I've Been Watching You - Part Three


            Nick listened to the phone ringing on the other end. He tapped his fngers absently on the table top as he waited for an answer.
           “This is Josh. What can I do for you?”
            “Hey, Josh. It’s Nick. ”
            “Hey, Nick. What’s up?”
            “Not much,” Nick lied. “Hey, I was wondering if I could crash at your place for a while. You got room?”
            “Sure. I won’t be there though. I have to go out of town for a couple of weeks for work. You’re welcome to stay at the condo though. What’s wrong at the apartment?”
            “Nothing. I’ve just had a couple of break-ins. The manager changed the locks but it didn’t help. I’m looking for a new place but…”
            “Stay as long you need to, buddy.

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            “Thanks man. ” The relief in Nick’s voice was audible. Josh laughed as Nick asked, “Can I stop by later and pick up the keys?”
            “Any time. I’m leaving at two for the airport so if you stop by after that I’ll leave them with Angie. ”
            “I’ll be there before then,” Nick declared.
            “Whatever works for you,” Josh replied.
            “Thanks, man. ”
            Nick disconnected the call and put the cordless phone back on its cradle. He went back to his bedroom and hurriedly packed a small bag. Grabbing the keys to his newly installed lock, he ran out the door locking the apartment as he went and dashed down the stairs. He had thought about taking a cab but decided it would be quicker to just take his own car. Maybe I can talk Josh into trading cars, he thought as he climbed behind the wheel of his thunderbird.
There wasn’t much traffic and the lights seemed to be on his side for once so he made good time to Josh’s office. He parked his car and rushed into the building. He managed to catch an elevator as soon as he ran into the building.

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   He rode up to the fifth floor alone and got off the elevator without incident. Maybe I’m just being paranoid, he thought to himself as he walked into the reception area of Josh’s office.
“Hi, Nick!”
“Hi, Angie. I told Josh I’d stop by. ”
“He’s on the phone but you can go on in. I don’t think he’ll mind. ” She smiled at him sweetly.
“Thanks. ” He smiled and gave her a nod as he turned and strode across the room to the door of Josh’s office.
He knocked lightly then stepped inside the office. Josh waved to him and motioned to a chair in front of his desk as he mumbled into the phone. Nick closed the door and crossed the room to take a seat in the proffered chair. He stared at his feet in silence waiting for Josh to finish his call.
“So what’s up?” Josh asked as he replaced the receiver.
“Not much,” Nick replied noncommittally.

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“Break-ins, huh? Much taken?”
“That’s the strange thing. They haven’t really taken anything, just messed stuff up. ”
“That’s weird,” Josh replied as he fished around in his desk drawer. He looked up as he found what he was looking for. “Here are the extra keys. ”
Nick caught the keys Josh tossed to him.
“Thanks. You wouldn’t want to swap cars for a couple of weeks would you?”
Josh stared at him in surprise.
“What’s going on, Nick?”
Nick glanced around the room then stared at the keys he held before finally looking back at Josh.
“You wouldn’t believe me if I told you. ”
“Try me. ”
Nick took a deep breath and let it out slowly as he stared at the keys in his hands. He spoke without looking up.
“There are these women –”
“There’s always a woman when you’re involved,” Josh laughed.
“I’m serious, Josh.

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  ” Nick looked up through his long, dark lashes at his friend.
Josh quieted when he saw the serious look on Nick’s face.
“Okay, I’m sorry. What’s wrong?”
“Like I said, there are these women…apparently they belong to some kind of club or something. I don’t know the whole story but they’re – They have this bet. ”
“What bet?” Josh asked, prompting Nick when he hesitated.
“They’re all supposed to have sex with me by the end of the week. ”
“What?” Josh burst out, unable to contain his laughter.
“It isn’t funny, Josh. The first one knocked me out at the gym after I changed her tire for her. Then, this morning, I came back to my apartment to find someone changing the lock on my door and when I turned my back on her she put a gun to my head. ”
“Jesus, Nick. ”
Nick jumped to his feet and stalked to the window. He stared out it, not really seeing anything. He heard Josh get up from his desk then felt his presence when he joined Nick at the window.

