As usual, Girard came to Abbey’s room/cell to retrieve her from breakfast. She was hungry. She had showered, put on her make up, styled her hair, and completed her required morning enema, now she wanted something to eat. After the strenuous evening and night with Hans and Klaus, she was ready for breakfast. She had sat quietly on the side of her bed, wearing her wrist and ankle cuffs, collar, and the obligatory high heel pump style shoes. She could not help but wonder what was going to happen to her today. Girard was a man of few words.
Rituals being what they are, Girard locked her wrists behind her back, and clipped the leather leash to her collar. She then dropped to her knees in front of him and took his exposed cock into her mouth. Girard seemed fond of his morning blow job, and this morning was to be no exception. Abbey was becoming an accomplished at pleasing her captors with her sweet soft mouth and full lips. In a matter of minutes, Girard succumbed to her expertise and his cock exploded in her mouth. She swallowed all of his issue. Abbey had long ceased to count the times she had taken a cock into her mouth since her incarceration at Haus Krueger.
There was no thought of resisting Girard. She knew she was going to be bound, whipped, tortured and used during her stay at Krueger’s.

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   Abbey learned early on that her compliance would help her to avoid some of the torments she might otherwise receive. Besides, she was learning to enjoy the feeling of a cock, even if it was not her husband’s. Yes, she had changed. Perhaps it was the sexual frustration of being denied a climax on her terms, or maybe she was embracing the idea of being a sex slave, subject to the whims and torments of others. It seemed that she was always aroused, now, and ready to please her tormentors.
After taking care of her obligatory service of Girard, she was taken upstairs to breakfast. As usual, she sat on the chair with the large dildo mounted on the seat. This morning, however, she took care to ease her somewhat tender pussy on to this large rubber phallus. After she was secured to the chair with locking straps, she hands were freed so she could eat. After she had finished her breakfast, and was nursing a cup of flavored coffee, Klaus came into the kitchen. He was wearing a short black robe which was open, exposing the front of his body. The young man had lust in his eyes, and his cock was in full rut. It seemed that lately, every time a man spoke to her, his cock was menacingly erect He sat down in a chair opposite of her.
“Good morning, Abbey”, he greeted.
Abbey, smiled, replying, “Good Morning, Klaus, Sir.

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“Put your coffee cup down, and show me your tits”, he ordered.
Abbey was quick to obey. Klaus smiled as she looked at her displayed breasts. They trembled slightly as she placed her hands behind her neck to give Klaus an unimpeded view of her breasts.
“Play with your nipples”, was his next order.
Abbey lowered her hands and her delicate fingers touched her nipples. She pinched and teased them until they were rock hard. Her breath quickened. Klaus was pleased. The teasing of her nipples sent warming signals to her cunt, which was already sufficiently filled with a large dildo.
“Now you can drink you coffee, but keep your tits raised for me. ”
Abbey obeyed. She finally put her coffee cup down, after she had drained the last of the good flavored coffee from it. Klaus quietly got up from his chair and walked around behind Abbey. On his order, she leaned forward as he locked her wrists behind her back, only then, did he release her from her chair, and helped her stand up.

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   The large chair mounted dildo slipped easily from her lubricated pussy. Upon standing, Klaus pulled her wrists up between her shoulder blades, connecting them to the back of her leather collar. She knew this action meant that Klaus had plans for her, this morning.
Klaus turned her towards him, and grasping her left breast, leaned down and kissed her. Abbey returned his kiss as he moved his hand to her other breast.
“I have plans for you this morning. Alex says you are mine to do as I wish. Are you going to obey me”, Klaus asked.
Abbey nodded her head, softly replying, “Yessir. ”
Klaus grasped her leash and lead her down to the basement orgy room. Abbey’s day was about to begin. She had some trepidation as Klaus was an unknown entity to her. On the previous evening he seemed inexperienced. She was afraid that in the heat of passion, he might not know when to stop hurting her when he was whipping or torturing her. But, she was resigned as she really had no choice but to obey him, or be treated much more harshly.

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Klaus seemed to be a man on a mission. Once in the orgy room, he made her lay down on one of the king size beds. She was lying on her back. With her hands secured up high on her back, it caused breasts to be raised. A magnificent sight. Klaus’ cock seemed to throb more as he watched her position herself on the bed.
“Spread you legs, as side was you can”, was his next order.
Abbey did so. She spread her high heeled shod feet as wide as she could, spreading her legs widely. She could feel the cool air on her heated cunt.
Klaus lay down beside her, and rolling over to face her, began to arouse her by kissing her, playing with her breasts, and delving into her already heated pussy. Knowing that Klaus was going to torment her, Abbey was amazed at how her body responded to this kind treatment. She was rapidly becoming more aroused by her predicament.
His hand was having devastating effect on her pussy. Soon she began moving her hips, raising her pussy to meet his hand.

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   About the time she was about to have a climax, Klaus pulled his had away from her pussy. He reached over on the night stand next to the bed and picked a wicked looking short thronged whip. Abbey eyes were closed as she was reveling in the lustful haze induced by Klaus’ manipulations of her body. Suddenly she felt an explosion on her cunt lips. Klaus, using the light weight whip has struck her pussy.
Abbey jerked to attention and reflexively attempt to close her legs to protect her pussy. Klaus struck again. This time she did close her legs.
“Damn you, Bitch”, he exclaimed. “I told you to open you legs. Do it now, or pay the price!”
“I…I’m…sorry, Sir. I was…surprised, and it…hurt so much”, she begged.
Klaus retaliated, “I don’t care! Open them now! I’m going to whip your cunt, and you had better keep your legs open!”
Without replying, Abbey opened her legs as ordered. She could not help herself, but she did watch as Klaus raised the whip again, and watched as it crashed into her pussy. She moaned loudly, but maintain the required position.

