I've Been Watching You - Part Five


            Nick turned down the television and picked up his bag from the floor where he’d left it. He tossed it on the bed and opened it then started riffling through it. He shoved the bag away when he heard a knock at the door.
            “That was fast,” he mumbled to himself as he shoved the bag further onto the bed and went into the other room to answer the knock.
He’d ordered room service because he was starving and he didn’t want to go back out. At least it’ll be hot since they got it here so quick, he thought. He opened the door and a small waiter pushed a large cart into the room without preamble. The uniform was a standard one and hid the waiter’s sex well. Since the waiter’s head was dipped low, Nick wasn’t sure if he was dealing with a small man or a woman. Either way, he needed to tip the server even if he was nervous about turning his back on the person. He took a deep breath and turned around, heading for the other side of the room where he’d left his keys and wallet. As he reached for his wallet he felt a sharp jab in the back of his thigh. He jerked around and saw the waiter retreating across the room.
“What the hell –” Nick tried to take a step toward the retreating figure but stumbled to his knees. “Oh, God, no,” he moaned.
He watched helplessly as his assailant hurried back to close and lock the door.

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   Then the figured turned and moved back toward him.
“What the hell did you just give me?” he demanded.
The small figure bent over him and slid a blindfold in place over his eyes before he collapsed to the floor. He tried to reach out and grab her but his hands wouldn’t obey. His limbs felt like lead and he felt a tremendous need to sleep.
“Christ,” he whispered. “Look, I don’t do drugs. What the hell did you just give me?”
He felt his arms being pulled behind him and something soft binding them together.
“At least tell me who you are. ”
Sounds like furniture being drug around the carpeted floor floated to his ears. He started to feel panicked as he remembered his last encounter with someone from this little group. What the hell was this one up to? he wondered. Had she brought her own torture devices with her? Was that what was on the cart she had brought in instead of the food he’d ordered?
“What are you doing?”
The fact that she refused to speak to him unnerved him more than anything else she was doing. If he couldn’t get her to communicate… He felt her hands at his waist, undoing his belt. She unfastened his pants then pulled his shirt out from where he’d tucked it in.

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   Slowly, she unbuttoned the buttons down the front of his shirt and pushed it open, her hands sliding gently over his bare chest. Her movement stopped when she felt the welts that still ran across his right side. He felt her lean close as her fingers gently traced the longest welt running from his armpit to his hip.
“Bitch!” she whispered vehemently. “She promised!”
He was surprised when he felt her lips on his, a gentle pressure, more loving than demanding. Her hands softly caressed his face as she kissed him. When she finally pulled away from his lips her hands stayed on his face and she still leaned close.
“I’m sorry, Nick. She wasn’t supposed to hurt you,” she whispered softly then pulled away from him.
“Who are you?” he asked in a hushed voice.
“You can call me Lady Tara,” she replied in a whisper as she removed his shoes and socks.
She slowly crawled up his legs and grabbed his open pants, pulling them down over his hips. Slowly, she worked his pants and briefs down his legs until she pulled them completely off of him. She tossed them away and moved to kneel next to his chest. She put her hands under his shoulders and lifted.

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“Sit up,” she whispered.
“Sorry, but my muscles just don’t seem to be working very well. ”
She managed to lift him into a sitting position and slid behind him so that he was reclining against her.
“You should be recovering control,” she whispered in his ear. “I didn’t give you very much. ”
“What did you give me?”
“Something to make you compliant without hurting you – or me,” she replied in a whisper.
“Can’t you talk above a whisper?” he finally asked, annoyed at her.
“No. At least not yet. ”
“Can you move your legs now?” she asked, ignoring his question.
He tried and found he could move a little but his limbs felt sluggish.
“Yeah,” he finally said.
“Good. There’s a chair directly behind us. I need you to get on it.

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“Don’t be difficult, Nick. ”
“Why should I cooperate with you?” he asked stubbornly.
She reached around his broad chest and grasped his left nipple between her forefinger and thumb and squeezed.
“Ow! Shit!” he growled as he struggled to pull away from her.
“Get on the chair,” she whispered harshly.
“Alright,” he panted when she released her hold on his nipple.
She helped him to his feet and then helped him maneuver onto the chair. He was still weak from the drug she had given him and the task of moving onto the chair had caused him to break a sweat. He was breathing heavily when he slumped onto the chair. She straddled him and sat on his lap, letting her hands wandered over his chest.
“Just rest a minute,” she whispered.
“What the hell did you give me?”
“Don’t worry, Nick. It isn’t addictive and it’ll be completely out of you system in a few more minutes. ” She leaned forward and kissed him again. “Would you like something to drink?”
“Water would be good,” he admitted as he nodded.

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“Don’t try to move or you might hurt yourself,” she warned in a sharp whisper. Then she was gone.
Nick let his head fall back as he tried to relax and control his breathing. His head jerked forward when he felt her touch his leg. She sat on his lap again as she slipped a hand behind his head.
“Here you go,” she whispered.
He felt a glass touch his lips and he opened his mouth. She carefully tilted the glass forward and spilled a tiny bit of the cool liquid into his mouth. He swallowed and she gave him more. When he made a noise she pulled the glass away.
“Okay?” she asked.
“Yeah. Thanks. ”
He felt her move and wondered where she was. Just as suddenly as she had disappeared he felt her hands on his bare legs.

