Never walk home alone


Topic: Never walk home alone It was a hot sultry night as I was driving home from work; my headlights pierced the darkness as I was traveling the country road home. I saw a figure appear along side the road. I slowed as I passed, and saw that it was a teenage girl. I stopped and asked her if she was okay. The girl looked startled and scared as she walked, stopping at my passenger side window. She stuttered as she spoke, I, I, am okay. I could see that her mascara was smeared, for she had been crying. She was a beautiful blond with a shapely body. Her tight jeans outlined a heart shaped ass and she was wearing a tight t-shirt, but her arms where covering her tits as she had them crossed over her chest. “Can I give you a ride?”, I asked. “No…. I, I will be fine she said as she looked around. “Look, I can’t leave you out here, who knows who might be out driving around this time of night”. She quietly said “okay”, as she climbed into the pickup. “Where to?” I asked as she climbed inside, Sheaville she replied. “My name is Greg, by the way” I told her as I started back on the road.

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   “Tina” she replied as he tried to force her self to smile. I asked her why she was crying, “my boyfriend and I got into a fight, he was drunk, and so I left”. I could smell the sweet scent of her perfume as she talked and I felt a stir in my groins as I looked at her tight body. She had average size tits, but had the most beautiful green eyes. I felt my heart start racing as I thought how I would like to have sex with her. She told me “thanks for the ride, it is a long walk to Sheaville, but I didn’t want my boyfriend driving me as drunk as he was”. “Not a problem”, I said as we drove through the timbered landscape. I have fantasized about finding such a girl and forcing her to do what ever I wanted, but now the chance was before  I pulled off to the side of the road, and got out telling her that I had to take a leak, she looked nervously but said “okay”. I stood at the back of the truck as I worked up my nerve. When she looked back through the windshield, I slinked up to the passenger side door, and ripped it open. She jumped and yelled “what are you doing!”, “anything I want” I replied as my heart raced, there was no turning back now. I grabbed a hold of her and spun her around, before she knew what was happening. I grabbed some twine I had in the door panel  as I forced her over the seat of the truck and bound her hands. “STOP, LET ME GO” she yelled as I tied the rope. “Go ahead and yell”, I told her “no one will hear you, the closest house is miles away”.

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   She tried to wail back and forth to get away, and tried to kick, for her efforts I planted a hand across her face. She stopped and started crying, “Please let me go, I will give you anything you want”. “I know you will” I replied “you don’t have much of a chose now”. I then put her back in the truck and seat belted her in, and put a shirt from the back over her head. I then got back in and started towards my house. “Where are you taking me?” she asked in between sobs. “Don’t worry about it”, I snapped back, “you will find out soon enough”. How lucky can I be? I thought to myself, such a beautiful young girl out walking by her self.

I pulled down my long drive to my house, and stopped the truck. I went and opened the door and came back and got Tina from my truck. I took her inside down to the basement of my house to a little room that was meant as a spare. I have fantasized about this moment for a long time and prepared the room just in case I ever got the nerve to go through with it. All that was inside was solid concrete walls, a bed with a metal frame and a door that could be locked from either side with a key. In the corner was a dresser that I used to store some “toys”. From the ceiling was two eye bolts, I took some rope from the dresser and thread it through them after locking the door.

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I then took the shirt from her head as she glanced around she was still crying, but I could tell that she had accepted her fate. I then untied her hands, as she asked “what are you going to do with me?”. I laughed “like you haven’t figured that out”. “Please don’t kill me; I’ll do what ever you want”. “That’s a good girl, you keep that attitude and I won’t” I replied. She rubbed her wrists from where the ropes were. I stepped back and sat on the bed. “Strip” I ordered “but do it slowly”. She kicked off her tennis shoes and took off her socks. Then slowly lifted her shirt over her head baring the skimpy black bra she was wearing that just barely kept her breasts in. She was crying as she undid her pants and rolled them off her hips and slid them down her legs, baring her matching black lace g-string panties. After she stepped out of her pants, she held her arms over her breasts and stood there. Tina looked at me with a pleading look, hoping that would be it. “Your not done yet” I replied to her look and she reached behind and unsnapped her bra and turned around as it slid down her arms. “Turn back around I ordered” slowly she complied as tears ran down her face, her arms over her chest.

