Jake and Mari - Part Two
The next week was eventful. Jake took a few days off. He wanted to firmly establish the new relationship he was enjoying with his beautiful wife, Mari. They went shopping. New clothes were purchased for Mari. The brand names familiar, and the department store was one of the better ones in town. The difference was that the skirts were much shorter, her high heels were much higher, and all her new blouses and dresses were tailored to her, and buttoned down the front.
Once they brought her new wardrobe home, on his instructions, the upper button holes on her blouses and dresses were sewn closed. He did not want her to be able to button any buttons above her nipples. This meant that she would always be displaying a significant amount of cleavage A few of her blouses showed the upward slope of her breasts. She had to be careful when she bent over. Anyone standing in front of her would be able to see all of her breasts. This situation was compounded when Jake made her throw away all her bras and panties. The only underwear she was allowed to wear was garter belts and hose. There times when even that measly amount of lingerie was forbidden when he required her legs to be bare.
This was all very new.

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   It made her nervous, and not a little self conscious. She did become more accustomed to being displayed like this, and was even proud and excited when she saw another man ogling her.
Around the house was different, too. Jake required her to be naked. He also insisted that she wear high heel shoes, all the time. He loved what it did to her beautiful legs. She had to admit that the high heel pumps did have the affect of making her legs more outstanding. There was a lot to get used to, and Mari was trying desperately to please her husband.
In the evenings, there seemed to always be something. It seemed that it always involved her being tied in some strenuous position, whipped and tormented, and fucked to exhaustion. His cock was a regular visitor to her mouth. While part of her loved her new role in life, there was still a part of her that wanted to rebel, because “a lady should not act like that”. She had heard her mother and grandmother tell her that so many times. She knew they would be shocked at how Jake was treating her. They would be even more shocked knowing that she was excited by what Jake required of her.

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   Sometimes, however, the training we receive as children is hard to overcome.
On Saturday evening, about a week or so after Jake had established their Master and Slave relationship, they were in the living room. Both were naked, with Mari wearing only a red pair of high heel pumps. They were on the couch, hugging, kissing and fondling each other much like “vanilla” lovers. Both were excited. Jake’s cock was massive as Mari stroked it, while her cunt was a caldron of steaming pussy juices
Jake broke his kiss and told her, “Sweet slave, I want you on your knees, between my legs. I want you to suck my cock. ”
Mari stood up, and knelt down in front of Jake. She grasped his raging cock with her right hand, while cupping his balls with her left. She kissed the tip of his cock several times, and was licking the purple head. Finally she took his cock into her mouth and started working it, trying to bring Jake to a climax. Jake was becoming more and more excited. His cock was throbbing in her mouth. His balls were hot in her delicate hand.
“Mari, take my cock from your mouth”, in instructed.

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Mari did so, but was still stroking his heated member. She loved the look and the size of his cock.
“Now, Sweet Slave, I want you to jack me off, make me come. I want to cum on your face and tits. ”
Mari hesitated. Her pussy was hot. She wanted to be fucked. She felt she could not wait any longer. He had aroused her, and she needed his cock in her pussy.
“But…Jake…please…, I want you to fuck me”, she pleaded.
Jake sat up, and glared down at her. “Let go of my cock”, he ordered sternly.
Jake stood up, leaving Mari in her kneeling position. She knew she had made a mistake, but it was too late now. Jake walked to an antique chest in the corner of the living room.

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   He opened the chest and retrieved several pieces of rope. He went back to Mari, and pulled her to a standing position.
“Please, Jake. Let me have your cock. I’ll make you cum on my face and breasts. I’m sorry”, she pleaded.
He tightly tied her wrists together in front of her. He then dragged her to the bedroom, to the corner of the room where an “eye” bolt was mounted in the ceiling. In a matter of a few seconds Mari was standing there, stretched to the ceiling, on her tip toes in her red heels. Quickly, Jake produced an ankle spreader bar he had purchased at a sex shop. He jerked her ankles apart, and attached the spreader bar to them. Now her legs were widely spread, and she was in an extremely stretched position.
“I’m really sorry, Jake. Please, let me make it up to you. What ever you want”, begged Mari.

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“Mari, you know the rules. You are to never refuse, or hesitate, and never question. I will fuck you when I want, and I will give you pleasure when I want. Right now, I wanted to see my cum on your face and on your tits. You know better to refuse, or even question what I told you to do. Now, I am going to show you what happens”, he said sternly.
Mari kept her tongue and just watch Jake as he prepared to punish her. She had to admit he was magnificent when he was angry. His massively rigid cock was bouncing in front of him as he walked about the room. Oh, God, how she wanted him to fuck her.
Jake brought one of his latest acquisitions to her. It was a gag, a penis gag. The life size rubber cock was mounted on a leather strap. On his command, she opened her mouth. Jake filled it with the rubber cock, and quickly locked the strap tightly around her head, forcing the penis gag deep into her mouth.

