Mom Tells me her story


As I said in another story, Mom and I spent many years living a life of incest. She had caught be and my sister in our first sexual encounter, which was also our first time for sex at all. After my sister married and moved out of the home, Mom and I moved away because she had a new position with her company. One night, while we lay in bed after an evening of sex, I asked Mom what her first experience was like. The following is her story, told as if she were writing it and I do warn you, it is quite graphic and deals with rape and violence. This is her story, told in her own words.
“ I was just a little girl and was playing at the school playground. Mom had told me to be home in time for supper, so I picked up my things and started for my house. There was a path leading from the school, through the woods and down across the creek by the old foot bridge to the street we lived on. Girls then had a habit of walking with their books tucked in against their chest. As I walked down the path, I dropped a book and bent down to pick it up. I heard something behind me but by the time I turned around, this big man grabbed me and held his hand over my mouth and was dragging me off into the woods. I grabbed his arm and tried to bite him but his jacket prevented that. As he pulled me behind some bushes, he turned me around and slapped me hard across the face, telling me to stop fighting him. He then half carried and half dragged me deeper into the woods. He spun me around and tied me to a tree with a rope he had hidden there.

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   A piece of cloth served as a gag to keep me from screaming. When he was done, I was spread-eagled between two trees with my feet barely on the ground. I couldn’t see his face because he had on a mask that covered most of his features. He put his hands on my chest and felt my titties, which were just beginning to grow. He grabbed my blouse and ripped it open, baring my little training bra my mom had just given me a few weeks before. A strong rip and that too was torn in half and hanging from my arms. He put his hands on my young breasts and pinched my nipples. He then ripped my plaid skirt up from the hem and tossed it to the side. I was then only wearing a pair of cotton panties and they were next to be taken away from me. He tried to rip them, but the material wouldn’t give so he reached in his pocket and pulled out a knife and cut the waist elastic and the ripped them open. He tore the leg elastics and soon the were piled with the rest of my clothes. I was totally naked and he was running his hands all over my nude body. He stopped and removed his trousers and lay them on a fallen log beside him. He wasn’t wearing undershorts and his dick stood out firm and looked huge to me. He told me he would cut me free of the trees if I promised not to try to run.

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   I was petrified with fear and agreed to do as he said. He cut all but one rope loose and left me tied to the tree by one leg. He then ordered me to sit on the log beside the trousers. I did as he ordered and he walked up to me and held his erection up to my mouth, telling me to suck it. As I opened my mouth, he grabbed my hair and forced my head back and forth, moving his dick in and out of my mouth. I did that for a few minutes, until he told me to lay back on the log and spread my legs. As I did, he jerked my legs open and put his hand on my pussy, which was just getting a thin covering of real fine blonde hair. He spit on his fingers and jabbed a finger inside me. It hurt like the dickens when his fat finger pushed against my virginity.
The man must have planned to rape a young girl all along, because he dug in his thin jacket and pulled out a small jar of Vaseline. He smeared some on the head of his dick and on my young pussy. I felt him pushing his dick against my pussy and started to struggle. He slapped me across my face and went back to pushing himself into me. I could feel the head forcing my lips open and then beginning to penetrate. It felt like twice its size as it began to go inside me.

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   Just as the head popped inside my lips, it hit the resistance of my hymen. He looked at me with a twisted grin on his face and pushed real hard. I felt a searing pain as his cock entered my virgin hole. He pushed harder and worked it inside me until it felt like it was up under my ribs. I could feel something wet running down the crack of my ass. I found later that it was blood from the torn membrane. He pushed until he was bottomed out in my pussy and then began pumping in and out with his cock. In minutes, he grunted loudly as he filled me with his sperm. After finishing the deed, he turned me over and told me to spread my ass cheeks real wide. He stroked his cock a few times and then placed it at my tight asshole. He began to shove his cock inside my ass and I let out a muffled scream. I felt him burst through and shove his shaft deep inside my ass. The pain was intense as he fucked my tiny opening. After what seemed like a lifetime, he shot a load of his sperm up in my ass.
After he had fucked me in all my openings, he pulled his trousers on and disappeared into the woods after tying me back up in the spread-eagled position.

