Hank Wakes Up The Neighbors- Chapter 2


After their threesome, Sally suggested that Hank include her Aunt Connie and her best friend Yasmin, saying "Hanky panky, I want you to have the most sex ever in your whole life as my boyfriend. That means fucking around, so I will be honored to arrange that for you, as I planned our ménage a trois. "
"Why, thank you, Sally- you are such a sweet girl, and I think that, if you are as sincere as I believe you to be, you should be the next Mrs. Henry James Leicester. What about you? Do you want to have an open marriage with me, because I think that's what you're really after, my dear?" he offered.
"Oh, Hank, I was beginning to doubt that you would ask me, but I would be the happiest girl in the world to be your swinging partner and wife!" she replied with obvious joy.
"So, I take it that you're gonna to kick Penny out, and move my Sally in- good for you, Hank! However, I do think that some poetic justice is in order to settle the score with your evil wife and her lover, who, after all, has brainwashed her into denying you sex. " Mina spoke up.
"What exactly are you up to, my dear future mother-in-law?" Hank asked her, evidently stunned that she would be so invested in his pleasure and revenge.
"My hunky Hank, whom I hope to keep fucking, both before and after he gets married to my sexy daughter, I want to humiliate Pastor Gilbertson and your wife by enslaving them. You could use something over them, such as the fact that they're fucking behind Mrs. Gilbertson's back. You could threaten to inform the board and the deacons of his church. What do ya think, my love?" she answered him mischievously.
Hank grinned, and told her "Well, with Penny, we will need something more, since her spouse, namely me, already knows about her affair- we could bring up her fear of deportation back to England. She would not want to return there, after having lived in the States.

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So, the plan was set up, with the group to meet at Hank's house, fucking as a team while the VCR played the incriminating tape of Penny's dalliance with the pastor. Hank started things off by stripping for the girls, then making them undress in front of him.
Then, he bent each girl over the furniture, got on his knees behind them, and commenced a rimming session like none of them had ever known. He lingered with his lips and tongue over each anus, running them over it repeatedly, and making them cum in succession. He even stuck his tongue inside their sphincters, while kissing the holes themselves.
As he passionately French-kissed the arses of Mina, Sally, Connie, and Yasmin, he began to fondle their cheeks and play with their cunts. They climaxed several times from the oral assaults, and finally they were loose enough in the backdoor for him to simply insert his penis in each girl.
The first to get it was Connie, Mina's younger sister, who begged him not to stop almost as soon as he was inside. Every time he shoved it into her rectum, she pushed back against his cock and balls, revealing her furious delight at the penetration of her ass. Once Hank could not take any more stimulation, he shot off his ammo at her bullseye, which made her so wet that she came along with him in a heavy-breathing climax.
Then he took his cock straight from her butt into Yasmin's, getting the girl automatically damp from the mere fact of having just fucked her friend's horny aunt. He pushed and pulled in a sequence that was clearly intended to renew the awesome feeling of the initial thrust. Yasmin kept taking it eagerly for nearly a half hour, until at last she could take it no more: she came in a gush of girlie-juice. Once more,
Hank was so hard that he came with an impressive blast of semen, filling Yasmin's tush. When he was finished with that, he took a little break to take the tape off pause, while Connie went into the shower, taking Yasmin with her for what was looking to be a lesbian shag.

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Mina grabbed Sally to finger-fuck her in both holes, getting the young lady soaking wet within a few minutes. Hank watched both this hot scene, and the tamer sex on the VCR, as Penny suddenly opened the door with Pastor Gilbertson just behind her, and then she froze at the sight before her.
There was Hank, watching a naked woman masturbate her own daughter. He was also viewing a videotape of what Penny immediately saw was her own tryst with the pastor. In a couple of seconds, he saw it too.
"Well, Hank," she finally said as her eyes began to tear "I don't know how to ever undo my betrayal, but please let me try, my dear husband. "
Hank looked at her suddenly, with a stern face, and then he answered her severely "Penny, it's far too late to save our marriage, because I have been fucking around myself, in order to get what's rightfully mine, ever since one of the people at your church sent me this tape.
I have been doing Sally and Mina here, and I've just fucked Connie and Yasmin today. If you had been willing to agree to an open marriage at the beginning, we could have had something together, but, instead, you became a prudish, hypocritical zealot, thanks to the pastor here. "
"What are you going to do to Penny and me?" the pastor finally inquired.
Hank threw back his head and laughed, saying "You will be paying for your hypocrisy- both of you! If I tell your wife, Reverend, not to mention your parishioners, you will lose your pastorate, your marriage, and, definitely, your parsonage. You will not be able to leech off people, but will have to get a real job for once.
So, I'm handing you over to Mina, as a thank you to her for suggesting that I find this way to pay you back. You will be her slave for the rest of your life, finally putting some meaning into all B. S.

