NOTE: To Be Careful And Not Get Sued, I Changed My Name As Well As Some Other Factors.
The Bell Rang At 2:30 At Folkworth Middle School. Several Kids Walked Out, And One Of Them Was Joe Fergison. He Was 15, And Had A Heavy Crush On A Girl Named Felisa Jones, Wo Was 14. Age Didn't Matter To Joe. All He Wanted Was To Take Her Virginity, And Get Rid Of His Own.
So, He Walked Up To Felisa, And Said, "Hi, Felisa. How's It Going?" "Good. How About You?" "Not Too Good. I Need Help With My Math Homework. Could I Come Over Too Your House So You Can Help Me Out?" "Sure" Said Felisa. So They Walked Over To Her House. She Unlockec The Door With Her Housekey. They Walked In. "My Parents Won't Be Home Until 10:00" Felisa Said, Looking At A Sticky Note. 'This Is Too Easy!' Joe Thought.

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So, They Went Upstairs, And Into Felisa's Room. It Was A Small Room With A Queen-Sized Bed, A Nightstand And Lamp, And A Table With A TV On It. Felisa Led Joe In, And He Locked The Door.
Joe Unzipped His Backpack, And Felt Around Inside It. He Pulled Out 2 Pairs Of Handcuffs. "What Are Those Fo-", But Before She Could Finish, Joe Cuffed Her Feet To The 2 Front Bed Posts. "HEY! LET ME GO!!" Thankfully The Windows Were Shut So The Neighbors Wouldn't Hear. "Relax. I Won't Hurt You If You Shut Up. " Suprisingly, That Shut Felisa Up Immediately. "Good. Now Just Lay Down. " He Then Kissed Her Full On The Lips. Then, He Sat Her Up, And Unbuttoned Her Shirt. He Circled His Hand Around The Bra-Covered Outline Of Her Breasts.

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   She Let Out A Small Moan. Finally, He Unhooked Her Bra, And Read The Tag: 28b. Dispite This, She Layed Still, Relaxed. "Good Girl. Now, I'm Going To Uncuff You To Remove Your Jeans And Panties. If You Don't Cooperate," Joe Said, Pulling Out A Switchblade Knife, "I'll Fuck You With This Knife. Believe Me, It's More Pain Then Pleasure. "
Felisa Gave A Gentle Nod. . .
To Be Continued. Comments Welcome. . .



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