Lack of money was our problem.


An urgently ringing doorbell brought me and the wife to our door. We were just wearing jogger bottoms and a loose tee shirt.
Standing before us was an absolutely stunning young woman with a broad smile. "Fruity's asked me to pop this in at this address thank you. - she held a fawn coloured bag with a pretty emblem on its sides of various fruits spilling from an identical looking bag with, 'Satisfaction always at Fruity's' wrote on it. "Oh! I almost forgot and this" She popped a white envelope from a bright red wrist purse. - "Bye! See you" and she was gone.

My wife looking at me with a frown on her forehead, - "Must be to do with yesterday,but why bananas - two protruded from the open top - and how did they know where we live?" - I knew what her worried brow implied,we also knew now what the fruity's meant. - "Lets get in and take a look at what its all about!" - Before we got into the living room,a females intuition kicked in - "Feels like money in the envelope. Can't be tho' they paid me yesterday!"

"What about the bag,go on pull it out and lets see!" - We sat and before I had a chance to remove the bananas,my wife's curiosity had it out of my hands,but still clasping it,the envelope got first go. - Ripped open,her eyes went wide as a rolled wad of money appeared in her grabbing little puddy (Hand) - With a quick glance,the frown was back - "Twenties,got to be a thousand pounds in this wad! . . . There's a little note inside" - She peeled the note from the wads inners,torn between both she flicked the note to me, -"What's it say?" - while her eyes went trance like counting the twenties. - "See told you, a straight thousand"

A smile as wide as the sunshine on a spring day showed on her face. - "Admit it! what a clever little wifey you've got" - I smiled but said nothing as I retrieved the bananas and delved deeper.

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  . . "The note, - read that note,what's it say?" - She repeated. - "Oh! - A copy for you,faces not on retail copies but if you wanted to show off in the future to friends,it proves it really is you two. Plus your bonus on expected profits. - We knew what it refered too. - "But why bananas?" - "Cover you dope like their name - non-descript but relevant"

"Stick it in the player,lets see what upset me so much" - "The way you're sticking to that grand seems to have eased your trauma" - "Shut up and play it. - snuggled into my side,her hand went inside my joggers front and gripped my cock as soon as I sat by her. The start was fearful as we were shown stripping off and her putting a pretty pink and black eye mask on. - "So much for the anonymous bit then! That bloke lied to you" - a typical flutter of numbers and rubbish followed then a proper start appeared. - "That was the bit the note said about" - "Alright! Alright! Big head,it was all me not you starring in the action!"


So we watched what had happened only twenty four hours before. . . We were skint and an aquaintance I knew was talking at work about how tight money is for us young couples. "Pressed like me and my missus are you.

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  . . we found it hard till about six months ago,now its solved our money worries" - "Lucky you!" - I said this, but not sarcastically,more in envy. This encouraged him to open up. - "Yeah,we got put on to a nice little earner and we've never looked back! Porn! you reckon it may appeal to you two?" - "Selling you mean?" - "Christ NO! Doing! its all on the hush!hush! but not far from here. plenty of disguises and they know how to do virtually anything to hide who you are"

My mind was in overdrive,fuck we were really in the shit with the mortgage and would she be willing to show all too anyone let alone to all who might be involved. - I said as much. - "She sounds perfect,they don't take pushy,look at my cunt types,they want,oh god someone might see type housewives, you know,at the least sign of a bloke getting a look they use their arms like fans to cover up!" - "I tell you Gerry was just such,now I can't stop her from dying to get in the camera sights to do her oh so innocent wifey act"

"How do we make contact if she took a bite at it" - "Not she,both of you. . . their theme is husband/wives and what they're at behind closed curtains" - The very thought of it twitched my penis at the thought of what I'd like her to get up to. Not that we didn't mind! But I never bargained for what happened and my wife never even dreamed of it!

A truck stop,a phone call and the appearance of a rather dishy but mature woman who seemed to recognise us brought us to where the action was to happen. 'Fruity's' Although I only spotted this after, when we left from the front like . . .

