and looked back at the cages, staring intently at Angie. Slowly, he turned and walked back toward her cage, noticing the way she snuggled up to the bars. He squatted down next to her and stared at her face. Even though she kept her head lowered he could tell she was looking up at him.
“I would have thought you would have been trained better by now,” he said softly.
“I-I’m sorry, Master.

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   I-I didn’t mean to offend you,” she quickly apologized in a less sultry voice.
“You offend your true master. I should report this incident to him. ”
“Please sir…” she begged, backing away from the bars of the cage.
Matt watched in silence and realized that Nels was watching Carrie closely even though he was speaking to Angie.
“You need to learn your manners, girl,” was all Nels said as he stood. He glanced back at Matt then quickly left the room.
Xi entered the kennel as Nels left. She went straight to Carrie’s cage and opened it.
“Come,” was all she said.
Carrie crawled from the cage and stood silently while Xi fastened the lead chain to her collar. Xi turned and tugged on the chain, leading Carrie from the room. Carrie was taken to Danny’s bedroom where he waited with Amanda. Xi handed him Carrie’s lead chain and silently left the room. Carrie stood by the bed studying the scene before her.

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Amanda was tied spread-eagle to the bed. She was still completely naked and was visibly shaking. Danny released the lead chain from Carrie’s collar and laid it aside. Then he reached up from his position on the bed next to Amanda to stroke Carrie’s cheek.
“Come join us, Carrie. Amanda needs to learn what it’s like to have you eat her pussy. ”
“Yes, Master,” Carrie said softly then crawled onto the bed between Amanda’s bound legs.
Carrie laid down on her stomach between Amanda’s spread legs and wriggled up to push her face into Amanda’s open crotch. The girl beneath her wriggled and cried out when Carrie’s tongue lashed out to touch her tender, private parts.
“Do a good job and make her scream in ecstasy, Carrie, but don’t let her cum until I tell you. ”
“Yes, Master,” Carrie mumbled from Amanda’s pussy.
Danny moved to straddled Amanda’s torso and stare down at the frightened girl.
“P-please, d-don’t…,” she begged him.
He smiled down at her as he played his hands through her long, dark tresses.
“Enjoy it, Amanda.


   You’ll soon learn to pleasure Carrie. First, though, you’ll pleasure me again. ”
He scooted up her body so his hips were on her shoulders, his cock mere inches from her trembling lips.
“Open your mouth, pet. ”
He reached out and pinched her nose closed. Within seconds her mouth fluttered open. He slid his semi-erect prick between her lips.
“No biting,” he warned harshly.
He moved his hips and slowly slid almost completely out of her mouth before shoving himself back in again. Keeping a slow rhythm he rocked up and down against her, fucking her face.
“Use your tongue, pet. Lick it and suck it,” he instructed.
She squeezed her eyes shut and slowly did as she was told.
“Lick all around it, pet. All up and down the shaft, baby.

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  ” He voice was soft and patient as he gave her instructions. “Go around it too. I want to feel your tongue all over me, pet. ”
He continued to face-fuck her for several more minutes. Finally, he pulled out of her mouth but quickly shoved his balls in.
“Do the same thing, pet. Make me feel good. ”
She continued licking and sucking as he had instructed. Tears slid from her eyes as she listened to his moans. His balls were soon replaced by his cock and he shoved it even further down her throat than before, choking her.
“Relax, pet. You can take it,” he whispered. He reached around behind him and pinched her nipples, causing her to jump. “Carrie, I’m gonna cum. Bring her with me.

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He felt Amanda tense beneath him and knew she was close.
“Good girl, Carrie. Amanda, when I cum, swallow it for me. ” He jerked and let loose a stream of jism into her mouth. She choked and swallowed automatically to keep from strangling on it. Then she screamed as she reached her own orgasm.
When his cock relaxed he slid it from her mouth and moved off her, lying down next to her.
“Carrie, come here. ”
Carrie moved up beside Danny.
“Yes, Master?”
“Teach Amanda how to eat pussy. Have her make you cum. ”
“Thank you, Master!”
Carrie climbed over to squat over Amanda’s head and shoved her pussy into the other girl’s face. She gave instructions as Amanda tried desperately to make her cum so she’d move. Danny propped his head on his hand and watched Carrie squirmed while she moan and groaned over Amanda’s face. Finally, she screamed in joy as she climaxed, squeezing her legs together so tightly Amanda thought she’d be crushed.

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       Eventually, Carrie fell over sideways and lay panting on the bed. After several minutes Danny swatted Carrie’s bare ass.
    “Go back to the kennels and lock yourself in your cage. ”
    “Yes, Master. ”
    Carrie climbed off the bed and slowly trudged back to the kennels. Danny released Amanda from her bonds and pulled her off the bed. He shoved her toward the bathroom in his bedroom suite.
    “Go take a shower then get your ass back in here. You have fifteen minutes before I come after you. ”
    Danny jumped and rolled away from Amanda. He grabbed the receiver from the ringing phone and placed it to his ear.
                “What?” he answered grumpily.
                “Danny, it’s Kade. I was just flipping through channels on TV and saw something interesting. ”
                “The boy-toy you’ve been playing with has been in the news lately.

