Forced into slavery part 3


Topic: Forced into slavery part 3Evicie woke up the next morning with her every part of her body aching, she'd been bounded to this "X cross" for over 16 hours. Her boobs which were 40dd earlier yesterday had now grown to about a 38 F large cup because the stupid people who were torturing her had tripled her milk production and clamped her puffy nipples. Her tits were now overly filled with milk and now she thought if they grew any bigger they'd explode with milk.
During the night, the "master" had continued pressing the button on that send shocks through her pussy and made her cum. The master had done that about 100 times in the night and Evicie had continually kept cumming, now she was sure there was not one drop of cum left in her body but she knew she was wrong as she felt another sharp volt of electricity spazz through her vagina. She felt a large load of white sticky cum spit out of her pussy into the bucket, the bucket was not overflowing with cum and her pussy ached with the continual jolts of electricity that ran through her pussy. The bucket was filled with dried cum. She groaned inwardly and wished someone would massage her stiff muscles, having your legs and the lips of your pussy spread tended to hurt after a while.
Suddenly, there was bright light pouring into the once dark room and she saw the master and Alanna approach her. She stared at them with black hatred, once she escaped from here, she would kill these bitches. No one would have thought that sweet Evicie would ever be in this sort of position. She always believed in the best of people but as she stared at these two intimidating women, she wished them dead. She was too weak to speak so she just listened to their conversation. Today, both the master and Alanna were dressed in hooded cloaks, they looked like those coming to sacrifice something to their gods. The masters cloak was very black, it looked darker than the nights sky.
"Look how big her tits are, i bet her nipples are sensitve after being in tight clamps all night" said the master
"Yah, i wonder how hard they are, i bet they're as hard as rock since it was windy last night" replied alanna
"You are not to touch her, until i've turned her her sacred pussy into a whorish one like yours.

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   Alert all the slaves and the trainers, and make it known that no one has permission to touch her body. " growled the master angrily.
"Yes master" replied Alanna.
"I only live so you can use my body in any way you wish. "
"We will proceed with the milking and the protocol today".
"Should we feed her and let her have something to drink".
"The only thing she will drink until she learns to respect me is her own cum"with that turned the remote to high power and watched as Evicie groaned in pain as the electricity shot through her pussy and made her cum.
"And as for the food, get the dog kibble, and remember as i said, no one touches her. When you've gotten some clothes on her then send for me. Get the remaining slaves ready, because today, they will meet my new fuck doll. Oh and leave the nipple clamps on, i don't want one drop of milk to be spilled. " With that the master turned and walked out of the room.
    Alanna smiled as her master left the room. "Well well, looks like you're the masters new fuck doll, let's hope that's lasts. I hope you're enjoying how heavy your tits are because this is just the beggning".

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   "Please alanna, let me out of here, if you do i won't tell anyone. " rasped Evicie, her bright blue eyes shining and her jet black hair shielding the left side of her face.
"Do you really think i'd do that? You're more stupid than i thought. Why would i risk getting hated by the master just so you can escape. Besides, when the master is done with you, you belong to me and i've been wanting you since i first laid eyes on you. " said alanna.
"You fucking bitch, when i escape i'll report you to the police"
"You're lucky the master didn't give me permission to touch you or i'd have slapped the exoticness off your face, now listen up bitch, i'm gonna tell you the rules if you wanna survive. One, you listen to the master, Two, you respect  the master, Three, you listen to the master, and four you listen to the master. If you refuse to listen to the master, you will feel pain, and not the pleasuring one you're enjoying right now. " said Alanna.
Alanna walked over to Evicie and untied the bonds holding her to the X cross. Evicie fell to the ground once unhooked, she could harldy breathe because of her extremley large milk filled tits. She tried to run but her heavy milk filled tits held her back. Alanna then placed a dog collar on Evicie's neck and attached a chain to it pulling Evicie as she walked
"Move you ass you whore, we're going to get you into some clothes. "Evicie watched earneslty looking for anyway to escape as Alanna led her down a long hallway.

