She was on her way, but her dad, a recovering alcoholic had started drinking again mostly because of financial problems, the same problems that caused her mostly despondent mother to walk herself to the nearest buss stop those weeks ago. That time might have been a thousand years ago for all she cared because right now her attention snapped back to the present where her father had just kicked down the door and stepped into her room. “Get over hear you fucking slut” he mumbled in a drunken slur, she could smell the alcohol from across the room. “Daddy, no” was all Jess could get out before her dad moved across the room and grabbed her. He picked her up and carried her to the basement as she kicked and screamed. But it was to late, he through her on the cold cement ground and grabbed a pair of had cuffs from the shelves next to him “Teach you to go sleeping around you fucking cunt” Jesses dad screamed in a drunken rage, He attached the hand cuffs to her left wrist they tightly closed around her tender skin. He stood her up and wrapped the hand cuffs over a thick pipe in the low ceiling. Jess was barley able to stand with her body stretched out in her basement she began to cry even louder. He slapped her in the face and she stopped crying, His attention moved down to her black tank top, grabbing the shirt he ripped the thin material in half leaving her in he bra unable to escape in the basement she looked into the eyes of her father, of her attacker. He unclasped her bra reveling her young perky and slightly undeveloped tits. When he began to caress her breast, her nipples became hard, there was no way to avoid it try as she might she could not help becoming erect at the touch of his hands on her tits. “You like that whore” he mumbled as he grabbed her crotch hard. His hand came off her breast and pulled down her hip hugging jeans and reveled her white panties. He bent down before her pussy and pulled her panties down to her ankles, she was now completely naked. Jesses mound was still very tight and dry, she had a few pubic hairs beginning to show. She shuttered when he ran his fingers along her dry young pussy.

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   Jess remembered when her father had taken her virginity two nights ago while she slept. She shuttered again as she was brought back to the present when her fathers finger slipped inside her cunt. Her pussy was still puffy and red from the last time. She sobbed harder as he pushed a second finger inside of her and began to finer fuck her slowly. Jess broke into a full blown crying fit when she felt the first wave of pleasure over take her body, she did not want this to happen she hated it but try as she might the next thing to escape her mouth was a moan of pleasure. “You like that whore” screamed her father “No, no ooohhhh GOD NO” moaned Jess as her young body was over taken with pleasure “Now your going to take me like the slut you are” said her attacker as he pulled his fingers out of his daughter and stepped back admiring the fict that she was attached to the ceiling completely naked. She continued to cry as he undressed before her, from his pants sprung his dick, how she loathed it, all nine inched of it. A smile crossed her fathers face as he moved his erect penis to her cunt. Moving closer he placed the head of his cock at the entrance to his daughters vagina. She cried as her reached around and grabbed her ass very tightly, her tits were pressed firmly agents his chest. Slowly he guided his cock into her impossible small cunt. She cried in pain as he tore her cunt walls trying to push further into her small body. As the last inches of his cock were pressed into her she felt the head of his dick pop into her womb. He let it stay there a while well blood tricked out around his cock her pussy tightened around him. He groaned and grabbing her ass hared he began to pump in and out of her. 

   Ever time his cock left her she sighed in relief and each time her pushed it in she moaned in pain and pleasure. He grunted as she felt her nipples burning she reached out to the air for help as she the feeling that she dreaded came over her. Because the handcuffs held her in place she began to shake and moan. Her pussy spasumed around his cock as she reached her first orgasm screaming. “No DADDY NOOOOO PLEASE YOUR HURTING ME OHHHHHH NO OHH” Quickly after she came her father was brought over the edge reaching down and feeling his childs undeveloped breast he came inside of her until he pulled out passing out on the floor. Jess stood in the basement alone now while her fathers juices dripped out of her slip she stood in the darkness with her eyes closed her pussy still contracting. Some time later she woke up shill hanging by her arms she had to pee and could no longer hold in as she spread her legs she began to cry again as piss shot out of her and onto the floor around her. Standing in a puddle of her own piss unable to wipe herself Jess turned to see her father wake up. He looked confused and hung over having slept the nigh on the floor in his daughters juices. As he looked at her she began to shiver again. To be continued?.