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   She slipped something soft around his right ankle and then he felt the same thing go around his left ankle. He heard a clink and felt his left foot pulled against the leg of the chair. Another clink and his right foot was pulled against the other leg of the chair. Then he felt her hands on his arms, releasing his bonds.
“What are you doing?” he asked nervously.
When his arms were free she pulled his shirt back over his shoulders and down his arms. When the garment was gone he tried to turn on the chair but her hands were on his wrists almost instantly.
“Don’t fight me, Nick. Please?”
He didn’t move for an instant then finally asked quietly, “Is this it? Is it over after this?”
“Yes. I’m you’re last. ”
He resisted for another moment then relented and put his back against the chair, letting his arms fall to his sides.
“Fine. Just get it over with then. ”
“I’m sorry, Nick,” she whispered.
He felt her grasp his wrists and pull his arms behind the chair.

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   Then he thought he heard a soft sob and his arms fell free, hanging limply by his sides again. He listened attentively, trying to discern where she was and what she might be doing. He couldn’t hear any movement or sound.
“Hello?” he finally said softly, nervously, thinking she may have fled.
He heard a soft giggle then felt her hand on his head.
“I’m still here,” she whispered. Her hands were laid lightly on his bare shoulders. They softly caressed his neck and shoulders, sometimes sliding down his chest or into his hair. “You have no idea how long I’ve wanted this and now…now I don’t know if I can go through with it.

    “What?” He was confused. How long had they been watching him anyway?
    He heard and felt her moving.
    “How long,” he paused to swallow hard, he wasn’t sure he really wanted to know the answer to this question. “How long have you and your friends been watching me anyway?”
    His only answer was her long, slender fingers gently caressing his prick.
    “I guess you decided you could go through with it after all. ”
    She sat across his lap and pressed her lips against his in one move, her hand never leaving his cock.

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       Her free hand curled around the back of his head as she crushed his lips with her demanding pressure. His lips slid open and her tongue snaked into his mouth. Her right hand moved down to his chest and played along the expanse to his abdomen as her left hand continued to massage his prick and balls. Her lips never left his.
    “Uhhh,” he moaned into her mouth when she squeezed his balls then pulled gently as she worked her hand up his stiffening rod.
    She finally broke their kiss and pulled his head to her chest, pressing his face into her tits. Her hand ran through his hair as she moaned his name. The sound of her voice slowly broke through the haze in his brain and he realized there was something familiar about her voice.
    “I’m sorry, Nick. This is all my fault. ”
    “What? What’s your fault?” he whispered, nuzzling her tits before returning to sucking them.
    “This, everything. Everything they’ve done to you. When all this came up I nominated you. I gave them your picture, your name, everything.

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      ” She sobbed as she held him to her. “I’m sorry. ”
    He tried to pull back, pull away from her, but she clung to him. When he managed to pull away and hold her out from him she dropped her head down to rest against his chest.
    “Why?” he asked softly. Then suddenly a thought struck him. “Do I know you?”
    “Yes, Nick, you know me. ”
    She released her hold on his semi-erect dick and slid both hands up his face, pushing the blindfold up as she went. His eyes were closed when she first removed the blindfold. She held her breath as she waited for him to open those lovely green eyes she was so afraid would be filled with hate. His eyelids slowly raised and he stared into her brown eyes. The room was silent except for their labored breathing.
    “Tarin?” he whispered.
    “I’m sorry. ” Her whisper was so soft he almost didn’t hear her even though she sat on his lap.


    Her left hand lay limply on her leg between them, her right hand softly caressed his cheek.
    “Because I’ve wanted you ever since I can remember but you never seemed to even notice I was in the room. I was out of ideas for getting your attention. I knew – know – I’ll never really have you but I thought maybe, just for once at least…”
    “Tarin, you had my attention. I just didn’t think you wanted it. I thought you and Josh…I didn’t want to…”
    He watched as she shook her head, tears sliding down her face.
    “Josh is like a brother to me. But you…I’m sorry, Nick. I didn’t mean for you to get hurt. ”
    When she started to move, to get off of his lap, he grabbed her arms and pulled her back. He pulled her close against his chest and held her tightly.
    “Tarin, you have to finish what you started. ”
    “You can’t just leave me like this. ”
    “What are you talking about?” she demanded, trying to pull away from him.
    He let her pull far enough away for the two of them to look pointedly at his groin.


       His prick stood at attention, clearly showing his mood. Her eyes flew to his face.
    “I need you, Tarin. I want you. ”
    She fell forward against his chest, pressing her lips against his. His hands lifted her up and placed her over his throbbing erection. She wriggled down until she was nestled tightly against him, burying his rod deep inside her. His hands slid up her body to squeeze and tease her tits. She gently bit his lower lip when he squeezed her nipples. They both lunged over the edge and screamed into orgasm together. He shot his hot load into her then she collapsed against him as he held her tight, they were both breathing hard.
    When she had recovered she sat up and stared down at him. His green eyes took in her long, tawny hair and perfect white breasts. Her hands played in his dark hair as his hands found their way to her tits.
    “I’m sorry for what happened, Nick.

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       I love you and I would never intentionally hurt you. ”
    “God, Tarin,” he whispered hoarsely, pulling her to him. “I didn’t know I could love someone so much. ”

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