Kristina Gets More than She Bargained For pt. 2


Two days later Kristina answered her cell phone to the sound of Tony's voice. "Kristina, Josh and I are ready for you to come fulfill your obligation to us. Meet us at my apartment, 9pm, where whatever you like, so long as your underwear is sexy. "He hung up before Kristina could protest or ask questions. Kristina, fearing their ability to humiliate her with the video of them the night before, knew she had to meet them there. Hopefully, it would just be the one time.

She went through her dresser and found a lacy, red thong and matching bra. She put them on, and then slipped on some jeans, tee-shirt and sneakers. It was 8:30. She started over towards Tony's place.

When she got to his door, she knocked on it a nervously waited in the hall. Tony opened the door and looked her up and down. "Come in and strip down to your underwear," was how he greeted her. Kristina walked into his living room and turned towards him as he shut the door. She pulled her top off, kicked off her shoes and slid her jeans down to her ankles. Tony whistled, "Nice choice, girl.

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He put his hand on her waist and led her into the bedroom. He caressed her ass, and Kristina felt violated, but she let him do it, knowing he had complete control. He pushed open the door and guided her in. Kristina was shocked to see Marci, a girl who she knew but hated, standing in the middle of the room, also in sexy underwear. All of the furniture was pushed against the wall, and Josh was sitting on the bed witha mischievous grin.

"I hope you don't expect us to put on some sort of lesbian act for you," said Marci. "No, no. . . well, not exactly," said Tony. "See, we know the two of you don't like eachother, but what neither of you know is that we have some raunchy threesome videos of both of you. Here they are," he said, pointing to a stack of DVDs on his desk. "You two are going to wrestle for us. Whomever wins will fuck the other with this," Tony held up a strap-on. "You can use anything you see in the room, no holds barred.

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  Whomever wins will get all the hard copies of their DVD plus the other's DVD, enabling them to blackmail the loser for as long as they like. "

The girls looked at eachother. Kristina was at a great disadvantage. . . Marci was about 4 inches taller and much stronger, almost masculine broad shoulders, but still sexy. "How do we decide who wins?" asked Marci. "When your opponent is stripped bare and concedes defeat, you win," said Josh. Marci sneered, and Kristina stood quietly, stunned. "On my count," said Tony. "One, two, three!"

Marci wasted no time, grabbing for Kristina and clasping onto her shoulders. She used all her strength to push her down to her knees. As she was overwhelmed by the bigger girl, Kristina reached forward and grabbed ahold of Marci's thong. It was not even intentional, but she pulled it all the way to the ground. "Oh, you want to see my pussy, bitch?!" shouted Marci.

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  She pulled Kristina towards her crotch and held her against her thighs.

Kristina struggled for her freedom as Marci grabbed the back of her bra and started yanking it upwards. The strain this put on Kristina's breasts, coupled with the way she was being forced between Marci's legs, made Kristina scream. Marci showed no mercy, nearly pulling Kristina off the ground by her bra. Fortunately for Kristina, the bra ripped, and Marci flung it across the room towards the boys.

Marci yanked Kristina's head back, arching her back and looking down towards her exposed breasts. She reared back and slapped the left one, drawing a yelp from Kristina. Kristina tried to grab at Marci's hands in her hair, but could muster little strength over her. Marci threw Kristina's head forward with so much force that Kristina fell forward and landed on her stomach. Marci straddled her back and pinned her to the ground.

She reached behind her and started smacking Kristina's ass. Kristina wiggled beneath her but could not squirm away. Marci gripped Kristina's thong and pulled it up her ass. Kristina's legs kicked and she tried to push herself up, but there was no escaping it. Josh and Tony moved around the room to get a better view of Kristina's ass.


  "Hand me those scissors, boys," said Marci. Sitting on the small of Kristina's back, she spun around so that she was facing Kristina's ass. She took the scissors from Tony, pulled hard on the thong, and snipped it apart.

