My brother


My name is Cory and I just turned 13, my big brother Danny is so cool and he's a senior in high school. Danny is soo good at everything, he is in most sports and captain of most of the teams. He is popular with all the pretty girls and the cool guys just want to be around him. He has an impressive body, totally toned and seems to have a tan like glow even in the winter.
Me on the other hand, I'm more creative, artist type, I'm blue eyed dirty blond rag type hair but as much as I try I stay skinny but well tonned I even have a slight six pack but I'm nothing compared to my older brother.
I constantly want to hang with him and his freinds but he gets mad and makes fun of or ditches me as soon as he can. My dad is his greatest fan and barely knows I'm alive but thankfully he's away on business mostly and my mom really nice to me.
The greatest thing was about to happen though in my small little world, a huge Halloween Dance was coming up and everyone who was anyone was going to be there, only it was invitation only. Mostly just seniors we invited, of course my brother was going. As my luck turned my mom informed my brother that is he was going I had to go, she would be at a fund raiser and did not want me home alone. My brother was soo mad he didn't even speak to me for a week, just grunting and pushing me asdie when I was in his path. But it was worth it, I didn't care, I was going to make sure this night counted and I would finally be with the "in-crowd". I just couldn't wait!
The night before the dance my brother walked into my room and threw a brown paper bag on my bed, saying all the football players were to dress like girls it was a tradition and since he had to take me I had to wear the costume too. He got into my face daring me to object, I said nothin just moved my shoulders as an ok. When he left the room I opened the bag and dumped the contents. Oh man I though, no way, the "outfit" a small black leather mini skirt and a tight looking silver frilly blouse and it appeared really small then the black tiny undies and small black bra.

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  . . there were even silver shoes with a bit of a heel. . . damn. . . how would I ever walk in these? Well I was not going to be any trouble so that my brother could leave me behind, I would practice walking in these untill I was sure  and stable of my footwork. But dam this outfit. . . but then I remembered it was usually cold, I'd wear my sisters long black coat we were almost the same size! Problem solved!
My mom left early to help set up leaving us to get ready alone. I was still nervous my brother would scram on me but he was home getting ready as well. I had showerded and put the panties on first, but my small boyhood still bulged, then I remember my small jock strap, it might be a little uncomfortable but it would hide me for sure.

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   I then put on the panties and was suprised that it worked you couldn't even see the jock at all. . . success! next came the bra and I wanted it to be real and remembered my sister had bought gellitin faulsies a few years ago and i knew where they were. Next came the mini skirt and it was a fit be it really small. I grabbled the frilly blouse it slipped tighly on my body and revealed about two inches of my tummy. The real scare was when I turned to the mirror, I was no longer a boy. Other than my hair cut and because of my thin frame, I'm only 5. 6 110 pounds, I lokked like a girl, a flat chested but a hot one too! I went to my sisters room and opened her closet a small box in back kept the fake boobies and i noticed a blond wig that she used one year in a play. What the heck I give it a try! I could not belive my eyes, with small but full boobs a little skin showing between the skirt and the blouse, the wig hid my boy freatures and I went I turned I noticed my butt was wrapped tight. Damn, I was making myself had, and ohhhh did it hurt the jock was real small so I stopped the horny thoughts. I was still tanned from the late summer sun so I didn't need any stockings. . whew what a relief!
I was still practicing my walking in the shoes, I had got pretty steady, when I heard my brother bellow it was time to go. I moved quickly to my sister closet for the last time and grapped her black coat through it on and down the stairs I went.