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“Have you reported this?”
“Reported what? To who?” Nick asked wryly.
“They abducted you, held you against your will and…”
“And what? Raped me?” Nick asked as he turned to stare at Josh.
“You can’t just crawl into a hole and hide. ”
“I just have to stay out of their reach for the rest of the week and then it’s over. I can’t go to the cops. What am I supposed to tell them? It’s better this way. ”
“Nick –”
Nick turned back to stare out the window.
“Josh, you don’t know what it’s like. They blindfold you, tie you down, cut your clothes off and manipulate your body. You have no choice, no say. It’s humiliating. ”
Josh sighed heavily as he stared at his friend. He put his hand on Nick’s shoulder and squeezed.
“Give me your car keys. ”
Nick swiveled his head to stare at Josh.

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“Give me your car keys. You can take the Mustang. ”
Nick nodded and reached into his jeans pocket. He pulled out his car keys and handed them to Josh.
“Be careful, Josh. ”
“You be careful,” Josh replied as he went back to his desk. He fished another set of keys out of the drawer and returned to stand next to Nick. He handed the keys over. “Watch you back, buddy. ”
“Always. Thanks, man. ”
Nick left Josh’s office and went back to the parking garage. He grabbed his bag from his car and headed straight to Josh’s deep blue Mustang convertible. He tossed the bag in the back and climbed in behind the wheel. He pulled out of the parking space and carefully guided the car through the garage onto the street.

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   He had an appointment to look at an apartment so he headed there first. He figured he could look at the apartment then head over to Josh’s condo and get settled.
Traffic had picked up a bit so it took a little longer to get to the apartment building than Nick had planned. He quickly found a place to park and rushed inside to find the manager. They spent twenty minutes going through the small apartment while talking about rent and other details. Even though he wasn’t impressed he promised to get back to the man then quickly left the building. He climbed into the mustang and slowly pulled into traffic. He was easing up to speed when he heard a movement behind him and stiffened.
“Hi, sweetie. ”
Nick sucked air and fought to control the car. He almost stomped on the brake at the sudden realization that he wasn’t alone. The car behind him blew a warning on their horn so he stepped on the gas and managed not wreck. When he was confident a few seconds later that he had the car under control he glanced in the rear view mirror to see a woman sitting behind him, her face hidden by a scarf and a hat pulled low.
“Who the hell are you and why are you in my car?”
“Actually, it’s not your car. But I managed to find you anyway.

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  ” Her hands slid up and over his shoulders as she leaned forward. “You know why I’m here, sweetie. ”
He maneuvered through traffic to pull over next to a parking meter.
“Get out,” he said insistently.
“No. You’re taking me to a special place where we can spend a little time together. ”
“No, I’m not. Now get out. ”
“If you don’t we’ll blow up at least half a block,” she said quietly, staring at him in the rear view mirror.
He turned in his seat trying to face her.
She held up a small remote.
“It’s a detonator. This car is rigged with several pounds of plastic. If you don’t do exactly what I say I’ll blow us up. ”
“No way,” Nick said in a hushed whisper.

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“Open the glove box. ”
He stared at her for a moment then slowly leaned over and popped open the glove box. His eyes widened at the small package he found there. When he started to reach out to touch it her voice stopped him.
“Don’t. If you try to remove it you could detonate it. ”
“Shit,” he whispered, sitting back up.
They sat in silence for several minutes. Nick stared alternately at the package in the glove box and his passenger in the back seat. Finally, she became bored with the game and broke the silence.
“Are you ready to go now?”
“Do I have a choice?” Nick asked wryly.
“Not really,” she replied with a smile he couldn’t see.
Nick reached over and closed the glove box then sat back up behind the wheel.
“Where to?” he asked without looking at her.
“Turn left at
Third Street.

