Forced with my best friend


I hope everyone enjoys it. This is my first story. It is a dream I had, and I needed to tell someone about it, so I thought why not here :)
The names are changed.
 James escorted me into his room, "How was the movie Cass?" he asked innocently, "It was okay, I like watching you better though" I replied honestly. James gave me a devilish smile, and started to kiss me hard. I automatically kiss him back, and I rolled over on top of him. He was well built, obviously. James had a nice six pack with decent size biceps. He suck his glossy tounge into my mouth and i responded the same. It was all going well untill he slowly changed position with me, so I was on the bottom and he was on top. All of a sudden he put all of his weight on my hands and feet, pinning me down. It hurt very much. Then I felt the smile on his face turn into a frown. "I'm sorry Cass, I love you" James said as if he was committng a crime. "Babe it's fine, just loosen your grip a bit". "Cass you dont understand, I didnt mean to put you in this situation, I'm just so sorry, so so so sorry" James said sounding as if he was about to cry.

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 Out of nowhere this 4 men emerge with rope and they all take a limb and tie it to a bed post. James was still trying to kiss me. "What the hell James. " I said coldly, while turning my head away. "I didn't want this to happen, i'm so sorry"
 "come on boys lets leave James to do his "dutys" the unknown men said. James got up off of me to talk to the men before they left, I struggled to pull free of no avail. The all started to argue with each other, all I could really hear was James say "Why her?" and "But I love her, I dont want to hurt her". Then it was seatles

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