There were a pair of winter gloves lying on the ground nearby, the kind that had clips so they could attach to eachother. Marci asked Josh to hand them to her, which he did. Kristina, stunned and on the verge of tears, mustered no resistance as Marci put the gloves on her hands and attached the clip. Kristina's hands were secured behind her back.

Marci stood up, wearing just her bra, and looked down at the bound and prone girl. She put her foot to Kristina's ribs and flipped her over. She lowered herself to Kristina's head and forced her tattered thong into her mouth. Kristina could taste her asshole and pussy in her mouth, and thought in disgust about how that lace was just wedged up her butt and pussy lips. Marci grabbed some duct tape from the desk and stretched it across Kristina's mouth, securing the underwear inside.

"Give up, ho?" asked Marci?Kristina nodded. "What's that, I can't hear you!"Kristina mumbled around the thong and tape, and Marci and the two boys laughed at her. "I really thought she would put up a better fight," said Josh.


  "Me too," said Marci and Tony in unison. "Well, here you go, Marci," said Josh, handing the strap-on over. Marci stepped into it and stroked it. "So this is what it feels like to have a cock," she said. "What position did she like the most when you guys fucked her?" she asked. "She was begging for doggie all night," said Tony. "Well, lets do this little loser a favor," said Marci.

She and the boys turned Kristina back over onto her stomach. Marci put her hands under her waist and lifted Kristina onto her knees. Kristina kept her legs pinned together, not because she thought she could prevent the inevitable, but because she did not want to appear to crave it. Her face was lying on the ground, her breasts pinned to the floor. Marci knelt behind her and examined the situation. She had not fucked a girl before, and was not sure of the approach to take.

She held the dildo parallel to the floor, but it hit Kristina mid-thigh. Kristina needed to be lower to the ground.

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  "Spread your knees Kristina, or I will shove this cock up your ass. "Kristina immediately spread her legs apart, and she felt Marci grip her hips and guide her into the right position. "You can put it up her ass later, Marci. She likes it," said Josh. "I know," said Marci. "I remember from the video you showed me. "

Kristina's eyes went wide as she realized that Marci had seen her fucking Josh and Tony on video. "If you want to be nice, spit on the strap-on before putting it in her hole. She is probably pretty dry," said Tony. "Well, lets see," said Marci, touching Kristina's pussy. "Yup. . . its dry. Lets see what we can do about that.

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  "She spit on her hand and rubbed it against Kristina's awaiting hole. "Doesn't seem to have much effect," she said. "Try the lube," said Josh, passing over a bottle. Marci squirted a bit onto her hand and coated the plastic cock with it.

"Enough foreplay," said Marci. "Let's do this. "She aimed the tip of the head towards Kristina's cunt and guided it in. Kristina took quick, short breaths as Marci pushed in deeper and deeper. After the cock was half-way in, Marci let go of it and gripped Kristina's waist with both hands. She slowly moved in and out, working the cock a little deeper with each penetration. Marci gripped Kristina's hands and pulled Kristina back towards her cock. She rocked her back and forth for a few minutes, ignoring Kristina's moans and cries, until she had bottomed out.

Kristina, now completely impaled, had her right cheek flat on the ground, facing away from the boys. "Come on, bitch, don't be shy," said Marci. "The boys want to see you.

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  "She grabbed Kristina's pony tail and pulled it hard, lifting Kristina off the ground and arching her back. She turned her head towards the right so she was looking right at the boys. She saw them sitting on the side of the bed, stroking their cocks. They were already turned on, but loved watching Kristina's lewdly displayed body getting rocked from behind by another girl.

With a firm grip of her hair and hands, Marci started rocking in and out of Kristina with greater speed. Everyone in the room could hear the "MMMMMMMMPPPHHHHHH," from behind the tape in Kristina's mouth, and it just turned everyone on more. Kristina's tits swung back and forth as her ass got pounded, and her neck strained towards the boys as Marci controlled her every move. "I gotta be honest, guys. I'm out of my element. Can you show me how you would fuck her?""You're the boss," said Tony.

