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The next evening, Dad was heading out for a poker game with buddies from work and the rest of us were gonna stay at home to watch a movie – all including Christine. None of us had had a good gangbang since Ma moved away with her new boyfriend and we were ready to take this fresh piece of ass. After dinner, Ben, Gary, and I sat in the living room as Christine washed up the dishes. We went over the plans again and agreed that Ben, being 26, the oldest, would take her first, I’d go second, and Gary, who’s only a year older than Christine would go last. We heard the tap water cease and knew what would happen in a matter of minutes. Christine walked out of the kitchen and Ben brought out a gift for her. We told her it’d be a welcome back present and also one to introduce her to becoming an adult. She took it out and saw we’d chosen out a black, lacy lingerie piece. You should’ve seen her expression. She was absolutely shocked and offended. We laughed and popped in the “movie” we told her we rented. There on the screen, she saw herself taking it roughing from her father and enjoying it. “Where the fuck did you guys get that?” she screamed. She tried to explain that Dad had caught her sunbathing naked and he forced her into the act. “You think we care? Looks like you enjoyed it. Might as well, spend some time with us too,” I said.


   We could see that she was starting to cry from embarrassment and she was afraid of what was to come. “Put on the present,” Ben threatened, “or we’ll sell this tape online and send a copy to your college. ” We promised all we wanted was to see her wear the piece and wouldn’t do anything to her. She went into the washroom and came back out in the tight-fitting lacy outfit. We could see her nipple and nicely trimmed cunt. “Now, take a seat on the couch and spread your legs. We won’t touch you,” Ben told her. Gary took out the camcorder again and started filming again. Christine sat down as she was told and spread her legs in embarrassment. “Now start playing with yourself. ”At that point, she started shedding tears but she knew what she had to do. Gently, she starting touching herself and she could see she starting getting wet. “Nice! Now time for the kill!” Ben said and started to unzip his jeans. Christine freaked out. “What are you doing? You promised you wouldn’t touch me!” “Tough luck” Ben chuckled.

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   I went over to hold her down. She continued screaming but Ben shoved his 9” cock in her mouth to shut her up. He held her head firmly and jerked it back and forth as her tears rolled down. He continued to fuck her head and I got impatient. I took off my pants and whipped out my own 7”. My dick isn’t long as Ben, but it’s at least 2 inches thicker. When I shoved it into her tight pussy, she jolted and pulled away from Ben’s dick to breathe. “I’m not on the pill! Please don’t do that! At least Dad used a condom. ” “Sorry, sis, used the last one with your friend, Annie, last week. ” She screamed but her mouth was filled back with Ben’s dick. All the while, Gary was filming everything. We wanted to be sure we’d be able to continue fucking her and needed something for blackmail. Gary starting getting restless and placed the camcorder on a tripod and joined in the action. Man, this kid has grown since the last time we fucked Ma together. He whipped out 13 inches! Just as thick as mine! Huge cocks and nice tits run in the family, I guess.

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   Ben and I switched places and Gary watched and jacked off. After pumping and rumping her for a few minutes, Ben came all over her. She cried, knowing she’d probably get pregnant since it was her most fertile time of month. Gary quickly filled in and commented, “Sloppy seconds – nice and smooth. ” “Turn her over,” I said. He flipped her onto her stomach and we made her get on her hands and knees. “I’m gonna take her up the ass,” Gary said. He pulled out took some of her juice and rubbed it around her virgin asshole. I took out my dick from her mouth and went under her, positioning myself to DP her with Gary like we’d done with Ma so many times. “Noo, please, not there. Don’t Gary. ” She begged. “Shut her up, will ya, Ben?” Ben quickly resumed himself and was hard again. He shoved his cock back into her mouth again where it had been only a half hour ago. I started fucking her pussy and felt Gary start pressing in.

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   “OOOHHHHHHH!” He moaned. “She’s so tight…must be a virgin back here. ” We continued fucking her in different positions and came again and again until the next morning. Dad came home at 4:00 am and saw the mess we made. He took off his clothes and gave her baby one last fuck before calling it a night. .

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