Kristina Gets More than She Bargained For pt. 3


As promised, Marci called a few days later. Kristina did not recognize the number, but she answered it anyway, not wanting to piss off her blackmailer. "Hello?" she answered. "Hey, bitch!I hope you're ready for some action, girl. You better be free tonight. "In truth, Kristina had a lot of homework to do, but she dared not anger Marci. "Where do you want me to go?""We're coming to you, girl!You have any more lingerie?" asked Marci. "No, you ripped up my only pair," she answered. "Well," Marci snickered, "Then when you answer the door tonight, I want you to be in only high heels and that tight tank top you wore the other day. Absolutely nothing else. ""When are you going to. . . " click. Marci hung up.

Kristina quickly changed out of her pajamas and into her tank top with no bra underneath.

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  She slipped on her three inch heels and sat waiting on the bed. Kristina thought about her sexual enslavement, astonished that she had allowed it to go this far. but knew that she did not control her fate from here on out. She would try to enjoy it. . . that might make things easier. She closed her eyes and remembered Tony fucking her as she sucked Josh, her first anal, her exhibitionism with Marci and the boys. She lowered her fingers to her cunt and tried to derive pleasure from those memories.

It actually started to work, and she managed to get her pussy wet by the time she heard a knock on the door. She rose to her feet and opened the door. Marci pushed the door wide open, and Kristina could see a black man and woman behind her on either side, staring at her lewdly-displayed body. Marci admired her bare bottom half and introduced the two people behind her. "You see, Kristina, I still hate you. I ant to see you get manhandled by by friends here.

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  Chavar, Monique, this is your slave tonight. Call her 'Cunt. '"

Kristina was only half listening, nervous that someone might walk by and see her like this. Sensing her nervousness, Marci stepped inside and Chavar and Monique followed her. Marci slowly closed the door, half hoping that someone would walk by, but no one did.

Kristina turned towards her captors. "How do you want me," she asked. "Shut the fuck up, cunt. Don't speak until we tell you. Now get on your knees. "Kristina lowered herself to the ground, a position she was becoming familiar with. Chavar and Monique disrobed down to their underwear, and than Kristina received her second order: "Come over here and finish stripping us with our mouth," said Monique.

Kristina shuffled along her knees to her two masters and started with Monique. She peeled her lips back so that her teeth could grasp her panties at the hip. She pulled that side down to mid-thigh, and than rotated around to her other hip.

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  She worked that side the same as the other and moved towards the center. Her forehead made contact with Monique's pussy as she clasped her thong in her mouth, than she lowered her head all the way to the ground, removing the panties. "Not bad, not do Chavar, cunt. "

Kristina used the same approach on him, starting on her left and working her way right. Her difficulty came after she got his boxers down to his thigh. As his dick sprung loose, it prevented her from biting the boxers in the middle. So she continued working them down from left to right until they were to the floor. "Now suck my baby's dick," ordered Monique. Kristina looked up into Chavar's eyes, and could tell he was ready to fuck her. She grabbed his cock at the base and started licking at the tip. He sprung to attention quickly, and Kristina took his pole into her mouth.

Chavar was easily eight or nine inches, and with greater girth than Tony or Josh. He swelled inside her mouth, gaping her mouth as wide as it would go. She was already concerned about what this anaconda would do to her pussy. She popped it out of her mouth and ran her tongue up the bottom of his shaft.


  "Whew, someone taught you well," exclaimed Chavar. "Girl, would you take care of her hands," he said to Monique. "With pleasure, babe," she said to him. She moved behind Kristina and grabbed her hands, then wrenched her arms behind her until they were parallel to the floor.

This rendered Kristina relatively motionless, only able to move backwards or forwards, and only if Monique allowed. Chavar grabbed the back of her head and pushed his cock into her mouth again. He began rocking back and forth, in and out, until he was standing at full erection. Kristina struggled to keep it in her mouth. He was too large to plug her throat, but he filled her lips completely. When he was inside her mouth, she had to breathe through her nose. When he was fully satisfied with her, he told Monique to take a turn.

Monique dropped Kristina's arms and walked in front of her. Kristina rubbed her shoulders as Monique stood with her back against Chavar's chest and raised her right knee. Chavar grabbed it and pulled it to the side, exposing her cunt to Kristina. This enabled Monique to maintain balance and still have both hands free to grab Kristina's hair.

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She pulled Kristina into her sex and told her to start lapping. Kristina did, what choice did she have?When Marci raped her mouth, she kept her head still and gyrated her hips around it. Here, Monique wanted Kristina to do the work. So for the first time in her life, Kristina willing plunged her tongue into the depths of another woman's pleasure center. Monique responded well, tilting her head into the nape of Chavar's neck, oohing and ahing. She swirled her hips around and held the back of Kristina's head tight against her pussy.

