Lindsay gets her dick


She is gorgeous at her 13 years and the fact that I saw her growing up, always gave me a feeling of property. I knew her for all her life, being my neighbor. And I knew almost everything about her. She is Lindsay. Pretty as hell and very well built for her age. I loved her cocky way of treating the grownups. When she is visiting (and that was almost every day) she is always acting as she belongs to my house. I loved that too. Her parents were gone at work everyday till evening and they always trusted me to look after her. That was a pleasure in itself.
This particularly Friday she was wearing some kind of a skirt that looked pretty offensive if u didn’t know her and a long t-shirt. Underneath you could see her bating suit that I could swear that she bought it when she was about 11 or 12 years old.
-         “Hey John!”  She yelled.
-         “Hey Lindsay!” I yelled back, turning to her with the hose.
-         “Argghhhh! John don’t do that! It’s too fucking cold!”
-         “Oh, I’m very sorry, but I was thinking that is to damn hot and you looked like you needed a shower” I told her smiling to my ears. “And by the way… I told you before and your mother as well not to use that language cause is not appropriate”
She turns around and took off her t-shirt, waving like she didn’t hear me.

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   Then she drops the skirt and left me with my jaws open drooling. I haven’t seen her butt that naked until that moment. Actually I haven’t see her that naked until that moment. She was like a naked goddess from the antic Greece, with that beautiful and sensual body that looked like a top model you wouldn’t see but on tv. And is true that I didn’t think about her like a woman before. She was plain and simple beautiful.
- “John, come have a swim with me” she said.
I was still thinking about her body and the invite seemed to be unreal. I didn’t know what to do. In a moment I took the decision. I went inside and took off my t-shirt and my leggings and put on a bating suit. I took a towel and went out.
-         “Yeah!” she said. I looked at her trying not to stare but damn she was beautiful.
-         “Step aside because I’ll jump!” I yelled.

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   Not taking any advice from me she just stood there. I jumped next to her and a nice wave took her by surprise.
-         “Don’t do that you big fat one!” –  “ I’ll tell my mother you tried to kill me she said”
-         “No you wont, you big fat cow” I yelled back making her laugh and clap her hands.
She came next to me and she whispered “Am I a big fat cow?”. I start laughing then put a hand on her head and push her in the water. She just sunk and stays there for some seconds making me dive for her. I took her left arm and push her at the surface and once her head out of the water she tried to sunk me. By doing that she lost her equilibrium and dived again. Doing that she hit her head by the side of the pool. I’ve heard just a little noise but I didn’t think about that and when I turn around to her, she was not there. I went down in the water and I saw her not making any move. I was scared. I pull her out and she still didn’t move. I took her out of the pool and I saw that she was breathing very soft but didn’t move. It was the time for panic.

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- “Lindsay! Lindsay! Wake up!” I shake her but with no response. Desperately I took her in my arms and I went inside my house. There I went in my bedroom and put her in my bed. I start looking for any sign of blood but there seemed to be none. I turned her head from side to side looking carefully. No sign of head cracked. I was relieved.
- “Lindsay! Lindsay! Wake up!” I told her. No response. She was just lying in my bed, almost naked. I took a towel and tried to dry her body. I didn’t know what to do. I was thinking to call 911 but didn’t. It seems like she doesn’t need a medic. I will try to let her wake up.

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Continuing to try to dry her off and accidentally touched her breasts. I shivered for a second, having a strong feeling that I was not supposed to do this, but couldn’t help myself not doing it. In a second I decided and see her breast. As easily I could I took off her left breast the bra and there it was. I have seen breasts and bodies in my life but damn… this was the most beautiful body and the most beautiful breasts I have ever seen. Young and perky, her body was superb.
She was asleep. I took off her bra completely and I start sucking a nipple. It was a pink nipple, round and swollen. The feeling of tasting her nipple produced a strong hardon in my boxers. I was on my knees next to a bed with a beautiful naked girl. I looked at her pussy that was covered only by a thin layer of almost transparent material. I parted her legs a bit and push a finger between her legs just to feel her pussy.
I was like drunk. Couldn’t think of anything but her naked body.

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   I took off my boxers and put my dick in her hand. A part of my brain was trying to tell me that this is wrong and that I could be in a big trouble if she wakes up. But my other brain was telling me to go all the way.
Thinking of what should I do, I didn’t notice that she moaned easily. When she moved a little, her hand got a grip of my swollen disk. I woke up from my dreaming with a touch of panic.
-         “Lindsay!” – I whispered. “Are you ok?”
-         “John, where am I?” she asked still holding my dick.
-         “You’re in my bed, you beautiful one. You hit your head by the pool and loose your conscience. I took you home to call 911 but I saw that you’re just asleep and I let you sleep. ”
She looks around and sees my hard dick and that she has no bra.
-         “John, why am I naked?” she ask with her voice softened. “And more important, why do I hold your dick?”
-         “Trying to dry you off, your bra just dropped” I tried.
-         “And why is your dick in my hand?”
-         …
-         “John did you try to make out with me?”
-         “No dear, just that I was trying to get myself dried when you move a little and I came to check you out.

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   You then took my dick in your hand”
-         “John don’t lie to me because I’m not stupid” she said with some anger in her voice. She took her hand off my dick and start look around for her bra. She tried to rise from the bed but she went back almost instantaneously.
-         “Ahhh! My head hurt me so much. Do you have some pill for headache?”
-         “Yes honey. Be right back”. Saying this I went in the bathroom and to the small case with medicaments I have there. I took a moment to see what can I give her and then a thought came over me. In there I’ve always had some strong sleeping pills that throw me away in a sound sleep when I couldn’t sleep. I took two pills and went in the kitchen for a glass with water and then back to the bedroom.
-         “Here you go honey, take these two pills and you’ll be fine in a couple of minutes. ”
She took the pills and then I said:
-         “Lindsay, you know that I like you and I don’t want to hurt you, no way! Stay here till you can rise up and then come to the living room to chat”
-         “Ok John. But I wanted to tell you that even if you like me and I like you, what you were trying to do is not appropriate and I do not want”
-         “Is ok honey. Believe me that I didn’t want anything from you. Just relax and we talk when you come in the living room”
Saying that I left the room and closed the door.

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   I went in the kitchen and open a bottle of whiskey and put some in a big glass with some ice. And then went to the living room and turn on the tv, waiting. I was so excited and my head was spinning with ideas of what to do with her. I start stroke my dick hard while thinking of hear tits and in a couple of minutes I felt like I’ll cum. Having nothing to cum to, I held the glass with whiskey and cum in it, feeling ashamed of myself. I went up and put the glass on the table next to the bottle. My dick was still pretty hard and I didn’t bother to take my boxers on. A couple of minutes later I was still thinking at the gorgeous girl in my bedroom and I went to the bedroom door. I opened as easily as I could and looked at her. She was asleep.
I didn’t want to take any chances to wake her up so I entered the room and just sit on the floor looking at her. Damn she was gorgeous! Her body was now covered with a blanket and she was breathing slowly. Her blond hair was around her head and her mouth was a little open. Sitting there and looking at her makes me hard again. In my head were images of her sucking me and her tits covered with my cum.

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   Were images that I have never before imagine that I could accomplish.
After another fifteen minutes I went up and to her bed. I uncovered her and put a hand on her breasts. She was asleep all right. I took off her bra and caress her breast for a bit. Then I took the decision that I need to have her to be mine. In my head a plan was forming.
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