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  ”He drove in silence, following her directions to a large Victorian style structure on the south-east side of town. She instructed him to pull the car into the driveway and pull around to the back of the house. He followed her instructions and parked the car.
“Lean forward and put your hands behind your back,” she ordered.
He sighed but did as she commanded. He heard movement then felt her lean close. He saw the cloth as she slid a blindfold over his eyes.
“Is that really necessary?”
“Yes,” she replied softly, leaning close against him. “It’s for your own protection, sweetie. ”
He felt her move away then lean forward, close to him again. Her hands touched his arms then he felt something slide around his left wrist. He heard an audible click and felt something slide around his right wrist. He heard another audible click then a third click. Finally, he heard her moving again then his car door opened. He felt her lean across him and release the seat belt.


   Then her hand was on his upper arm, tugging lightly.
“Okay, sweetie, let’s go. ”
He struggled to climb from the car blind with his arms shackled behind him. Once he was out of the car she closed the car door and carefully led him forward. He was led through what felt like a long, winding maze until they finally stopped in a room that felt large and open to Nick.
“Just a few more steps, sweetie,” she purred.
She led him diagonally across the room until he bumped into a piece of furniture.
“Okay, sweetie, just turn around and sit down. ”
He slowly turned then carefully lowered his body until he felt his ass meet with something soft that sank with his weight. Suddenly, he felt her lips on his, a demanding, possessive pressure. Her hands held his head as her lips forced him to tilt his head back. When she finally pulled away from him they were both breathless.
“You’re doing very well so far, sweetie. Keep this up and you’ll be home in no time. ” She kissed him again, this time softly and quickly.

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   “Turn around and put your feet up on the bed. ”
She guided him as he turned to the right and slowly lifted his legs onto a bed. Then she nudged him, indicating she wanted him to scoot over. He awkwardly moved to the left until she no longer nudged him. When she had him positioned where she wanted him she quickly removed his shoes and socks then lay down next to him, pushing against his shoulders so he lay back as well.
“You’re adorable, Nick. Our girls definitely have good taste. I only wish I’d been your first,” she said softly as she ran her fingers lightly across his jaw.
“Why are you doing this?” he whispered, clenching his jaw and forcing himself not to turn away from her touch.
“Men have objectified women for centuries, sweetie. Why shouldn’t we turn the tables?”
“Why me?”
“Because you’re hot. Why not you?”
“I don’t believe in any of this shit. It’s not right either way. ”
“You’ve never wolf-whistled at a woman? Especially when you’re with a bunch of your buddies?”
“No, it’s not right. It’s embarrassing,” Nick whispered.

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“God, sweetie, you are special then. Handsome and thoughtful too. Maybe one of us will get lucky enough to hang onto you.

    Her hands roamed over his body as he shook his head.
    “I wouldn’t count on it,” he whispered.
    “You never know,” she countered as she climbed onto his waist. She sat across his waist and shoved his shirt up, letting her hands play over his bared chest.
    “God, you’re beautiful to look at,” she whispered in awe, her hands lightly stroking the rippled muscles of his abdomen.
    “I wish I could say the same,” he replied.
    “Don’t get nasty now. ” She leaned down over him, her face close to his. “I’m not like Babs. I don’t like my men gagged. I like to suck face while I fuck. ”
    “When you ‘ladies’ made this bet, who decided I would be the ‘lucky’ recipient of all your attentions?”
    “Everybody on both sides had to pick someone and get their picture.

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       Then we all got together and looked over the pictures. You won, hands down. ”
    Nick thought about everything he had learned from the other women as he felt her hands undoing his pants.
    “The others kept saying Ariel had good taste. Why would they say that?”
    “Ariel’s was the deciding vote,” she replied absently as she pulled his jeans down over his hips. “In case you’re curious, someone else brought a picture of your friend Josh. ”
    She laughed at his sharp intake of breath.
    “He’s cute but he’s nowhere near as hot as you, sweetie. ”
    “So Josh is being watched?” he asked softly.
    “No, sweetie, not anymore. ” She pulled his jeans from his legs and crawled back up his body. “You can run, sweetie, but you can’t hide. We’ll find you no matter where you go. We know all about you. ”
    She carefully worked his briefs down his legs then gently cuffed his legs to the bed.