Kristina was performing well enough, but the mental stimulation of owning this white slave drove Monique over the edge. She came, holding Kristina tight, and rubbing her full moistness onto her tongue. Her legs quivered, and shook free of Chavar's grasp. Monique moved over to the bed and laid down. "You were right, Marci. This cunt knows how to serve!"Kristina blushed a little, not knowing whether to be ashamed or proud. At least she was keeping herself out of trouble by performing well.

Chavar picked Kristina up by her hair and threw her onto the bed. She landed on her back, and Monique forced her legs apart.

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  Chavar pulled Kristina so that her ass was right on the edge of the mattress and held her feet apart, spreading her nearly as wide as she could go. Monique was lying on her side next to Kristina, but with her head by her waist. She dipped her fingers into Kristina's pussy and started rubbing it. "Looks like our little cunt here is enjoying things so far," she said. "I'm not surprised," said Marci. "That slut gets off on just about anything. "

Monique straddled Kristina's midsection facing her pussy. She took Kristina's legs from Chavar and tucked them under her armpits. She then leaned forward and grasped her ass cheeks, spreading them wide. Kristina was nervous about Chavar's cock in her pussy, bout gasped in horror at what he would do to her asshole. Chavar tried to push the head of his cock against her sphincter, but it was so big that it just barely got past her ass cheeks.

"I don't think this bitch can take it," he said to Marci. "She will take whatever you give her," responded Marci. "You just have to loosen her up first. "Kristina waited in fear for their next move.

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  She knew they would do whatever they wanted with her. Marci walked up towards her head, naked, and climbed on the bed. She straddled Kristina's face, aligning her hole with Kristina's nose and her clit with her tongue.

Chavar let go of her feet, and for a moment, Kristina's only interaction with her captors was eating Marci's cunt. But soon she felt Chavar straddle her chest. "Push your tits together around my dick, you cunt," he said to her. Kristina obediently squeezed her tits on his dick. She then heard him spit, and felt it land between her tits. He spit again, lubricating her tits so he could slide between them with great pleasure. Kristina felt him rub his hands over her breasts, smearing his saliva between them. When she was wet to his liking, her pushed her hands together so her tits clasped onto his dick, and he started rocking back and forth.

Not to be left out, Monique grabbed Kristina's legs and pushed them up towards her chest. Kristina felt Chavar grab them and hold them spread eagle on either side of his body. She was completely at their disposal. As Marci started to grind on her face a little harder, Monique pushed her middle finger up Kristina's ass and tried to loosen it up as Marci suggested.

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So here she was, the school's sweetheart, eating a pussy, titty-fucking a big black dick and adjusting to a finger up her ass at the same time. In the back of her mind, Kristina considered how far she had fallen in these two weeks. She was a slut, even if she didn't want to be. She would do just about anything to prevent those videos from being released to the public. As she got Marci wetter, Monique shoved a second finger in her ass. "She still feels like she can take more," she said. "She's going to have to if we want to get Chavar's cock in there," said Marci.

Kristina did not want Chavar's anaconda in her ass, and thought that if she could get him off with her tits she could avoid it. With that in mind, she bounced her tits up and down on his dick, in motion with him. He and Marci laughed at her feeble attempt. "What a slut," said Chavar, "She even likes a dick between her titties. ""And she licks cunt like she loves it," added Marci.

Kristina did not know if they were mocking her or complimenting her, but she continued licking and jiggling her tits. She gasped a little as Monique forced in a third finger. After a few seconds of panting short breaths into Marci's hole, she pushed her tongue back into it.

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  Marci sat down hard on her face and wiggled her pussy on her lips and nose. She loved dominating her rival. To amplify her dominance, she grabbed Kristina's hands and pressed them firmly over Chavar's dick, and he started pounding harder and harder. The lube had just about run out between her tits, and they were starting to get raw.

Marci thrust furiously onto Kristina's face and came, squirting pussy juice onto her lips and down her throat. Monique pulled out of her ass and grabbed the strap-on that Tony let Marci have. She pushed it up Kristina's ass, now loose enough to take it all the way to the hilt. Marci and Chavar climbed off and rotated her onto her stomach. Chavar stood in front of the bed and pushed his dick into her mouth again. Kristina yearned for some peace for her face. She had done nothing but suck and lick since she got here.

Chavar stretched her jaw to the limits again as Monique pushed and pulled the dildo in and out of her ass. Marci climbed on the bed next to Kristina and started stroking her pussy. Kristina responded with squeals and moans, muffled by Chavar's enormous member. Kristina grabbed the base of his shaft with her left hand and stroked it, trying again to get him off so he wouldn't fuck her.

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  He pulled out and ordered her to suck his testicles.

Kristina continued to stroke his cock as it landed on her face, and she took his balls into her mouth. She lapped up and down his scrotum, teasing him and getting him even harder. She closed her lips around one of his balls and sucked it into her mouth. It was the size of a golf ball, she had never seen anything like it. But it was smaller than his penis, so she welcomed the rest for her jaw.

