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It was pretty late at night and me and my boyfriend, archie, were at my house watching a movie. we were watching TITANIC. i was pretty scared of the movie (well not really scared, but i was really nervous every time i watched it), so archie held me and kissed my head whenever he thought the scene was too sad. the movie was done and he looked at me and said "i want to fuck. " it was so straightforward at first i didnt know what he said.  
"i want to fuck" he repeated. he started kissing me with his tongue. but i stopped him.
"archie no. im not ready and i dont want to give it all up to you". i pulled his hands off my C cups. "i have a purity ring you know. "
archie then stared at me. i was wondering if he even knew what i said. but then he ripped my shirt off, with force, and pinned me down.  
"ive been waiting for this, im not going to let you just get away.

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  " he said. i was so scared i was shaking.
"now take off everything or else i might just spread a rumor. and if you still dont do it ill do something very horrible to your sister. . . " he said.
i quickly took off my pants and bra. i left my thong on, though, i wasnt going to go that far.
"take off the thong bitch" he said. i quickly removed that, too.
"that's better. now don't moan too loud, now. " he grinned. he came down to my pussy and started licking it.


   he sucked on it and flicked my nipples while doing it. i moaned a little, but quickly stopped.
"see? i knew you wanted this. why dont you just enjoy it?"
he was right. i did want it. it was against my morals but i really did want it. i moaned and squirmed a little. he spit on my pussy and flicked my clit. he then started fingering me.
"oh my gosh archie that feels so good. " i groaned. he smiled and rolled his tongue around. then he put in three fingers.
"no archie thats too much. please stop, no, your going to break me!" i pleaded.


   but he just kept adding fingers by the minute. i felt an orgasm coming and i moaned so loud. "oh archie that feels so good. "
soon he said "im going to put my fist in your wet pussy. im going to fist fuck you so you better get ready. " i started to squirm away but he caught me and shoved his fist in me. that did it. my cum squirted out onto his fist. "GOD IM CUMMING ARCHIE" he licked my juices off as i layed there.
as i recovered from the orgasm he said "wow jenny. i didnt know you were a squirter. i cant wait til my cock can have you. " i blushed a little. it was like a compliment in a weird way. he then stood up and held his hard cock in front of me.

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"suck it" he demanded. i obeyed. i sucked his cocked while i carressed his balls. he moaned "wow jenny your so amazing. oh god im going to cum all over you. deep throught it jen" he said. i obeyed. i pushed his dick into my throught as his threads of cum went down my throught. "OH GOD YES, jenny thats amazing"
we sat there for a few minutes and then he said "cmon jen, we hafta do this before my dick becomes soft again. "
i layed down helplessly as his cock slowly teased my pussy.
"oh please, archie, just put it in. i want it so badly"
"say it. say you want my cock. you can't have it unless you plead for it. " he said.

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"archie do whatever you want with me. just put a baby in me. i want you to cum in me and i want to cum. just put your hard dick in me" i pleaded.
he smiled and slowly put his cock in me. it was at least 8" long. i was shocked. i could feel the pressure alrady.
"i want all of your cock in me archie. dont be afraid i can take it.
he didnt hesitate. he shoved his whole penis in me and i screamed a little. he then started to shove his cock in and out. with each thrust i was closer to cumming.

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  " i shouted. "FUCK ME TIL I CUM!"
"I'LL CUM ALL OVER YOU JENNY" archie shouted back.
his cock thrusted in and out of my dripping pussy. his balls made an echoing sound as they slammed on my thighs.  
"God, your cock feels so good! im so close to cuming archie, make me cum all over your hard cock. " i moaned.
"GOD jenny your pussy's so tight! I'm going to cum!!" he shouted.
"GOD JENNY IM GONNA CUM ALL OVER YOUR FACE. " archie suddenly pulled out and spread a blanket of thick cum on my stomach. he was still cumming. he forced his cock down my throat and made me swallow the cum. he then quickly shoved his humongous cock back in to make me cum.
"AHHHH ARCHIE IM CUMMING! MY JUICES ARE POURING OUT!" and they were. i squirted all over his face, as he caught the cum in his mouth.

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   he swallowed it all.
we soaked in all the sex for five minutes until he kissed me and said "lets fuck every day" 
i smiled and said "well not just once a day, maybe twice. "
"or more. " he said back. he then kissed me and we had sex again.
we've had sex 65 times since then (ive counted). its been about a month. so we had sex around 2-3 times a day. it's great. so far i'm not pregnant, but i hope that one day he can plant his baby in me so we can have sex as much as we want.

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