Made to wait


Topic: Made to waitI’d had enough. The bitch had kept me waiting too long. We’d been married a few years and sex had got samey and very infrequent. This time it had been 6 weeks without as much as a hand job from her and so, if she wasn’t going to give me what I wanted, then I was going to take it and boy would she regret it.
It was only 8. 30pm and she lay on the sofa opposite me as usual, sleeping and snoring as usual. I went upstairs and grabbed the stuff that I was planning to use. Ropes, cuffs, clothes pegs, whip, riding crop, butt plug and a very large vibrator. I sneaked back down as I didn’t want her waking just yet. I laid everything out on the floor and went to the kitchen to get a pair of scissors, with her hands tied her clothes would have to be cut off.
I made a loop in one of the ropes and gently moved her arms into a position that meant I could bind them together. The more I could do without her knowing the more of a shock and the more scared she would be when she did wake. I fastened that rope to the door handle and gently pulled her arms above her head and then moved to her feet. One foot was tied over the sofa and tied off on the radiator and the other to the leg of the sofa. She was secure and going nowhere.
I stood back and admired my work.

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   Now it was time for the fun, well my fun, to begin. I undid her top and cut through her bra and her massive tits spilled out. I grabbed a nipple in between the thumb and forefinger of each hand, took a deep breath and twisted as if my life depended on it. Her eyes nearly popped out of her head in pain and she screamed like a banshee. I released but quickly took hold again and twisted for a second, third ,forth time each time being met with wide eyes and the ear piercing shriek. Tears were streaming down her face and it did cross my mind as to just how much it must be hurting and at one point I even thought her nipples were about to twist off in my hands but she was going to pay tonight. She hadn’t realised her hands were tied until she tried to move them to protect herself but once she did she lay there blubbering her eyes out.
I leaned forward really close to her and whispered in her ear “tonight I’m going to have my fun”. She knew what that meant not because we’d ever done anything like this but when discussing our fantasies in the early years of our marriage I’d broached the subject of BDSM but she soon let me know there was no chance telling me I was a “perv” and “ a dirty bastard” ,well she was going to find out just how much of a perv I could be.
I took another rope and lifted her left tit and wrapped the rope around as tight as I could and then mirrored the image with her right one. As I’ve mentioned her tits were big, very big 42H to be exact so there was a lot to play with. I picked up the riding crop and flexed it in front of her and I could tell she was worried. I lulled her into a false sense of security by just gently tapping each tit with it and I saw her relax as she must have thought “this isn’t too bad” to herself. I knew she’d close her eyes as she always does when she’s turned on and when she did I lifted the crop high and slammed it down across her already sore and bruised nipples. Her mouth opened but no sound came out and she gasped for breath.

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   The sound and her breathing returned though as I started to really go to town on her tightly bound tits beating a merry tune all over them. I don’t know just how many time that crop made contact twenty, thirty, fifty I just don’t know but she was begging me to stop. Well my arm was aching but she wasn’t going to tell me what to do, not tonight so I made sure I laid another ten line across her tits for good measure. Between each sob she was asking me “why are you doing this” and “what have I done” so I told her “I’m doing it because I want to and you’ve done nothing, and that’s the problem. Out came the usual garbage when we got into the sexless situation “Oh I’m sorry, I’ve been working hard and I’m tired” well tonight I just didn’t care.
Next to hand was the butt plug something else that was a no-go area for her. BDSM was pervy, blowjobs were degrading and anal was just downright disgusting well boo-hoo for her. I did consider not using any lube but there were plenty of other ways I was going to make her suffer tonight so decided to go a little easy on her plus with the size of it was going to make it hard enough to get up her pristine asshole anyway. I untied each leg and repositioned them to allow me access to her pussy and ass and greased up her hole. I pushed a finger up there just to feel how tight she was and it was really tight. Then a second finger went up there and she was noticeably uncomfortable but not as bad as when I shoved a third in her. I did consider trying to fist her ass as I’d seen in a few porn films but thought it might be easier for me after she’d been plugged for a while and loosened up a bit. The plug was about four inches around at it’s widest point which I know isn’t massive but for a virgin hole was going to have the desired effect plus another thing she didn‘t know just yet was that it was inflatable. Her hole was already greased but I put some more on the plug itself and lined it up. She clamped her ass tight to stop it from entering her hole but after I explained to her that it was going in there one way or another she decided to take the less painful way and unclenched it.

