My Boss pt 1


Topic: The BOSS Little did I know, when I took the baby sitting job. How things would turn out. It was late one Friday after noon, when my boss had come home from work. After a long day of playing with Lego and X box I was yearning for adult company. And decided to stick around for a while after work. the three of us sat down together to watch a movie, and in no time at all the young boy I was baby sitting had fallen asleep, His dad picked him up and carried him off to his bedroom, returning to the movie, and making small talk about how our day had gone, about an hour passed. And the movie had ended. And I was near sleep myself. My eyes drifting open and closed, and I realized my boss glancing at me out through the corner of his eyes. Not taking much notice. I closed my eyes once more. Opening them again only moments later to see he was gone, I got up off the couch and turned the TV off, and began to wander around the house to see where he had gone, all the lights were out in the house, I’m sure he had assumed I would sleep through the night and that I could just sleep on the couch, it would save him driving in, in the morning to get me anyways, I thought. I wandered down the hallway. And saw the glow of the TV through the small opening in his bedroom door and peered inside. When I realized he had his hand on his hard cock, watching some lesbians go at it w/ a strap on, on some cheap porno. I suddenly got very wet.

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   And decided I’d stay and watch a while, it wasn’t long until he had cum,  i began to  explore up my skirt,  my pussy juices began to run down my leg. He cleaned himself up and got out of bed put on his boxers, and headed for the door. I was frozen in my tracks I couldn’t move fast enough, and he opened the door to see me standing there, my hand on my crotch. My pussy juices soaking my white thong. He looked at me shocked, and then smiled wickedly. ”Hmmm did you like what you saw” I blushed and managed to stammer I… I’m sorry” He looked at me with that same wild look in his eyes, and I couldn’t help but wonder what thoughts were going through his mind. Suddenly he changed his tone. like he was angry with me for spying on him. He looked me in the eye saying “ You had best be sorry,… “ After a long pause, both of us standing there in silence. He let out a heavy sigh. and again angrily said to me”we can’t have anybody finding out about this now can we?” ”No-no sir… I won’t tell anybody” I stammered again. ”well, how can I be sure. ” He snapped back. ” I… I promise” almost in tears. he sighs again, and then he sais, well.

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  . ” you’ve seen me. Don’t you think its only fair if I get to see you too? “ ” I … I don’t know …. i don’t think I should” ”come on, you don’t want your mother finding out you were spying on me now do you? What would she say?”” I…i uh. “ ”Come here, “ he demands. As he walks back into the bedroom, I begin to follow, wearily. to afraid not to do as I’m told. "How much did you see?"  he growls.  . . . . "I. . uh.

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  . " "WELL""Everything," I croaked. . . ". . . Really now. . . Well, it's only fair I get to see you then,  dont you think" He says in a slightly calmer tone. "I-i. . . guess, ur right.

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  " "Good girl, Now. . . Lift up that skirt. let me see what you've got underneath. . . " My fingers trembling, I slowly reach down, tugging my skirt up, just enough to reveal my soaked white thong, He pauses to take it all in. "Hmmmmm, Look at that wet thong, You are just soaked, We had best get you out of those wet clothes. " " n-no. . . please don't""Do as i say. . .

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   Take that thong off, NOW. . . Or i'll take it off of you!" - He demanded. I just stand there, humilitated and frozen in fear, "I guess i'll have to do it for you. " He barks angrily. . throwing me to the bed and ripping my thong off of me, Exposing my bare pussy, He slaps me, His hand stinging my ass, as the tears begin to stream down my cheeks, " When i tell you to do something, You fucking DO it. . . do you understand me? " He demands. Pinning me against the bed,  " Y-yes sir. . . " I manage to croak out between sobs, trying to escape his tight grasp, "Good girl.

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  " He smiles, and releases me as i collapse against the bed. And whipe the tears from my eyes. " So, Why were you spying on me? " He hissed. " I- i don't know. . . just . . . curious i guess" " Hmmmm, well. im curious to" he smirks, "And its only fair, i get to see you, don't you think so?" " Yes sir. . . " I whisper, afraid to make him mad again. . gay escort erito.girls ellen saint escort slovak beauties escort elite rome escorts escorts girls escort russia veronica carso independent escort girls 

  . " Show me. . . " He demands . . . " let me see you rub that soaking wet little cunt" Hands trembling in fear, I begin to finger my clit slowly, He grabs me, and spreads my legs apart, the pleasure begins to overwhelm meI get lost in it, and almost forget he is there, watching, I slide a finger inside me,Stroking my G-spot. . . a small moan escapes my lips. . . . .

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  . . . . . . . TO BE CONTINUED . . . . . . . .

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  . . .
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