I've Been Watching You - Part Four


            Nick was dead tired. He’d had a long day and now he was avoiding going to bed. He hated to admit it but he was actually afraid to go to bed. If they knew about Josh and had been able to figure out he was using Josh’s car, they probably knew he was staying at Josh’s place. Hopefully that didn’t mean they’d be able to get to him though.
            “Come on, Nick, you’re a big boy,” he mumbled to himself as he headed for Josh’s guest room. Shit, now I’m even talking to myself, he thought irritably.
            He flipped on the light as he entered the room then went directly to his duffle bag which still sat on the bed waiting for him to unpack. He rummaged through it and came out with a pair of worn sweat pants. He set the bag on the floor at the foot of the bed and changed into the sweats he had pulled from the bag. He tossed his clothes on the floor next to his bag and climbed wearily under the covers.
            “Damn,” he said softly with a sigh. “Light. ”
            He climbed back out of bed and padded across the room. He flipped the switch and went back to bed. His eyes slid shut and he was asleep in minutes.

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            In Nick’s dream he was Gulliver and all the Lilliputians were women. They were tying him down and crawling all over his nude form. Several of the tiny women screamed gaily as they rode his huge, hard cock like some kind of wild stallion. He was still trying to fight his way out of sleep, out of the dream, when he realized something was covering his nose and mouth. He pushed groggily against an arm that held fast against his sleepy attempt at escape. His mind finally came fully awake and his eyes snapped open just before the sweet smell drug him under again.
            Nick jerked his head away from the sharp acrid smell of…something. His head ached and he couldn’t think clearly. Was he still dreaming? he wondered. The acrid smell was back under his nose again. He jerked and tried to pull away only to discover that he was tied firmly in place. When he tried to swear only garbled muffles came out. His green eyes grew wide as he stared around the room and took in his predicament. The light was on and he was tied spread-eagle to the bed with a rough hemp-type rope. He wasn't blindfolded this time but his mouth was stuffed full with a large penis gag which was strapped tightly around his head.

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   He had been stripped of his sweats and now lay trapped, completely nude.
            The woman standing over him next to the bed was small and looked oriental – what he could see of her face. She wore a tight, black mask over the top half of her face. Her silky black hair was pulled through the back of the mask and fastened into a pony tail. She was small, probably around 5' 3" or 5' 4" with a slim build. But he could see muscles standing out on her small arms. She wore what looked like a tight black bathing suit made out of spandex. The thing that bothered Nick the most was the whip she held in her right hand as she stared at him.
            "My name is Madam Kelea. You are my slave toy tonight. I'll play with you for as long as I want then I will fuck your brains out – if you're a good boy. "
            She smiled as she laid the whip across his abdomen and climbed onto the bed. She leaned forward and ran her fingers up his stomach and chest, digging in her long, red fingernails. Nick squirmed under her, mumbling behind his gag, his eyes never leaving her face. She reached across to the side of the bed and lifted a small remote up for him to see.

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   Smiling, she pressed a button on the remote and he felt the gag in his mouth start to grow like an engorged penis. He sucked air through his nose and shook his head violently from side to side. She reached out and pinched his right nipple hard. He stopped shaking his head and stared at her with panicked eyes. She pressed another button on the remote and he felt the meaty part of the gag bouncing around in his mouth, squirming like a live prick. He mumbled and groaned frantically. She patted his cheek and smiled at him.
            "We've only just begun, toy. "
            She straddled his stomach and made herself comfortable before reaching for his nipples. She leaned forward and licked and sucked at his nipples, twisting and pinching them. Her attentions soon had the small nubs standing erect. She giggled as she attached adjustable nipple clamps to his chest. He jerked spasmodically and screamed into the squirming gag. She twisted the tiny screws on the clamps and locked them down tightly, drawing more screams from him. When she was satisfied she sat back and watched him breathing heavily through his nose, his eyes squeezed shut against the pain.

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   She flipped her fingers against the clamps and laughed when he screamed into the gag.
            "We're going to have so much fun!"
            She slid down his body and sat across his hips, her hands running gently up and down his torso. She leaned forward and started kissing and licking his body. Slowly, he adjusted to the pain in his chest and began to concentrate on her hands. The gentle caresses felt like butterfly wings touching his skin. He closed his eyes and focused on that feeling, ignoring the pain from the clamps. He felt her move and his eyes shot open. She slid down to sit between his legs while she played with his cock and balls.
            Her magical fingers fluttered over his balls and up and down his shaft, teasing him. He was surprised when she leaned down and, staring straight into his eyes, she took him into her mouth. Her tongue flicked over his dick as her fingers played over his balls, pulling a low moan from him. She smiled as she sucked and licked on him. He closed his eyes again and focused on the pleasure she was giving him, using that to block out the pain from the clamps.
            Suddenly, his prick felt like she had stabbed him with a burning rod. He looked down at her to see that she had applied a clothespin to the top of his dick.