Marci pulled out and stood up. "Well, first of all, with three cocks in the room, you can't tape up a hole and occupy both hands," said Josh. "If one dick is in the ass and the other in the puss, the other shouldn't have to jerk off. "With that, he gripped the tape on Kristina's mouth and ripped it off. Kristina screamed, but it was still gargled because of the thong in her mouth.

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  Josh pulled that out and threw it on the floor. "Get up on your knees, girl," he said. Kristina rocked back until she was kneeling in front of the three assailants.

"Now, Marci, sit on the floor in front of her, facing her, and hold up your cock. "Marci obeyed, not sure of what was to follow. "Kristina, straddle that cock, now," ordered Josh. Tony assisted Kristina as she moved, hands still behind her back, towards Marci. She straddled her lap, hoisted up her waist, and, with Marci's help, lowered her pussy down the dildo. Marci and Kristina were eye to eye, and hatred flared up in both of them. Josh unhooked the gloves behind Kristina's back, but then brought her hands forward to the back of Marci and hooked them together again. Kristina was now forced to hug Marci as she rode her.

"Lie back, Marci," said Josh, and insisted by pushing Kristina forward. Marci lay flat on her back, pulling Kristina down with her. Kristina's hands were pinned to the floor beneath Marci's back and their breasts pressed into eachother. Josh knelt in front of Kristina's face as Tony knelt behind her.

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  "Marci, if you could help out Tony by spreading Kristina's ass. "Kristina glared at Marci as Marci sneered at her, reaching down towards her cheeks and spreading them apart. "I hate you," said Kristina. "How could you help them do this to me?""Fuck you, slut. I've always hated the attention you took from me. Now I'm going to fuck you up. "

"We like the nastiness, ladies. Keep it up," said Josh. "Meanwhile, Kristina, get down on this dick. "He pulled her hair backwards so that she was looking right at his dick. Reluctantly, she opened her mouth, and he pushed his dick onto her wet, warm tongue. He held his erection still and used his hands to bounce her head up and down on it.

Meanwhile, Marci put her middle fingers on Kristina's sphincter and spread it. Tony looked down at it, puckering, tempting him. He lubed up his dick and pushed it insistently towards the hole.


  He shot more lube onto her sphincter as he pushed, and in no time he had his head inside.

As Tony worked his cock deeper, Josh worked his cock into her throat. He owned Kristina's mouth, pushing in until his balls hit her chin, the head of his dick plugging the back of esophagus. Kristina had to time her breaths with his thrusts, gasping each time he pulled out. As he thrust in, his pubes invaded her nostrils and brushed against her upper lip. His motion became less steady, pushing into her throat and then leaving it there, choking her. Her mouth spasmed, and her tongue inadvertently tickled the bottom of his cock. She only tried to hold on and hoped it would be over soon.

At the other end of her body, Tony had bottomed out in her ass, which he realized was a little looser than yesterday. It helped that Marci was spreading her cheeks for him. It was just about all Marci could do, really, as she was flat on her back and could not pump up and down. Kristina's breasts swung against Marci's as the boys moved in and out of her. Tony took Kristina's cheeks from Marci and peeled them apart. He plunged deeper into her ass until her could feel his balls packed against her taint. He shook his hips side to side, wiggling his dick around inside her .

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Josh held Kristina by the back of her head to prevent her from moving. He addressed Marci: "OK, Marci, you have some ideas now?Why don't you sit back and make her ride you for awhile?"He and Tony pulled out, to Kristina's relief, and they sat back down on the bad to enjoy the show. Marci sat up and ordered Kristina to raise her hands over her head. Marci helped Kristina to her feet and scooted over towards the wall. She sat against it and ordered Kristina to sit her ass on her dildo.

Kristina blearily made her way to Marci. Marci extended her legs straight out, touching eachother, and told Kristina to straddle them, facing the guys. After Kristina was in this position, Marci ordered her to squat. Kristina leaned forward and put her hands on the ground for balance. She lowered her hips towards the plastic cock, and Marci gripped her ass and spread it. With Marci's help, Kristina's asshole lined up with the cock and she lowered herself on it. It was bigger than Tony's dick, and Marci only managed to get it in about half way.

