Kristina Gets More than She Bargained For pt. 7


As Kristina made her way down the hall, down the stairs and out the front door, she tried to teach herself to walk in such a way that did not make it obvious that she was being DPed with plastic. Marci stifled giggles as she watched Kristina struggle. It was hard to stand upright, let alone walk in a normal fashion, but by the time they got outside, Kristina could manage.

It was just after 10pm, and Kristina thought she might be able to use the cover of night to hide her situation. Her dorm was four blocks away, and she could not see too many people on the street. Perhaps she caught a break.

"Let me see, here," said Marci, examining her remote. Before she could prepare herself, Kristina felt the dildo vibrate. She grabbed onto the handle of the door to prevent herself from falling, and Marci turned it off. "Just wanted to make sure its still working," she mocked. Kristina started walking towards her dorm, picking the side of the street that had no people on it.

Every twenty paces or so, Marci would flick the dildo on and off, just to make Kristina jump. Each time, Marci chuckled to herself, loving Kristina's embarrassment. As Kristina came up to the end of the second street, she waited on the corner for a white van to pass. She was standing in the glow of a street light, and did her best to stand up straight. It seemed to her as if everyone must know what was going on between her legs.

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Marci hid behind a car twenty feet behind Kristina and flicked her switch. Kristina jerked for a moment, and anticipated that Marci would turn it off, just as she had before. Instead, Marci left the dildo rocking around inside her, and her legs started to go weak.

As the van pulled up to the corner, Kristina sank to her knees. She hoped the van would just drive passed her and leave her alone, but in her horror, she heard the side door slide open. Marci mercifully turned the dildo off as Kristina heard a voice. "Are you OK?"

Kristina looked up and brushed the hair out of her eyes and looked up to meet the eyes of some college guy she had never met. "Yeah, sorry, I am just a little tired and I stumbled. ""We can give you a ride, if you want. We are filming a documentary right now, interviewing college girls on campus. If you come with us, we will take you home and pay you $100. "

Kristina turned around to see if Marci was giving her any instruction. She was gone, or at least hidden. Assuming the dildo did not start up again in the van, a ride was exactly what she needed. "Yeah, thank you.

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  I am just a couple blocks up," she answered.

She took his hand and he helped her to her feet. He guided her into the middle row of seats and followed her in, sitting immediately to her left. As she sat down, she took inventory of her situation. There were six guys in the van with her, two black, two hispanic, one asian and the white guy who helped her off the street.

The guy in the passenger seat up front turned around and faced her with a video camera. "What is your name?" he asked. "Kristina. . . what's with the camera?"The guy to her left filled her in. "We are filming a documentary about sex on college campuses. Do you mind if we ask you a few questions?""$100, right?Will you blur out my face?" she asked. "Yeah, we can do that. Here is the cash now so you know we are legit.

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Kristina took five $20s from him and slipped it in her cleavage. "What year are you?""I'm a freshman," she said. "How many sexual partners have you had since you have been here?"Kristina was surprised by the bluntness of the questions, but responded honestly. "Three," she secretly counted Marci. Her answer seemed to energize the guys in the van. A couple of them shifted in their seat, Kristina assumed to adjust to their erections.

"And have you ever had anal sex?If so, did you enjoy it?""Yes, and yes, eventually. I hated it at first but after I got used to it I learned to enjoy it. "A murmur of enthusiasm swelled from the seats behind her. "How many of your sexual partners with the result of intoxication?"Kristina thought about it, and again answered truthfully. "Two. Both of them resulted in anal, if you are wondering. "

"OK, great. Just one last questions. Do you think, given that college is the time to experiment, you would offer yourself to a stranger if he or they offered you the right amount of cash?"Kristina finally put two and two together.

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  They were going to attempt to fuck her. "I suppose, for the right amount of money I might be willing to submit myself. "Just saying these words made her wetter than she already was. Maybe these guys could control her and fuck her the way she needed.

"And how much would that cost?" he asked. "I don't know. . . maybe $500. ""So if we offered you a grand right here, right now, would you let us gang bang you?"Kristina started shaking. $1,000 was a lot for her, and she might actually enjoy it. "In the van?"she asked. The guys already knew that meant yes.

"Well, we would take you somewhere a little nicer than the inside of a van. "As she considered it, her most horrific scenario came true.

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  Her dildo turned on again. She did not know if Marci flicked the switch, or if it went on by accident, but the whole van could hear the vibrations inside her vagina. "What the fuck is that?" said a guy in the back seat. "Uh. . . its a long story," she answered. "It sounds like it is coming from between her legs!"

"Kristina, would you please turn around, put your knees on the seat and bend over the back of your seat?"Kristina readied herself for ridicule. She propped herself the way they wanted her, and immediately felt hands on her skirt. The guy asking the questions, clearly the leader of the pack, pulled up her skirt and admired her ass. Kristina could feel the heat of the camera light on her bare ass.

The boy hooked his finger under her thong and pulled it down to her knees. "Holy shit!" said the cameraman. Kristina hung her head in shame as the boys stared at the dildo and butt plug. "What is it?" the asian guy in the back seat asked.

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  He was worried it was some hideous STD that would cancel their plans with her. "This bitch is packed with a vibrating dildo in her pussy and butt plug in her ass. She must really like anal, this one!I think we found ourselves a wildcat!"

The guy to her left spread her ass apart so the camera could inspect it. Then the black guy on her other side pulled the butt plug until it popped out of her sphincter. He passed it back to the asian guy, who held it up to her mouth. "Put this in your mouth and hold it like a pacifier. Now speaking until we get where we are going. "Kristina immediately closed her mouth around the plug and held it there.

Muffled, Kristina waited for their next move. She felt the boy pull at her thong until they slid under her knees and off her feet. He tied them around her head, blinding her. "We can't have you know where we are going. Don't take this off. Now turn around and sit down again. "

Kristina turned and sat between the two boys again.

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  "We are only a few minutes away from our destination. Until we get there, spread your feet on the two seats in front of you and move that dildo in and out of your pussy. "Kristina did not even know who was talking to her, but she obeyed. She slid forward in her spot and planted her feet on the back of the chairs in front of her. The camera panned down to catch her start fucking herself with the dildo, still vibrating. Kristina felt like it would not turn off again until the batteries died.

In no more than a minute, there were hands from behind her groping her tits through her tank top, as well as hands from her sides sliding up and down the insides of her legs. Caught up in the moment, she put her free hand on her pussy and rubbed her clit. Her entire body shivered as she brought herself to orgasm. Her seat was wet with her sweat and pussy juice, and she could feel it dampening her ass. Her breaths slowed as she came down from her high, and felt the van pull off the road.

"Just in time, slut. We are here. "

To be continued. I believe the next chapter will be the last.

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  If you have any wishes as to how this story ends, please send me a message or leave a comment. Thank you. .