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"You wouldn't dare," Laural exclaimed while shrinking away from the table, "I'll call the police if you lay a hand on me, I will, I'll really call them!!!" "Oh my, I'm shaking in my boots," Cleo Cason said with a laugh, "maybe we should run and hide, this girl's gonna get us in all sorts of trouble!!!" "Yeah," Nick Carson added, "be careful, hon, this one's a real tiger!!!" Laural glanced at the front door which was more than thirty feet away, but while she still thinking about it, Cleo Carson was up out of her chair and on top of her in a flash, and driving the surprised woman to the floor in a heap!!!" "Don't even think about being a rabbit," Cleo whispered harshly into her ear, "now I'm gonna let you up and your gonna take off all of your clothes, got it!?!" "I-I won't do it," Laural said while struggling to free herself, "you can't make me!!!" "You sound like a five year old," Cleo replied evenly, "I won't do this, you can't make me do that, what the fuck are you gonna do, bitch, all I've gotta do is tell Nick over there to rip every shred of clothing from your body and he'll do it in a heart beat, so quit wasting my fucking time and strip!!!"With tears forming in her eyes, Laural Grant slowly removed her skirt and blouse, stopping short of taking off her bra and panties, until the harsh voice of Cleo Carson reverberated loudly through the dining room with, "If you aren't naked within ten seconds we'll give you some help!!!" Laural actually jumped a little at the loudness of Cleo's voice, but it had the desired affect, as she quickly shucked her bikini panties and unhooked and slipped of her bra!!! "What do you think, Nick," Cleo asked her husband, "she's a little on the skinny side, but not bad, nice tits though, huh!?!" "Now come to mama," Cleo ordered the terrified girl, "you've been a bad little girl!!!" Almost frozen from fear, Laural stood there staring blankly at Cleo, not knowing what she should do, but unfortunately her decision was made for her when Nick came over and half dragged her over to his wife where upon he draped her over Cleo's lap for her punishment!!!
Cleo gently ran her hand all over and around Laural's trim bottom, while occasionally letting her fingers flick across the bulging lips of her rapidly dampening vagina!!! "Oh, Nicky," Cleo sighed contentedly, "she's drenching herself, I just knew that she'd be pliable!!!" Nick by now had pulled his pecker from his pants and was casually fisting it when he begged, "Come on, Cleo, don't make me wait, give it to her hard, after all she's been a bad girl!!!" "I'm sorry, dear," Cleo said sweetly, "Nicky has a big hardon and wants me to get on with your puishment so he can jerk off while watching me redden your little bottom, you don't really mind do you, he really needs to cum, he really does!?!" At this particular moment Laural wasn't exactly interested in whether Nick Carson ever came again or not, but it didn't really matter what she thought, because a second later the room was filled with the sound of strong hand connecting with the pale white skin of Laural's ass!!!
She was so surprised from the first two or three whacks that the pain hadn't even begun to register yet, but after becoming accustomed to the sound, and intense burning spread across her ass and thighs, causing her to scream out in pain while Cleo Carson continued beating her!!! "God I love it when they scream," Nick sighed while furiously jerking his big pecker, "come on, babe, harder, harder, she wants it harder!!!" Laural didn't know what planet Nick was on, but one thing was for sure, and that was that she would have given just about anything to be anywhere else at this moment, but her screams for mercy were going unheaded by the fanatical bitch who was tanning her hide!!! Nick Carson was now driving his pecker closer and closer to orgasm, and just as he was about to cum, Cleo picked up a huge black dildo, and without giving Laural even a hint of warning, rammed the ten inch monster into her unsuspecting cunt!!!
The hurt from the whipping was now but a distant memory as a searing pain pierced her most private of places, but much to her dismay and horror, her vagina responded by convulsing around the invading piece of latex in a string of hard brutal orgasms that not only mitigated the pain she was feeling, but actually blotted it out and exchanged it with pleasure!!! "I-I knew she was gonna shoot," Nick gasped, "I just knew it, keep fucking her, baby, I'm almost there, just a little bit more, and ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck there it goes, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh myyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!" Spurt after spurt of hot spunk rocketed out of Nick Carson's hard pecker as he viciously jerked it while staring at the giant black dildo sticking obscenely out of Laural Grant's hot little pussy!!! "Feel better now, dear," Cleo Carson asked her husband while gently caressing Laural's bottom, "now it's my turn!!!
Cleo carefully slid Laural off of her lap and onto the floor in front of her, and in a very soft calm voice asked, "Do you know what makes Cleo happy, dear, do you have a clue?!?" With her cunt and ass burning from the brutal assault Cleo Carson had just commited on her, Laural was barely able to speak, let alone move, but she managed to mumble, "No, I don't!" "That disappoints me, dear," Cleo replied softly, "but you're young and you'll soon know your place," while lifting her dress above her waist to expose her very hairy pussy to Laural's rapidly widening eyes!!! "Now, dear, have I made myself quite clear," she asked in an low even voice, "I won't have to draw you a map will I!?!" "P-please don't make me do that," Laural whined softly, "I-I just can't do it, please no!!!" "I'm afraid that you will do it," Cleo replied with a definite edge to her voice, "now do I have to put you back over my knee!?!"
Slowly, almost caterpillian, Laural slid her face between Cleo Carson's muscular thighs and pressed her mouth against a her very wet vagina!!! "Oh, Nicky," she sighed while grabbing the back of Laural's head and pulling it harder into her cunt, "she's a wonder, so sweet and innocent, mmmmmmmmmm, just wonderful!!!" This being a first for Laural, she was surprised to find out that sucking on a plump pussy was really quite enjoyable, and while she tried to ignore it, the fact was that her vagina was again taking over and responding on its own!!! "My goodness," Cleo moaned, "I-I think that she's actually getting into it, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh that feels so nice!!!" And she was getting into it, as her own pussy, still impaled by the monster dildo, was rapidly screaming towards what Laural could already sense was going to be another absolutely crushing orgasm!!!
The more intensely Cleo pulled her mouth into her cunt the more aroused Laural's pussy became, and not wanting to be left out of the party, Nicky showed up next to Cleo with his hardon directed straight at her mouth!!! Laural couldn't believe the emotions that were ricocheting around inside of her head and the feelings that were building again inside of her pussy, but she knew one thing, and that was that she desperately needed another orgasm and she didn't much care how she got it!!! Laural bored her tongue hard onto Cleo's hard clit while the sounds of her slurping her husband's cock filled the dining room air, it was readily apparent that all three of them had boarded the orgasm express and were ready to have their tickets punched!!! As excited as she was, Laural was still a second or two behind Cleo whose pussy spasmed hard three or four times in rapid succession against her mouth, as a blinding climax ravaged her pussy, leaving her moaning loudly onto her husband's fat pecker, which naturally induced a stream of hot cum into her mouth from his spitting dick!!! Laural's head was now spinning out of control as her own cunt gripped hard on the black dildo still buried inside of her, and just as she went overthe edge, she rammed her tongue deep into Cleo's pussy, bringing the evil witch another very satisfying orgasm!!!
After everyone had had a chance to recuperate and reflect on the events of the last hour, Cleo asked Laural soflty, "Would you have really called the police!?!" Well," she replied, "I was pretty scared, but I didn't think you were really gonna hurt me too badly although for a minute there I had my doubts!!!" Cleo smiled down at the young cunt lapper, and then replied, "I have a confession to make, dear!!!" "With a broad smile breaking across her face Laural replied, "I know, I know, you really did ask for coffee!!!"
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