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   He could hear a strange growl and a high-pitched screaming but didn't realize the sounds were coming from his own throat. His body jerked spasmodically as she applied a dozen clothespins to his prick and balls. Finally satisfied with her handiwork she got off the bed to admire him.
            "I think a few more," she said softly, almost to herself.
            He continued to scream into the gag as she fastened twelve more clothespins, six on each leg, to his inner thighs up next to his scrotum. She patted the pins when she was finished then reached up to pat each of the clamps as well.
            "There, that's better," she said, smiling down at him. "Now, for the really fun part. "
            She picked up a leather flogger and aimed for his stomach first. Nick screamed into the gag as his body bounced and jerked against his tight bonds each time she struck him. He nearly passed out when she hit the clothespins on his prick with the flogger. She threw the implement across the room and grabbed the smelling salts from the bedside table, shoving them under his nose.
            "Don't you dare pass out on me, toy!"
            He quickly came back around and groaned at her. She responded by slapping him hard.
            "Don't fuck with me, toy!"
            She grabbed the nipple clamps and pulled them off him.

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       He lurched up as much as his bonds would allow, screaming into his gag. He continued to scream as she rubbed his nipples roughly. She moved her hand down to play with the clothespins that were still attached to his groin. She flipped her fingers along the pins sending white-hot ripples of pain through Nick’s body. He arched off the bed and screamed. His voice was fading quickly from his repeated screaming so it sounded more like he was growling than screaming.
                "Enough of that. You bore me. "
                She yanked the clothespins off him and tossed them away. His sweat-covered body fell back against the bed. He prayed that it was over as his eyes rolled back into his head. The sharp scent of the smelling salts called Nick from his stupor. He moaned as he came awake.
                "I told you, toy, don't pass out on me!"
                She grabbed another flogger and struck him with it. This one was different than the first.

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       It had small metal beads on the ends of the leather strings and stung like irritated bees when it made contact with his skin. He was so exhausted from the previous go-around that he didn't have the strength to fight her this time. He made muffled screams and squirmed but he just couldn't muster the strength to jump and scream. She finally tossed the flogger away.
                "This should get some reaction from you," she said in a sultry voice as she climbed onto the bed again.
                Nick pulled his eyes open to see her standing over him with a large whip. His breath caught in his throat as he started to shake his head back and forth. He squeezed his eyes shut and braced for the impact when he saw her swing the awful thing. He knew it would hurt but he never imagined just how painful it would be. The lashes caught him across the chest and down his right side. It felt like the thing was ripping his skin off. He screamed into the gag and struggled up against his bonds. After only four more strikes she fell between his legs and grasped his prick between her lips, sucking wildly.
                After only a few minutes she slid up and positioned herself over him, sliding his erection inside her. She leaned down and gripped his nipples in her fingers, pinching, twisting and pulling them as she rode him.

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       He thought she would pull them off when she finally fell forward against his chest, breathing heavily.
                "You're a good toy, baby," she crooned to him.
                Did I cum? he wondered. Did I even get it up? He couldn't remember. He just knew he hurt – everywhere. And he wanted her to go away and leave him alone. He felt like a little boy again. He wanted to curl up and cry away the pain he hurt so badly.
                Nick jerked awake and sat up, his eyes wide. He looked around the bedroom, his head swiveling on his neck. There was nobody here and everything was just as he had left it. Another dream? He threw back the covers and started to get up.
                "Oh, Christ!" The pain threw him back against the bed. "Definitely not a dream. "
                He looked down and saw strings of welts across his lower abdomen and down his right side.

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       His chest ached and his wrists and ankles were raw. There seemed to be some kind of residue on his wounds though and a bottle he didn't recognize sat on the bedside table. He picked it up and saw a note attached to it.
                Use this for the pain. It will help heal your wounds.
                Fucking bitch, he thought. He slowly pulled himself to his feet and stumbled to the bathroom. He turned the shower on and ran the water as hot as he dared then climbed in. I've gotta find a hotel, he thought as he let the hot water stream over his screaming muscles.
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