My son rapes me.


I hate to admit this,but my son is a nutter. . . This son unknown to my husband -a good man and very caring - was spawned by a family aquaintance that just came to my home one day and came on to me. In shock at what he was doing as he pinned me in the corner of my kitchen - he was nearly old enough to be my grandad - he felt me,then he felt me by putting his hand up my dress and down into my knickers.

With my head spinning in disbelief,the next thing his penis was inserted into my vagina and I was done. . . just like that! As he pulled it out,he just said, - "You needed that" and he went off. Frightened and embarrassed,because in my trauma I'd had an orgasm and now I was left brimming with his sperm. I done what I could to wash it out and had visions of my husband leaving me if he found out I'd had sex with this man who he considered his mentor.

The result was this son I'm talking about. Understand,its still secret where I got him from,I never even admitted to the perpertrator or myself before this son was a young teen. Then the looks and a change in his attitude illustrated very plainly whose sperm had been responsible - DNA not around then and no way now! - So I lived the lie! - Now to my story. . .

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   May I just say, I'm still living this lie,because of being fearful that if I told my husband,he'd kill this son of mine,then I'd lose him for twenty years while he done a murder term!

I heard the latch key turn and as the living room door opened I saw this son of mine,a stupid grin on his face. - "Hi its me" - I thought yeah,drunk by the look of it as well. I heard him mumbling to himself as he pissed making it sound as it splashed in the pan. - nothing new about that - with any luck,he'll crash out somewhere. No such luck! I heard him swear as it sounded as tho' he'd nearly fell over. - Then I got a shock,he reappeared in front of me with just his shirt on,the trousers and boxers were missing and more to the point;

Before my eyes a massive hard cock stood out from his long slender almost assless torso. He gripped what must have been a 9" penis and waving it at me menacingly. - "This is all for you you slutty bitch!" in that moment of terror I recalled his origin and this penis was an identi-kit of that other rapist so long ago. - "Come on woman,say something" - I stammered, - "Go away and don't be stupid!" - "I'm not stupid,I want a fuck!" - In moments,he was tearing at my skirt and knickers like the mad man he was,still is! - The skirt came away no trouble but in his haste to rape me,my knickers were destroyed like tissue paper. He dragged at them until they ripped and a twang as the waistband elastic gave way in his strength to get at my vagina.

By this time I had been pulled to where my ass was at the edge of my chair and the tattered knickers just hung at my knee from one intact leg. He grabbed me behind the knees and pulled me even further off the chair. My ass coming free from the cushion felt the cool air as he knelt between my thighs about to penetrate me. He just looked at my pussy, - nowhere else,not my face just at my pussy - He combed my pubes with his fingers as tho' he wanted them to bush up in front of that foreskin shrouded penis I knew he was going to fuck me with.

As if readying himself,he put one hand at my hip and the other on his cock as he prodded at my slit until I felt it touch the entrance.

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   Then it happened he thrust deeply up in my vagina and just like his father before him fucked the living daylights out of my poor pussy and just like that other time before, he made me cum,I felt so filthy as a second orgasm shot thro' my body at the same time as his spunk spewed deep into my womb. - He gripped and jabbed as shot after shot spurted up me. Never at any time looking other than at my cunt.

He pulled the thick long cock out of me and stood up with it gleaming in a wetted triumph like that other penis so long ago. - As my orgasm deminished I thought, - 'thank god he's finished' but no. - he said - "the other way now" - I wanted to freak,god even his father hadn't pushed his penis in my bum. - Crazily I felt relief as, as he'd roughly pushed and turned me over in his haste,he stuck his hardon against my pussy slit and searched out my quim once more.

Then up it went again,right to the top of my vagina and even further,I knew he had got an even longer length up me as my womb excepted the large head of this penis and his balls slapped at my clitoris. Now with only short strokes I felt my body start to drain even more cum into me from that undesirable cock. At this end of fucking me he hung on my back as I it whizzed in my mind,how not to tell my husband or anybody what had just occured. I was shaken from my trance like state as he pulled out and wiped the end of his cock off in my bum groove - just for a second, I thought he was now going to ass fuck me - something I'd never experienced. - But he stood up and as I heard him struggling obviously with his trousers and again a bumping sound came from him, - he must have toppled over some. - "Fucking trouser shit!" - The door closed at the front and he was gone. I got up off my knees in disbelief. I looked down the street at this receding asshole and realised his cum was gathering on my inner thighs as it trickled from my vagina slit.



It had too be me,I'd cum with my own son's penis working my body up. I started to cry, - Where will this end? It hasn't,there's the door latch, - Must remove my pants,before he rips them. Quick get those cheap one's on that he loves too hear the tearing of as he rips them off of me. I never for one moment thought I'd become an addict to my son raping me,but the orgasm after hearing and feeling him rip and drag my knicker's off me makes me multi orgasm like you wouldn't believe,while this nutter son of mine still believes as my tears soak into the cushion or run down my face when I'm on my back under him that I hate every second of him sperming my pussy.

He works his ass so hard to keep his cum coming. He had that right,- I am a slutty mother whore. SO WHAT?!! They made me like it. He and his dad!,anyway; my husband's still getting plenty as well,lovely old man!.