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   It was beginning to get dark by then and I was overcome by fear of the dark woods as well as the possibility of the rapist’s return. After a couple of hours’ time, I heard voices calling my name. I tried to answer but the gag kept me from being heard. I recognized the voices as my mom and dad. I could see flashlights searching the woods for me. The lights went past and it grew quiet again. I was all alone and cold and naked. As it grew silent, I could hear the town clock striking eleven. After that I just simply dozed off or passed out. I woke up sometime later, feeling someone cutting me free of my bindings. When I opened my eyes, Daddy was cutting me loose and Mom was holding a flashlight. Daddy took off his jacket and covered my nakedness and carried me back to the path. Mom lit the way with her flashlight and soon, we had crossed the foot bridge and were climbing the steps to our front porch. Mom unlocked the door and ran to the phone to call the police. Within minutes, an ambulance and a police car were in our driveway and I was being put in the back of the ambulance.

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The doctor in the Emergency Room at the hospital had to examine me and then had to sew my ass up where the guy had raped my tiny rectum. They kept me overnight, but Mom and Dad took turns sitting with me. After the story got out to the town about my attack, the kids at school were always teasing and tormenting me. We finally ended up moving to a town a few hours away and started over. We moved during the summer vacation from school and when school started, I went on the first day and acted like nothing happened. I saw the janitor working in the yard and something just brought back the memories if my attack. Then it hit me, the shoes and trousers were the same ones I saw my attacker wearing. I ran back inside the schoolhouse and stay there until school was out. Mom had driven me that morning and she was there as the last bell rang for the day. I ran to her car and told her about the janitor. She asked me if I was sure it was him. I told her that the trousers had a hole in one knee, just as the rapist had that day. She drove home quickly and told my father. He was furious and started to call the police but stopped and put down the phone. He said it would only make it bad for me to have to face him in court.

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   Dad was a big guy and didn’t take shit from anyone. He told mom to get her jacket and follow him. He told me to lock the door and don’t open it for anyone. He and Mom jumped in his truck and took off for the school.
They parked the truck in back of the school between a couple of old buses and went to the back door. The door was unlocked so Mom and Dad slipped silently inside. They could hear the floor buffer running and followed the sound. Dad reached under his jacket and drew his . 357 he always carried. My mom was trying to think of a good way to get even with this creep and decided to strip down and give him something to look at. She quickly peeled her clothes and walked down the hall towards the sound. As she rounded the corner of the hall, she saw him with his back to her and got his attention. As the guy turned around, he saw my mother standing perfectly naked and shut off the buffer. Mom gave him some bull story, telling him she was a new teacher and that she wanted to make friends. After giving him a provocative smile, she told him  to drop his trousers.

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   He looked Mom over and unbuckled his trousers and dropped his shorts. He was already hard from seeing my mom’ naked body. Before he had a chance to step pout of his clothes, Mom reached out and grabbed his cock. Twisting it hard, she asked him if this is what he fucked her little girl with. At that cue, Dad stepped around the corner with his gun aimed at the man’s head. He told the man to answer the question. Dad told him where and when the attack had taken place and said the guy had a choice. Mom stepped back out of the way and Dad put the gun to the guy’s cock. Dad reached into the small of his back and retrieved a hunting knife that was extremely sharp. He handed it to the guy and then re-aimed the gun at the man’s ear, telling him to choose between cutting his own cock off or Dad would scatter his brains all over the hallway. Mom reached down and grabbed his cock and stroked it a few times, until it was hard again. She then told him it would be easier to do if he cut it while it was all big and hard. The man looked down at his cock, then the knife. He heard Dad draw back the hammer of the magnum and tell him that he was running out of time to choose. Dad then lowered the gun to the man’s cock and balls, telling him he just might make the choice for him and that dying quickly would be to easy on him.

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   The man closed his eyes and drew the sharp blade over his hardened cock and screamed as his cock was separated from his body. Blood was flying everywhere. Mom and Dad had stepped back to avoid the flying blood and stood watching as the man screamed with pain and then fell to the floor. Mom quickly pulled her clothes back on and she and Dad ran down the hall and jumped in his truck after picking up the hunting knife. They drove quickly but not fast enough to draw attention. As they turned onto the highway, they heard the sound of sirens heading in the direction of the school.
A story in the newspaper the next day reported how the janitor of a nearby school had injured himself by falling into a window at the school. No mention was made of the visit from two angry parents”.  
Mom went on to say that the janitor left his job at the school and moved away after that. She told me that a couple of years after that, she and my grandparents got into a relationship that would last until Mom met my dad and they got married and even longer but that’s another story ---Another time!
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