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Hot For Student The teacher sat at the head of the classroom, blue eyes watching the students file in and sit down. It was an all girls’ school; the only men in the building were the teachers and the occasional parents.            The girls sat down and smoothed their skirts over their legs. The bell rang and the teacher stood up, “ Good morning ladies” “ Good morning Mr. Smith” All the girls spoke at the same time, their voices a musical harmony. “Alright, today we will be…” The door opened, cutting off Mr. Smith’s words.             A girl walked in, breathing heavily, her medium sized breast’s pushing against her thin button up white shirt. Mr. Smith looked at her, a burning desire starting in his stomach. The sun shone through the windows, making her golden hair shine.              Her name was Heather Graham, perfect student, never late for class, completely prude. Ever since the first day of school Mr. Smith had wanted her, but knew it would never happen. He was thirty-eight, she was sixteen. “Good morning Miss Graham, take your seat” When Mr.

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   Smith spoke there was a sternness in his voice.                Heather bowed her head and slowly walked to her chair, turning slightly red at being late for class. She moved her hair over her neck, hiding a large red mark on it. Mr. Smith watched her move, his rock hard cock pushing against his pants. He thought to himself: you have wanted her all this time, here is your chance:  He made a quick decision and waited for Heather to sit down.                “ Oh, by the way Miss Graham, you have detention with me after school” Heather looked up at him and nodded slowly, “ Yes Sir” She put her head back down, sighing. She hated being late for class and this was her first ever detention. Heather never got in trouble, so she was really upset. “ Good, now as I was saying before I was interrupted, today we have a test on chapter six”  Mr. Smith handed out the test’s and sat down at his desk. From where he was he could see down Heathers shirt, dirty thoughts filling his head, thoughts of covering her beautiful breast’s with his cum. He closed his eyes, fantasizing about Heaters body on top of his. A little while later the bell rang. The girls started to leave, putting their tests on Mr.

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   Smith’s desk. He stood up, “ Have a nice day ladies, and Miss Graham, report to my room before two pm” When all the girls had left he closed and locked the door, sitting back down at his desk. It was lunchtime and he knew he wouldn’t be bothered but he wasn’t taking any chances. Mr. Smith released his cock from his pants and started to stroke it, eyes closed, pictures of Heather’s body going through his mind, her hand on his cock instead of his own.             A few minutes past, his thoughts getting dirtier and dirtier. He had to have her; there was no doubt in his mind that he had to have her. Mr. Smith moaned softly, spraying his load all over the bottom of his desk. He knew in his mind, that after school, Heather was his.                   The final bell rang and Mr. Smith watched his class leave. A few minutes later Heather walked in, “ sit right in front of my desk Miss Graham. ” Mr. Smith stood up and closed the door, locking it as well.

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             Heather sat at the desk, sighing, “ Mr. Smith I am sorry I was late for class. Please can I just leave?” Mr. Smith walked over to Heather and knelt down besides her. The look in his eyes slightly scared her. “ I gave you detention and you are going to serve it” By now his cock was hard again, just from looking at Heather.             Heather looked away from him, not wanting to see the look in his eyes. She didn’t know what it meant but she just wanted to get away from him. Mr. Smith put his hand on Heathers knee and slowly slid it upward, slightly underneath her skirt. Heather froze, shaking slightly, wild thoughts running through her head, “ What are you doing?” Her voice was shaking as she turned her head to look at Mr. Smith, fear in her eyes.              Mr. Smith smirked, “ You have been a bad girl Heather. You were late for class and you have a nice hicky on your neck.

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   Now bad girls need to be punished. ” He slid his hand up between her legs, pressing his fingers against her panties, feeling the heat radiating from her pussy. Heather tried to protest but her body wouldn’t move or even make a sound.               To her horror she felt her body start to get warmer, wetter, enjoying Mr. Smith’s touch.   Mr. Smith moved up a bit, sliding his tongue over Heathers neck. He grabbed her panties, slipping them off, slowly sliding his middle finger in her wet hole, feeling her tightness and surprisingly her hymen.                “Your still a virgin? Hmm, this could be very interesting” Mr. Smith spoke softly in her ear, starting to suck on her neck now. Heather finally got her body to move, pushing him away, her whole body shaking violently. “ Leave me alone, please just leave me alone” Her voice was soft and filled with fear, tears falling from her eyes.                   “Stand up and sit on my desk” Heather shook her head, closing her eyes. Mr. Smith moved forward and grabbed her throat roughly, squeezing hard.

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   Heather’s eyes instantly shot open. Her hand grabbed his wrist as she gasped for air, her legs kicking as she tried to get his hand off of her neck. “Are you going to listen to me now Heather?” Mr. Smith spoke softly, his voice filled with no emotion.                   Heather nodded slowly then fell to the floor next to her desk as Mr. Smith let go, leaving her gasping for air, “ get on my fuckin desk now!” Heather stood up slowly and walked over to the large teachers desk, sitting on the edge. Her whole body was shaking Mr. Smith walked over and laid Heather back on his desk, moving her skirt up and spreading her legs, kneeling down slightly to get a better view. “ You have a beautiful pussy Heather, all nice and shaved. ”                   Heather sat up slightly, looking down at Mr. Smith. She tried to move her legs but found he was holding them open tightly.   “ Please just leave me alone, don’t do this, please,” She sobbed softly, trying to close her legs, all the time knowing in the back of her mind that she was going to get raped, that no one was going to save her.                      Mr. Smith pushed her legs open wider and slowly ran his tongue in a upward motion over Heather’s soft pussy lips.

