Kara, Captive and Slave Girl, Part I, A Captiove


Kara, Captive and Slave Girl, Part I Captured
By Dick Inkum
(From a past age in an unknown land, recast in contemporary language)
I was standing before the Commandant in my undergarment, which is just a single piece of material front and back with hooks on the side.
"You are a very attractive young lady, Kara" he said, "and you can do good service for us before we must send you to the capitol".
I had just turned fifteen and was still a virgin. Now I was war booty. My mother escaped from our town, my brother was with the army and his fate is unknown. My father is presumed dead, fighting to save our town. I was captured. Although the Commandant doesn't know it, I was a fighter too. He no doubt wouldn't care. He'd determined his next conquest would be my cunt.
He got up and came around the desk to feel my breasts. He took squeezes and nipple pinches and said we were going to have fun. He removed my undergarment and told me to spread my legs. He agitated my pussy awhile and massaged my butt.
There was a backless "Roman" couch in the room and he took me to it. He sat down, removed his clothes and told me to kneel.

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   He directed me to suck his cock. I had never done that before. I was a priviledged, but sheltered child. The commandant obviously had experience with first-timers. Yesterday, a fellow prisoner, a thirteen year old girl named Zetta said she had to do this. Nothing else was asked of her young body. She was frightened by the ejaculation. I knew about that.
I was powerless to do but what I was ordered to do. At least he was gentle at this point and directed my licks and sucks in a way that was sexually stimulating to me. I found myself absorbed in the cocksucking and in a trance with the throbbing cock causing sensations in my whole body.
He emitted moans as he climaxed, then demanded I swallow his cum. He sighed and wiped my mouth.
"You are very good, Kara. You keep being good you will have many priviledges here" he said.

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I thought my first choice in these circumstances would be a bath and clean clothes.
"Now we will have more fun. Come up here. " he ordered.
He had me lay on the couch with my legs spread, while he sat with one of my legs over his lap. He proceeded to masurbate me and spread my labia to ease his entry. He got the fun he wanted. I didn't resist. I relaxed and let it happen. He brought me to orgasm; I think the first time someone else had done that for me. He patted my pussy.
"That's what I like to see, a sensual woman and sensible too" he said.
He directed me to roll over and slightly elevated my ass.
"Oh beautiful! " he cried, "We're going to have fun back here!"
I was not looking forward to a fuck in the ass.
"Now we must prepare the battleground" he chuckled.

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He had a jar of olive oil nearby and he dipped his fingers in it as he ordered me to spread may ass cheeks. He swabbed my asshole with the oil and began pouring some in me.
"You see, Darling, we can't have you pregnant when we pass you on to others in the capitol" he remarked, "so we must utilize other options".
"This may be a little uncomfortable at first" he softly murmured while getting more olive oil,"but soon it will feel better, even good".
Aaauugh! His finger plunged up my ass.
"Now, now, it will be all right" he soothed.
Well, it wasn't his asshole! He began finger-fucking my ass. In a while, strangely enough, it not only felt good but erotic. He agitated my cunt as he continued. Slyly he withdrew his hand and chuckled when I replaced.
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