Finally, she's mine...


Ruth was a prefect back when I was at high school and she was a year older than me. Not many guys looked at her (probably because of those specs she's wearing) but to me, she's among the hottest girl I ever saw. Ever since that incident when I accidentally caught her naked inside the girls' locker room during her PE lesson. Since then, I masturbate everytime I remembered it. Those pair of well-shaped medium sized breast. That womanly body. And that secret garden that was her pussy.
It was a normal school day and I arrived early in the morning. Put up my stuff in my class and tried to catch up some sleep. Then, I heard footsteps and saw Ruth went past my class.
(She's early today. )
I decided to stalk her since no one was around at the time. Eventually, she entered the girls' toilet and a plan sprang to mind. I MUST MAKE HER MINE!
Few minutes later, I've heard the flushing sound from the toilet she was in, I quickly barged when she opened the door and shoved Ruth back inside. I quickly locked the door and covered her mouth before she could say a word.
“Shut up.

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   One word from you and I'll kick the living hell out of you. ”
Ruth nodded and I groped her breast. She gasped.
“Not a word. ”
She nodded again. I smiled and ripped off her uniform, revealing her medium sized breasts cupped by a gorgeous pair of pink bra. She started to sob with my hand still covered her mouth.
“You will feel better, honey. ”
With that, I removed my hand and kissed her deeply. My tongue made its way inside her mouth, touching everything inside. Ruth wrapped her arms around me and licked my tongue in return. We pulled away with our saliva still hanging from our mouth.
“You like it?”
She nodded sheepishly. “Yes, I do. I've never felt so good before.

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   But who are you?”
“My name doesn't matter but things will be better. ”
Then, she removed her ripped shirt took off her skirt. Now, she was only covered in her pink lingerie. I took a closer look at her.
“You're beautiful. I want you even more now. ”
Ruth nodded and sat down at the covered toilet, spreading her legs wide. I could see her crotch damped with her precum. I positioned my face between her legs and savoured the smell of her womanhood.
“Smells nice. How about the look?”
Then, I slowly removed her soaked panties and took a moment at the sight of her hairy pussy. It was soaking wet with her love juice and my dick grew bigger inside my pants. Noticing this, Ruth smiled mischievously and undid my pants and my member sprang out, almost hitting Ruth in the face. She looked at it in awe and stroked it gently.
“It's so big.

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   This could be 7 inches long!”
“It can get bigger than this, Ruth. Try giving it a head. ”
Ruth smiled. “You don't have to tell me that!”
Without further ado, Ruth took my member deep into her mouth. And to my surprise, I could feel the head of my cock touched her throat. I reveled in that sensation and pushed it even deeper.
“Hot damn. Is this really your first time?”
She was too busy sucking my manhood and all I could heard was a mumble saying 'yes'.
. . . . . . .

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The blowjob went on for only 5 minutes but Ruth's technique was so good that every second is a torture as I held back from cumming as long as possible.
“Oh, god. I'm gonna come. I'm finally gonna. . !!!”
Without delay, I shot massive load of cum inside her mouth and Ruth tried hard to drink it all. But the load was too much and it spilled out on to the floor. She tried to lick it off the floor but I stopped her.
“That's enough, Ruth. ”
“But. . . ”
“It's alright. ”
I have her sat on the toilet, spread her legs and licked her womanhood.

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   She moaned in estacy and wrapped her legs around me.
“Ohh. . . god. . . that feels good. . . lick me more. . . please. .

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  . ”
I thrusted my tongue deeper, touching her clitoris. She moaned louder.
“Shh. Be quiet. Someone will hear you. ”
“That's because you. . . ohhh. . . . ahhhh. .

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  . . ”
Ruth toned down her moaning but her voice still erotic as before. I spread her pussy lips even further. I looked at her love hole. To me, it was the most gorgeous thing I've seen.
“It's so pink. It's. . . beautiful. I'm beyond words to say it. . . ”
“Oh, don't.

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    . embarass me that way. . . ”
    With that, even more love juice gushed out. I smiled.
    “See? Even your love hole here knows it is beautiful. Here, let me clean it up. ”
    I licked her pussy and kissed around the hole, at the same time stimulating the clitoris as well. I then moved my hands up toward her tits and removed her bra. Then, I fondled it and pinched her nipples hard. The added stimulation caused her to moan even louder but she instantly toned down her voice.
    “Ah. .

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      ah. . ah. . . oh god. . . you're so good. Dammit. . . I love you. . .


      but I need. . . ooohh. . . more. . . ”
    “You have to ask for it, honey. ”
    “Please, your massive cock. . . . I need it inside.


      . . . ”
    I stood up and Ruth amazed at the size of my dick. It was now well 10 inches long.
    “God. . . will it fit. . ?”
    I smiled amd kissed her. “It will. Trust me. Here goes. ”
    With that, I put in my massive tool inside Ruth's pussy.

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       It was painfully slow because I don't want to hurt her and someone might hear her screaming. I looked at her when the head of my cock inside her. Ruth was closing her eyes, bearing the pain with all she had.
    “Ruth. . . ”
    Ruth opened an eye. Tears ran down her cheek as she smiled. “I'm okay. Please go all the way. ”
    I nodded and pushed in a few more inches. Then I felt a barrier that was her maidenhead. My tool easily went past it and virgin blood dripped from her pussy. I pushed on and eventually, her pussy has completely engulfed my dick. I stopped.

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    “Ruth, look. I'm inside you now. ”
    She opened her eyes and looked at where our sexual organs met. “God. . . it does fit. . . ”
    “Yes it is. Now I'm doing it for real. Here goes, baby. ”
    With that, I pulled out up until the head and pushed down in one long, hard stroke. Ruth screamed but managed to cover her mouth. Then, I took her drenched panties and have her bite it between her teeth to prevent her from screaming.

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       Knowing that everything was in place, I fucked her in earnest. In and out. Out and in. Her pussy was so tight and Ruth used her muscles inside her to clench my hot rod. For ten minutes, I fucked her like there's no tomorrow as she screamed in delight only to be muffled by her own panties. Finally, I couldn't hold on but I'm not sure where to paste all my load.
    “Shit! Ruth! I'm gonna cum! Tell me where should I do it!”
    I then pulled the panties from her mouth.
    “INSIDE ME! LOAD ALL YOUR SPERM INSIDE ME!” she yelled. I nodded and with one last thrust, I shot my wad inside her hot, tight pussy. Right now, I didn't care about her being pregnant or anything else. I just want to make her mine so that I can fuck her whenever I want, all the time.
    Breathing heavily, I pulled out my cock from Ruth's pussy. It was over flow with white my hot cum. Her sweating body made her look even more erotic. Ruth opened her eyes, smiling.

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       Her moral as prefect has now corrupted.
    “Dammit. . . I never thought having sex is so good. . . ”
    “Haha. Yeah. Let's do it again, okay?”
    Ruth nodded in excitement.
    “For sure! Since I'll probably get pregnant with a baby of some guy I don't even know his name. ”
    I fell silent. “Uh. . .

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      about that pregnant part. . . ”
    Suffice to say, we had a lot more session in the toilet and occasionally her house where we get to make love all over the place. Ruth eventually got pregnant with my kid and I married her out of responsibility. Well, and out of my desire too. Finally, she is mine. . .