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   about 'service'. Penny here will belong to Connie, for whatever purpose she has in mind for her. That way, both of you will get punished for your failure to simply share and share alike. "
"Wait a second, Hank- do you mean that I now own Pastor Gilbertson here, and can make him do anything I like? If so, then I will exact a price for whenever he wants to fuck any woman besides me or his wife- he will have to take a cock or dildo up his ass every time he does that!" Mina said with undeniable excitement.
"Good idea, Mina, since Guy could never settle down any more than I could; you might use that to control him, so that he is penalized for having preached against sexual freedom all of these years. " Hank replied.
"What about me, Hank? What will you do if I don't cooperate with your little scheme to exact revenge on me?" Penny asked him with some consternation and umbrage at his assumption that he could make her comply with him.
"Well, that's simple, my wife, because once I divorce you, the INS would very interested to learn about it. You probably don't relish the idea of going back to Liverpool, do you? What about spending some time in a federal holding cell, pending deportation hearings?" Hank retorted gleefully.
Penny's face paled, as she realized that her immigrant status was leverage that Hank had all along, and it had never occurred to her that he could, much less would, use it against her. Well, it was fair, she supposed, and she could be tossed out of the country if she rebelled against it, so she would simply have to accept it after all.
At that moment, Connie and Yasmin came out of the bathroom with towels half-covering their lovely bodies. "Connie, I am giving Penny to you as a reward for your help, as well as a penalty for her hypocrisy- how does that sound?" he told her.
"So, Penny is my sex slave, instead of your wife, right? I'm guessing that you used her nationality and the threat of deportation as blackmail. Thank you, Hank, because I would love to dominate Penny, making her eat me in the shower like Yasmin just did.

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   I bet that she has never been screwed by a woman before, but I will change that quickly!" Connie gushed.
Penny was clearly terrified at the thought of being forced to have sex with women, but she was not nearly as frightened as the pastor, who was not looking forward to being buggered.
Hank laughed again, saying "I'm gonna fuck Sally and Mina here, while the 2 of you contemplate your new lives of bondage. Connie, I suggest that you move Penny in with you, so she can have a place to stay and be there to serve you properly. Sally and Yasmin are staying with me, while the pastor will visit Mina now and then, reporting for sexual duty at a given time that she prefers. "
He then put Mina down on all fours and mounted her ass for a thorough fucking. He shoved his manhood inside her with vigor, getting her all worked up with arousal, as his cock stretched her looser and looser. He contined plundering her butt for what seemed like an hour, getting her drenched with sweat and vaginal cum, while Sally took her mother's tongue along her rectal region.
Sally was moaning louder, as was her Mom, until Hank finally relieved his scrotum into Mina's heinie. He let the woman finish the ass-licking, however, making mother and daughter each reach orgasm.
Then, he straddled Sally missionary-style and fucked her rectum royally while lifting her thighs and buns. He rammed her with increasing momentum, letting the crescendo of pleasure build for several minutes, until both his genitals and hers were ready to climax together. She screamed, he grunted, and they both came, spending themselves simultaneously.
While this happened, Mina ordered her new slave to his knees, telling him to fuck Connie hard, while she deflowered his manhole. He protested for a second, but then he remembered that this was the lesser evil, next to getting defrocked.

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He entered Connie's waiting cunt, pushing eagerly to just get the whole thing over with for now, but Mina then slapped his face, saying "Hey, bitch, go easy on my sister- give her a slow, complete penetration, not a ramfest! You don't have the right to rough sex with some woman- that's for free people like me and Hank!"
He obeyed, sliding in and out with more consideration for the sister of his new mistress. Even so, Mina proved that she did indeed have the option to fuck someone hard, as she slammed her strap-on dildo into the pastor's ass.
He wailed at the sudden sensation of a sharp pain in his rear, but she slapped him again, telling him "Shut up, slave, and take it like a man! I am going to fuck you like the pansy slut that you are, nancy boy! Get used to it, 'cause that's how you're getting fucked from now on with me in command. "
Connie next gave an order, instructing Penny to sit on her face, so she eat her out while Guy Gilbertson fucked her pussy. "You will look at his face hard, knowing that you will never be allowed to have sex with a man again- your sex life will be all lesbian henceforth!" she told a stunned Penny, who never much wanted to fuck girls, but knew that she had no choice.
She sat on Connie's face, looked at Guy's face, and wept at the thought that she was losing both of the men in her life, with them replaced by a bisexual dominatrix. Even so, Connie was revelling in precisely that idea, eating Penny's pussy with ecstatic joy.
Against her wishes, Penny was being made to cum by a woman, and there was nothing she could about it, if she wanted to stay in the States. As the surge of pleasure ripped through her under-sexed body, she knew that this was her due, that she was being paid back for all of the mistreatment she had dished out to Hank and others.
At last, Mina came, followed by the pastor, and then Connie had her orgasm, evidently accelerated by the delights of Penny's cunt. Hank looked at the scene in front and thought- it's a damned shame that this is not in a porno film, because it would beat all of them!
Thus, the marriage of Hank and Penny Leicester became the enslavement of Guy and Penny and the engagement of Hank and Sally. This was only the best thing for all, giving everyone what they really needed in fact- karma.