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   Heather’s whole body shuddered and she bit her lip, fighting back a moan. “ Hmm you’re a very sensitive girl, this will be fun. I bet you taste really good Heather” He let go of her legs and spread her pussy with his fingers, his tongue flicking over her clit, which was starting to swell with blood, getting Heather moaned loudly, her virgin body reacting violently to the unwanted touch of experienced man. Her body took over completely now, her hips sliding upward, pushing her pussy toward Mr. Smith’s waiting lips. “That’s a good girl, don’t fight it, be my little whore” Heather moaned again, gripping the edge of her desk as she felt Mr. Smith’s soft lips engulfing her clit, sucking on it Mr. Smith slipped the tip of his pointer finger into Heather’s soaked pussy, being gentle to as not to break her hymen. He wanted to take it with his cock. He slowly fingered her, making small circular motions on the inner walls of his little slaves’ tight cunt.             Heather moaned softly then loudly a few times, the muscles of her cunt tightening around Mr. Smith’s finger. Part of her wanted him, wanted him to take her and that part scared her. She wanted to wait till she was married, to give herself to a man she loved, but now that would never happen.   “ Please stop, just please stop.

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   I won’t tell anyone, just please let me go” Heather sobbed softly, trying against to convince her teacher to stop.              Mr. Smith pulled away from Heather, releasing his throbbing cock from his pants. He pulled the girl to the edge of his desk and stood there, rubbing the head of his cock against Heathers pussy, making her juices drip out onto the floor and down his rock hard cock. “ I can’t let you go now Heather, we haven’t even started having fun yet. You don’t know how long I have wanted this, watching you every day, just wanting to fuck your tight body. I even got a camera into the locker room, so I could see you shower and change. ”               Heather just looked at Mr. Smith, her body shaking, her eyes wide. This man had been watching her since the beginning of school, fantasizing about her. She moved her leg to try to kick him but felt the knuckles of his hand hit her across the cheek. “ You’re a bad girl, for trying to hurt me.
    I was going to go easy but now your going to get it. ”              Mr. Smith lined up his eight inch cock with Heather’s pussy and shoved it all inside in one smooth stroke, breaking through her hymen and pushing roughly against her cervix.

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       Heather cried out tightly, burning pain shooting through her body. She involuntarily wrapped her arm’s around Mr. Smith, pulling him closer, her pussy tightening around his large cock, trying to get back its normal size but only succeeding in locking the large throbbing shaft deep inside of her.                  Mr. Smith smirked and ran his hand over Heather’s cheek, “ Hmm you are so tight” Heather nipped at his hand, which got her another slap across her face. She winced and bit her lip as Mr. Smith started to fuck her, pulling his cock out to the head then shoving it back in, listening to the sound of his skin hitting hers.                    Mr. Smith pushed in harder, smirking as he watched Heather squirm all over his desk underneath him, trying to keep herself from moaning. He grabbed her shirt and ripped it open, careful not to break the buttons. He removed her bra, looking down at her hard and perky nipples.                    “Your going to moan Heather and I am going to make you moan, so stop trying to hold it back. ” Mr. Smith spoke softly into her ear, the horror filling Heather’s eyes driving him crazy. He didn’t care if she hated him; this was all he wanted from her.

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       His lips closed around one of her nipples sucking roughly. Heather let out a loud moan, unable to handle it anymore, her nipples being a major weak spot for her.                     Her body pushed itself up toward Mr. Smith, feeling his cock move harder and faster inside of her, his breathing changing slightly. “ I’m going to cum inside of your tight cunt Heather, deep inside of you” Mr. Smith started to fuck her harder, preparing to shoot his load deep into the young girls pussy.                     “No…please…no!” Heather spoke between her moans, trying now to force the man off of her, to get out of there. She dug her nails into his back, seeing no visible effect. Heather moaned again, feeling the large cock break through her cervix, sending pain and pleasure through her body. She felt her pussy flood with flood, a violent orgasm sending her body into spasms.                        Mr. Smith pressed his lips tightly against Heather’s, putting his arms around her body and pulling her closer, feeling her start to spasm. He pushed in hard one final time, his tongue slipping into her mouth as well. He held his cock deep inside of Heather’s womb, filling her completely with his hot sticky cum.  Heather kissed him back, pulling him closer, her body taking over again, going crazy as she felt the warmth of his cum deep inside of her.

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       Tears fell from her eyes as she came back to her sense’s, realizing what had just happened.
           She felt Mr. Smith pull out, his cum and her cum, along with some blood spilling out onto the floor. “ If you say anything about this to anyone I will kill you Heather. Do you understand me?” Heather opened her eyes, seeing Mr. Smith, fully dressed, standing over her. She nodded slowly and rolled off of the desk, curling up on the floor.           Mr. Smith left quickly, closing the door behind him. Heather sat up and curled up against the desk, slowly pulling her clothing on. A few minutes later she stood up and left the school, her thighs so sore she could barely walk. She reached her house and stood outside on the porch, her parents not home yet.           Heather felt her panties soaking up cum, and also some cum sliding down the inside of her legs, she would have to clean up. She had actually enjoyed the sex, and that scared her, since it was a rape. She stood outside for a few minutes then made a decision.


       On Monday she would experiment again, see if she really enjoyed it. To Be Continued…. By: A. C. Magnum Written for Ashley, the girl who gave me the idea for this whole story.     (any comments e-mail me at rainneo9@msn. com, I check that account the most)
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