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                Danny wiped the last of the sleep from his eyes and sat up. He grabbed the TV remote from the bed stand and turned the television on.
                “What channel?” he insisted.
                “Try the local news channel,” Kade suggested.
                Danny flipped through the channels and stopped when he saw a familiar face on the screen.
                “What the hell…?”
                “It seems he’s the son of the chief of police. And the chief wants his kid back. ”
                “Just thought you might like to know,” Kade purred before disconnecting.
                Danny slammed the receiver down and climbed from the bed. Amanda, now wide awake, cowered under the covers. He quickly fastened her lead chain to her collar and attached it to an anchor high in the wall, locking it into place with a small padlock. He pressed his mouth roughly against hers then rushed from the room, hurriedly pulling on a pair of pants as he went.
                The door to the kennels banged open as Danny burst through. He went straight to Matt’s cage, typed in the code, jerked open the door and motioned Matt out with the lead chain he held in his hands.
                “Get your ass out here, boy.


                Matt didn’t move from his position in the back of the cage. He knew from the look of anger and hatred in Danny’s eyes that something had happened to set the man off.
                “Don’t push me, boy. Get your ass out here before I get the cattle prod and use it on you. ”
                Matt hesitated a moment longer then slowly crawled forward. When he got within reach, Danny grabbed his collar and yanked him forward, out of the cage. He jammed the lead chain onto the collar and grabbed a pair of cuffs from a nearby shelf. He cuffed Matt’s wrists behind his back then shoved him against the cage.
                “Don’t you fuckin’ move. ”
                Danny moved quickly through the room, grabbing supplies from the various drawers and shelves then approached Matt again. He laid most of what he carried on top of the cage Matt had occupied only moments before. Quickly and silently he removed the collar that was around Matt’s neck and replaced it with another collar which had a long, stiff bar running down from it with cuffs attached at the bottom. The bar and cuffs ran down Matt’s back. His hands were temporarily freed from the cuffs Danny had originally used only to be reshackled in the cuffs attached to the bar hanging down from the collar. Matt had to shift his arms, bending his elbows more to allow his wrists to reach the higher cuffs.

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                The next thing Danny did was to strip off the pants Nels had given Matt the night before. Then cuffs went around his ankles and a short chain connected the cuffs. Surprisingly, the CB3000 was not put in place. Instead, a kind of leash was tied tightly around his cock and balls and Danny led him from the room. Danny took him directly downstairs to the dungeon then removed the leash from his cock and balls. He tossed the leash away and pounced on Matt.
                “Why the fuck didn’t you tell me who you were?” He shouted as he slammed his fist into Matt’s unprotected and unsuspecting abdomen.
                Matt fell to his knees and bent over as the air fled from his lungs. He saw Danny’s knee just before it collided with his chin. His head jerked back and he fell over, landing hard on his back. His mind was spinning. What the hell was happening? What was the asshole talking about? Had Nels told him?
                Danny’s foot landed hard against Matt’s ribs causing him to draw his legs up, curling up in an attempt to protect himself.
                “God damn it, boy! Why the fuck didn’t you tell me?”
                “Tell you what?” Matt finally rasped.
                Danny stopped the beating long enough to kneel down next to Matt. He grabbed a handful of Matt’s hair and yanked hard, pulling Matt’s head back so he looked up at Danny’s furious face.

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                “Tell me your daddy is the chief of police,” Danny said evenly.
                “You didn’t ask,” Matt whispered through the pain.
                Danny’s fist landed squarely against the side of Matt’s head, causing his ears to ring.
                “You fuckin’ smart ass. ” Danny stared down at the bruised and battered body. “What do I do with you now?”
                “I guess there’s no way to kiss and make up?” Matt whispered hoarsely.
                He grunted when Danny kicked his ribs again. Danny was sweating by the time Matt finally passed out from the beating. He lay in a bloody heap at Danny’s feet, unmoving.
                “Fucking asshole,” Danny growled at the silent form as he turned away and headed back up the stairs.
                He went straight to the shower and cleaned up. Once he was dressed, he pulled out a new blanket that he had never opened along with a brand new tarp. He took them both downstairs to the dungeon where he had left Matt. He laid the tarp out first then laid the blanket on top of it. He removed all of the restraints from Matt’s still form then rolled the boy’s body onto the blanket and wrapped the blanket around him.

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       He wrapped the tarp around the blanket and loaded the bundle into the back of his panel van.
                He drove back to the place he had originally found his first four slaves and pulled off to the side of the road. Their car had long ago been towed away and no evidence of what had transpired here now remained. He looked around carefully to make sure there would no witnesses then went around to the side door of the van. He opened the door and climbed in. Carefully, he unwrapped the blanketed bundle from the tarp and let it roll onto the ground next to the van, making certain that it didn’t actually touch the floor of the van. He then wrapped the tarp up and stuffed it into a large garbage bag. He climbed from the van and slid the door closed then went around to the drivers’ side and climbed back in. He drove away as if nothing had happened. A blue mound of blanket was the only evidence that he had been there.

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