Monique churned the dildo in her ass, stretching her sphincter to that it could accommodate Chavar. Kristina gasped in pain and held back tears as her as was stretched further than ever. When it was in as far as she felt was necessary, Monique left it in and stood up. Chavar pulled out of her mouth and flipped Kristina onto her back. Monique walked around the bed and waited for Chavar to finish positioning Kristina. He pulled her so that her head was hanging off the bed, staring up at her two black masters.

Monique stepped over Kristina's face and ordered her to start lapping at her pussy again. Kristina was becoming a pro, and she lapped enthusiastically knowing that it wasn't Chavar's cock stretching her mouth to the limits. But the next thing she knew, Chavar pushed his massive tool inside of Monique's cunt and starting fucking her.


  "Listen, cunt, I want some of that tongue, too," he said. Monique added, "Run your tongue up my man's dick as he pulls out. "Kristina did her best, putting her tongue up against Monique's hole so that Chavar's cock ground against it both in and out.

Marci climbed on the bed between Kristina's legs and grabbed the strap-on straps and tied them around her waist. She then pushed Kristina's legs up towards her chest, and Monique grabbed her feet and held them high and apart. Marci shoved her thumb up Kristina's cunt and grabbed onto her pubic mound with her right hand. Holding tightly, she started rocking in and out of her ass.

Kristina squealed in pain as Marci savagely fucked her ass. She left her left hand to grasp the bed and moved her right hand to her pussy. She wanted to rub her clit to distract herself, but Marci had firm control. "Look at this little slut," she jeered. "Sucking a pussy and a dick at the same time while getting her ass fucked, she still plays with herself. What a whore!"

This drive Chavar over the edge. He started pumping in and out with more speed and Monique approached orgasm. Marci and Chavar started rocking in motion, feeding off each other's lust.

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  Monique rubbed her clit vigorously, humping against Kristina's tongue until she came. He juices landed on Kristina's nose and mouth, and she smeared them around her face with her pussy.

As Chavar approached orgasm, Monique handed Kristina's feet back to Marci. This enabled Kristina to rub her clit, finally getting some satisfaction. But Monique then pinched both of Kristina's nipples at once, pulling them up towards the ceiling. Kristina yelped, clasping her tits with her hands, regaining control of her nipples. Monique settled for just pushing down on Kristina's hands, into her breasts, firmly into her ribcage.

"I'm gonna come," said Chavar. He pulled out of Monique and started stroking his cock. Monique dismounted Kristina's face and knelt beside her. She pulled Kristina's hair down to the ground, exposing her face, neck and tits to Chavar: a blank canvas for him to spread his paint. Chavar jacked his seed all over the prone girl, hitting her mouth, nose, neck and chest before the last few drops dribbled out of his dick and onto her forehead.

Marci unstrapped the straps and stepped back and grabbed something off of Kristina's bookcase. Meanwhile, Monique slurped at her man's cum, sucking it into her mouth from Kristina's tits, neck and face. She pulled down on Kristina's jaw, forcing her mouth open.

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  Kristina could do nothing but take the cum as Monique deposited it in her mouth. "Swallow, you skanky bitch," ordered Monique. Kristina clenched her eyes shut and gulped.

"What would he think of all this?" asked Marci. Kristina open her cum-stuck eyelids and look in the direction of Marci. She was holding a picture of Kristina as a child, sitting on her daddy's lap. "Daddy's little whore," Marci laughed, pressing the picture onto Kristina's tits. It stuck there from cum residue. Kristina started bawling, ashamed of what she had got herself into. As she wept on the bed, Monique and Chavar got dressed and left, thanking Marci for their wonderful night.

Marci walked around the prone and cum-stained Kristina. As she moved, she flipped through the photo album, occasionally taking out a picture from Kristina's childhood and pasting it on an area of Kristina's body that still had cum on it. Kristina, sobbing, collected these cum-stained memories of her purity and tried to clean them.

Marci laid Kristina flat on her stomach and straddled her back, facing her ass. "Now, bitch, repeat after me.

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  . . Marci is my mistress!"Kristina sobbed beneath her. Marci reared back and smacked her ass. "Say it!""Marci is my mistress," Kristina repeated. "Again!"Marci screamed, and smacked her ass again. "Marci is my mistress!"Kristina said louder. "Louder, cunt!" Marci yelled. Worried that others in the dorm could hear, but worried more what would happen if she disobeyed, she screamed at the top of her lungs, "Marci is my mistress!"

Marci smacked her ass one more time and said "Good Girl. I still own you, bitch, and don't you forget it. "She pulled the dildo out of Kristina's ass and left it by Kristina's head. She got up, dressed, and left, whistling. .