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   "I can't wait to use you, everyday i see you i imagine sucking the milk out of your tits and fucking you with my large dildo. Biting your pussy sucking on it, fucking you with my fish. . . . . What do you have to say about that Whore" asked Alanna
Evicie kept her mouth tightly shut, she refused to respond. "What, loud mouth is suddenly silent, we'll see about that soon enough. "Alanna led her into a room still holding the chain, she tied the chain to the door post just in case Evicie thought of running. She brought our a mini skirt so short that it didn't even cover her pussy and a see through top that was so short it stopped just right below her nipples. "Put this on" said Alanna
"They're not even clothes, they don't even cover my body". "Shut the fuck up bitch, you know what happens when you don't obey the masters orders, this" with that Alanna ripped open her cloak to reveal large saggy boobs, one missing a nipple and the other filled with deep cuts and scars"Evicie gasped at what she saw and quickly put on the top and mini skirt. Alanna laughed evilly and dragged her by the chain back to the large dark room with all the torturous equipments. Alanna brought out a dog bowl and filled it with kibble. "If you're hungry, eat" said Alanna"I'm not eating that" replied Evicie haugtily"Then i guess you're not hungry bitch" Evicie felt like crying, she hadn't eaten since three days ago and her stomach was begging for food, she sighed knowhing she'd have to eat this.

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   She bent down to pick up the bowl"Nu uh, get on your hands and knees bitch, you're the new dog""I'm not doing anything so repulsing" screamed EvicieAlanna yanked hard on her chain"You will eat it she said" Evicie got on her hands and began eating the kibble feeling like throwing up with each bite, meanwhile alanna was enjoying the view of Evicies hairless cum stained pussy from behind. She watched as and laughed as Evicie's face conorted in pain each time her tits brushed against the ground. The master was already there waiting with a cane in her hand. "May i please have a glass of water" asked Evicie sweetlyAlanna smiled, "That's more like it, but you won't be getting any water, you'll be drinking your own cum""But it's all dried up and that's disgusting" Alanna grabbed the bucket of cold cum and stirred it until the dried cum mixed well in with the liquid cum"it's no longer dry said alanna and with that placed the bucket undeneath evice waiting for her to lap the vile drink
. "I'd rather not drink it" said EvicieAlanna waited, knowning that she would and sure enough after 5 minutes Evicie went back on her hands and knees and slowly lapped the vile medicine, choking with each sip. The master soon arrived and it was then Evicie noticed the high bar in the air with cuffs, Evicie knew she'd be hanging from there soon enough, her body to be used by the master. "Hang her from the bar Alanna, i want to teach this slut some respect". Alanna moved Evicie towards the high bar and hung her to it. Soon Evicie's body was dangaling in mid air for the use of the master.
The master walked around Evicie inspecting every part of her body. She took the nipple clamps off Evicies nipples and Evicie groaned in pain as the master twisted Evicies sore and extremely sensitive nipples. All of a sudden, milk rushed out of Evicies tits unexpectdely. The master took a moment to suck the tasty milk dripping from evicies tittes. "Looks like we're going to have to begin the milking earlier than i expected". The master took her cane and smacked Evcie on her sensitive tits aiming especially for her extremely sore and painful nipples.

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Evicie screamed in pain,her tits hurt so much"Listen slut, this is just the beginning, you're my whore, my slave, and you will respect me. This pain you're feeling now, you'll soon learn to enjoy it because there's worse to come. " With that she smacked Evicie's aching tittes again with the cane. Evicie Screamed "Please stop, she gasped, please, it hurts my boobs so much, they're so heavy and filled with milk, please".
"Shutup you slut, i don't think you've quite learned your lesson yet. " She continued caning only stopping to bite evicies nipples and take a sip out of the tasty milk dripping from her nipples. She then turned to Evicie's sexy ass. This ass is too pale, we need some red in those cheeks and with that she continued smacking Evicies ass with the cane. She then took the cane and shoved it up Evicie's dripping pussy, Evicie screamed in pain as she felt the sharp cane shoved up her sacred pussy. She began to cry as the master continued shoving the cane up her tight cunt and what was more humiliating was her body seemed to like the pain. Her nipples were growing hard and her pussy was dripping.
"Looks like this bitch is more whorish than i thought, look at her dripping pussy," said the masterAlanna was envious, she wished she was the one the master was torturing not that slut with big milky tits. "Alanna fill the tank with water" said the master as she continued whipping Evicie with the cane. Alanna pressed a button on the wall and soon enough a tank opened up and came out from a trap door in the ground. The tank was large and it took about 30 min for it to fill up with water.