Marci gripped Kristina's thighs, and then kicked her legs out to the side, knocking Kristina's feet off the ground. This took away all of her support, and her weight forced her all the way down the dick. Kristina let out a loud scream, and she froze in shock.

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  The pressure in her ass made it so tight that she could not move any muscle in her body. Her arms reached for something to grab but found nothing.

Marci cupped her tits and told her to shut up. She pulled her back against her chest and whispered "get used to it. "After a few seconds of adjusting to the new position, Marci told Kristina to plant her feet on the ground and start bouncing on her cock. Kristina pulled her knees up towards her chest and planted the soles of her feet on either side of Marci's legs. Marci cupped her ass and started lifting her up and down.

Kristina tossed her head back, clenched her eyes shut and bit her lip. As the dildo sliced in and out of her ass, she experienced pain and yet, shamefully, pleasure. She began bouncing up and down without Marci's assistance, moaning and grunting like the whore she was becoming. The boys stared at her gaping pussy and sweaty breasts as they heaved with excitement.

Marci, meanwhile got frustrated as the position caused no pleasure to her. "What the fuck, guys?She is getting more pleasure out of this than me!"She lifted Kristina all the way off her plastic dick and pushed her forward on to her stomach. She moved towards her head and sat in front of her face, spread eagle, and lifted up her strap-on. "Lets go, bitch!Give me that tongue!"She grabbed Kristina's hair and scooted forward until her clit landed on Kristina's nose and her wet hole landed on Kristina's tongue.

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From here, Kristina did very little of her own control. Marci held her face still still and rocked her cunt up and down it. The boys watched in amazement as Marci smeared her cunt juice all over Kristina's face and tongue. She thrashed up and down off the floor, holding Kristina tight to her pussy with each movement. Kristina grasped at the floor for something to hold onto, but found nothing. Tony came over and grabbed her hands and held them behind her back. He then knelt down over her legs and guided his dick to her asshole.

The next thing she know, Kristina was being handled from both ends of her body. Tony held one of her wrists in each hand and pinned them to the small of her back. Then, using them for leverage, lifted off the floor until only his toes were touching the ground, and plowed forward with his dick, filling her ass. Kristina gasped and gaped her mouth. The combination of her warm breath, her wet tongue and soft lips sent Marci into a frenzy, and she squirted her orgasm into her mouth.

The boys laughed at the sound of Kristina choking on the squirt. Marci's legs trembledand then closed tight around Kristina's head, temporarily blocking off her air supply. After a few moments, Marci rolled over onto her side and stood up.


  In no time, Josh knelt in front of her and shoved his dick in her mouth. With her hands pinned to her back, Kristina could do nothing but stick out her tongue and bob her head a little. It was mostly Josh holding her ears and thrusting in and out of her mouth.

Josh slid the head of his tongue all the way back into her throat until it was lodged there. Kristina gagged, and as her tongue flexed, it stimulated the cock in her mouth. He came, shooting his load directly down her throat. This made Kristina choke harder, but he held her tight. All of this pushed Tony over his threshold. He shoved balls deep into her ass and ejaculated, filling her up.

Josh pulled out, but Tony collapsed on her back, loving the feeling of her wet, soft flesh. Only after his dick became flaccid did he roll off of her and leave her alone. Kristina grabbed the strap-on that Marci had left on the floor, rolled onto her back and slid it into her cunt. She brought her knees up to her chest so that it would enter her at just the right angle, and started pulling it in and out. She put her free hand on her clit and rubbed it vigorously. Her three owners watched in amusement as she rubbed herself to climax.



Kristina let her legs flop to the floor and she opened her eyes. Marci was standing above her, grinning and holding the stack of DVDs. "Be ready for my call at any time, bitch. It won't be long. "She turned and left. That quickly brought Kristina down from her orgasm high. She reached for her tattered lingerie, but the boys snapped them away. "A souvenir to remember this by," said Josh. Not that it mattered, Kristina thought, she wouldn't be able to wear them again. She put on her jeans and top and left.