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Topic: Raped in a AlleyI had finished worked late and was on the bus home as usual, I was a little uneasy as it was late and dark. I got off the bus and headed towards home. My heart begun to race as I heard footsteps behind me. I quickened my pace a little but the footsteps just picked up pace behind me.
I looked round but no one was behind me. I slowed down my pace thinking I was safe when I was suddenly grabbed from behind. I felt a hand round my mouth and a voice saying don’t scream or else.
I was dragged down the dark alley which is not far from where I live. I was pushed against the wall with my face being pushed hard against it. I called out ‘take my bag but please don’t hurt me‘. I heard the man laugh saying ‘I want more than that bitch’.
He turned me round and I saw he was a large set black man. He slapped my face hard saying make a noise and I’ll hurt you badly ok bitch. I nodded thinking he would just take my bag. He moved back telling me to open my coat which I did with tears starting to run down my face.
He looked saying ‘not bad’ I again asked ‘please don’t hurt me.

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   He laughed saying ‘do as your told and you won’t get hurt bitch‘. He told me to remove my coat which I did. It was a cold night and the cold air was soon hitting my body.
He moved towards me looking into my eyes. I tried to hit out and screamed but he grabbed me by the hair and slapped my face very hard saying ‘I have told you once now shut the fuck up bitch’. He put his hand tightly over my mouth and I felt his hand move to my leg. I shook my head as I felt his hand move under my skirt. But his hand was to tightly round my mouth for me to release it.
He forced my legs apart with his as he then moved between them. His hand was now on my panties he finger moving them against my pussy. He said ‘I’m going to fuck you hard you dirty slut. I shook my head as I felt my panties being ripped from me. I was now crying as he pushed a finger into my dry pussy. He said ‘what a nice tight white pussy’.
I tried to move away but I was being pressed hard against the wall so I couldn’t move away from him.

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   He finger was moving hard back and forth from my pussy I just closed my eyes thinking about my husband thinking this will be over soon.
He pulled his finger from me and pushed me to the floor. He pinned me down and placed his hand back over my mouth. His other hand pushed my skirt over my waist and was fingering me once more only this time he pushed a second finger in, ramming them really hard into me.
He ordered me to move my hips, I shook my head as his fingers went deeply inside me. Again he ordered ‘move your fucking hips slut’. which I now did. I rocked my hips to the timing of his fingers moving inside me.
He reached down and undid his trousers releasing his fully erect black cock. He said ‘now fucking rub my cock slut. I moved my hand down taking his cock in my hand it was so big and thick I was scared it would tear my pussy apart. The tears was running down my face as he said ‘your pussy is ready for a good fuck you dirty white whore’.
His hand moved from my mouth as I was now so scared I couldn’t scream even it I wanted to. He asked if I wanted to be fucked I shook my head and felt him slap my face hard once more. He asked again if I wanted him to fuck me.

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   This time I nodded and felt him push his black cock hard into me.
My legs were pushed wide open as he pushed his cock harder and faster into me. Tell me to move my hips and fuck his black cock. I did as he asked and moved my hips in the same timing as his fuck.
My head was forced back and he moved his lips towards mine. I turned my head away not wanting him to kiss me. But he grabbed my face turning it towards him and forced his mouth onto mine.
I felt his cock banging hard inside me as he really started to fuck my pussy very hard. I laid frozen taking his fuck wishing it would soon be over. I asked his not to cum in me and cum in my mouth but he laughed saying he was going to fill my pussy full of black man cum. I was shaking with fear as I was not protected as my husband and I were trying for a baby.
I felt him pounding my pussy and could hear hips skin slapping against mine. I could feel his balls slapping against my ass as they swung back and forth as he really fucked me hard and fast.
He ordered me to move my hips wish I did so he didn’t slap me again. He made me call out fuck me fuck me give me your cum which I did.

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   I felt his hand griping my ass one of his fingers moved towards my tight little asshole. I froe as his pushed it inside my ass. I tightened my ass trying to keep his finger out but he just pushed harder and I felt it n my ass.
He pulled his cock from me and told me to turn over. He gripped my waist and I felt the tip of his cock against my ass. I pleaded not there please not there. But he pushed hard and I felt a burning pain shot over me as he fucked my tight virgin ass. I wouldn’t even let my husband fuck me there but now I was having my ass raped and it hurt like hell. I was still crying as he raped my ass very hard.
I was hoping he would cum in my ass so he wouldn’t make me pregnant but after a while he eased back and turned me again onto my back. He held my legs wide apart and rammed his cock back into my pussy. He was now fucking me even harder and faster telling me to fuck him or else. He slapped my face again making me move my hips.
My head was forced head as he pulled my hair saying ’I’m almost there‘. I was asking him ‘please not in it cum in my mouth I want that‘.

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   But he gave one last very hard thrust and I felt him shooting jet after jet of sticky cum deeply inside me. I was really crying hard hoping he hadn’t made me pregnant.
He laughed saying ‘I hope I have raped my black baby into you, you dirty white slut. I felt his cock slip from within me before he moved back. He parted the lips of my pussy saying how he could see his cum slowly dribbling from my pussy.
He grabbed my bag tipping it out. He grabbed my mobile phone saying he was going to call my husband. I heard he say ‘I have just fucked your wife you wanker and what a good fuck she was’
He also said how much I had enjoyed it. He looked at me his other hand drawing back making me call out how much I had enjoyed his black cock fucking me and how much I hoped he had fucked his black baby up me.
He dropped my phone laughing as he pulled up his trousers and walked off. I laid there frightened he would return. After a short while I got myself together grabbed my bag and headed home where my husband was waiting for me.
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