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   Those thirty minutes were the longest in her life as the master kept whipping her ass and tits and then stopping to stick her dick in Evicies mouth making Evicie suck on the large 9 inch fat cock. She then placed the nipple clamps tightly back on Evicies nipples and the red ball gag back on her mouth. Once the tank was filled, ropes dropped from the roof of the builiding and tied themselves to Evices hands and feet and pulled her  mid air over to the tank stopping there for over thirty minutes"Are you thirsty slut" asked the master
Evicie shook her head fearfully, Oh God, they're going to drown me she thought inwardly"too bad slut, have a nice drink" said the master as she pressed the red button on the wall and the ropes lowered Evicie forcefully into the ice cold water. Evicie screamed inwardly, she couldn't breathe and everything was going dark, her body was freezing but she could still see vaguely as The master and alanna laughed. They left her in the water for about one minute but that minute seemed like an eternity, soon the ropes pulled Evicie back up and she struggled for air. After about 30 seconds, they ropes dropped Evicie back into the water. This procedure occured for about 20 min, dropping Evicie into the water and bringing her back out, leaving Evicie in the water longer for each round. Alanna finally released Evicie from the ropes that held her over the tank and pushed Evicie to the ground in front of the master.
"Looks like the slut drank a lot of water" said Alanna evilly as she stared at Evicies blue faceThe master went to the large table with all the dangerous equipment and took a pump from the table. She then filled a bucket with large ice water and brought it over to evicies body that was lying on the ground. in shame. she stuck the other part of the pump into the icy water and stuck her fingers into the jar of petroleum jelly. She then took her oiled fingers and stuck it into Evicie's warm virginal pussy and Evicie screamed in pain as two fingers were inserted into her pussy. She then took the pump and stuck the other end into Evicie's warm pussy. "Alanna, start pumping"Alanna began pumping and Evicie began screaming as her stomach filled with water.

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  "Please stop, that hurts so much please" screamed Evicie as her stomach began growing big  with water. "Harder alanna" growled the masterAlanna continued pumping harder and Evicie's stomach grew until it was as large as a pregnant woman. "If you don't stop my stomach will burst, please stop" screamed Evicie as her stomach cramped with cold water. "Time to plug that pussy" said the master as she took the pump out of Evicie's pussy and stuck her large hard cock in. Evicie continued screaming in pain, her stomach large with water, her tits large with milk. Her pussy dripping with blood as her virginity was taken away. The pain was unbearble and she felt as if any moment she would die. "Get the whip,  and whip her  watered filled stomach and milk filled tits" yelled the master as she continued fucking Evicie. Alanna got a large whip that looked like a snake and started whipping Evicie's stomach and tits. Evicie cried as her stomach was whipped, she felt like the water was going to spill out of her pussy and ass. "Fuck you slut, i'm gonna cum" groaned the master. "Please don't, please don't put any more liquid in my stomach, please don't"The master slapped Evicie hard on the face"Don't tell me what to do slut" yelled the master as she shot a load of cum into Evicie's tight pussy. "Noooo" screamed Evicie as she felt the cum inside her stomach mixed with the icy water. Her stomach would burst any minute.
The master then stopped and pulled her cock out.

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   Evicie's face was covered with hot tears. "Alanna, get out the milking machine, we're gonna milk these tittes. And listen slut, if you even think about letting the water out of your stomach, you will regret it highly"Alanna brought out the milking machine and dragged Evicie towards it. Evicie was in a state where she could no longer think because of the pain so she didn't notice when Alanna took off the nipple clamps and placed her boobs into two large vaccum tubes. The master then came towards them and turned on the milking maching. The vaccum began sucking the air out of the tubes. Evicie screamed as her tits were pulled closer and closer to the center of the vaccum. Her tits hurt so much and milk was dripping out of it. The master then turned the vaccum to medium power and Evicie could no longer move her tits, she could only watch as the machine sucked out the milk from her very Large G cupped tits. "Before, the milk from her tits were only coming out through one whole, now the machine will open up about 6 other holes in her tittes so the milk will come out faster and faster and with 6 more holes open, her whorrish tits will never stop dripping". said the masterFuck you, thought evicie, they're turning me into some kind of freak with tits that never stop dripping with milk. She felt like crying, her stomach was cramping with water but she wasn't allowed to let any drops of the icy water out, someone please kill me she thought. God help me, there is no way out of this as the cow milking machien continued opening more holes in her nipples and milking it
Please please comment, i'd like to hear your opinions. Part 4 to come soon

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