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       She crawled back up his body and tugged on his arms.
    “Sit up, sweetie. I need to uncuff your arms so I can get that shirt off of you. ”
    “Why don’t you just cut it off like everyone else?”
    “You want me to ruin a perfectly good shirt?”
    “No, but that didn’t stop your friends. ”
    “That’s because they have no patience. Sit up. ”
    He leaned into a sitting position and she reached around him to release his arms. She leaned back again and pushed his shirt over his head. Her hands ran up his chest then pushed against his shoulders.
    “Lie back, sweetie. ”
    “What if I don’t cooperate?” he asked, suddenly grabbing her upper arms in his strong grip.
    He heard a low, menacing growl before she had a chance to respond. She giggled.
    “Meet Buster. He’s my eighty-pound guarantee that you’ll cooperate.

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    The dog barked threateningly and growled again. Nick released his hold on her with a sigh.
    “So who are you?” he asked as he reclined back on the bed.
    She reached down and ran her hands over his bare chest.
    “Mmmm. You can call me Lady Rena,” she said softly.
    He felt her lips pressing against his again. Her hands constantly ran over his chest and up and down his arms while she smothered him with her mouth. The pressure finally forced his lips open and her tongue snaked inside. Her fingers curled around his nipples and gently pinched them. She nipped at his bottom lip as she pulled away from him.
    “God, you taste wonderful,” she whispered breathlessly.
    Her hands wandered over his body again as she stared down at him. After several seconds her weight shifted as she climbed off of him. He lay still and listened as she undressed then climbed back onto the bed next to him.

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    “You don’t have to be so shy, you know,” she said, her left hand settling over his cock and balls. “I left your hands free for a reason, sweetie. ”
    “Sorry, but I’m not really in the mood right now. ”
    “You will be,” she replied with a laugh. “You will be. ”
    She shifted her weight and brought her right hand over to join her left as she started massaging his shaft. The fingers of one hand curled around his balls and squeezed ever so gently while she worked the fingers of her other hand up his rod. She leaned close and blew on the tip of his prick.
    “Oh, uh, don’t – please, don’t do that. ”
    “Why, sweetie? Does it hurt?”
    “N-no. ”
    When he felt the sensation again he reached blindly forward trying to find her, push her away.
    “Don’t. Please. ”
    “It – it bothers me,” he replied lamely.
    “It’s supposed to bother you, sweetie.

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      ” She laughed as she continued her ministrations. “It’s supposed to get you all hot and bothered. ”
    He jumped when he felt her lips touch the tip of his shaft.
    “Unh – no, don’t…”
    He sat up and tried to push her away. She shoved against his left shoulder then refocused on his prick again.
    “Just lay back and enjoy it, sweetie. I’m not going anywhere and neither are you. ”
    Nick tried to focus his mind on work, on the fact that he needed to find a new apartment, on anything other than the sensations she was causing. It wasn’t working. He was fighting a loosing battle and he knew it.
    “Damn,” he grunted in despair.
    “Relax, sweetie,” she purred as she released her hold on his erection and climbed on top of him.
    She lowered her hot, wet pussy onto his stiff cock and leaned forward to press her lips against his. Her hips rolled against his, her grinding motion making him even harder while she forced her tongue between his lips to fence with his. His hands gripped at the covers on the bed, balling his hands into tight fists, clutching the bedding.

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       She kissed her way to his right ear and bit down gently, drawing a groan from him. His breath caught in his chest. He could feel his balls tighten. She slowly increased her rhythm and, without thinking, he raised his hips to meet her. She pinched his nipples as she bit his earlobe again causing him to groan as he exploded inside her. She threw back her head and screamed in joy. He felt her tightened around his cock as she too climaxed. She clawed at his chest as she soared through her high. When she finally started down the other side she fell forward and collapsed against him. They both lay breathing heavily for several minutes.
    “Oh, God, sweetie, you’re marvelous,” she finally whispered huskily. “Thanks for the great ride. ”

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