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   Mari closed her eyes and waited her punishment.
Jake walked away, and returned with his favorite whip, a medium weight flogger. Without hesitation, he brought the whip hard down on her ass. Mari tried to struggle, but was so tightly bound she could not. She had to stay in her stretched position as he whipped her ass.
In a couple of minutes, he moved the whip to her sweet breasts. They bounced and shuddered as he brought the whip to bear. Mari was crying and screaming into her gag as her breasts weathered the onslaught. Whip marks were readily apparent on the creamy skin of her breasts.
After bringing the whip down to her thighs, Jake stopped. He stood here looking at his well whipped bride. The whip was in his right hand, while his left hand was stroking his cock. He walked over to where she was. Putting his arm around her, he pulled her to his body, his heated cock pressed between their bodies. Oh, how Mari wanted to be fucked by that cock.

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“Now, sweet slave, I am going to whip your cunt. You were so selfish to want me to satisfy your cunt, when you knew you were supposed to satisfy my cock. So now you must pay the price. ”
Jake stood back, and flourished his whip. He brought it down and sharply backup, crashing it into her pussy. Even in her strained position, Mari jumped when her pussy was struck. Jake had found his distance and the weight of the whip. He sent it smashing into her pussy. The whip was making a delightful smacking sound as it found its target. Mari was now screaming and crying into her gag with abandon. When Jake felt she could stand no more, he stopped. He let her hang there for a few minutes, to let her settle down.
He removed the spreader bar, and lowered her hands from their stretched position, however, he left the rope tightly tied around her wrists. Leading her to the bed, he made her lay down on it, with her hands above her head. He pulled her wrist rope tight and secured it to the head of the bed.

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   Using other pieces of rope, he spread her legs widely and secured them to the corner posts of the bed. Again she was helpless, and would have to endure whatever he wanted to do to her. She was still gagged, and could not protest or plead with him. She feared the worst. If only she had obeyed Jake like she knew she should.
Jake surprised her. He crawled onto the bed, and in between her legs. He lay down between her legs, and promptly planted a kiss on her well whipped pussy. Mari gasped with pleasure. She looked down to see her handsome husband kissing her pussy again, and started to like what he was doing. He was running his tongue around her clit and into the heated passage, while he was fingering her pussy. Mari quickly lost herself in the sexual pleasure she was feeling. In a minute or two she could feel her climax building. Just as she was about to cum, Jake stopped. He got off the bed and walked out of the room.

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Mari lay there, bound to her bed, her sexual frustration was maddening to her. After a bit of time, she began to settle down. As she did regain her self control, Jake walked back into the room and resumed kissing and licking her cunt. Immediately her arousal spiraled up into a red hot lust. Again she was denied a climax. This went on for another hour and half. Mari was ready to lose her mind.
As she lay there, still bound to her bed, Jake walked in for a final time. He was nude and his cock was still very hard. Again he got onto the bed, only this time he straddled her body. He moved up her body until his cock was mere inches from her gagged face.
“Slave, I told you the rules would be observed, and any hesitancy on you part would be met with swift and sure punishment. Well, you have been whipped and tormented. Now, I will have what I wanted”, Jake said, with a smile on his face.
He lowered his hand to his rigid cock and began to pump it.

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   His phallus seemed to enlarge as Jake continued to vigorously stroke it. With a loud moan, he came. Hot streams of cum jetted from his cock and splashed on her face. The next scalding jets were directed at her breasts. With in a span of about 30 to 40 seconds, Jake had thoroughly bathed her face and breasts with his cum. When he finished, he wiped the head of his cock on her breasts.
Getting off the bed, he said, “Now you know to never disobey or hesitate to do as I say. See you in the morning. Sweet dreams. ”
Jake walked from the bedroom, turning off the lights as he went. He went down stairs and made himself comfortable on the couch, where he spent the night.
Mari lay on the bed, bound fast. She was still gagged and her feet were still shod in her red high heel pumps. She could not even move or close her legs. Her sexual frustration was nearly demonic in character.


   Her face and breasts were covered with Jake’s cum. She was bound, and gagged, so she could not beg for a reprieve. ‘Next time’, she thought, ‘I will never question anything Jake wants to do. I love him, and I agreed to be his slave. Why, oh why did I resist. When will I ever learn. ’
It was a long and uncomfortable night for Mari. She missed Jake so much she cried. She knew she would be the best slave ever, if he would only give her another chance.
In the wee hours of the morning, just before sun rise, Jake came into the bedroom. When she awoke, she was still tied to the bed. In the darkness she felt Jake moved between her widely spread legs. The next thing she felt was his cock entering her pussy. In a matter of moments she was moving with him, and in a short time was cuming with Jake. He collapsed on her, whispering in her ear that he loved her.

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   He removed the gag from her pretty mouth, and released her from the bed. He picked her up and carried her into the shower. The hot water felt good on her tired body, as did the massaging and washing of her body by her husband. All during their shower, Mari and Jake were kissing, hugging and fondling each other. After the shower, he dried the both of them, and returned her to the bed. Jake lay down beside her, and changing positions with her, they were laying in the “spoon” position. His arms were around her, cupping her breasts and cunt. Jake and Mari fell into an exhausted sleep. The both slept late that morning.
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