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I began dreading going to work every day. I loved the job but knew I would be put into a new sexually submissive situation by Jim. In my opinion I think he got off more on my humiliation then he did the actual sex. I was everything Jim despised. I was pretty, intelligent, educated and sucessful. Jim was a fat high school drop out that would probably be on the welfare line if his wife didn't have a sucessful company. He resented me from the day I started there. I think he saw me as the poster girl for every girl in his past that rejected him and wanted nothing to do with him. That is why he seemed to take great pleasure in dragging me off of my pedistool and reducing me to a slut.
Jim tried controling me in every way he could. He even came up with a dress code for me. Fortunately his wife Sally was there nearly every day so I wasn't made to wear any rediculous outfits that would call attention to myself I was told that I wasn't to wear a bra or panty hose to work. Jim said panty hose were too much bother getting off of me and he liked seeing my boobs bounce without a bra. I didn't understand the bra part because at 34b I really didn't have much bounce. Dress pants I could wear because he liked the way my "ass" looked in them. Of course skirts and dresses were OK and he liked me in heels but I wore them every day anyway.

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   The only other restriction I had was that he hated sweaters and pull over tops. I had to wear blouses that buttoned up the front.
It seemed like everyone in the office knew that there was something going on between Jim and I. That was because of Jim. I'm sure he bragged to some of the employees but mostly it was things he did in front of them. He would often fondle my rear in front of people and a few time he even openly grabbed my breasts. I just let him do what he wanted to do and did my best to ignore him. An example of that being when he would walk up behind me and feel a breast, I would just stand there until he was done and move on. I never once said anything about it. I was asked by several people why I let him do things like that and only answered that I didn't want to cause any trouble. Probably the most blatant thing he ever did was one day when I was in the lunch room talking with Kevin, Tony, and Susan. Several others were in the room but those three were at my table. Jim walked up behind me and slid his hand down inside my blouse. He said "I just love feeling these tits", then he moved on. That was really embarrassing.

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Jim was brave about doing things like that because he knew no one had the courage to tell Sally. If they did Jim would just deny it and they would probably be fired. The only person Jim was ever concerned about was Brenda. Brenda was Sally's friend from before the company started and only worked there part time when we had a dead line to meet. It was commonly rumored that Brenda and Sally had an ongoing lesbian relationship. Brenda certainly looked the part of a lesbian. The other thing was that Brenda frequently went on business trips with Sally. Sally always said that it was because Jim had to stay behind to run the company in her absence. I mention this mostly because it was during those times when Sally was away that Jim was at his worst.  
It was during the first day of one of Sally's three day trips that Jim walked into my office in the morning. He walked behind my desk and sat down with no regard for the important papers he was sitting on. He said that he was having a stressful morning and he needed something to "take the edge off". I understood that phrase to mean only one thing. He had used it before. He wanted a blow job.

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   My initial response was "Isn't it a bit early in the day for that"? Prior to this Jim at least had the decency to wait until the other employees were gone for the day. With an angry tone Jim answered "I said I want it now" The only word I could get out was "But" before Jim nearly yelled saying "Just suck it and shut up". I shook my head in disbelief and rolled my chair over between his legs. When I reached for his belt buckle, I noticed out of the corner of my eye that the door to my office was wide open.  
I started to get up while telling Jim "I'd better close that first". He pushed me back down and told me to leave it open. I said "But someone might see". He replied "So What", "now get busy". I nervously finished opening his pants and pulled his limp cock from his boxers. Then I leaned forward and went to work on him. The only goal I had was to get him off as soon as possible before we were discovered. I had a lot of little tricks I knew would speed things up and I was using them all. I was going at a fever pace with my hand and mouth to get him off. Things were going along nicely when I caught a slight movement beside us.
I was hoping it was just the lights flickering when I heard a voice say "Hey Jimbo".

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   I recognized the voice immediately as Mike, Sally's brother in law. Mike was someone I despised nearly as much as Jim. He always thought he was God's gift to women and had hit on me several times in the past. I never wanted anything at all to do with him and he knew it. He referred to me as the "stuck up bitch".
Mike started to say something else when he must have caught sight of what was happening. I would have pulled away if Jim didn't have a handful of my hair holding me in place. Jim suddenly said "Whoa, what's going on here"? Jim remarked "The bitch wanted an early lunch so I'm giving it to her". They both laughed. I felt so ashamed about being caught doing that and since it was Mike, it was even worse. Mike said "Maybe I can give her desert when your done" and Jim said that was fine with him. Mike complimented Jim on his choice and said that since I was the best looking girl in the office I would be the one he would chose. When Mike asked how he got me to do that, Jim told him "They're all sluts", "You just got to know how to bring it out".  
Jim wasn't holding my hair any more but I still kept my head in his lap. I was too embarrassed and ashamed to look up.

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   I wasn't really doing anything but holding my head there. Jim became aware that I wasn't doing anything and patted me on the back of the head while saying "Come on", "Get busy". I would think that most people would have a little modesty and not want a blow job in front of someone but not Jim. Having an audience seemed to only make it better for Jim. Jim seemed to enjoy demonstrating his authority over me. I nibbled at Jim's cock a little but it was hard for me to get back into it with Mike watching. Then Jim tapped me lightly again on the back of my head and said "Suck it, I ain't got all day". There was no hope. I took him back into my mouth and started the familiar up and down motion. Jim embarrassed me even more by saying "Now that girl knows how to suck a cock". I just wanted him to finish. Then I heard Beth's voice say to Mike "I thought she would be done by now". That told me that she had looked in earlier. This was really getting humiliating. Mike finally said that he had better go to and let me finish but Jim told him to wait because he was almost done.

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   Then he said "I'll paint her face for you".  
Jim did tell the truth because I could feel that he was very close. Then just as the first spurt erupted from his cock, Jim pulled my head back and shot a stream across my face. Then he quickly shoved it back into my mouth to finish. Mike was impressed that I swallowed. I knew to keep Jim in my mouth till he was completely done and pulled it out. When he did pull back he told me to show his art work to Mike. I closed my eyes and turned my head in Mike's direction so he could make some lewd comments. Then Jim told me to put him away and I did. He stood up and said "You had better clean yourself up", "You look like you just sucked a cock". Then the two of them walked out of my.
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