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   My brother barely looked at me and when he did he just snickered and said nothing. His only instructions was to give him some space at the dance. No prob I said encouragingly with a smile on my face. He just looked at me and said "damn, you look more like a girl than a boy". Ok I thought at least he talking to me!
We got to the dane and I had never seen such a crowd, there was a huge bon fire and all kinds of "horror stations" for the brave at heart. There was a huge barn with a band playing loud a bunch of kids dancing the energy was kinda crazy with everything being loud. Danny produced our tickets he looked really funny like my grandmother on a bad day. Once indie the field he told me to mingle that he'd be over at the bon fire, obvously he needed some alone time with his buds. I walked around and a few guys smiled and waved, hey this way cool I'm thinking they think I someone else! I was careful to avoid my brother for awhile but I was really warm out and I found a coat check area and removed my coat. The boy behind the counter whistled and I turned around to see, but by the time I had moved the babe had already passed so I left with my claim ticket and headed for the bon fire.
This was just to cool all the really hot girls were here I tried to casually check them out but it was really dark and some of the costumes obscurred my view. I realized I was really thursty and found where the dinks were, the guys asked for my ticket and of course I had none. He smiled handing me  a huge filled cup and said don't worry we'll catch ya later, I smiled and I thanked him, wow these guys were really great! I tried to find my brother but he seemed to dissapear, so I wandered around drinking this wierd but good fizzy punch.
After an hour I felt a bit funny, my head  was a bit fuzzy and my eyes a bit blurry. I saw the restrooms and figuered a good pee was due, I was prob light headed from the unusual warm night, wierd though I never felt this way before.

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   I heaed for the mens room but was redirected to the girls, I had almost forgotten I was dressed as a girl. I washed my face which seemed to help and checked my elf in the mirror, damn if I wasn't still a hot lookin babe. . . I smiled to myself.

    I left the the bathroom and almost walked into the really nice guy who gave me the free drink. "Whoa", he smiled and held my shoulders steady. I appoligized and he said not to worry that there was an exibit he wanted to show me anyway now that he was on break. Hey what the heck the attention was real cool this guy was one of the most popular in school!
    We entered the "Exibit" which consisted of a tent  with tables and it was very dark. . . humm m i thought, what gives? But I felt a bit dizzy and I looked for a chair, then I felt his strong arm wrap around stomach and he gently sat me down. I felt his hands slid to the top of my leg and I wanted to run or to shout but I was way to dizzy. His powerful hands were all over my body he started kissing me hard and I could smell the beer on his breath. He was tellin me it would be awesome to just be a good girl and relax I heard him undo his zipper and felt a finger slip inside my butt hole.

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       Before I could adjust he inserted another he was squeezing my faulsies and positioning himslef closer. He removerd his fingers as I felt his hardness against my virgin hole. In less than a minute he had penitrated me and I could not scream or really move, what was wrong with me? I could feel the pain of his trusts as he slammed into me and thankfully it was over fast and he spend himself deep inside me. The curious thing was with his lubricating seed I was nolonger in pain and I was almost sorry he abruptly removed himself so quickly.
    I need not have worried as he returned with at least four or five others. It was dark and they must not have realized or choose to ignore the fact I was just a thirteen year old boy. The first guy was on me lifting my butt in the air I found myself in a doggie position and his large fullness deep inside me. As he hammered my tiny bottom I could feel fluid straming out of me, I still could not talk or really move. A date rape drug?. . . I'm sure! Another penis at my mouth it was shoved down my throat as I choked and breathed through my nose. He was thrusting his cock in and out of my throat as I felt my butt being filled once again with hot cum.  This went on for a few hours the guys filling my boy cunt with their fluids the noise my hole was making as their cum slid down my legs and pooled at my knees. They cam on my face  and peed in my hair.

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       I was taught how to deep throat a cock, how to milk it like a cunt, the smaller guys announcing my cunt to used and to messy. I was finally propped up over a table my ass swollen and sore my body still clothed but my ass completely exposed. I was starting to feel movement and my voice was coming back thoght I did not move a muscle there were over 20 boys amost the pack! I truly felt the final assault as this was the biggest one of all, he entered my my dripping ass with barly a pause and shoved it in raw. He fucked me the hardest slamming my hole that much deeper I could feel him shoot deepely my insides completely wasted. Then he whispered in my ear so that none could hear, I always new your were a faggot now you know why your here.
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