Drunken Friends


Drunken friends  
Hey this is a story about how my former best friend and mine relationship changed forever. I was in a depressive time of my life single with no job. I was drinking a lot then and was not leaving my apartment much. My best friend who I have known for a few years decided it would be a good idea to have a one on one intervention about my drinking. Before I go let me describe myself.   I am not the best looking guy, I am 6 foot 3 inches and about 206 lbs I have a small love handles and need to lose a few pounds. I have long hair for a guy, and a goatee trimmed that I have had since I was 16.
Well as I was saying, she was planning this intervention unknown to me and I was at home drinking again and watching porn. Yeah I get horny when I am drunk. When I heard a knock on the door which startled me, it killed my porn buzz. So I got up fixed my pants and answered the door it was Sarah my best friend. She basically pushed her way in saying we had to talk. I said ok one minute I went to the living room and shut off the tv and told to come in and sit down.
As she came in she was wearing jeans and a t-shirt just everyday clothing. I think I should describe her so you know what I was dealing with. Well Sarah is 5 foot 1 and only 110 pound she works out a lot so she has a good muscle definition.

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   She has shoulder length brown hair. She has a great set of legs and amazing blue eyes. As she sat down I noticed that she was acting kind of nervous. I asked her what wrong. She said Seth your drinking your life away you need to cut back. If not I don’t know how long I will stay friends with you. As she said this I was not really listening but thinking how nice it would be to make her shut up by kissing her. Before I knew what I was doing I leaned forward and kissed her I forcing my tongue into her mouth. She shoved me away.
What are you doing? She asked. Something I been wanting to do for awhile, I responded. Well knock it off I am being serious he. . . Before she could finish I shoved her backwards on the couch and began to kiss her again she tried to push a way but I would not let her.

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    As I continued to kiss her I started to move my hand around her waist maneuvering it up under her shirt, she groaned in protest but I did not stop kissing her. As my hand neared her bra she finally got her face free. What the fuck you doing? She yelled. What I fucking deserve after putting up with this shit in my life. And I grabbed and squeezed her 34c tit through the bra. You bastard. She tried to push me off her. I removed my hands from her and grabbed her wrist. You know you want this so shut up, I said.
I took her wrist and shoved her down on her back on the floor from the couch as she hit the floor she began screaming you asshole what are you doing to me. She was yelling loudly so I shoved her arm behind her back and using my weight over her and sat on her waist pinning her arms down. I then reached up and grabbed her shirt and ripped it with a little more effort than planned and tore it off her shoving her shirt into her mouth to quiet her down. She tried to spit it out but I held it in as I removed her bra luckily it was a snap in front bra. As I took her bra off I realized what I could use it for. I took her hand out from behind her one at a time and tied the straps around her wrist and repeated it with the other wrist so her arms were tied behind her.

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   As I sat there seeing her tied up like that. I knew I could do anything I wanted right now. I leaned forward and began to lick her exposed nipple she began to shake trying to get me off her. As she shacked more vigorously I bit her nipple letting her shaking cause it to be pulled with my head she was shaking off.
As this proceeded she betrayed a bit of her anger and moaned and began to shake harder nipple and tearing it free  from my teeth and it bled a little. She got pissed off by that. As she was yelling through the shirt I reached down and unsnapped her pant while sitting on her legs I pulled her pants down as far as I could while sitting on her legs I saw her black boy shorts and got turned on more. I unbuttoned my pant and began to pull them down when she began to try and buck me off. As I was almost bucked off I then sat up and grabbed her legs and held them as I removed her pants.
As I sat above her in just a shirt and my boxers, I removed my cock which was now rock hard and to its full 9 inches. I sat above her on her legs again and began to rub her pussy through the boy shorts. As I could tell even though she was pissed that I was doing this her body was enjoying it. I stopped rubbing her I just had to see it. I grabbed her legs as I stood up and began to remove her undies, revealing her cleanly shaven pussy. God I just wanted to tear into that.

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The bad part is I began to sober up as I stood there looking at her completely naked with her hands tied. When it dawned on me what I was doing. Oh god what am I doing I said out loud. I then removed the makeshift gag from her mouth and began to apologize as I untied her wrist I was begging for her to forgive me.   She was strangely quiet and not moving as I released her from her bonds. I backed away as a thought went through my head “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. ” I sat on the edge of the couch waiting for the punishment that karma was about to dish out on me. She still silent as she stood up she walked up to me her fist balled up. I thought she was going to beat me for what did.
She stopped inches still naked in front of me I could not help but admire her naked body. As I looked up she seemed to be patiently waiting for me to look at her face. As I did I watched her mouth begin to open up to speak. YOU FUCKING PRICK FIRST YOU DON’T ASK BUT FORCE YOUR KISSES ONTO ME THEN YOU PRECEDE TO RIPP MY CLOTHES OFF AND NOW YOU STOP WHEN YOU BEGAN TO GET ME AROUSED AGAINST MY Will? YOU FUCKING PUSSY DID YOU HAVE A CHANGE OF HEART ARE YOU TO SCARED TO FINISH WHAT YOU STARTED. I HAVE NEWS FOR YOU BITCH BOY YOU ARE GOING TO FINISH WHAT YOU STARTED EVEN IF I HAVE TO RAPE YOU TO DO IT. All I could do is look at her, my jaw on the floor eyes bugging out at what she just said.

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I sat the in a stunned state as she shoved me back still kind of shocked at what she just said.
    As I was help back against the back of the couch she moved forward and till she was straddling my lap my cock which still was hard pointing up at her she reached down and grabbed it as she lined it up with her now wet pussy she slowly lowered herself onto it. When it clicked she was serious she wanted to finish. As I slid into her tight pussy I realized how turned on she was really as it was like sliding on a slip and slide. Holy fuck Seth is this what you wanted. As she slid farther down I began to grunt, Yes it is but I never thought my fantasy would come true. Her only response was moaning as she slid up and down my cock as she began to slide back down I began to buck my hips I match her pace causing her to speed up her movements and I matched her each and every move.
    As we began to buck and gyrate I felt her pussy muscle began to tight on each and every one of her movements. It was as if her Pussy itself was trying to milk my cock it felt like heaven. My balls began to tighten but I did not want to end so soon. So I grabbed her hips lifted her up and laid her on the couch and began to fuck her harder, trying to get her to cum before I did. As I felt I could not take any more, her pussy clamped down on my cock as she began to scream. FUCK ME SETH HARDER…HARDER…FASTER…OH GOD I AM ABOUT…OH HELL FUCKING YES. As she began to cum it felt like a velvet lined vice was clamping onto my dick and I could not hold it any more. I began to cum jet after jet began to shoot into her pussy as her orgasm began to wind down I pulled out as I was shooting the last jets of my load, which some of shot out onto her stomach as high as hitting her tits.

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       She began to rub it in.
    God that was great next time can you please just let me know you want to fuck me, she said. I looked at her and apologized again.
    After that we became more than friends. We began to dating for a few years and I stop drinking except socially. I went back to school and now have a full time job in an office making 50,000 a year and here next month I will be leaving the bachelor life for good. I felt I should share this wonderful story of how me and my fiancée Sarah got together for the first time. I found out she likes it rough and she thought I was too much of a pussy before this to even consider dating but that day things change and for the better. Just remember not all women are like this so don’t go raping one of your friends just to test it out.
    This is a work of fiction incident in this story and real life incidents are just a coincidence
     if you like and would like more contact me at seth. greif@gmail. com

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