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   Klaus struck again, and again. A fire of scalding pain was building in her batter cunt. Finally, she could not resist and she closed her legs and attempted to roll away from Klaus.
Klaus jumped off the bed and ordered, “Cunt, get off the bed. I’ll teach you not to obey!”
With his forceful help, Abbey got off the bed and stood as she was told. Klaus retrieved two lengths of rope. He grabbed her right breast, and quickly wound the rope, tightly around the base of the breast, causing it to bulge delightfully from the painful pressure of the rope. He left a six feet length of the rope dangling from her breast. As soon as he finished, he tied her other breast in a similar fashion. Both of her breasts were now aching from this bondage.
Next, Klaus lowered a cable and a hook from the hoist mounted in the ceiling. He tied the ends of the ropes on her breasts to the hook. Retracting the cable, Abbey was raised to a stretched upright position by being pulled up by her bound breasts. Abbey was moaning softly because of the painful pressure on her breasts. Quickly, Klaus produced a penis gag and effective silenced her.

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Moving on, he now knelt on the floor in front of her and tied ropes to her ankle cuffs, which in in turn were tied to rings in the floor, spreading her legs widely, putting more pressure on her breasts. Now she felt more vulnerable than she ever had.
Abbey was alone in a sound proof room with a captor who could do her a great deal of harm and cause a lot of pain. She was suspended by her breasts, and her legs were spread and tied in that position. This wide stance caused her to teeter on her high heel pumps.
    Lastly, her wrists and hands were still tied behind her back, and pulled up between her shoulder blades and connected to her collar. She was also gagged. She was scared, yet strangely, her pussy was wet.
    “Now, Slave Cunt, here is what is going to happen”, Klaus spat angrily. “You disobeyed me. There is no excuse. Alex says slaves can never have an excuse. If a slave disobeys, she must be punished to her masters satisfaction. You are going to be punished. ”
    Abbey watched helplessly as Klaus walked to the wall and retrieved Alex’ favorite multi thronged medium weight flogger.

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       He was naked now, and his cock was in full rut. As he walked, it bounced menacingly. It looked more like a weapon than a instrument of sexual pleasure. Klaus walked back her, running the strands of the whip through his fingers. He knew what he wanted to do.
    Klaus flourished the whip in the air. He then brought it down in a arc, and brought it up, striking her pussy. Abbey flinched and attempted to move out of the way, to no avail. The force of the whip was not great, but was enough to sting her pussy, building on the fire the he had built there while she was still in bed. Son Abbey was moaning, loudly, attempting to scream in her gag. Klaus continued he assault, with each lash becoming harder than the last. Just when he felt she could endure no more, he changed positions. Her ass and her thighs were his next target. Soon he moved to her tightly bound, tormented and stretched breasts. Her body was afire from the effects of his whip.

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       At long last, he stopped his assault.
    Klaus dropped his whip and walked around her. Physically, Klaus was about the same height as Abbey, if not a little taller. He walked up to her, and bending his knees, pushed his rampant cock into her pussy. After her torture, his cock in her pussy was a welcome relief. He moved his cock in and out of her cunt for a couple of minutes. When it was fully lubricated by her juices, he pulled out and walked around behind her. He placed his hands on each of her ass cheeks, spreading them. Next she felt his cock working its was into her ass. It was tight, but he was making headway. Soon he was ramming his cock in and out of her ass.
    Abby was deriving some pleasure from his cock in her ass, but could not achieve an orgasm as her pussy was being ignored. Klaus sensed the problem. He reached around her and used his fingers to rummage through her pussy. His fingers were like a bolt of lightening.

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       Very soon, she could feel her orgasm building. When it came, in spite of the pain she had endured, and the painfully stringent bondage she was still in, her climax came crashing in on her. This was more than Klaus could deal with, and he cock erupted in her ass, scalding her insides with his red hot cum. Both master and slave were locked in an embrace awash with unbridled lust and passion. Klaus remained buried in her ass, while squeezing her bound and stretched breasts. Abbey was still in the ozone, attempting to find a soft landing after this extreme whipping and explosive climax.
    Klaus finally pulled himself from her ass. He receding cock dripping with his cum. He went to the bathroom to clean up, returning a short time later to Abbey. First, he untied her ankles from the floor rings, allowing her to stand straight, relieving the pressure on her tormented breasts. Klaus then lowered the cable and hook to which her breasts were bound, and untied her swollen tits. Leaving her wrists tied to her collar, he walked her into the shower.
    Soon the shower was refreshingly steaming hot. After removing her high heel shoes, Klaus took great pains to bathe her and massage her aching body. Soon Abbey was refreshed.


       When he was finished, he dried the both of them off. After doing so, he took her to her cell, and released her hands from her collar, allowing her wrists to be bound behind her back, in a more relaxed position. He put her in bed, covered her with a light blanket. After kissing her, he left, locking the cell door behind him. Abbey was exhausted, and fell into a deep, well deserved sleep. Before she fell asleep, she reasoned that Klaus was more experienced than she thought. He was a strict and harsh master, yet competent in handing a helpless sex slave.
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