Familar Voice, Part 1


It was Tuesday, and Ashley was out on the the track ready for practice in the usually attire of blue short-shorts, and white t-shirt.   For her age, 16, she was decently, well built girl.   She stood at 5'6", 115 lbs, with icy blue eyes that could make any man get on his knees.   It was very odd; normally, at her highschool anyway, the track people only met on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.   Despite the fact, the sign on the gym door had said that practice had been rescheduled.
Ashley waited patiently, but as her watched ticked from 3:30, to 4:10, she began to wonder whether or not she had been tricked.   She stretched her legs for a moment, then sighed.    Feeling stupid, she began walking back up to the school.   She turned left down the corridor, but was abruptly forced against the wall.   "What the-" Ashley stammered. .   A forceful hand struck her across the face.   "Dont say a word, bitch. " The male voice was familar, and very demanding.   His body pressed up against hers.   Her heart-beat was so fast, she though it might burst out of her chest! The male had her pressed up against the wall at an angle, so she wasn't able to see his face; but still the voice she heard was so familar.

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The two stood there, Ashley pressed against the wall mercilessly, her breasts hurt from the amount of force he was applying to her.   He laughed softly, then pressed his hand over her eyes.   Lowering his head slightly, he ran his tongue slowly across her lips.   Her body quivered, and she tried to stop him, but he proceeded to slide his tongue into her mouth.   She gagged and tried to break away, but this only resulted in him biting down hard upon her lower lip, causing it to bleed.   He whispered into your ear, "I've been watching you. . .   Lusting you. . .   I need you," he hissed.   "You might not want me, but I dont care.   I will have you when the time is right. " He quickly spun her around, pressing against the wall.

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    She sunk down to the ground, tears streaming down her cheeks.   When she turned to see his face, he was already gone. -----Later that day-----
Ashley had returned home as quickly as possible.   She had called her friend Tori to come and pick her up, she was too nervous to walk home all alone. .   On the way home, the two girls said nothing to one another.    Tori placed a comforting hand onto Ashley's shoulder, but Ashley pulled away quickly.   "Ash? What's your malfunction? Is something wrong?" Tori asked.   She shook her head 'no'.   Tori frowned, stopping the car in front of her friend's house.   She whispered a quiet 'thank-you' to Tori, then swiftly walked up to the front door, making sure it was closed completely and locked tight when she came in.   It was only 5 o' clock, so she decided to go into the kitchen to grab something to snack on.   There was a note on the fridge from her parents, "Gone to airport, on our way to Hawaii, call you when we get there.   Love you.   Hugs and kisses, Mom&Dad.

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  "She sighed.   Her parents had been planning this trip forever. .   But on the one night she wished they were home, they were on an airplane headed to Hawaii.   After eating a bowl of soup with a few crackers, she head upstairs to shower.  
She turned the handle in the shower on, and undressed while the water heated up.   Her hair fell down onto her shoulders as she un-did it from the ponytail she had it in earlier.   After checking to make sure the water wasn't too hot nor too cold, she stepped in and let the water caress her body.   Droplets of water slowly rolled down the slopes of her breasts, down her stomach, along the inside of her thighs, making her shiver.   She went to grab the bar of soap, but, for the second time today, was forcefully thrown against the wall.   "I told you I'd be back," the male voice whispered.   She could tell by how close he was to her, that he was still wearing clothes.   He had a raging hard-on, which Ashley could feel against her.   He grabbed her by the hair, and forced her onto the floor of the shower while he un-did his pants.   She looked away, but -grabbing her hair again- he forced her to watched.

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    He slid his pants down and off, followed by his boxers, allowing his shaft to be fully erect in front of her.   "You poor innocent soul," he said, "I hope your ready. "  For the first time, she was able to see his face.   "R-r-ichard?!?" she stuttered.   He looked down at her, then slapped her hard across the face.   "As of this moment, you'll call me master. " Tears began coming out of her eyes again, but because of the water from the shower, he couldn't tell.   He pulled his shirt off, and tossed it aside as well.   "B-b-ut R-r-ich" she began, but was again confronted with the pain of being struck across the face.   "I told you once before, you little bitch, it's master to you. " She looked down in shame, thinking of the events soon to come.   She knew she was going to be forced to do things she didn't want to, but why did that turn her on? Her nipples perked up, Richard kneeled in front of her and made her look him in the eyes.   "If you be good," he said, "I won't have to be mean. " She nodded slowly, replying with, "Yes, master. "
He stood up again, positioning his prick in front of her face.

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    "Ever sucked a man before, slave?" She shook her head no.   "Breathe through your nose, suck it hard, and DONT USE YOUR TEETH!" She was too afraid, and tried to back away.   He grabbed her by the hair and yelled, "Do it now, Bitch!" She placed her lips over the head of his prick before slowly allowing it to enter her mouth.   She swirled her tounged around slowly, getting the reaction of a moan from her master.   He ran his hand slowly over her head, caressing her gently.    "Mmmm. . .   That's a good girl. " He looked down, just as she was looking up at him with her innocent blue eyes.   He felt a slight sting of pity, but it quickly passed as he yelled, "Faster, you whore!"
Her head bobbed up and down along his cock, her hand caressing the part of his shaft that wouldn't fit all the way into her mouth.   Without thinking, he shoved his prick down her throat, and began throatfucking her as she gagged for breath.   He moved hard and fast, groaning loudly, before shooting four or five loads of cum into the back of her throat.   He pulled out.   She coughed and gagged, but thought it'd be wise to swallow it all.

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    She swallowed just as he said, "Open your mouth," she did, "Good girl. " He caressed the top of her head again.   "Now the real fun begins. " His smirk was devilish, and she knew that he had much more planned. After grabbing a towel, he turned the shower off, and began to dry the water off her skin.   He was gently, and very kind about it, not forceful and mean like before.   Slapping her ass he said, "Your bedroom, now. " She walked out of the bathroom into her room, completely naked.   He closed and locked the door behind him, making sure the window and curtains were closed.   His body was quickly next to hers, pressing her against the bed.   She stumbled over, and fell onto her back upon the bed.   Even as vulnerable and as scared as she felt, she knew better then to behave badly.   He pressed his lips against hers, she didnt fight back.   Her lips pressed back against his, and this time, she slid her tongue into his mouth.   He opened his eyes in surprise, but quickly closed them, seeing hers were still shut.

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With his left hand, he reach down between her legs, swirling a finger around her hole.   Her flesh broke out in goose-bumps, and her nipples became hard and erect again.   He slowly inserted a finger into her soaking wet pussy, and began pushing it in as far as it would go, and then pulling back out.   After awhile he picked up the pace until she was moaning as loudly as he thought possible.   When she was on the verge of her climax he stopped.   She looked at him in confusion.   He made sure she had plenty of pillows and was as comfortable as possible.   She became nervous again as he pressed her shoulders done roughly.   He positioned himself at her hole, and without warning, pressed in as hard as he could.   She let out a scream, mixed with both pain and pleasure.   The smell of sex filled the room as her cherry popped.   He picked up the face, continuing at a specific rythm, using his hands under her ass to move her at the same rythm as himself.   He fucked her steadily for what seemed like forever, but on the verge of blowing his load, fucked her hole as fast as he possibly could.   He blew his load into her, just as she climaxed, and had her first orgasm.   She held tightly onto him, and he onto her.

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    They layed there, him still inside her, holding each other.   It was only Tuesday, he thought, her parents wouldn't be home until Friday. . .

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