Donna's Walk


Donna awoke sometime later in the back of a van with four men leering at her . . . . her hands and feet were tied with rope and she had tape across her mouth. She bounced along as the van drove off with the men laughing at her tears and calling her names. "What's the matter bitch . . . dontcha wanna go for a ride with us?" "We promise not to hurt you . . too much cunt. " Suddenly the van stopped and the driver joined them in the back. She was pulled to her knees and the tape was removed from her mouth. She began begging them to let her go . .

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  . . "My God, please don't hurt me . . . . just let me go. " The driver immediately punched her in the stomach knocking the wind out of her. "NO TALKING BITCH!!!!!" If you co-operate, you won't get hurt as much . . . . if you say anything . . .

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   I will slit your throat and leave you in this field to die!" Donna continued to cry hysterically but never spoke again. One of the other men pulled out a knife and began to slice the ropes and her clothes off. Once she was completely naked, the men just attacked her. She was pulled forward and a thick, hard cock was shoved in her mouth. She gagged as it hit the back of her throat, but he just kept pushing until his balls were resting on her chin. He pulled out and slammed back in and started to fuck her mouth, splitting her lip. Another man had slid underneath her and slammed her hips down, impaling her on his massive cock. She was dry and he ripped into her mercilessly He held tight onto her hips as she sruggled to get away from the pain he was inflicting on her poor pussy. She thought she couldn't hurt much worse when she felt her ass cheeks being pulled apart. A rough finger was shoved in tight little brown pucker. She panicked. She had never had anal sex before and was terrified. The cock in her mouth slammed into her throat and started to spurt his hot seed just as a thick cock was forced into her ass. She screamed as it entered her body tearing into her. The cock in her mouth was replaced by another as her pussy and ass were savagely fucked .

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   The cock in her ass exploded and she was relieved when he pulled out, but another was shoved in before she knew it. This time it slid in a little easier, lubricated by the cum of the first man. When they had all fucked her at least twice, the men decided to take a little rest. Donna lay in the corner of the van, forgotten as they sat back and opened a cooler filled with beers. They drank a few each while they passed around a couple of joints. After a while, the men were ready for another round. When they reached out to grab her again, Donna got hysterical. She screamed and kicked and tried to fight them off. "Leave me alone . . . leave me alone!" But it was no use. One of the men kicked her and then grabbed her up by her hair, screaming in her face. "You were told NO TALKING BITCH!!!! " He slapped her again and then threw her at the others. "Let's teach this bitch a lesson.

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  " The five angry men grabbed hold of her and began spitting on her and slapping her entire body. She was slapped in the face, the back, her tits . . . everywhere. She collapsed to the floor of the van and they stopped. "Are you ready now Bitch?!" Donna lay on the floor cover in cum, blood, spit and tears. She looked up at them and nodded her head slowly. Her spirit was broken. The men threw a rag at her and told her to clean herself up a little. She wiped her face and body and when she was done, they were ready for her. She was grabbed by her waist and her body was slammed down onto the lap of a man with a huge cock. It brutally pushed its way into her ass, leaving her gaping red pussy pointing straight out. It was soon filled with a cock. The two men worked out a rythym so that they were both slamming in and out and the same time.

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   She opened her eyes as the pain wracked her body. Her face was slapped with a hard cock, and it was shoved into her mouth. The five men continued to take turns fucking her. Every time someone would cum, the cock was replaced by another. Her mouth , her pussy, and her ass were taken so many times she lost track of what was happening to her. When the men were finished with her, they threw her out of the van, onto the ground and started pissing on her. One of them grabbing her by the hair and yanking her head back as they began to aim for her mouth. She struggled and was slapped again until she gave in and held her mouth open. The men got dressed and got back into the van. As they were driving away, they rolled down the window and yelled, "Thanks for the party cunt. Hope you enjoyed yourself as much as we did". They drove away laughing. Donna laid on the ground and cried for a long time before she got up and started to walk. She had no idea were she was, nothing looked familiar. She kept going until she saw a house.

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   She banged on the door and the woman who answered gasped and pulled her naked, battered body inside. She wrapped her in a warm blanket and called the police. When they got to the hospital, the police called her frantic husband to tell him his wife had been found. It was 5 hours since he reported her missing . . . Thank God she was alive. .

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