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   I slid about a third of the plug up her and she screwed up her face and shook her head and started moaning “no no no” so I let it out and pushed a bit more firmly to get it to just before the widest point. She really didn’t like it up there but I moved so I could get a better grip and just rammed the rest in there. After about five minutes she started to accept what I’d done and calmed down a little so now it was time for the next phase. I grabbed the bulb and squeezed it once. She took a sharp breath and looked at me as if to say “what the hell was that” I just smiled and gave the bulb another couple of squeezes. She went absolutely fucking berserk and started calling me names I didn’t even think she knew. This is what I wanted from her though, a bit of passion, and I’d take it however it came.
I moved to her pussy and couldn’t believe just how wet she was. I’d pushed her way past her comfort zone and her head and mouth were screaming no but her body was saying yes. Four fingers easily slid into the previously frigid bitches cunt and I couldn’t remember the last time I’d felt her so hot inside. I tucked my thumb in and pushed. I didn’t fist her ass but with a pussy this wet it was too good an opportunity to miss. I started in and out with my hand each time pressing in a bit harder, going a little deeper
until eventually in it went and I could feel her pussy gripping onto my wrist. I’d done it, she’d taken my whole fucking fist up her cunt and it felt sort of weird. I started pumping my arm and stretching that opening wide and I noticed a familiar look on her face.

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   One I recognised from the past. One of lust and sexual fulfilment. What started out as me pretty much raping her was turning into a night neither of us would forget. I decided to push her over the edge and so with her ass plugged, my fist deep in her insides I turned the vibe onto it’s highest setting and placed it directly onto her clit. That was just too much for her and she had an amazing orgasm. Bucking and screaming and I thought that she was going to break my wrist so pulled my hand out for my own safety.
As she calmed down I had to remind her that this was my night not hers and that I hadn’t quite finished with her yet. I let the air out of the butt plug and slid it out. It looked clean to me but she wasn’t keen at all as I held it to her face. ”Open wide dear” I said and pushed it to her lips. The look on her face made me think she was going to puke but to my amazement she slowly opened her mouth and took the whole plug in. She gagged a couple of times and so to make sure it didn’t come out I pumped it up a little so it would get past her teeth. I moved down the sofa and took my cock out that had been straining for release. I placed it against her asshole and looked her in the eyes. She knew what I wanted from her and she just nodded her consent, not that it would of made any difference I was going to do it anyway but with that nod I knew that I’d broken her and she’d never refuse me anything again.

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   There was still more resistance than I was expecting considering the plug had not long been in there but at least it was still tight. Now I don’t have a big cock and I aren’t going to lie about that it’s only four and a half maybe five inches long but it is thicker that most that I’ve seen in films and she certainly felt it going in. I couldn’t believe that after all these years together and numerous times of asking and being shot down in flames that in was finally up her ass. There was only one problem for me now. I was so turned on that each tiny movement I made nearly took me over the edge. I stayed still for as long as I could but then started giving it to her taking what I wanted with no regard for her. After just two or three minutes I got that feeling again and had to decide just where in her body to dump my cum. I decided to leave my mark on her like an animal would so pulled out of her ass and moved to her head. She absolutely hated me cumming on her face as I’d found out the only other time I’d done it when I took her by surprise and I thought she was going to rip my balls off. I lined up with her face and gave a few tugs and unloaded my balls over her face. Again she gagged a few times and I could tell she really didn’t like it but I just laughed as she lay there marked and unable to do anything about it. I got my phone off the shelf and took a few snaps from different angles and told her that if I had to go without sex again for more that ten days not only would she get a re-run of tonight but that the pics would be posted on the net for all to see.
I moved to her feet and untied them and gently lowered them down and the to her hands, I hadn’t thought about this bit at the beginning of the night. I was about to untie her hands and then what would I do if she went into hyper-bitch mode. I looked into her eyes and could see the conflict going on in her head.

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   I released her hands and held my breath waiting for whatever came my way. She looked at me and released the air out of the butt plug that was still in her mouth and then did something that I wasn’t expecting. She took two fingers and dragged them through the cum I’d deposited on her face, scooped some up and then licked them clean and then she did it again and carried on until there was virtually none left on her face. At that point she walked ,rather gingerly, to the bathroom and took a shower. Life has been pretty good since that night with more regular sex and amazingly a few blowjobs for good measure but it’s been two weeks now since the last one and she had been warned what would happen if I had to go without so I’ve just been to the computer to find somewhere to post the pics and was amazed when I turned the screen on to find a “wife pic” site already on the screen and my wife’s battered and bruised pussy filling the screen along with all the other pics I’d taken that night and when I went upstairs all the things I’d used on that fateful night were laid out on the bed. Oh happy times.


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