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   “Put your arms down!” I snapped. As she slowly lowered her arms, I could see her perky tits with small areolas, her nipples harden from the cool of the room. “Now the panties” I said, as I waited for my treasure to be shown. “Please don’t do this she pleaded” in between sobs. “Look, do it now if you don’t want to get hurt”. Slowly she lowered her panties to the floor, and even slower stood back up. When she did, she tried to cover her tits with one arm and crotch with the other. Frustrated, I stood up and jumped at her slapping her across the face “I told you to keep your arms down!” I yelled and she started crying harder holding her face from where she was slapped, “Now put them down”. She complied as her shoulders slumped from her predicament; I looked at her neatly trimmed blond pussy. “You are a true blond, huh” I said as she turned red from embarrassment.  I then walked around her slowly as I admired her young firm body, such shapely legs and ass. I stopped behind her and reached around and grabbed her tits and pushed my hard jean covered cock into her. She reacted and started to grab my hands then thought better of it.  “Good girl” I told her, “you learn quickly”. “Spread your legs” I ordered as one of my hands slowly slid down her body to her neatly trimmed pussy.

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   I felt her tense as I parted her pussy lips with one of my fingers and started to rub her clit. “Please stop” she whimpered, but limply stood there when she seen that her pleads were on deaf ears.

I then walked her under the ropes hanging from the ceiling and tied her hands with them. I pulled one, then the other rope tight and tied them off, as she barely stood on her tip toes sobbing “ouch”, to the pain from being hung by her hands. I told her “if you don’t like that you really aren’t going to like the next part”. I then slapped her ass leaving my hand print on it, she belted out in pain as I continued to spank her beautiful heart shaped ass. I then went to the dresser and pulled out some clamps with weights on them and attached them to her tits.
    She cried out in pain as I dropped them letting them pull her nipples to their maximum elasticity. I then pulled out a ball gag and put it in her mouth and tied the strap behind her head.  I looked at her beautiful green eyes begging me to stop as her mascara was now smeared all the way to her chin. I then dropped to my knees and sniffed her intoxicated odor than was emitting from her pussy. I lifted her legs onto my shoulders as she dangled by her hands.  I could hear her muffle through the gag as I stuck out my tongue and tasted her young sweet pussy. I then started to lick feverishly as I was getting drunk from the juices as her body betrayed her. I keep licking until she was soaking wet then went to her clit.

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       I continued until I started to feel her shudder and watched as goose bumps covered her body. I looked up to see a look of embarrassment on her face, as her body again betrayed her. I quickly ripped the weights from her tits as she screamed out in pain through the gag. Wiping her juices from my face onto my arm, I stepped back and took off my clothes while she watched in horror, knowing the worse was yet to come.

    I then lowered her back down and untied the ropes. She rubbed her wrists and then tried to get the gag out of her mouth, but I spun her around and threw her over the arch shaped foot board of the bed and grabbed her wrists. When she hit the bed I heard a loud umfff, as the wind was knocked from her. I then heard her trying to beg no through the gag as I position my self and started to slide my rock hard cock into her pussy. I started to pound away at her as my cock slid into her hot, tight pussy. I heard moans escape from her mouth as I continued, is she enjoying this? I wondered to my self. No way could a woman enjoy being raped by a complete stranger. I slowed my pumps only long enough to take the gag out of her mouth. Her hands now free grabbed the bars of the foot board to support her weight, as I grabbed her hips and started to take longer strokes. I could hear her grunt and moan as I continued my attack on her young pussy. I could feel the pressure building up as I approached climax.

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       I grabbed the back of her head by her hair and pulled her to her knees in front of me. As I did so, Tina cried out in pain by the motion.  I ordered her “open your mouth” as I continued to stroke my cock. “Please no”, she cried, I slapped her and said “open up” as my hand returned to my cock. Slowly she opened her mouth as the beginning of my cum started to hit her face. Her eyes slammed shut, and so did her mouth when my cum hit her tongue.  The last of my cum covered her face and young tits as I continued the longest orgasm of my life. I shuddered as I finished cumming. I then threw her on the bed and snapped cuffs on her hands and legs, that were already lock to the bed. “Please let me go” Tina begged, “I promise I won’t tell no one” she said. “Not quite yet,  I replied I think it would be worth it to keep you around for a while”.  

    I grabbed my clothes, wiped my cum off of her with my shirt. I then unlocked the door and turned off the light leaving her in complete darkness, “sweet dreams” I said as I closed the door. The only reply was the sound of her starting to cry again, as I locked the door.
    To be continued……………….

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