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  well you'll see! - "Shower if you like,or if you have already, - most have - well go straight to where the action is" - We were led to an pretty set out room. not like I imagined a studio to be,but more on the lines of any couples lounge. Discreetly a number of clothing items stood in a closet with the door open. Some obviously for men,but most for women. - "I reckon the pale pink with black trim for you deary and the leather pouch with the cock outlet plus moustashe if you want,don't use a beard,you're not a beard type"

"She offered my wife a beautifully made pale pink with black trim eye mask and a very expensive looking very high heeled pair of stilettos with a real mink fluffy trims. In moments I just stripped off and applied the leather pouch while the woman was still with us. "Oh! - her eyes had a double take at my soft penis poking up and out from the pouch - the fee,its normally more for men - they're so difficultto get. Most just want to watch their wives with another bloke poor dears,not yours I see - she confided to my wife as if I wasn't there - Oh yeah the fee" - Looking now at me,this time the £200 £400 is reversed,she gets the bigger wad,but I expect you share so its not really a problem is it?"

"Nothing to do with a softy - she cheekily squeezed my cock straight there in front of my wife's eyes - No its just today she has the leading role so to speak" - "Oh,just act natural,I saw you hurried so you could watch your wife strip and put on the stuff I recommended. - Patting a black couch type furnishing - straddle that,then when she makes you go hard,its plain for what. . . well! For what we want"

It started just like what my wife done at home,she bent,walked around placing every bit of her clothes as she always did,neatly in drawers, on hangers and that. Bending and picking up those shoes I was sure I heard a groan but I hadn't and thought nothing of it. - "Wish I could keep these,I fell in love with them as soon as I saw them" She smoothed the mink,then smoothed it to her cheek. I'd gone hard alright,my cock was throbbing already and she hadn't even touched the stuff in the closet.

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Her hand on picking up a black sheer nylon had her now naked body stood in front of where I straddled the love seat I was sat on. Her foot came up and she smoothed the nylon down her shapely calve while I ogled her beautiful pussy she'd unwittingly displayed only a foot from my face. I kissed it. - "No,don't you dare make me juicy,not until I'm ready" - Her mind took her to a bra' she simply put it on hiding her stiff pink oreoles and nipples -"See,I'll hide my goodies if you can't control yourself" - My cock pulsed moving on its own accord to each pulse of my heart.

I was sure,she had no idea how tantalizing she was being. She stretched a flimsy pale pink black lace trimmed pair of panty's under her knuckles then dropped them onto a seat. - To herself now - "No,suspenders first,it'll take both to hide my mound those knickers are so small" - I broke into her thoughts - "Hide,that film will show your pubes straight thro' them" - "You're just filthy,look at you,its precum all over the end and I've not even dressed already!" - "Fuck Viv'you're driving me to distraction,I. . -Jumping up I stood and squeezed up my shaft to make more precum appear - need a fuck PDQ" - As she pulled the suspender belt up her body,showing her mellon as she done it and as it made a groove across her snow white ass cheeks, - she said - "Stop it,we're here for sex,but not yet!" - I pulled at my cock,I just had to wank as with the clips of the suspenders slapping around her ass and thighs it seemed as though they were kissing her white flesh.

In an instant it changed, - "O. M. G! Where did you two come from?" Her hands were all over trying to protect her pussy,then ass as the two German sheperds with tails slowly wagging tried each side of her to lick her ass and pussy. - I knew I'd heard others gasping or panting. It was then I realised that the small porthole aperatures were vantage points for others to watch,but I was now so excited,my wife had to take her chances and I couldn't give a fuck who was watching her doing it. My cum oozed from my dick as she turned first one way then the other to try to stop them getting a lick in.

