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Ive always been a hard guy, i joined the army in the 1980's, been to somalia,iraq and afghanistan but who's complaning? I was a leader of my squadrant, not to brag, anyways here's my story. ( p. s two part story ) sorry bout the long entry and all. Ok it started off on a normal patrol, nothing really happened in my sector, our units were to patrol the hospital area for a 4km district. Round and round these winding streets really get to you after a while, boredome that is. We were on our last round and heading back to the hospital for last check in before we were off dutie. Our large green truck holding me and 2 of my squad pulled up and andy jogged in to get the report, obviously as eager to get off duty as me. Not many people were in this area. Wouldn't blame them, the few houses that surrounded the road were old ratty and badly structured with rusty metal sheets used as roofs. As the fall of sadam started the few tall buildings were abandoned looted and then left, other than the hospital, the streets were pretty decent and not covered in rubbish and shit like the others. It had many side streets and alleys which were always a nusence as we had to be on gaurd and check every one of them for suspects. Ecspecially now that the sun was lowering leaving the alleys in complete darkness. Two nurses walked out of the building and headed towards us and past our convoy. They had light tanned skin like the kind you get in the sun not one of the normal iraqi tans, they both had creamy soft skin and great sculptured faces and damn great bodies. Both had large breasts, tight round asses and a great smell as they walked past. Obviously they belonged to one of the neighbouring rich families.

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  Shane and I looked drewlingly at the chicks as they strutted their stuff into the looming darkness that swarmed the road. "Think they need a lift" shane joked to me staring godsmacked at the two disapearing figures. I smirked at shane then watched as andy made his way out and back into the truck. We past the two chicks on our way back getting a glimpse down their doctors uniform. Our camp was just ahead and we got out and headed to debriefing and back to camp. Conviniently my tent was near the wall so i could easily skip around and access the road without attracting much attention, which i was soon grateful for. I unpacked my items leaving them in my tent then loading my pistol and placed it in my jacket and headed for the road. I quietly arrived at the road un noticed or so i thought. I snuck along the path and into a small dark alley as i heard the footsteps approach. The two girls came out of the darkness and continued down the road thankfully not noticing me. I followed them around a few more streets where they came to a stop outside a house, this one actully having electricity, i creeped around the bend next to a abandoned 3 story motel looking building and watched as one entered the house and waved good bye then the other started her journey again. I looked around for any people but to my luck none at all. I grabbed my pistol and quietly snuck behind the girl and knocked her un concious with the handle. I grabbed her limp body and viciously dragged her to the abandoned motel. Dust had covered everything and by the looks everything had been either broken or stolen.

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   I noticed a flight of stairs to my left and i pulled her and myself up them and into a room on my right. It was pretty deserted with no windows but a broken 4 post bed and a wooden table remained in the room. Also a bathroom with a bath tub and a shower. Very decent for Iraq. I shut the door creakily and chucked her body roughly on the table. Blood was dripping off her head and onto the table, No Pain No Gain right?, I concously checked the room for people, knowing that its pretty stupid but just to check incase, i entered the bathroom, shattered glass covered the floor where a mirror had been broken. Small bottles of shampoo and conditioner lay on the ground next to the toilet. I took the bottles and some toilet paper and entered the room where her body was still laying unmoving. I scrunched a ball of toilet paper into her mouth and wrapped multiple layers around her head to make it unallowable to come out. I tied her arms from elbow to finger tips with 2 rolls of toilet paper so that it was unbreakable. I stopped for a second and enjoyed the view of a hot iraqi nurse laying unconcoius ready to be raped the shit out of. I rubbed my hand over her thigh and pulled down her pants and panties revealing a slightly hairy small pink puccy. I pulled out my combat knife and cut her shirt off and bra accidently slicing her neck deeply. She awoke at a sudden and started coughing and panicing. I pulled my gun and showed it to her warning her not to move, she paniced and tried to get off the bench falling to a heap hardly on the ground.

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   I pulled her skinny frame up and literally chucked her on the bed. Her breasts were nicely tanned with small brown nipples. I groped them in my hands and she became aware of her clothes being off and paniced once more. "move bitch and ill shoot ur head off then help myself to you, which way you want dead or alive, dead would be alot less hassle for me" i said menicingly to her revealing my gun once more. She flinched and slightly nodded. I played with her tits once more and she looked away shamefully. I sucked on each one and they hardened up. By now my dick was fully erect and painfully against my pants. I ripped them off along with my boxers and avanced to her body. She looked at me shockingly what i was going to do and tried to scramble away. I pulled my knife out and lay the blade against one of her tits and whispered in her ear "want to be titless? then stay the fuck still". I wasted no time taking her by shock and aligned my cock with her semi wet cunt. I plunged in as hard as i could ripping through her, obviously a virgin because she let out a muffled scream over the toilet paper and blood soon started leaking out of her cunt. More the fun. I started plunging in and out of her slowly then faster, the tightness of her being unbelievable.

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   I placed a hand on her neck to stop her moving and kept pumping into her. The other hand felt up her breasts. Soon enough i came exploding inside her, cream gushed into her stomach and i pulled out my lowering member. I grinned at the sight and feeling of fucking this beautifull bitch. She had tears streaming out of her eyes now. I ripped the toilet paper off her face and shuved my semi erect cock in there and pulled my knife out again and placed its tip on her eye's. "say anything bitch and ill cut out your eyes and rip a hole in your puccy, now suck it" i yelled. She looked at me innocently then started slowly sucking on it. Soon enough she had my cock fully erect and i moved over laying on the bed and pulled her ontop of me allowing better positions for her. She sucked the top slowly and i pushed her head forcefully onto my cock geting it deeper into her throat. I mean im only 6-7" but she was only taking around 4, which i soon changed. I placed my hands on her head softly and randomly pushed with all my might getting her down to the base and she splurted and coghed removing her head. I grabbed the shampoo while she was distracted and lubed my cock and her ass up as she just thought i was playing with her. I flipped her over as she was still coughing and agressivly pushed my cock into her ass. It held up with much resistance but it finally slid in and she gasped at what i was doing, obviously she had never been revealed to this.

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   She tried to get away but i placed my blade on her stomach so if she pushed forward she would be inpaled on it. I slid my cock deeper and deeper into her tight anus as she wimpered and cried. It was such a exhilerating experiance as my whole cock was sucked into her but. I moved it in and out placing some more shampoo onto my shaft and fucked her like a wild beast. I had a steady pace, in and out in and out, and soon enough splurted my seed into her ass. She slowly came off and fell to the ground and i lay on the bed recovering and retrieving my blade which i must of dropped. After a while i came around and leaned over to her slowly breathing body. "tell anyone and ill shave that puccy of yours right off" i said. I didn't follow these ways untill i arrived back in Novemeber last year, if revieve feedback ill continue my stories. Thanks for listening, and write to me! Lt_twenty@hotmail. com.

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