I Planned My Own Rape


I am not sure this really fits in the forced catagory since I planned my own rape. It is really not that complicated but here it is. In 9th grade I was well developed and passed for 12th easily. I dated a couple guys and more han a few girls that were 11th and 12th graders. It was not a secret that I was bi and so I was not surprised to get offers. I went with a guy naked Greg and he was cute and so, I thought he was going to get lucky the first date. I was more than willing to let him have anything he wanted. We got to the movie and I moved so he was able to get under my shirt and into my skirt and he did. He was not really getting ito it though so I gave up. We parked after and still it was like he was afraid. I told him after that I was open to anything he wanted to do. He said he knew and left and drove off. Before he left I kissed him and said, "If you wanted me to do a whole bunch of guys for you I would, all you have to do is say so. " and he smiled and left.

Well, the next week at school he came up and asked me to walk with him so I did and we were walking and he was talking and telling me how hot he thought I was and all. I told him thanks and then said, "If you think I am so hot why have you not done anything about it?" He smiled and suddenly I was grabbed from behind and my arms were pulled behind me and a hood over my head.

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   I thought how hot it was and did not resist and scream. I was in a van suddenly and driving somewhere and so I laid there hoping that someone would do something cause I was geting soaking wet. It stopped and I was taken out and pushed until I was told to stand still. "This the one?" a man said. And several guys said, "Yeh, she is the one. " and then he man was in front of me, close and he was tall. "Take off the clothes. " he told me and I pulled my shirt over my head and the hood came off but was quickly replaced by a blindfold that was really good and kept me from seeing. I took off my bra next and they all had something to say about my tits and the nipples that were now hard as rocks. "She is enjoying this, look at the tits man. " one guys said. "Take off he rest. " the first man said and I did and then stood waiting. "On your knees. " the man said and I did and was greeted by a nice sized hard cock.

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   "You know what to do with it slut. " and so I sucked it in and began realy getting wetter. My hand was between my legs fingering my pussy and the men were all making remarks and that just made me hotter. A load of cum filled my throat and I swalowed it and licked my lips. "Give her another one. " the man sid and someone stepped up and was in my mouth. He took my head and just jammed it into my throat and it did not take long to cum. "That would have been better if I could have done it myself. " I said and they laughed. After I sucked a few more the man said, "Okay, tie her to the bench. " and they moved me. It was then that I noticed the smell of hay and I was picked up and led to a place and put across a bench. My ass in the air and my middle on the bench and my chest hanging down then my face spported by some kind of pillow. I was tied with my legs apart and my arms to the sides below me.

The first man said, "Okay little lady, we are going to give you a good fucking and then a treat after we finish.

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  " I said, "Oh damn, about time. " and he laughed. "we'll see. " he said and a cock was in my pussy suddenly. No opne was gentle it was just dumping cum in my ass or pussy. I had several orgasm and let them all know it. "Okay, now for the fun. " the man said and I knew I was under something big. "Lube her up. " the man said and a hand had some Ky or something and smeared it all around my pussy and inside it and my ass. Then I heard a horse make the sound that they make and it was over me. He was ready to fuck me I knew from the way he was excited and then I felt the head of a huge cock against my pussy. They moved the horse and then it was in me and I tried to move back against him and it went in deeper and I moaned loud. "Oh yes, now a real fuck. " I almost screamed out.

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   He was in and out of me and streaching me like crazy and I had orgasm after orgasm and then he filled me and I went into orverdrive. One orgasm after another. It slipped out and the man's face was next to me. "Still with us little lady?" "Oh yeh' I said and he said "Okay, bring another one. " and I shook all over from excitement. Then they were pressing the horse cock against my ass. "Oh yeh, damn it yeh. " I yelled again and it went in me and drove deep. The horse was excited and drove into me hard. It seemed like a long time but he finished and plopped out of me. They untied me and said, "The next one if for your mouth and face, swallow all you can. " the man told me and I was there with a huge horse cock in my hands and kissing it and licking it all over. It got harder and longer and I felt the swelling and after a long time of licking, sucking and massagging it gave me the cum I wanted. I took lots in my mouth and then let it go all over my body like a shower. After that was done they took me and did not clean me up at all.

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The man said, :Okay little lady, you don't know anthing about anybody. One would and one of us will kill you. We are going to make an example of little whores like you. " he said and we rode in the van. It was dark and I was taken to a park that I know but I did not know it at the time. There is a monument there in the middle and I was tied naked and stil cover and dripping with horse cum and tied to it in a "X" shape. Spread out. The can left and a while later lots of people were around me. Somone covered me up and took me to a slinic where they examined me and concluded I was raped by men and horses. There were poloroid pictures left with me of the horses fucking me and of me enjoying it all the time. I did not care really since I felt I enjoyed the way I was and did not care who said anything. As I walked around sometimes I had someone go by me and make a horse noise. I usualy turned saying, "Don't get me hot if you can't back it up. " and that stopped most of it. I know I heard the voice again and he smiled as he looked at me and then left.

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   One day I followed him and sure enough he hada farm and some really nice horses. I decided to say something one day and he walked by me. I grabbed his arm and pulled him into a alley and quickly felt his cock that got big, "What does a girl have to do to get be invited back to the farm. ?" I said. "Just keep it up, you will nbe back soon enough. " he said and I thanked him and left. Not soon after that I went back to the farm.

See ya all.
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