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With thighs closed tightly she had her hand between them yet still one dog got a couple of licks across her hands and was that her labias lips squeezed between her fingers? She swung the other way as the second licked his long tongue repeatedly up her ass crack. - "Brian! Stop them,make them stop,where did they come from call out for somebody to come and get them!" - I broke the news to her. - "Viv' I think its intended,that's why you're getting the most money" - "Fuck off,there was no mention of animal stuff! I'm not being fucking raped by these two. Get the fucking mutts out of here!"

I knew I couldn't have even if I'd wanted too and I didn't want too. She made a grab for something to cover herself. It was just what the dogs wanted. With both hands out in front of her and her knees bent to allow her to pick up the garment from a couch the heavier dog upped on to her hips as the other tried to keep lapping at her now exposed asshole and pussy. Squirming to avoid this the weight of alpha dog was just to much weight and her knees buckled lowering her as her knees pressed into the couch before her. Dress forgotten she grabbed to balance herself as her pussy showed its pinkness because the lapping dog forcefully licked sideways across her flaps.

Now with the lower placing of her hips,Alpha gripped on to her and thrust, I watched his now dark red cock stab straight up her asshole. - "NO! NO! Brian stop them,he's trying to rape me. NO! That's wrong you mutt!" - She struggled and lifted just enough to make the three or four inches of thrusting red cock pop back out of her asshole. I saw her react,in what I think was an attempt to avoid another thrust of dog cock up her ass. Her tits flattened on the squash of the leather couch as she dropped her chest down lower. - Whether she realised the affect this would have I hadn't a clue - but the dogs next hump planted about nine inches of thick red dog cock right up to his knot that now showed at the root of this wildly thrusting hot dark red veiny penis.

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"OW! OW! NO! NOT That hard you fucking mutt!" - "Is he to big?" "NO! The fucking things hitting up the top in me. . . OW! O-O-W-W!O-O-O! Steady,go fucking steady!" - "Still hurting?" - "No,its alright now,he's found the entrance to m-y-y-y C-e-r--vix. . . OOO AAAH Fuck that's hot,OO---OOOO He's cumming in my womb, FUCK That's hot!" - Her knuckles grew white as she gripped the seats leather,I could tell she too was orgasming on this fucking great dog cock. - "OOO OOO PHEW, He made me cum then,that fucking hard lump has been thumping against my clitoris,it made me pee!"

"Yeah,I could see the thick great thing was squeezing the piss out of your bladder,the other one was lapping like hell trying to gobble every drop but some managed to go on the carpet. - Her hand came under her just as he was about to drop off of her back. - "FUCK! That lump feels huge,what is the point of that?" - "Its supposed to go up you!" - "That couldn't go in there,it would split my pussy wide open. It feels as though he's stretched me as big as a cow now" - The dogs cock dropped away and her fingers felt into the hole it had just left. "It'll never go back,its fucking huge now!"

She was still getting attention from the un-fucked dog. - "NO! I wonder what his name is? NO! NO! I said,whatever your name is, Good dog stop licking now,I've had all I want,OH! No don't my clits to touchy now" - She pushed his mussle from between her pussy lips. Trying to stand to get away from the licking she nearly toppled, - Help me,my legs feel like jelly!" - She now knelt back down and tried to escape by crawling across to me on the love bench. - Her tits flattened again in front of my legs.

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   - "Why the hell did they let two in at the same time?" - "Well at least they're compatible,I don't know how we'd have managed if they'd started fighting who had you first. I felt her trembling. - "Put your hands over my ass and cover my asshole and pussy,he's still driving me mad. My fingers felt the drool from the licking and their cum as the dog spunk dripped from her after she'd crawled across to me.

"Stop it you bastard,you're still letting him get his tongue at my clitoris" - Guiltily I lied,no I'm not,its just its so long and he can make it twist and poke he keeps pushing my fingers open to try and taste you" - "MMM!" - "I think you're going to have to let him have you before he'll give up!" - "I can't I've never had such an orgasm and you saw how big he was, my wombs tingling as tho' he's still cumming up there" - "Well if the other gets you it will just be the same" - "MMM! Go on then,take your hands away gently,maybe he'll leave me then" - The moment her cunt was available he mounted her back and thrust straight in her, of course she'd bent herself so her asshole didn't get it.

As he pumped at her,she grabbed my cock and pumped at it and in seconds she spewed my come,shooting it all over her face and hair. She bobbed her mouth on me and sucked me madly. - "I done that to stop me thinking about my clitoris" - She immediately went into a whimpering,the sounds sounded as tho' she was hurting, - "You okay there?" - She bit into my cock. - "OW! What was that all about?" - Discarding my cock from her mouth and as she humped back at the new dog cock inside her quim. - "Sorry,he just got me,get off and look,I'm sure its gone in!" -

I stood amazed,it sure had,this dogs knot was puffing the ring of her cunt as it tried to spring back out of the tightness he was feeling> - "OH! OH! OH,he's got my womb again,its all hot again. . . AAAGH! AAGH! He's cumming up there like the other" - This time she humped thrust for thrust as her orgasm seemed to surpass the earlier one. I stood watching as the dog with tail to one side let me see his asshole pulsing as shot after shot pumped up my wifes vagina. They didn't move then he turned.

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   - "Stop him. what's he doing. ? My cunts trying to twist with him doing that. UUGH! Fuck its let it slip round now OOOO! - "Alright?" - "Yeah! NO-O-O! Hold him he's trying to get out of me" - I didn't need telling. - "Steady boy,wait,you're still too big for her" - My eyes watched as what looked the size of a babies head pulled at her now swollen pussy.

I could see about three inches of the swelling as it was being pulled against her pussy ring still holding it in her. - "If he pulls again before you can release him move backwards so he doesn't split you,but I reckon I'll be able to hold him. That's just in case he slips as I grip his hair,there's no collar" - I held him as I watched the swollen vagina gradually grow less until he jerked one way and she in the other. His blood red cock dropped from her drooling cunt with both their cum dripping from it which he promply licked at while the alpha walked back in the action and cleaned his and the others cum from my wife's pussy.

They lost interest as she crawled up onto my couch. - "I 'spose you want too now?" - "Not if you've had enough,I've cum three times including your wanking sucking job. I'll leave it till we're home if you like" - She lay a while while I dressed,then she gathered her clothes together and dressed regardless of the cum on her. - "I just want to go home soak in a bath and sleep. . I wonder about the fees.

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  . I do love those shoes tho'!" The dogs were gone now. The woman appeared and gave us the fee and - "Oh! these you can have and any of the other gear you nearly got into. I hope you wont think badly of us,but we've found the best way of animal stuff is surprise,its so realistic,you'd be surprised how brazen they get,'course we record all their activities as they masterbate to what you're doing.

We had two women in today,they asked if they could borrow the dogs. - I blurted out,We're using some of this to get her our own!" - My wife's eyes flashed but she didn't agree or deny it! - Having seen the group leaving at the front before we too went out that way,my wife with all the trimmings to go with her shoes. I said we could give a show ourselves if we get one and with that gear,you heard what she said,so why not at home?" - Did you see any cameras?" - "No" - "Nor me,we could only do live stuff,but I bet the monies made in selling DVDs!"- "Alright,smarty pants" - "That's a joke,They didn't give me time to put them on!" - "Good,the dogs would have torn them and those sheer stockings" - "MMM 'Spose so!"


Now at the end,as a rear offering came the antics of the shadowy customers. I put my hand in my wife's joggers and felt for her pussy as we watched and she still gripped my cock. I felt it arousing her and she whispered "Is it tighter again now?" - Me now - "Its exciting thinking it was you and those dogs making them cum" - "Now its making us cum" She stiffened in an orgasm and I shot my cum all over her hand and into my joggers. - Smiling up at me she pulled the money out from between her tits. - "Come on,lets go buy a dog,a big one mind,he'll need a cock at least as big as that one that raped me yesterday" - "That two I corrected. two raped you" - "Oh NO! I'm not fucking two plus you everyday!".